Bucs Failed In All Phases Of Core Beliefs

December 18th, 2011

Today Raheem Morris admitted the Bucs didn't play hard for him last night.

Facing the media this afternoon at his postgame news conference, a relaxed Raheem Morris didn’t offer anything enlightening.

In fact, Raheem said nothing about last night or this losing season leaves him surprised. “Nothing comes as a surprise when you don’t play hard, fast, smart and consistent,” Raheem said.

Raheem went on to say the team failed against Dallas in all four phases of those “core beliefs,” as Raheem calls them.

Raheem specifically was hard on the Bucs offensive line for not executing against what they knew was coming.

It was a “breakdown on both sides of the ball, up front we didn’t get it done,” Raheem said.

Joe’s at a loss for what to say about a team that doesn’t play hard with their coach’s life on the line on national TV at home — on the heels of two consecutive blowouts. Barring a Christmas miracle, it’s going to be real ugly on the field the rest of the way.

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  1. flmike Says:

    Where’s he been for the last 8 weeks?

  2. ElioT Says:

    Sounded like a real fun press conference for Raheem today, glad he’s in such a good mood after getting completely embarrassed on national television. It makes me sick to hear him joking around in the midst of the total collapse of his “team”. I have never seen worse football in my life. This team in a complete joke!

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    There is only one press conference I care about and hopefully that will come tomorrow.

  4. RastaMon Says:

    core beliefs are…


  5. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Jimmy johnson just said sometimes it is more than just the coach on where the problems lie.


  6. Garv Says:

    I think it’s sad that a team with so much promise completely gave up on itself at the expense of the coaches and front office people who brought them together.
    The players failed their HC, the fans and themselves and Raheem will pay for it along with the rest of his staff.

    He’ll be back somewhere as a successful coach and maybe even as a HC again.
    Meanwhile we’ll be stuck with too many players who are all mouth.
    Fortunately we do have some players who want to play hard every down and get better to continue to build on.

    Again, as a long time season ticket holder this mess is sad and the Royal Glazerbaum’s owe us better. Maybe they could start by playing all our home games at……………HOME!

  7. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Maybe the players who are playing hard every down start kicking some veteran ASS literally during practice and the game.

  8. higher728 Says:

    We gotta play fast. We gotta play hard. We gotta play fast and hard. Hard and fast. Fast and Hard. Fard. Hast. Youngry. Yangry. Blah blah blah.

    Shut up.

  9. mark2001 Says:

    It isn’t just Rah….

    The Glazers and Dom’s philosophy have stuck Rah with one of the youngest and lowest salaried teams in the league.

    When do you ever succeed near a championship level in anything when you do it without experience and on the cheap?

    Don’t doubt Rah must go, but something else needs to change or there will be no improvement.

  10. tj Says:

    58 yards rushing 48 yards in penalties . Next coach up please

  11. Garv Says:

    Does asnyone think for a second that Hardy Nickerson, Warren Sapp or Derrick Brooks would have let this go unaccountable? There would be HELL to pay in that locker room after a game like that in front of a national audience. In front of ANY audience.

    We don’t have guys like that and we need them. Veterans who are here. who care and walk the freaking walk. And kick the CRAP out of those who do not.

  12. Garv Says:

    Does anyone think for a second that Hardy Nickerson, Warren Sapp or Derrick Brooks would have let this go unaccountable? There would be HELL to pay in that locker room after a game like that in front of a national audience. In front of ANY audience.

    We don’t have guys like that and we need them. Veterans who are here. who care and walk the freaking walk. And kick the CRAP out of those who do not.

  13. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Well Raheem, AND especially Mark Dominick, you only have yourselves to blame.
    You took apart a 10 and 6 team by FIRING both the O and D Line coaches who helped get us there. You let our emotional leader Cadillac Williams get away, and replaced him with Lumpkin.
    You let Ruud walk, w/o a replacement who is ready to call defensive plays.

  14. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    So that is this dolts explanation – that the players didn’t play hard, fast, smart and consistent. If true (which I don’t believe it is), you have ton look further to the Why? Why you dolt?

    The answer for that is horrible coaching. I believe that the players are INITIALLY playing hard and fast – just not smart and consistent. They are unable to play smart and consistent bc they aren’t coached smart or consistent – they are coached, I believe, by the worst coach ever to grace a NFL sideline as a head coach or DC.

    What happens is when the other team, which is much better prepared, starts to execute a NFL game plan and separate from our misguided team, they quit bc they know that they are unable to keep up.

    Everything you are seeing is the product of historically bad coaching – Dungy or Gruden would take this talent and have them competing in close games week after week and winning their share.

  15. mark2001 Says:

    And Garv, you have a heck of a time developing these guys in this environment. If we are lucky some of these guys, McCoy, Clayborne, Freeman just might develop. But the most sure way of getting these guys is signing a Hardy Nickerson who already has it as a Free Agent to help develop them. Some teams never get these guys. We fortunately developed some of them during the 90’s and early this century. And I think Hardy helped them out. Just sorry he got old and wasn’t here to win a ring with them.

  16. yightningyuc Says:

    It is unconscionable that the Glazers have yet to fire him. He should have been fired the day after the Panthers debacle. And the excuse that there is no one else to coach is stupid – Ronald McDonald or Barney couldn’t prepare a team any worse than this past month. This entire organization has turned into a joke!

  17. BuccaneerChris Says:

    “We just gotta play better Football”, I said after the Bears game the team seemed extremely unprepared to start almost every game the last two years. We kept hearing about the fight and resolve we show in the second half. The lack of preparation or competent game plan on offense and defense points to coaching deficiency. Did anybody notice what the Patriots and Cardinals stellar defenses did to the Cowboys offense?

  18. Holiday Buc Fan Says:

    One of the issues that the owners should be aware of is the lack of interest most of the fans had at the stadium during the past 3 games. The Carolina game was similar to an exhibition game crowd – most everyone just happy to be outdoors having a few, and oh-by-the-way – there’s a game over there….Fans can generally smell a loser vs. a “bad but on the rise” team. This team has no speed, no leadership and no scheme worthy of the NFL.

  19. BuccaneerChris Says:

    Thomas 2.2 I could not have said it better!

  20. MTM Says:

    Rah’s comments sure don’t help make a case for him staying. For all the problems his has been dealt: Complete lack of financial support from ownership, bad draft scouting over the years and lack of veteran free agent signings.
    It is the lack of effort from the players that screams bad coaching. I have never seen such a lack of effort from the Buc’s players ever.
    They have no dog in them, they look to complacent with losing. I feel like this organization is trying to run off the fans.

  21. BuccaneerChris Says:

    Took my 4 year old son to his first game last night. Ownership should be embarrassed by the lack of interest and enthusiasm by the fans.

  22. tj Says:

    Well said Thomas well said

  23. Rob Yangry in Orlando Says:

    As a life long Buc fan I can’t remember being this frustrated with my team. Losses I can take if you at least try your best and compete but thus nightmare just cannot be permitted to continue. To the Glazers, admit your mistake with Raheem, pull the plug on this regime and start over now. Buc fans don’t deserve to be tortured with this non performing, embarrassing excuse of a team. Get us an experienced head coach with proven assistants right now. We are a laughing stock and don’t have the Manning excuse. We simply suck from top to bottom

  24. BuccaneerChris Says:

    Say what you want about Dungy and Gruden, There teams fought and looked as though they had prepared to carry out a game plan against an NFL team. In my wifes expert football analysis, She said at halftime “They look like a high school team”

  25. tj Says:

    Every positon needs a upgrade everyone minus DE . I love blount but he has to have a big hole to rumble cause be can’t move well cause he is holding on to the ball so he won’t fumble. The way we are going we have the 3 or 4 pick. The rb from Alabama blackmon from ok state along with lsu db should be all considered

  26. Adam Says:

    Say what you want, but I have some great videos last night of asking Cowboys fans if they actually have ever been to Texas.

  27. gt40bear Says:

    I’m glad the Head Coach has finally admitted what has been obvious for some time…the offensive line sucks. I don’t care how much they are getting paid and that they supposed to be the best group on the team. THEY SUCK! Blount gets his yards because he makes his own holes. You NEVER see holes big enough to drive a truck through like other teams get. Trueblood is beyond awful and Penn needs to step away from the buffet. Lots of holes to fill this off season but maybe they should look at moving Penn to RT and drafting a true franchise LT.

  28. canadianbuc Says:


  29. patrickbucs Says:

    That’s very funny Adam. I asked a number of people where they were from in Dallas… asked about 10, 2 could actually tell me a suburb I knew of and they were at least cool people.

    Dallas fans have 35-50% of fans at EVERY stadium. Did you see the Cowboys at the Pats or at SF this year? I couldn’t believe my eyes. They are truly America’s team.

    Rah would be better served at this point by just getting up there and at least seem yangry or yagraced, because that’s what this whole Bucs situation is now.

  30. canadianbuc Says:

    I hate to say it but this team is going to be so bad for so many years if we want to rebuild from the draft. There is so much wrong with this team that if there is no money spend on real talent on both sides of the ball we areso screwed!!!

  31. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Apple The OL and DL are playing better this year than last without question. The 3 new coaches we hired are doing their jobs well.

  32. Patrick Says:

    Dom is biggest problem of all. Send him packing along with Raheem.

    Dom has constantly given bums huge, wasted contracts (Clayton, Black). Says no to free agency but when he rarely does it he spends the money on trash players (Leftwich, Nugent, etc.) Constant bad decisions one after another….I’ve seen enough of the embarrasment.

    Youth players…..led by youth coaches and youth management= recipe for disaster. From what we’ve seen this year.

  33. FIRE RAH! Says:

    Sorry but its three consecutive blowouts.

  34. Patrick Says:

    Seeing how bad the Jags beat us…….and then seeing them get beat demolished by Atlanta on Thursday, shows just how bad this team is.

  35. Trox Says:

    No need to fire him now. Two road games before holidays, I certainly don’t expect this team to try any harder then it has the last 3 weeks. Why jeopardize a likely top 5 pick? Answer, keep the coaching staff in tact and secure that top 5 pick.

  36. Patrick Says:

    @Trox…..being up/down a couple of spots isn’t going to make the difference. It’s just one pick. We need SEVERAL good players to make this even decent again!!

  37. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    21-0 Carolina over Texas. We have just moved up in the draft order…;)

  38. Mokeybear Says:

    Does anyone remember the little announcement before the beginning of the regular season by the Bucs GM that the team had all been given iPads stuffed with opponents plays, film etc? Dom’s expectation was that they would bring them home and “do their homework” with them in on their off time. Huh? Ever try to get immature atheletes to “do homework” on their own? Does this mean they don’t get together as units (DL, OL etc) with their coaches to review film anymore? They are sure playing as if they don’t really know or like each other. Maybe it’s a bit too much to ask these “youngsters” to coach themselves after all.

  39. canadianbuc Says:

    we are the worst team in the NFC no joke we are just pathetic we lost 41-14 to the JAGS YOU NO YOUR SH*T WHEN?????????????? We are now last place in our division and worst team in the nfc. YAY

  40. BuccaneerChris Says:

    Has anyone noticed the effort the Chiefs and Dolphins are playing with for interim coaches?

  41. BucfaninMI Says:

    I have noticed, the Chiefs are busting ass! And I see Carolina is good again, where does that put TB? Last for awhile. Those of you that don’t know or remember the 80s. Not cool. I will not put up w/ that again! I’ll stop watching pro football!!

  42. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    A new Coach alone is not going to “save us”, we will need to draft wisely, and add some free agents at key positions.
    Still, it is going to be a long slow climb back to respectability and competitiveness in our division.
    We have holes all over that beg to be filled. LOOK at all the impact players we COULD have drafted that Mark Dominick passed up.
    We could have had Jason Pierre Paul or Terrence Cody, who were picked well AFTER we took (McBust) McCoy.
    LOL, Dominick took a punter in round 5 that couldn’t kick, so he had to spend a lot of money on the free agent Koenen.
    He allowed Cadillac Williams to walk, and replaced him with Lumpkin, LOL
    Davin Joseph blackmailed him by refusing to re sign, unless Trueblood was retained.
    The Tampa Football team of today is like Stevie Wonder driving Ray Charles around. Mark Dominick’s team is the laughing stock of the NFL, even Deion Sanders knew we just quit.
    This is how the Glazer Kids repay the good people of Tampa, who built them a stadium.
    We need to ask the Glazers why a glorified scout, passed up for promotion by 3 different bosses and left behind in Tampa, got to mold our football future for the foreseeable future ?
    I simply can’t wait until tomorrow, when Shaun King comes back on the Air.
    Shaun tells it like he sees it when it comes to Mark Dominick.

  43. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    These blowouts are not Dom’s fault Apple Sauce, unless Dom is in charge of practice, game-planning and scheming, and player discipline and accountability.

    Sure this team is not loaded with stars, but there is plenty of talent to be competitive weekly.

  44. BuccaneerChris Says:

    I agree, it is going to be a long slow climb back to respectability, let’s get the process started. All for long and slow as long as it’s a climb instead of this freefall!

  45. BucfaninMI Says:

    Why does it have to be long slow climb? Didn’t take ATL very long. The saints were 3-13 before they got where they are. The right HC and some key free agents, they’re back in the thick of things. There is a lot of over thinking going on. Sometimes the answers are easy.

  46. RichinNC Says:

    I think Dom has a bigger hand in things than we are aware of. HE was wearing a headset last night. Why? Whether or not he is doing anything besides listening he is micromanaging this team. He chose Lumpkin, he chose not to resign a couple veterans. He went and got haynesworth.

    I think it is both the GM and the Head Coach is to blame for this product that they are trying to sell us.

    Should we be great right now? No but we should not be giving up even after losing 7 in a row. This team has lost confidence in itself and it’s coaching staff. There needs to be a change in order to get these guys confidence in what the GM and HC are doing.

  47. gotbbucs Says:

    apple roof, get a freaking grip man. you really would have approved of taking pierre-paul or terrance cody at pick 3 at the time? and if you’re going to continue to lay all the blame on dominik at least learn how to spell his damn name.

  48. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Patrick- Actually even just one spot can make a huge difference. We need linebackers bad. If there is a super elite guaranteed superstar linebacker and we miss out on him by one pick then that would really suck. At this point I would rather see the Bucs lose out and potentially guarantee a top 5 pick. Its not like going 5-11 or 6-10 at this point is really going to salvage any dignity for this team.

  49. canadianbuc Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are officially the worst team in the NFL. With the Colts beating the Titans a team that the bucs lost to. So now the bucs suck (no surprise).

  50. BigMacAttack Says:

    Looking at the bright side………………………………. its Tebow time.

    I know Tebow would have sold out the CITS, unquestionably, win or lose.

  51. jb Says:

    “Barring a Christmas miracle, it’s going to be real ugly on the field the rest of the way.”

    Joe, When are you gonn accept the guy STINKS as a head coach? What possible miracle could you be praying for?

  52. FlBoy84 Says:

    Nice line from Fennelly “You can’t help but be a juggernaut against Raheem’s team. You bring the Jugger, the Bucs will supply the Naught.” lol

  53. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    The Bucs core beliefs:

    Stupid words and phrases;
    Motivation from running bulldogs;
    Be friend before boss;
    Give certain players (Talib and Black) preferential treatment over others (Price and Hayes);
    Make excuses for bad football and then say “no excuses”

    I would say that they succeeded again on rah rah’s core beliefs. At his core, rah believes that the earth is flat as well.

  54. buctone Says:

    Firing the head coach that every player on that team wants to play for may not be the answer this time. I think this year we came into the season more frail than the last really putting all of our scoring hopes in a young qb and our veteran 3rd down back Ernest graham. Ernest was the reason we felt comfortable letting caddie go remember. Ernest was also getting a lot of credit for his veteran leadership, protection skills, and for being Josh’s main backup. This team offensively couldn’t recover when Ernest went down and josh can’t hold it on his own just yet. Our wide receivers are too young to be totally depending on, and before you dismiss the whole no off season excuse, coaches and players alike say that the most important time of development for any player is from year one to year two. Well for some freakish reason this season of all seasons the stupid lockout actually happens and no real development for those players who are our skill players. Those promising players last season were left to their on devices with no help, all the while defensive coordinators around the league who were scared of us last season had time to scheme.

    Defensively, I think Rahs veteran guys let him down big time this season with the exception of ronde. Aqib stays hurt, Quincy stays hurt and can’t play, and Geno can’t play consistently. GMAC was the named leader of that young D line and goes down for the season.

    What we have to remember is that Mark and Rah also developed a couple of core beliefs of their own, and that’s “The Next Man Up Theory” and “The Rosetta Stone of Teaching” both totally destroyed by the lack of offseason. Noone can tell me this team didn’t know the lockout was coming, that’s why I think Mark Dom came out well before then and said we are truly in rebuilding mode. We asked for honest GM’s and coaches, and they were asking for our patience. They constantly tell us that this team is not a finish product in hopes that we can understand that in making lasting contenders its going to take time.

    What I don’t quite get is why we always feel firing the head coach is the first answer. We’ve done that before by letting coaches go that are better than the ones we’re asking for right now. Why ask for coaches that are going to need at least 10 years to do maybe nothing when you can keep the coach that everybody in the building loves and is rooting for. A team that loves and wants to play for their coach counts for a lot in this league. I know eventually we will have to be patient for a team that’s a lasting contender.

  55. George C. Costanza Says:

    “We’re so sorry, Uncle Albert, but we haven’t done a bloody thing all game.”

  56. Patrick Says:

    @George C. Costanza………LMAO…..maybe Paul McCartney can buy the Bucs!!!!!!

  57. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Buctone: why don’t we just stop keeping score as well? I mean if we are going to tolerate abysmal football for a decade – why even make it a competition?

    The average player plays three years – stats show that about half of your roster gets turned over in a 4 years.

    The Seahawks turned over 43 of 53 in just 2 years from 09-11.

    3 years is the maximum a head coach should get to show progress. The easiest and most successful way to change the locker room and practice culture of 53 unsuccessful football players is to change the head coach. Frequently, you get an immediate boost – like the Chiefs today for Crennel against the Pack.

    Who gives a shi- if people like Rah or if he is a nice guy? Lombardi and Bellichick are/were famously a–holes but those men can coach football players.

    Rah rah has an adverse effect on these players, he is the worst possible person to have in charge of their preparation and play – it incestuous.

  58. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Not to mention the entire town has given up on this wretched product.

  59. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Finally, Rah believes that firing coaches is the answer. Ask Jags, Bates, Mangurian, Wash

  60. chiodo08 Says:

    I have been saying for YEARS that Faine is a straight up fake…never have I seen a center lose so much time due to injuries and this cat is/was the highest paid center in the league…it speaks to his proven business skills that I’m sure came in handy when he over sold his self to this gullible organization…Trueblood?..really?…talk about a world class field p//nk…not only is he NOT a good player but he’s a liability…Penn sorry bro but you’re a friggan SLOB…and a tad weird as well….

    yeah this line is weak freaking sauce and NOW you get it?…wow

  61. chiodo08 Says:

    2.2 good takes…

  62. thibs5599 Says:


    Has anyone else noticed Roy Miller making the most of his playing time. There were several plays last night where I saw Miller get penetration but because everyone else sucks nothing happened. I have noticed the past few weeks that he has been actually playing pretty well anyone else think so. And for the record I absolutely can’t stand Miller so for me to say this is something

  63. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @thibs Indeed. Miller had a heck of a game. Bennett, Clayborn, Miller and Haynesworth all played well. Ronde too, surprisingly.

  64. buctone Says:

    @Thomas2.2 “Not to mention the entire town has given up on this wretched product.” That’s what we always do.

  65. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    We have never had a product this bad. Btw – firing Dungy and trading for Gruden really backfired in 2002? sure.

  66. BuccaneerChris Says:

    They sure showed how much they love and want to play for their coach last night!

  67. buctone Says:

    Then why did we fire Gruden again?

  68. BuccaneerChris Says:

    There are many 1st and 2nd year players around the league who did not have an offseason that are showing marked improvement by week 15.

  69. BuccaneerChris Says:

    buctone; Good Question! For a team that had supposed hatred for their coach, They sure went out and played hard for him! They didn’t Quit!

  70. gotbbucs Says:

    i cant help but wonder what may have happened had jagodzinski and bates been given more time. thats so sad to wonder about, but really, how much worse could they have done?

  71. bucfanjeff Says:

    @buctone, completely agree with you.

    Keep Raheem, make some staff changes. Most “fans” want instant gratification, and IF that happens, it comes with a price. Glazer, Dom, and Raheem started a rebuilding project. Next year will be the best gauge of our progress but most “fans” on this site don’t see that. They think a new coach every 3 years will sprinkle magic dust on the team and make it an instant winner. I’m not saying we have some issues, serious issues, but firing Raheem is not the answer – this year.

  72. gotbbucs Says:

    after morris gets fired, which better damn well happen, i dont see a new hire happening until well into the playoffs. i would imagine they’ll be looking to interview assistants and coordinators from playoff teams.

  73. buctone Says:

    @BuccaneerChris are you talking about Gruden and was that supposed to be sarcasim? Because as I remember after Monte said he ws leaving a veteran bunch of guys showed who they really were playing for.

  74. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Bucfanjeff: you are a tool. If you can’t tell rah is incapable of preparing a NFL team then you have very serious issues yourself.

    The Glazer plan is truly just a budget. Rah and Dom said that they were good enough to challenge for the division this year – as was the team goal – they never said before getting spanked for 8 straight weeks that they stunk and couldn’t compete with even the leagues worst team’s.

    That is a new and convenient argument you sheep have created – it’s over and we are all better for it. Rejoice!

  75. BuccaneerChris Says:

    Bringing Rah back with 1 year left is going to make it very difficult to make any quality staff changes, and giving him an extention is just not acceptable.

  76. buctone Says:

    OK then now its time to bring in Jeff Fisher’s 15 years no superbowl ring and his music city miracle (like the refs would ever give us a gift like that) since getting rid of the head coach seems to be the only answer anyone can think of.

  77. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    FYI – the Panthers changed their coaching staff, inserted a rookie QB and 2 new systems with the short offseason and – your inept kids are staring up at them in the standings.

    While your idiots are in the midst of your 10 year rebuild project, you have already been passed by by the Panthers. Now you have 3 division teams superior to your misfits.

    Well, maybe by 2017 Rah and Dom can make up some ground!

  78. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    bucfanjeff – you’re not serious, you can’t be.

    This team has flat quit on the guy, period. Even the TNF crew are saying they quit. You don’t get the trust back.

    The players aren’t stupid: no comment from Dom, nothing from the Glazers….just crickets. If they thought there was any hope & wanted him back, they would have come out flying last night.

    If you recall, it was 28-0 at the half. They scored 8 points on offense.
    Blow-out after blow-out…..pal, it’s over for Raheem.

  79. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    Buctone: before you can even think about the playoffs much less that Fisher never won a super bowl – it might help to lift your team out of last place – which Rah is unable to do 3 years in.

    How about just compete with last place opponents? Pretty sure Fisher did that for those 15 years.

  80. BigMacAttack Says:

    … and with the 5’th pick in the 2012′ NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select, Morris Claiborne, Defensive Back, LSU.

  81. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    2.2 — your takes throughout this thread are spot on.
    Way to go, man. Amen!

  82. buctone Says:

    @Thomas2.2: Why didn’t you just come out and say that you don’t need a ring and you just want to compete with some teams and get a little quality BSPN time. I can understand that. Were we last place last season or were we 10-6 in the great NFC south while your wonderfully turned around seahawks got in the playoffs with 7-9.

  83. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    I am sure Mo Claiborne will be happy playing for Les Miles and his new Bucs coaching staff. That man can flat coach!

    Dare to dream

  84. BucfaninMI Says:

    @ bucfanjeff and buctone, it’s too late he already lost them. They should have kept Gruden and got rid of Bruce Allen.Gruden wanted to be the Bucs coach and was the only coach to actually address the fact that he wanted to change the negatives in this franchises history. He was the best the Bucs ever had! Cowher had crap seasons in Pitt. Just sayin’

  85. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    buctone – the 2010 team was very fortunate (lucky) and snuck up on alot of teams.

    A year later, every team has been able to out-coach our unprepared staff and for 8 weeks, we have gotten progressively worse.

    If you think that’s going to change, it won’t. This is a win or else league….there’s not a lot of winning happening here

  86. BuccaneerChris Says:

    10-6 last year was a complete joke! 5 maybe 6 giftwrapped wins (anybody remember the Cincinnati game). All it did was prolong this thing. Let’s look at the marked improvement from 2009 to 2011.hmmm

  87. Architek Says:

    If the Glazers keep Raheem around this team will officially be the next 0-16 team. It’s bad enouigh no one cares about this team and for you fans that live in Tampa you better pray Raheem doesn’t come back because the black-out tour will continue another 2-3 years.

  88. eric Says:

    gruden told the glazer boys they needed to open the wallet to get passed the first round.

    their rear ends drew up where a dime couldnt pass and they panicked.

    thus rah….

  89. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    The Bucs were a mirage 10-6 bc they got handed many cupcake games bc bad teams were missing their qb’s: ie jimmy Clausen, Charlie whitehurst, Troy smith, max hall, rookie Bradford, Jake Delhomme . . . I just rattled off 6 wins against horrible non-starter qb’s – 3 aren’t even in the league anymore.

    Last year: the Bucs finished 3rd in the division.

    I could care less about the Seahawks but they made the playoffs then beat the Saints – pretty fun season for their fans 1st year under a new regime. They are still alive @ 7-7 this year as well.

    If rah had a playoff win (in 3 seasons much less 2) and was competing for one in week 15 this year – we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    This rah team is worse than in 09′ or 08 or any time prior. That is why he is fired, and the moment he is, this team improves – dramatically.

  90. Hillbilly Heaven Says:

    In 2012, all I want is a team that doesn’t make me want to puke every Sunday.

    A competitive team isn’t really that much to ask for – after all, the NFL roster rules is set up to provide balance and the ability to get better. As everyone (save a few idiots) knows, that starts with having a qualified coach.

    That said, the shell-shocked look on Rah’s face last night was priceless. We all knew that beat down was coming – that wasn’t a surprise to anyone but Raheem.

  91. BuccaneerChris Says:

    10-6 was a mirage,but the coach and front office tried to sell us how talented and exciting this team is. Either they believe it or they are more naive then I thought. Either way, it will mean their downfall.

  92. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Anyone want to venture a guess as to when Raheem is going to be given his walking papers (Yunemployed)

  93. Mr Lucky Says:

    Guys lets face it, the Glazers have given up on the team and it’s fans.

    The players have given up on their coach and why should we continue to support, ie, provide income for the Glazers and players?

    Hopefully I’ll read about Raheem’s firing in the next few days but until I get the email its time to spend with the Mrs.

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

  94. ClayBURN94 Says:

    What pisses me off about people that want to keep raheem the dream is how they forgot most of the wins with him as coach were freeman coming back in the 4th quarter!!

  95. BuccaneerChris Says:

    ClayBURN94; Exactly! They were not because of some genious game plan. The team still looked unprepared at the start of most of the games.

  96. Patrick Says:


    Those of you who still use the 10-6 as a reason for why Raheem should stay here.

    Did ya’ll know the Cleveland Browns went 10-6 back in 2007? Yes, the freaking Cleveland Browns who’ve been HORRIBLE for the last 13 years!

    Did they ever build on that season? Ask their fans if they think that year was a fluke. All of them will say yes. The coach of that team was Romeo Crennel. Went he had a horrible season the year after in 2008, they fired him. Sounds similar Rah’s.

  97. Bangkok Buc Says:

    We are definitely going to have a top 5 pick this upcoming draft. Considering how many holes we have on this team, I hope someone is desperate enough to trade up so we can slide down with an additional 2nd rounder. As much as I’d love to get one of the premier players (everyone outside Luck seems available now) we need as much help as we can get. I sure hope “Rock Star” decides to pick up a few veterans or next year could be even worse.

  98. BigMacAttack Says:

    Yes, we will be #5 in the Draft. Indy 1, Rams 2, Vikings 3, Browns 4, Bucs 5. The funny thing is that the Bucs would lose a heads up match up to any of those 4 teams today, and that is sad. I so like Raheem and wanted him to succeed and maybe he’l get another chance, but we are the worst of all 32 teams today. Cleveland beat us with SOS tiebreaker by a red c-hair, and that is why we will go #5, unless they miraculously beat the Steelers or Ravens. I must say though, that if Raheem goes, Dominick should not get off clean. He is every bit as deep in this mess as Raheem, and in some cases deeper, because he made the personnel calls with Cadi and No real FA’s. He didn’t get Nnamdi or Doug Free because he wouldn’t show them the money. Every player in the NFL has a price, even Drew Brees whom is very close to being a FA. Players may want to go here or there, but every man has a price, you just have to find it.

  99. BigMacAttack Says:

    Oops, Vikings #2, my bad.

  100. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thought the Vikes might beat the Skins, but now I think not.

  101. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Agreed BigMac,

    Hey Joe, Lets start getting some mock draft lists or stories outlining how we should approach the draft. I know we have a ways to go but it is about the only thing I can look forward to leading up to free agency (or lack thereof)

  102. drbinshore Says:

    Roy Miller played really well……hard not to like his non stop work ethic- I hope other players are paying attention.

    Adam Hayward should be starting instead of Quincy “I was completely bocked out of every play” Black. At least Hayward playes with some attitude against the run……he should be in on every 1st and 2nd down minimum.

  103. Bucs Babe Says:

    I imagine someone has told the players about the comments Deon made about them at the half, I would have a hard time pulling out my NFL card after that one. Time to man up no more excuses