More Local Buzz About Raheem’s Hot Seat

December 3rd, 2011

In what seems like a statement of the obvious, veteran Tampa Tribune scribe eye-RAH! Kaufman added more media heat under Raheem Morris today via the Bucs Twitter account.

Kaufman says Team Glazer will be scrutinizing all things Bucs and Raheem Morris during the final 29 days of the season.

@TBO_Buccaneers:  Ira: Bucs ownership will be looking for signs of improvement in the final 5 games. Otherwise, Raheem Morris could be out after 3 seasons.

On Monday, it was St. Pete Times scribe Rick Stroud talking about Raheem needing to win games to guarantee his survival. A couple of days ago it was a TV talking head asking Raheem about his job security during a news conference. Two weeks ago, it was former NFL executive turned NFL Network guru Mike Lombard skewering Raheem, to which Raheem responded with a clown reference.

For Joe, these theatrics are completely expected for a head coach mired in a five-game losing streak, a guy who also is a defensive coordinator of an atrocious defense.

Again, Joe’s not thinking Kaufman is sending any coded messages from Team Glazer. Raheem simply needs to win and get his guys improving in a hurry. Otherwise, Joe’s not seeing how fans or ownership could have any confidence in Raheem’s ability to turn things around next season.

39 Responses to “More Local Buzz About Raheem’s Hot Seat”

  1. JSmalls Says:

    Can someone name a player that has improved in the last three years and provide tangible proof? What’s different now than early 2009? Can’t fire the whole team and unfortunately someone will pay for stagnate play.

  2. Mr lucky Says:

    We don’t that’s why we want coach Rah gone. IHCRC

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I wouldnt mind seeing a hot college coach prospect who runs a pro-style offense be considered (ala a Jim Harbaugh type) be considered at the end of the season with the caveat that Jack Del Rio be the defensive coordinator..

  4. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Get it together, Raheem. You can do this.

  5. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Yes! Thank you! Merry Christmas buc fans from the Glazers.

    To Malcolm and sons, please send me an invoice for season tickets and a parking pass.
    To to the powers that be, please grant rah, a very nice man, a nice paying job with responsibility for the defense of the: 1) Saints; 2) Falcons or 3) panthers. It would be just fine if Urban Meyer hired him and paid him well so he could sabotage the OSU defense.

    Is it asking too much for us to have McCoy retire as well so we can get out of that 50 million contract? He clearly doesnt like and can’t handle contact.

  6. Dan Says:

    blount has improved. so has zuttah. and clayborn even mccoy. id even say that talib has improved. briscoe and parker have improved, and mike williams is improving from the begining of the season.

  7. Max Says:

    We need a coach that will instill some discipline into this team. A no nonsense kind of coach, not a “players” coach. Obviously that hasn’t worked out and the team is too soft because of that.

  8. bUcNcRazy Says:

    I would like to see Andy Reid with Marinelli as D Coordinator,I do like to dream!

  9. JSmalls Says:

    Dan, with all due respect, Blount rushed for 1000 yards in eight games last year and will lucky to achieve that in 13 starts this year. I like Blount, just wonder why they believe lumpkin is a better blocker and receiver.

    Zuttah has been our most penalized o-lineman and those receivers you’re grasping at. Even if we agree that they have improved it minimal at best.

    Clayborn has been steady, but are you seeing improvement in gap control as the year has gone on?

  10. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    Why was my comment taken down? Nothing inappropriate about what I said. Very strange, our we filtering?

  11. Joe Says:

    Forget about Del Rio coming Scotty.

  12. Joe Says:


    Davin Joseph, Jeremy Zuttah and maybe Donald Penn are players that improved over the last three years.

  13. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Sorry joe, something weird going on maybe on my end. My posts are there then gone, then I cant submit etc. sorry

  14. Jerry Says:

    The team looks poorly organized, poorly prepared, and unmotivated every single week. Never do they come out of the gate hungry (youngry?).

    And that’s coaching. That’s not about being young or old or being talented. When a team comes out unprepared and undisciplined…that’s 100% coaching.

    At the very least Olson needs to go. His playcalling is predictable and his plays lack any imagination. The whole league has him figured out. And we need a defensive coordinator. Raheem doing both jobs isnt working.

  15. Captain Stagger Says:

    With the success Denver is having running the Tebow Option offense, I’d be curious to see how Chip Kelly’s speed offense would fair in the NFL. Not saying it’s a good idea, just would be interesting to see.

  16. bUcNcRazy Says:

    Who do we replace Rah with?

  17. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    “With the success Denver is having running the Tebow Option offense….”

    lol cool story, bro.

  18. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Bucncrazy: someone solid we all hope. However, it is impossible to do worse.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hate to see Rah go and hope they keep him. Olson definitely needs to go NOW. I wouldn’t wait on booting him. Hire a DC and theings will get better under Coach Morris.

  20. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Bigmac: get over it, rah is done. If he were able to run the table, I think he may give the Glazers a face-saving argument to keep him for one more cheap year. But the answer to why rah is done will lie in 20k-30k empty seats tomorrow.

    If they lose tomorrow, they may as well cut him loose immediately – give him time to be picked up by a rival for next year to improve us.

  21. Tye Says:

    WoW! Imagine Andy Reid As the Buc’s HC next season….. For me, that would wipe the slate clean and all will be forgiven for these past 3 years that has set this team back!
    Thanks bUcNcRazy for that moment! lol

  22. bUcNcRazy Says:

    Mcdaniels would be worse!Chip kelleys system is fun to watch but it didnt work against the SEC.It wont work in the NFL.Olson sucks but I hate to see Freeman andthe rest of the Offense learn a new system,they need more talent at WR,and RB(blount is great! still need a back up).
    At the very least we need a DC,a Real QB coach,a WR with speed,and a RB who can pass block(lumpkin sucks at it,so bad can Blount be?)
    DeSean Jackson?

  23. Mr. Lucky Says:


    Please tell me WHY you would hate to see coach Rah gone?

    Do you LIKE to see the Bucs lose games? Are you an advocate of people doing well below their potential? Maybe you like laughing at the press confeences and Raheem’s attempt to communicate?

    I can’t think of one thing I would miss if the Glazers gave Raheem the heave ho.

  24. macabee Says:

    Before everybody goes skipping off to fantasyland believing that the next coach will be the one we’ve all been waiting for, you might want to revisit Murderer’s Row to see where we’ve come from – it might help us to see where we may be going. It appears that bad records and bad coaches are a part of Buc DNA. Maybe it’s time to start thinking that it may not be the coach. So assume the position – if past is prologue, get ready for more of the same!

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    No Lucky, I think Rah is a good Coach. He’s still a young coach, and he is learning on the job, yes at our expense, but his players love him and I believe they play hard for him. I think the real problem is Greg Freakin Olson. I think losing players like GMC and Price has really hurt them a lot. I think Raheem does have too much on his plate and needs a good DC. Someone said Charlie Strong, and I like that idea, but he is pretty young too. I also believe when you look at Raheem, you have to look at Dom. Dom signed Quincy Black back. Dom let Cadi go. Dom drafted a punter bust. Dom is probably more responsible for the coaching staff than Rah. Dom is Rah’s boss, plain and simple. Dom should have seen a little sooner or even had the foresight to know last year that as young and inexperienced as Rah is that he could probably use a DC to help him. It doesn’t mean he can’t be heavily involved in the defense. He’s the HC for Pete’s sake. But Raheem needs to be more heavily involved in the offense and he isn’t. It was big risk hiring Raheem as a HC, but I think he has great enthusiasm and potential. I would at least give Raheem 1 more year, fill the holes with Free Agents, that have been passed over and then see what he can do. It has so much to do with horsepower, and 10% more can be the difference in winning and losing consistently. The Bucs just don’t have the horses right now to play through serious injuries. I thought they did, but they don’t. Roy Miller is another one to look at, and Lumpkin. You mean to tell me those two sucky players are Raheem’s fault and not Dominick’s. There is plenty of blame to go around and I think Raheem only deserves about 25% of it, with Dom at 50%, and the Golden Sperm Club with the other 25%.

    Most of you guys wouldn’t know a good coach if you were one. Pretty much clueless, no backbone, and no perseverance. It takes time and promise all of you dummies, their is know way Raheem gets fired, even if they lose their last 5 games. It isn’t part of the plan, and even the Glazers have said last year was a little bit of a fluke and they were far ahead of where they thought they would be. Now we are back in reality, and the problem is not the Head coach, but everyone wants to make him the scapegoat, but not me.

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    typo city, whatever. eat me. haters

  27. Larry Says:

    @BigMacAttack- thanks for addressing the haters. The ones who wanted the Bucs to fail just so Rah could be fired.

  28. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    What you just read from Bigmac:

    Blaming everyone but the head coach for an undeniably horrible football team.

    If 10-6 was real, like you argued last year. Then the talent is sufficient, a collective step backward is the fault of the head coach. How can you (and Larry the last 2 with your head in the sand) honestly say the offensive coordinator is more the problem when the defense is considerably worse.

    Everybody except Bigmac, Larry and Rah’s family have accepted the undeniable – he is a nice guy who should never be anywhere near a head coaching position above the pop Warner level – ever. Let him pep talk the d backs or something, he can create cute words. Never let him set the team goals, like 10 wins that earns you 3rd place and no playoffs.

  29. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    BigMacAttack, you are correct, it is not JUST Raheem, Mark Dominick must also share blame for this 5 game skid.
    Watching Tampa, it is like Stevie Wonder, driving Ray Charles around.

  30. Teacherman777 Says:

    We are rebuilding a Dynasty. Relax. We need another draft and to spend the money we are REQUIRED to next offseason.

    We will be fine.

    Look at the Jets, Chargers, and Eagles. 3 solid teams having a hard year. It happens in the NFL. We are a decent young team that is still melding together. We need a REAL offseason together and then we’ll be fine.

    Give all these guys one more year.

    Have you forgotten how AWESOME last season was???!!!!

  31. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Teacherman: obviously you don’t teach football.

    The jets are 6-5, and squarely in the wild card hunt. The chargers and Eagles coaches are in trouble and both teams are WAY better than ours.

    Building a dynasty? Obviously you are partaking. Even if we had the talent for a dynasty it would never be without a head coach, and no we don’t have one.

    We do have Quincy and Ronde’s good buddy guarding the henhouse however. If we lose Sunday, that will be 2 4th places in our division in 3 seasons – I guess serial last place finishes is a dynasty – I see what you mean – I agree.

  32. Paul Says:

    Why doesn’t anyone say Bennett. He went beastmode this year.

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    All I can say is “Misery loves company” and Thumbus, the Salvation Army has bed with your name written all over it. You should lay off the pipe son and thank God your last name isn’t Glazer. We’d be really screwed with a new coach every year, trading all our players, hiring retread after retread. You should become a Redskin fan, and maybe even Chucky will be there next year for you until he gets fired again.

    My perspective is 20-20, yours is batsh!t cataracky. And so maybe my head is in the sand, but we all know where yours is.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think the World was going to end tomorrow, after losing 5 games.

  34. Tampa2 Says:

    You are living in a dream world. Morris was not qualified to be a DC, much less an HC, when the Glazer Boys hired him. And blaming any & everyone but him for the Bucs demise can only be in your mind. Hiring a DC would only be a cover for his defensive ineptitude. As for the players, when we get a ‘real’ coach and his staff in here to develop and train them they will only get better. I just hope they dump McCoy when they dump Morris so that we can use some of that ‘wasted’ $50 mil on a good D-lineman.

  35. gronk Says:

    Obviously, the only reason Raheem is a head coach is because of the cheepness of the Glazers. Heck he wouldnt even be a defensive coordinator at the pro level!
    Well at least they didnt go with McDaniels…

  36. pewterpirate99 Says:

    I agree with both Thomas2.2 and Tampa2. BigMac why do you refuse to accept the truth…..this team IS NOT that good at all! And the coaching staff is even worse, the entire coaching staff. Last year’s 10-6 season was a product of an extremely weak schedule and the lack of film on this team. It’s funny how this year with a harder schedule and with a whole season’s film on this team, they’re not sneaking up on anyone like they did last year.
    Also PLEASE tell me where the hell you see Rah Rah being a good coach???? He’s the defensive coordinator of the 31st ranked defense in the league!!!!! Defense IS his forte and they’re second to last in the league….COME ON MAN! I know, I know you’re gonna tell me stats are for losers as you keep sipping the Glazer/Dominik/Morris kool aid.

  37. tj Says:

    If stats are for losers …. Then I guess they are for Raheem cause he aint winning . Funny when talib has a great game he always brings up his stats

  38. Mark Says:

    Morris was on the correct career path 3 years ago when Coach Gruden (A REAL HEAD COACH) promoted him to replace Monte Kiffin. Morris would have learned how to coordinate a defense at the NFL level and the intriqicies of game planning each week. But the Glazers ruined any opportunity for him by promoting him to early and allowing him to take on being both Head Coach & Defensive Coordinator, thats just to much on his plate for a coach still learning.

    The fault for all this mess ultimatly lies at the feet of the Glazer brothers and the time has come for them to fix this mess and right the course. The experiment of Rah Rah & Dom needs to come to an end or else next year we will see 10,000 – 15,000 fans attending games next year with more fans attending USF home games than Buc home games.

    We need to remember that Tony Dungy & Jon Gruden were fired after back to back winning seasons and playoff games. I honestly do not see Rah Rah having a winning season this year. So he does need to be fired along with Olsen and most of the coaching staff (I think the OL coach and Keith Millard have done a pretty good job with what they have to work with). Bring in a big name coach (Reid, Cowher or Fisher) and see the sellouts return and the winning ways return. They have some pretty good young players as a foundation but no disipline and that falls at Rah Rah’s feet, that all goes to coaching and it needs to change…….the sooner the better

  39. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    We will never attract decent coordinators/coaches with Rah having only 1 year left on his contract.
    No up and coming coach in his right mind is going to uproot his family for 1 year, even if Tampa is a great place to live.
    If Carolina does what I think it is going to do to us today (12-4-2011) it aint gonna be pretty.
    Raheem has a 17 and 26 record so far, not good.
    I think at this point, the question is not IF Rah will be replaced, but when, and by who ?

    The other question that also begs to be asked, is what about our General manager Mark Dominick ?

    This team also has Mark Dominick written all over it, and he too has a 17 win and 26 loss record.
    Other then the pick up of Blount, what has he done for us but select mediocre players who can’t stay healthy ?

    All one has to do is LOOK at the talent other teams selected that are becoming stars in the NFL, and realize this talent could have been taken when we picked, but we messed up.