Players Don’t Want Raheem Morris

December 25th, 2011

In this damning analysis of Bucs coach Raheem Morris, Gregg Rosenthal tells the lovely Tiffany Simons that it’s clear that Bucs players don’t want Morris as their coach in this video.

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13 Responses to “Players Don’t Want Raheem Morris”

  1. upthegut Says:

    The fans want him gone as well. Good bye Raheem, never darken our doorstep again!

  2. Jon in Tampa Says:

    Haven’t watch the video yet. But a post like this, and continued commentaries in the media about the rift (read: canyon) between players and Rah, are inspired by the fear that the Glazers might harbor the remote possibility of keeping Rah for another year.

    This is, appropriately, a pile-on of biblical proportions aime to ensure this franchise doesn’t make a huge mistake of thinking Rah should pay the ultimate employment price for this team’s performance.

    And the players should be scared too. Other teams will judge you on your game tape, and not necessarily grade you on a curve for having been on “Rah’s” team.

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    The players have layed down and quit on Raheem. A sure sign they are trying to get him fired.

    What bothers me, is this is the second coach this team has layed down on. They absolutely quit on Gruden in his last four games, to get him fired.

    It is a dangerous pattern, when Players quit to bring about change. Never seen any other team do it to this degree.

    The Glazers need to make sure lots of players heads roll for this one, to nip that nasty practice in the bud. They get payed, and the fans pay, to see them play. Not quit and play politics!

  4. Jacob Says:

    Just go away raheem please just go I can’t take it anymore plus u make it hard to play madden with all these overalls dropping

  5. Garv Says:

    I think the Bucs could lose half of their players and be better, you know, the half that doesn’t give a damn.

    What a sad joke.

  6. Patrick Says:

    Getting rid of Raheem isn’t going to fix everything. We have a bunch LOSERS and bums on this team with poor attitudes who just collect paychecks. Their arses need to released this offseason.

    I agree with Marshall Fault on NFL Network. While I don’t think Raheem is a good HC, it’s not fair to him that the players are quitting on him.

  7. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The players quitting is also partly the fault of Dominik & Morris. They are the ones who looked at these guys and chose them for their team.

    Bill Belichick, for example, never keeps guys around who are character concerns…even if it hurts him in the short term by letting them go. He has a team filled with guys who have high football character & integrity, who give their all on every play and who are consummate professionals. If they don’t meet these requirements they aren’t Patriots for long.

    Any boss will tell you that the people you choose to work for you will eventually be a reflection of your own character to some extent. It starts at the head and flows down from there. Just the way it works, and this is yet another damning element pointing back to both Dominik & Morris.

  8. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    The moment Rah is released, an air of unprofessionalism will be removed from the building and every player, including rah’s best buddies Ronde, Aqib and Quincy will be immediately better.

  9. Miracle Says:

    @FLBoyInDallas You are little misguided in your logic.

    The players who quit are mostly Bruce Allen’s. The linebackers that suck are also Bruce Allen’s. Talib is Bruce Allen and Tanard Jackson is Bruce Allen. Donald Penn and the entire OL is Bruce Allen.

    This is a huge portion of our starters who aren’t from Dom’s picks. I’m not saying all above are quitters or suck but you can figure out which ones are which.

    I would say that LGB, Sean Jones and Mike Williams are the biggest quitters of Dom’s pickups and none of the above were costly. LGB was a practice squad pickup whom is now our starter. Sean Jones was a cheap Free agent and Mike Williams was a 4th round pick.

    Biggers is not a shutdown corner but he was a 7th round pick.

    Look at the dropoff after the Bears game and you can see the impact that Gerald McCoy had on our defense.

    The biggest problem that I see with Dom is that he is too conservative. He wants to make sure every pick is high-quality and so he fails to make splash moves in fear that it will backfire. I wonder if this is why he has a hard time with Free agency. He is afraid of getting an overpriced veteran who quits.

    Regarding the Patriots only having high-character guys.

    1. Randy Moss
    2. Richard Seymour
    3. Albert Haynesworth
    4. Chad Ochicinco
    5. Rodney Harrison
    6. Brandon Merriweather

    The list continues. The Patriots go after low quality players who have tremendous talent at bargain prices in hopes that they can instill some winning attitude in them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But they make sure its a low risk, high reward situation.

  10. Patrick Says:

    I’m not giving up on Aqib Talib and Jackson. We’ve seen them play very good football prior to this year. Notice that NO ONE on this team is playing good this year! Hard to believe every single player sucks.

    Though we DO need another CB or two plus a safety to replace Sean Jones.

  11. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Miracle: every one of those players you listed from the Pats toed the line while they were on the team. Once they started losing either ability or character they were soon let go. BB knows how to get the best out of guys…I wish I could say the same for Raheem. I have no problem with reclamation projects, but you have to have the right leadership to make it work. The Pats do…right now the Bucs don’t.

    And the guys you mentioned that were Bruce Allen’s & Jon Gruden’s picks are still on the head of Dominik & Morris. Why? Because they had a chance to get rid of these guys and bring in others to replace them, but instead they re-signed Black & TJax, kept Talib around in spite of everything, kept Hayes around instead of signing real competition for him and letting him play for his spot, re-signed Trueblood instead of getting an upgrade, etc, etc.

    I see your points but you are giving WAY too big a pass to Dominik & Morris by not being totally objective in your analysis.

  12. Jon Says:

    I dont think this is Raheems fault. Glazers aint spending any money. What coach could do much better with this crap roster. You think Raheem whats these guys? I hope not.

  13. TurnThePage Says:

    It’s funny how Albert Haynesworth is a bigger leader on this team than the rest of these practice squad players.