Raheem Uses F-Word Before Media

December 4th, 2011

Joe uses profanity.

So does Raheem Morris.

No big deal at all, except Raheem dropped one F-bomb while talking about Brian Price during his postgame news conference today, so reports the St. Pete Times. That’s when Raheem stands at a podium in the bowels of the stadium and takes questions for five minutes after addressing his players and a brief cool-down period.

Is cursing before a throng of media a big deal? Not really, in Joe’s mind. But when your team is seriously undisciplined, it’s not a smart act by the head coach and it begs to be questioned. If the coach can’t be under control, then will his players be?

Joe wonders whether Roger Goodell or Team Glazer will come down on Raheem for cursing.

The way the NFL loves to sell profanity on Hard Knocks it would be rather hypocritical for the league to slap Raheem with a fine. Therefore, Joe fully expects the NFL to act.

42 Responses to “Raheem Uses F-Word Before Media”

  1. Anthony Says:

    That was awesome. You should have seen the team on their way to the locker room @ the half. All of them were chewing out the referees–I loved it.

    Coach will get fined?–well there goes Jimmy Lake’s coffee machine that he would have received for Christmas.

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I like Raheem, however, if I were the Glazers looking at a team with discipline issues, with a coach about to start the last year of his contract, and needing a new OC and DC…I would use this as an excuse to fire him.

    If I actually wanted to fire him.

    It would show the players that enough is enough.

    I don’t see how this cannot cause PRice to be upset…and thhiis could spread through a locker room fast.

  3. RastaMon Says:

    I just saw the video of Raheems seething response to the “Price Incident”…now he knows how the fan base feels about his coaching tenure….seething….the fan base is seething @ you Rah….blah…blah…blah….

  4. Architek Says:

    Why would you wait until Week 13 to start making examples of people? What happen when Talib acted a fool on national TV in England? Or Blount punch in N.O.? What about all of Winslows stupid fouls? This is the reason I am done with this organization, its not fair for Morris to make a public example of Price but let other idiots clown all year. Hopefullty he and his friends can go have drinks together because they will all be fired soon. (Hopefully) C’mon April for the draft and off-season because the turmoil and fun is just starting. Who needs the TO/Cinco show when you got the Bucs organization.

  5. Jimmy Says:

    I can’t tell you how many F-bombs I use while watching Rah’s crappy coaching each week.

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    What exactly did Price do wrong? From the games I’ve been able to watch; he’s one of the few who give %110 effort on every play. He plays hurt and he plays hard. I could name 10 other guys on this team out before even looking in his direction. I’m sure he has made some mistakes, but you can’t teach toughness and he’s a tough guy.

  7. Pete Dutcher Says:


    If you are done with the Bucs organization, why does their next draft matter? 😛

    That was funny 😉

  8. RastaMon Says:

    The G’boyz need to step up BIG and FAST !

  9. Pete Dutcher Says:

    This just in, Raheem Morris fired and Olsen made interim Head Coach.

  10. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Pete: we can only wish.

  11. BUCSorDIE!!! Says:

    It so funny how week after week I hear people say Rah is too friendly and never gets on his players and now that he does people wanna complain about it smdh. So what if its late its better then me witnessing yet another personal foul after a 3rd down stop and watching him do nothing about it. I watch the Buccs week in and week out and im sick and tired of the stupid penalties I dont care who gets benched just get them out of my sight! I also like Price alot but I dont care if its week 16 whoever gets a stupid personal foul after a 3rd down stop needs to be benched especially since our defense sucks anyway we dont need to be giving the opposite team any more chances.

  12. Thomas 2.2.. Says:


    This is more of the same inconsistency, if its Talib or Black or THC Jax its okay and rah defends it – but if its not one of his boyeez – its the crime of the century! If I was price I would say F You to Rah after letting Talib getbaway with it for 3 years.

  13. Bucnjim Says:

    Was it in reference to a missed assignment or a penalty?

  14. 941-Bucs Says:

    I was there and can’t recall exactly what Price did so bad to get the flag. But there was a lot of unsportsmanlike like conduct by the panthers that ever got called. Like one guy hitting Williams in the helmet after a little shoving.

    Further more for Price of all guys to get “sent home” is bogus. I know Raheem is tightening the leashes on these guys, after week in and week out of spats of anger lately. But Price?? come on man. He has one of the biggest hearts on this team, and does nothing more then show up and work…

    I swear by god if i see Talib or anyone else for that matter catch one of those flags they are gone too.

    Raheem better stop showing favoritism to his homies in the secondary. Cuz them boys on the front are playing their hearts out. Same can not be said for the secondary.

  15. 941-Bucs Says:

    they are=they better be *3rd paragraph

  16. Wienaman Says:

    On the “upside”, according to NFL.com we are currently in line for the sixth pick in the 2012 draft…

  17. 941-Bucs Says:

    not gonna lie. with the play off’s outta reach. I am looking forward to use NOT messing up our draft spot and get some good talent this year.

  18. BUCSorDIE!!! Says:

    @Thomas 2.2

    I understand completely what you are saying and im for Rah being fired but after watching those stupid penalties week after week I am truly fed up. It’s frustrating to watch a struggling defense finally get a stop just to give the team a new set of downs and yes talib and black should’ve been benched to but he can’t change the past. All I care about is the Buccs and I will watch a bunch of 3rd stringers if it means there going to play hard and not shoot themselves in the foot with self destructing penalties.So now from here on out if Rah continues to show favoritism then that’s another subject but if he have finally got the guts to bench anyone who cost this team with stupidity then im all for no matter who it is.

  19. Bucnjim Says:

    Is there any way we can draft a first round coach?

  20. Bucnjim Says:

    Penalties area product of poor coaching and philosophy. The Raiders are always at the top because of their reputation for being dirty and poor coaching as well.

  21. canadianbuc Says:

    Joe we gotta fire this idiot NOW you gotta stop talking about after the season were gonna make changes its gotta go down this week after losing 38-19 to the Carolina Panthers the change has to be made he is not only our head coach hes our defensive coordinator and our defense has given up a total of 259 points (thats just our losses) so he has to go NOW get another coach let him coach this team for four games see what e do so he knows what kinda team hes dealing with for next year. Morris is just stupid and frankly doesnt no how to coach!

  22. Rob in Orlando Says:

    a little tune to the Charlie Brown song
    “Walks in the pressroom, cool and slow,
    Where are the Glazers? I see Malcolm… Oh no!
    Raheem Morris, leavin town
    Raheem Morris, leavin town
    He’s gonna get fired, just you wait and see
    Why is everybody always hating on Raheem”

    Enough is enough, Fact Raheem is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over his head. It’s time to make the move for Cowher or whoever

  23. eric Says:

    penalties are over rated. raiders won super bowls and got the red flags routinely.

    seminoles dominated college football and were most penalized every year.

    we lose cause we dont have much of a roster and our coaching stinks.

    thats plenty of reason for change.

  24. gotbbucs Says:

    i told my friend before the game that if we get blown out at home by the panthers raheem should get his walking papers on monday morning. now i know that wont happen, but a guy can dream.

  25. ElioT Says:

    Raheem just can’t get right, wrong time to start playing “bad cop”. Brian Price is an asset with no history of penalties, and gets sent home? This team is lost…

  26. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Eric: when your team is dominant and aggressive and you get a few 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalties while sending an early message.

    When your team is not dominant and your penalties are offsides, holding, offensive PI, lining up in the neutral zone etc – those are always discipline penalties indicative of an unprepared team and they kill.

    College is different bc the Noles were blowing out 10 of the 12 teams on their schedule in those days.

  27. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    God, Price is a tuff guy, if there ever was one. The Man basically had his legs reattached, he can’t be in top shape, yet he sucks up all 300 plus pounds, and plays his ass off.
    Then Raheem chooses to make an example, of HIM ?
    Why not make an example of Winslow, who cost us a game with his stupid non blocking holding ass, but oh no, Winslow is Freemans buddy, and Josh is Rah’s Boy.

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I agree with much of what you said, except I would argue that personal foul penalties are also a sign of being undisciplined. However, good teams can live with a few of those and be fine. Bad teams cannot.

  29. eric Says:

    i agree the coaching sucks but i think the focus on penalties is overblown.

    these people would get beat anyhow.

    the rock star aint developed a lasting contender roster imo. as a matter of fact its crappy.

  30. gotbbucs Says:

    Morris should have sent Olson home the second he tried calling that God awful end around play again. But then again, Morris hears all these play calls too, so he should have walked his ass out as well.
    If Morris really cared about this team he would pack his sh!t up in the middle of the night and leave town, ala the Baltimore Colts.
    He’s so lost he doesn’t even know where to look anymore. He just kicked his hardest working, least penalized player not only out of the game, but out of the stadium. Does he really expect to have support from his locker room after that display. Talib and the rest of the “Apple Dumpling Gang” get a free pass, but not Price? Give me a break with this BS. I mean my gosh, he actually took the blame for Talib’s personal foul in London, and that penalty cost us over a minute at the end of a one possesion game.
    It’s a little late for scoldings and punishments Raheem. It’s like waiting until your son is a 25 year old meth addict with two bastard children and finally letting him know that drugs are bad for you and it’s a good idea to wear a rubber.

  31. NickinMelb Says:

    Thats one of the biggest problems with Raheem. You would never see Winslow or Talib who are two of the most undisciplined players we have getting thrown off the field.

  32. eric Says:

    im beginning to sense a feeling among the stockholders that the team is not heading in right direction.

    surely the glazer boys will abide by these feelings without even a tinsy weensie thought as to money. which we all know will never be a consideration.

  33. Tye Says:

    In Morris’ 1st season- Bucs last in their Division
    2nd season – 3rd with 10-6 record (now more obvious it was an easy schedule issue)
    3rd season looking like last AGAIN!

    What about this constitutes giving him yet another Season to wreck this organization….. 3 years is plenty of time to evaluate a person and make a decision about them…. NO matter what ethnicity a person is {since so many either want him as coach for that reason or fired} at this point putting everything aside except his resume he is 17-27 and currently on a 6 game losing streak with game film showing major coaching problems….

    Excuse 1- young team- So is the Packers
    Excuse 2- Lockout- see Packers, Saints, 49ers, Patriots, Steelers and all other teams that are not hendered by it.
    Excuse 3- Young coach needing more time- Jim Harbaugh, Rex Ryan, Tomlinson, Falcons HC, and others who have had winning seasons in their 1st year taking over a team that had a horrible season before…

    He may be the greatest guy of them all but he isn’t the guy for the job…. It’s time the Bucs find the guy who is the best man for the job!

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I used the F-word many times during this game. In fact, it’s about the only word I used.

  35. Plbuc Says:

    GotBBucs that’s hilarious and yet so true. Raheem’s attempt to discipline was sadly another example of a coach who has no clue and no respect. If there is one player who should not be singled out on this effortless team, it’s Price. There is no hope for this franchise until ownership starts caring about winning. Until then, the fans are being held hostage by bad owners, and incompetent coaches who draft lazy and dumb players. As a fan since 76, I can’t remember a season with so many duds and “loafs”. Everyone at One Buc Place should hide their faces in shame. We fans also share in the blame for supporting and financing this excrement.

  36. NickinMelb Says:

    The nail in Raheems coffin is that even if they want to bring in O Coordinators or D Coordinators nobody will come here to prop him up when long term this guy is a losing proposition. The fans have turned off, the media has turned off. Now Raheem benches a fan favorite and tells him to go home after we fans have witnessed Winslow throwing game after game away with silly penalties with no repurcussions because he is one of Rah’s guys. The other night on Rahs press conference Rah spoke about a pass from Freeman to “top dog” Kellen Winslow. Why would a head coach call his tight end the “top dog.” Thats the mentality here. Why would you not call Freeman your “top dog.” Raheem just can’t lead a team and whats worst is his favorite players are the ones who will get him fired for their undisciplined play (ie. Talib, Winslow) yet Blount and Price the backbone of this team get made examples of. What an idiot.

  37. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’ve thought a lot about the situation with Brian Price. At first, I thought it was probably a good decision, because I was furious when it happened, and I wanted some discipline. However, after thinking about it for a while, I think it was a very bad decision to single out one player when there are so many others committing worse (and more frequent) penalties. Obviously I don’t know Price, and maybe he has been a problem for Morris for a while now. However, I’ve never heard a shred of evidence that this has been the case. If it hasn’t, then it was an overreaction. I doubt Price will ever play as hard for Morris, and I can just about guarantee that his sore ankle and questionable status will keep him out the next time. He toughed it out and played for Morris when he didn’t have to. I have a feeling Raheem has either lost or is about to lose the locker room. Once that happens, it is over. No coach can be successful at that point. The players don’t have to like the coach, but they have to respect him. I would imagine there are some players that have lost some respect for Morris after this. Thomas, you may want to start prepping the champagne.

  38. foxworth Says:

    Makes me wonder if Rah didnt question Prices play and Price didnt fire back and question Rahs coaching ,hmmmmmm. speeking of the f…word hey Glazer boys it time to add the missing letter…..coach your……. ired

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yeah, I agree about the Price thing. It was pretty much a melt-down by the Coach that shouldn’t have happened. When so much is going wrong, lashing out at one of your hardest working guys doesn’t make much sense. We were actually still in the game until the Benn around debacle. I don’t know how you can defend that play call. There were a lot of people at the game today, not happy people, but people. It was also odd that the O line today seemed to be hardly there, one of the better units in past weeks. But there was good penetration by the Carolina Defense all day, few holes to run through and little chance to get to the 2’nd level. They threw one lousy screen to Blount that he dropped at the start, and never threw him another one. I think Olson just used that drop as justification to not passing it more to Blount or using him on third downs. I try to defend them and stay positive, but it get’s tougher. They will be lucky to win any more games this season playing the way they do.

  40. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Hawaiian Buc , that is good point. I think in this instance Morris was desperate to do something dramatic to make a statement. Price happened to be the guy that committed the penalty this week. I think the tactic will backfire on him.

  41. gotbbucs Says:

    the sad thing is that price has probably already forgiven morris for this and morris knew this would be the case. thats why he chose price. a weak minded player like winslow or talib would shut it down for the year if it happened to them.

  42. Eric Says:

    The guy can conduct a satanic ritual on the sidelines for all I care.

    Bottom line – his defense sucks.