Peter King Is Watching Raheem Morris

December 9th, 2011

Any Bucs fan who has yet to start pounding beers on this good Friday afternoon — wow, two weeks to Christmas — knows the Bucs game against the Jags Sunday could be a pivotal game in the history of the Bucs franchise.

If the Bucs lose to the Jags, the howls of the “Fire Raheem” crowd will be deafening wanting Morris’ head on a platter.

In the mind of popcorn-munching, coffee-slurping, fried chicken-eating, oatmeal-loving, beer-chugging Peter King, Morris is on a list of some 10 coaches he believes are “endangered” coaches and admits Morris will be front and center for the columnist.

5. The rumor mill. Steve Spagnuolo and Norv Turner and a cast of maybe 10 men are endangered as we enter the home stretch of the season. I expect the pre-game shows to be chock full of fresh news about who’s in and who’s out — and I’ll have an eye open for Raheem Morris in the next month.

If the Bucs lose to the Jags, it’s not an outrageous prediction to say the Bucs could lose the rest of the season, ending the year on a 10-game losing streak, which would be damning for any coach much less an embattled coach going into his final year of his contract.

25 Responses to “Peter King Is Watching Raheem Morris”

  1. Fear The Glo Says:

    If the Bucs lose 10 games in a row to finish the season and Raheem Morris isn’t fired then things are much worse than I thought with this franchise.

  2. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    If Peter had actually watched the Yucks play, he would have more than his eyes on Rah! He would be laughing as hard at this debacle as we are.

    A narrow win over the horrible Jags is meaningless.

  3. jb Says:

    At this point, who besides cares if we win a game against a team whose offense is arguably worse than our defense? So What? We end up 5-11 instead of 4-12? We were lead to believe by this bufoon that we were a playoff team! Hey Raheem……WHERE’S YOUNGRY????If he’s kept on here as head coach it’s only proof that the Glazers simply don’t care about winning football games.

  4. OAR Says:

    I’m having a hard time watching!

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    No need to screw up a high draft pick at this point.

    Things I’m watching for
    1) the D-line, especially Clayborn and Bowers! Just send ’em every play. Let’s rack them up some nice sack numbers.
    2) Josh and the WRs plaing catch. We got nothing to lose. Let’s fire some bombs down the field, and see if we can get some timing/ chemistry going at last
    3) see if we finally ram Blount down some teams throat. But don’t expect it.
    4) letting our Rookie TE and MLb show if they bring anything to the table. And see if Myron Lewis is gonna play pro ball, or camp out in the Jacuzzi.

    Geez, can’t think of another thing on this team I’m interested in seeing. Most things, I’d rather ignore

  6. Patrick Says:

    “No need to screw up a high draft pick at this point.”

    Always annoys the sh!t out of me when we want our team to lose more games just to get a high draft pick. Overall, I think the Bucs organization and the fans have really given in to a “losing mentality”. Being down a few more spots isn’t gonna make a huge difference people.

    If we could just beat the Cowboys (by some miracle), I’d be the happiest sob on this website, cause everytime the Bucs play the Cowboys, I’m always embarrased here in TX. That better change next week, even though I know they’ll lose.

  7. Patrick Says:


    Sure wish Raheem would stop it with his stupid phrases and quotes. Win games, make the playoffs for once, and then you can do that if you want to. Otherwise, just shut up Rah…..really.

  8. Adam Says:

    I agree with Patrick. Less time making up words, more time on trying to figure out how to score a touchdown in the first quarter. Of course he’s only had TWELVE TRIES….but who’s counting!

  9. Morgan Says:

    As a season ticket holder with relatively expensive seats, I’ve been walking out of the last couple of games in the 3rd quarter. This team is absolutely miserable to stomach right now. I’m starting to wonder if even the players are hoping for a regime change – they’ve got to see that this coaching staff doesn’t know what they’re doing.

  10. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I HAD planned on Tampa being in a playoff race, and going to the Jacksonville Game this Sunday.
    I have seen enough, this horrible experiment must end.
    If we lose to the Jag’s or not doesn’t matter, our season is over.
    In my mind, there is no question Raheem will be gone, that’s a given.
    The only question is if Mark Dominick will go down with him, or not ?

  11. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Their linebackers are really stout. Daryl smith and The Poz are tearing it up this year. Their CBs are doing extremely well too. The only phase of their game lacking is their pass rush but they cover so well they still manage sacks. Tough break for our offense. Their QB on the other hand….. Well, if we make him look good I don’t see how Rah can remain DC.

  12. eric Says:

    beating the gags wont help rah. would have to follow up with more.

    but losing would be devastating

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    I’m not saying lay down and lose. I’m saying find out if all the things we haven’t tried will work. To keep playing the same players, who have sucked all year, might squeak a win against the jags.

    Who cares
    I’d rather see if some new talent , and different strategies can finally get a spark ignited. Instead of the same old ” Benn’d around” and dink passes
    Last year, we could throw the long ball. This year, we never try. Try now!
    Let’s run some WR down the field. Lets see if any of these young guys can play this game. Let’s actually try running the ball down a teams throat.
    Then, we’ve learned something for the next season.
    Doing the same thing we’ve been doing, just to beat a really bad team, will only teach us what we already know

    We are in trouble

  14. big ron Says:

    i go to one GAME a year and this year its the cowboys and i think we win that game if you dont you are not a fan

  15. Nick Says:

    “Their CBs are doing extremely well too.”


    Really? Did you see what the struggling Chargers did to them? You know they have Ashton Yourbooty starting…Man some of you guys are clueless. Really clueless

  16. sandbagrudy Says:

    They need to put a tight end on the field who can be where he needs to be and have the capability to run and pass block winslow is a liability on the field just like shockey was in New York with him in the stands and not in Eli’s ear all the time the Giants won the superbowl. Freeman needs to be able to control the huddle and everyone in it. The only solution is for the Glasers to sell this team to someone who wants to win. I don’t think they want to. The product on this roster is a gang if misfits castaways from practice squads a big ole bag a spoiled apples prancing around the field like a bunch of sissies

  17. NickinMelb Says:

    Morgan wow I thought the same thing. What must the players be thinking at this point? I have seen some bad Buc teams but this one is historic. Obviously although some players are saying all the right things there has to be a huge contingent that realizes the coaching they are getting is not top notch NFL caliber. They must be wondering what things would be like if they were just a little “coached up” for one week lol. This team is not devoid of talent but it is sadly devoid of leadership and any kind of cutting edge game plans or strategy and that has to eat away at the most talented members of this squad.

  18. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Nick I was not talking about Youboty. I was talking about Middleton, Cox, Mathis and Coleman. I didn’t realize Middleton, Cox and Mathis were all placed on IR recently. In that case I guess I am clueless. Thanks for being a cox about it.

  19. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Nick Anything else you want to disagree about?

  20. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Morgan: sorry that you have wasted your money.

    Patrick makes excellent points, but I agree with Tim – a narrow win over the Jags and Panthers knocks us down the draft board and limits are value – for what? Do Rah can argue I didnt lose 10 in a row so I should get another chance?

    The best case now is: a top 5 draft pick with a qualified head coach being involved in the decision – and hopefully making the pick instead of Dom. Last time we had a valuable pick we wasted 50 million on an unproductive and shockingly weak and injury prone player that has missed more time than he has played and has all over 4 career sacks and 20 some tackles. Lets not miss this time.

  21. Bobby Says:

    Raheem will be back next year… doubt about that. The only question remains is whether he will be HC with a new DC. My guess is the answer is yes.

  22. Bobby Says:

    Thomas….nobody is even listening when you talk about McCoy. All you do is demonstrate your inability to judge talent. It really does make you look foolish dude.

  23. MTM Says:

    If was paid to watch football games like King. It would make watching the Buc’s much easier. It will be funny to watch Mike Shula out scheme Olson and our defense get run over by MJD. The Buc’s are great at making sorry teams look great. I have been a Buc’s fan since their inception and I am sick of watching this tired product they call a team. It sucks from top to bottom. They say s@#t rolls down hill. Take a look at ownership 1st.

  24. Pete Dutcher Says:

    My oh my, aren’t we all in a state of panic? No…not panic…I see people hoping an iceburg strikes the ship!

    Ask yourselves this…are you really hoping we lose out for a high draft pick?

    I’m sorry, but I prefer to win out…if the team does it, then there is hope under this coach. It would be a GOOD sign of things to come, and I prefer to end the season on a positive note.

    It truly amazes me how you people act as fans sometimes. If things are going well, you are the best fans in the league. If things go badly, you turn on everyone and their grandmother.

    Thomas is loving it, because people are actually agreeing with him now, and we all know he thrives on attention.

    If Raheem is fired, then I’ll support the next guy on the list, however, for now, he is the head coach and I’m behind him 100%. I’m not calling for his job…I’m hoping for his success.

    See the difference there? Glass half full.

    Although I do think and have been calling for a true defensive coodinator suited to Tampa 2, I want Raheem to stay. I think he’s a good head coach. It’s the other things he is falling short on.

    A head coach steers the ship and plays the role of a figure head. He designates the other stuff to his assistants. He does not fill their roles. There are not many cases where HCs that pay the role of a coordinator have actually had success.

    And so far as the talent goes…this team has drafted very, very well. At the start of the year, most of you agreed. Nothing has changed in regard to talent…they just need some refining.

    And coming into the season, everyone was swearing the defense would be one of the best in the league…I cautioned people that it would not be and that people would have to be patient.

    I also said at the start of hte year that too many expectations were being placed on Freeman’s shoulders, and people needed to ease up a bit. 2nd years slumps are common, I said (in regard to the WRs).

    I said that it would be the responsibility of the offense to carry the team, and that it would be hard for them to do so soon.

    Guess what? I was right. Even though Thomas claims I have not football knowledge, I was right.

    And I’m right now.

    This team is not self-destructing…they are just going through growing pains. I expected it, and all of you should have.

    Believe me when I say that…this team is going to get better. They will start playing much better. If Raheem stays (and he should), next year we will see a very much improved team.

    We will not see Talib on the team next year.

    We will take two CBs in the draft. We will sign a couple free agents (but it still won’t be enough for some of you).

    And all of you (except Thomas and a couple others) will suddenly climb back on the bandwagon.

  25. Bobby Says:

    Great post Pete. I agree, I’m really excited about the talent they have drafted. How people expected us to be in the playoffs this year with all the rookies and second year players starting is beyond me but I’m excited about the talent we’ve drafted. I personally believe we may have the most dominant D-line in the league when we have Clayborne, Bowers, McCoy and Price healthy. If we get new outside LB’s or get a MLB and an outside LB and move Foster to the outside we should be set there. If Black and Gaitor pan out along with Talib and T-Jack our DB’s should be very good. Offensively we need to draft a speed WR and a speed back and I see us being right in the thick of things. We’ve seen little glimpses of what we’re capable of when we put it together. We beat Atlanta and New Orleans and we nearly knocked off Green Bay in their house.
    I know it looks horrible at times and it IS but I do believe that hope is on the horizon. Bring in a dedicated DC and unless Olson can open things up bring in a new OC but leave Morris to coach the team. For sure leave Dominick to pick the talent. He’s doing a great job in spite of what the naysayers may think. The Thomas’ of the world will fade into obscurity once the Bucs start winning or they’ll be on here saying “I told you the Bucs would win if they just got a new DC..blah blah blah…”