Falcons And Saints Are Far, Far Away

December 11th, 2011

As Team Glazer assesses the future of the Bucs’ coaching staff, Joe thinks one factor that must be considered is the Bucs’ position in the NFC South.

At this point, the Bucs are guaranteed a third- or fourth-place finish in 2011, and the team is light years behind the Saints (10-3) and Falcons (8-5), both of which are very big spenders with proven head coaches. Obviously, the Bucs don’t have a head coach nearly the caliber of Sean Peyton or Mike Smith, who is 41-20 in regular season play.

The Bucs’ stated goal was to win the division this season, and rockstar general manager Mark Dominik has talked previously about adding pieces to his defense in order to compete in a division with Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, and now Cam Newton.

The point is how a team compares within its division should matter and routinely does when considering jobs and draft picks and direction.

When Joe looks at the Bucs’ plight in the scope of what’s going on in the NFC South, Joe’s not sure how Raheem Morris could be the answer.

25 Responses to “Falcons And Saints Are Far, Far Away”

  1. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Yes, objectivity. Also the Panthers have surpassed our beloved Yucks. We are a solid 4th place team in our division.

  2. sandbagrudy Says:

    Imphatically No Morris in not the answer he is what was left a talking head for the price of a d backs coach. The only coach out there that could steer this ship in the right direction is Brian Billick if they let him buy the grocerys and spend enough money on them he could fix this mess he seems extremely ingaged in this team. when ever he calls Buccaneers games he makes the obvious known before it happens. He left Baltimore in a position to be competitive for years as did Tony Dungy great linebackers excellent front four rotation great safetys. You have to be able to scout draft and coach players to fit your system for the long haul. Dominic and Morris have to go The glasers need to sell this product and let someone who’s invested in winning play monopoly with the right players and coaches. I don’t see this as a small money fix you have to invest in this project to get any sort of benefit

  3. BucfaninMI Says:

    I’m for Billick! Definitely!

  4. CanadianBuc Says:

    The bucs seem to lack any form of intensity. Im looking towards the draft and I hope they pick up a real LB to play with Foster. Would love the Bucs to trade down and grab Kuechly or Burfict they can play Mike and can move Mason to Sam. Burfict is a madman while ive heard he may have some character concerns I think he just has a ton of intensity and needs to go hit someone which would be nice to see in a Bucs jersey. By trading down the bucs can pick up another pick which needs to be spent on a secondary.

  5. sandbagrudy Says:

    I’m sure Billick could convince Ozzie newsome to set sail south and draft some quality players as general manager of the Buccaneers he has an eye for quality players. I like Raheem morris but you can’t keep a team in line as a chest bumper. Look at the NFC south everyone accept the Buccaneers are built to be competitive you can’t blame it on injuries Carolina has loss a ton of players like Raheem seems to say next man up we’ll who the hell has the next man been? Roy Miller Mccargo ship rested in the Bay? piling up a bunch of castaways from practice squads in not a long term gameplan it’s a desperate move in desperate times. I don’t think the nfl has a wait and see mentality I know there are a bunch of fantasy fools out there who are impressed with stats. Wins and losses are what keep em comming and going.

  6. Joe Says:


    I’m sure Billick could convince Ozzie newsome to set sail south and draft some quality players as general manager of the Buccaneers he has an eye for quality players.

    Time to lay off the beers for the evening.

    So a guy that Newsome fired and has been out of work how many years is going to convince him to quit a job where he has probably as much job security as the owner… for what reason exactly?

  7. Benton Says:

    Dear Team Glazer,

    If you have the nerve to bring back Raheem, I’ll be a radio and road TV customer only. NEVEr thought I’d say something like that about my beloved Bucs. But enough is enough. We suck. We’re the worst in our division. And you fired a Super Bowl winnign coach to get better, not get worse. PROVE to the fans you love your team.

  8. sandbagrudy Says:

    every real man likes a challenge thats reason enough. Build not destroy a team like the last collection of losers did. what ever the case the glasers are not spending money to put together a winning team. so why would they hire someone who would demand money and a formula to be competitive. You seem to be in the know Joe what is Raheem Morris’ salary 150,000 175,00ish

  9. Mr Lucky Says:

    Admit it Glazers – you did to the Bucs what voters did to America. Change for the sake of change was WRONG. Admit your mistake and fire Raheem Morris tonight – then get on the phone to Jeff Fisher ASAP.

  10. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    Losing Earnest Graham to injury during the Bears game was the turning point. Earnest is a leader on the team, and without him, the Bucs have lost their identity.

    They stretched themselves thin by not resigning Cadillac, another leader from last year, and it burned them.

    Without the injury to Graham, the Bucs would be in contention for their goal.

  11. sandbagrudy Says:

    So graham was going to stop teams from jamming the ball down the Buccaneers throuts he didn’t have anything to do with stopping the run

  12. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    He keeps the other teams offense off the field, so the defense doesn’t have to player 35-40 minutes a game. The defense has already played a season and a half. They are spent.

    The Bucs, without Graham have been atrocious at converting third downs. Covert the third down, give first and second down to Blount and the other weapons, keep the drive alive, put up points, and deny the other team the opportunity.

    The victory against the Saints happened because the offense kept Drew Brees off the field for the last 4 minutes. If that wouldn’t have happened the Bucs would be on an 8 game losing streak.

    A good offense is the best defense.

  13. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    The reason the Bucs won the Super Bowl with Gruden and Brad Johnson, instead of Dungy and Dilfer, was the Bucs defense when they got a pick, or forced a three and out didn’t have to go back out on the field in 45 seconds after the other team forced a three and out.

    Even the hall of famers back then would look a lot worse without a little help from the offense.

  14. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    The most important thing an offense can do when you have a great defense is melt down the clock.

    Look at the 1970s Steelers. You don’t have to put up a lot of points, you just have to keep your defense fresh and off the field by running the ball and converting third downs.

  15. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    And the inability to convert third downs is not Raheem’s fault. It is Greg Olsen, and Josh Freemans, and Mark Dominiks and the receivers and tight ends.

    K2 and Cadillac converted so many third downs last season I lost count. One is gone, the other is having an off year because defenses target him.

    Fix the third down problem and the Bucs win.

  16. BuccaneerChris Says:

    Injuries cannot be an excuse. Every team has them. Houston has played without its QB,RB,and #1WR for prolonged stretches all season.All I’m saying is teams are surviving with far more signifigant injuries then the 3rd down back.

  17. BuccaneerChris Says:

    Our problem runs a lot deeper then 3rd down. How about making a tackle, not getting flagged for a 15 yard penalty on 3rd down, or getting afalse start or holding penalty on 1st down. What about not turning the ball over 7 times?

  18. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Bucsfansince1997: you are clueless. You must be attempting comedy, if so it’s not bad.

    The defense is on pace to set a NFL record for most yards allowed per play, that is why they are on the field so long. They just made Blaine Gabbert look competent.

    Sure the offense has struggled, but 40 points today would not have been enough.

    No the most important thing an offense can do – IS SCORE POINTS. Only an excuse-looking apologist would blame the offense for the d losing gap integrity.

    The offense bad bc they are undisciplined, penalty an turnover prone and not explosive.

    Our defense is bad bc: they are terrible at stopping the run, rushing the passer and covering eligible receivers. This is the worst prepared defense in decades and I would have fired the coordinator weeks ago.

  19. BuccaneerChris Says:

    Does anybody really believe we can set Freeman back any further then he already is by making coaching staff changes?

  20. bucsfansince1997 Says:


    Of the 41 points, 7 were on a fumble on special teams, and 7 were from a fumble on offense, where the Bucs defense had no opportunity to stop them. the on 5 other drives, mistakes by the Bucs offense gave the Jaguars a short field, and didn’t give the Bucs defense much down time to rest. Only 2 Jags TD drives started from a position on the field where it is reasonable for the Bucs defense to keep them from scoring (14 points- tied game).


    The Bucs are building through the draft. When doing so, you have a bunch of 2nd string player starting. When those players get hurt, you then have 3rd stringers or people who didn’t make the team starting. The Texans had more depth to overcome some of their injuries. Sure Arian Foster was hurt in the beginning, but Ben Tate is a quality seond back. At one point Graham and Blount were hurt; who is going to recover from that? Give the Bucs time to draft depth, and they will be able to overcome injuries midseason.

    Chris and Thomas:
    At this point, pressure has turned the Bucs desperate. Desperation always leads to bad results: forced throws, trying to get of the snap too soon. Remove the “pressure” from Raheem, Freeman, and the other guys and let them go back to playing football and they will get a lot better. Team Glazer needs to step up and support their coach, show him and the players that they believe in the plan.

    I think the Bucs need new coordinators, because the play calling is so lame, but I think the head coach and front office are fine, unless they don’t fix the coordinator problem.

  21. thibs5599 Says:

    The only thing i like about raheem and dom is that we have youth and we have some fun players. grudens teams just got old and older and werent fun, we atleast have a future however raheem is not the guy to coach this team. bring in someone new maybe a college coach with that mentallity that he can scream in his players faces and put them in their place because that is what there use to. i dont know but after today and after losing 7 straight three of which were absolute blowouts its just time for a change, sorry rah but you gotta go my dude

  22. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    Good players know when they did something bad. You don’t need the head coach to scream at them. If your head coach is screaming, you have bad players, something not even the best coach can fix. The Bucs have a plan to get better players and they are carrying out that plan. The Bucs of this year have a lot more promise than the Bucs of the final years of the Gruden era.

    Soon they will be exciting to watch, and people from other teams will be calling for Raheem and Dom to get hired for their team, so they can have as exciting a team to watch.

  23. Mr Lucky Says:

    I figured it out, bucsfansince1977 is REALLY…..Raheem Morris’s mother.

    It’s obvious Watson, only Raheem’s mother could defend the coaches on this team.

  24. Mr Lucky Says:

    Ernest Graham’s the answer to the Bucs problems? Hahahahhahahahahaha

    Ernest Graham had as much effect on the Bucs as peeing in Tampa Bay has upon the tidal surge in a hurricaine.

    Bucsfansince1977, please do us a favor and don’t do drugs and type.

  25. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    Earnest Graham and Cadillac Williams – Having at least one of them is important, or a player that can replace one of them.

    Kregg Lumpkin = Loss for Bucs.

    Their fantasy stats don’t matter. Earnest Graham and Cadillac Williams brought heart to the team, something that is obviously missing now.