A Damning Case Against Raheem Morris

December 11th, 2011

A lot of Joe’s readers confuse being fair with taking sides. That simply isn’t the case at all.

As Joe had stated previously, prior to last week’s curb-stomping at the hands of the Panthers, Joe was convinced that embattled Bucs coach Raheem Morris would return for 2012.

After the curb-stomping, Joe was not as confident.

But when the last-place Bucs traveled to the First Coast to face the hapless Jags, with a putrid rookie quarterback and an interim coach, the Bucs got blasted by a team which had not scored more than 20 points all year, but also was playing on a short week, having lost to San Diego on the previous Monday Night Football.

Gary Shelton also strives to be objective when dealing with Morris’ (lack of?) job security, which is not a popular thing these days as the masses have been gathering outside One Buc Palace with torches lit and pitchforks aimed at the ready.

The veteran St. Petersburg Times columnist admits it is now very tough to defend Morris.

Here’s the thing: Morris has great energy, but so did Jon Gruden. He is a good guy, but so was Tony Dungy. His team is young, but so was Ray Perkins’. He’d like more time, but so did Richard Williamson.

Again, I’m serious about this. I have criticized Morris from time to time, but I would like to offer a sound, inarguable reason why the Bucs should bring him back. That’s how disappointing this season has been. Even those who are inclined to defend Morris are having a difficult time doing it.

Could things change over the next four games? We’ll see. The Bucs need to be a lot more disciplined. They need to show enough improvement to make you think they could be better next year. That means winning at least three of the final four.

Mind you Shelton penned this piece prior to today’s debacle, one of the worst Joe can remember, allowing 41 unanswered points. Does anyone believe the Bucs can win the next three, two of which are against teams fighting for their playoff lives?

One of the premises for considering this season a mulligan, for giving Morris the benefit of the doubt for this season, was that there has been no offseason and an abbreviated training camp thanks to the asinine lockout.

Fair enough. But how is it that this obstacle did not mess with San Francisco, a team with a rookie head coach, or Cincinnati, with a rookie quarterback, or Denver, which had a new coach, or Carolina, the worst team in the NFL last year that has both a rookie head coach and a rookie quarterback, a team that thrashed the Bucs on their home soil last week?

Unlike those teams, the Bucs had their head coach in place, had their franchise quarterback in place, returned a veteran offensive line with two Pro Bowlers, had returning coordinators and beefed up a defensive line with a rookie defensive end (Adrian Clayborn) who has an outside shot of finishing the season with double-digit sacks, a first for a Bucs defensive end since 2005.

These are dark days for a once proud franchise. And the immediate future does not appear to get any brighter for Morris.

And that truly makes Joe sad.

88 Responses to “A Damning Case Against Raheem Morris”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    that would be…THE damning case against Rahblah…blah..blah…

  2. Buc You Raheem Says:

    Fire Raheem. Fire Raheem. Fire Raheem.

    Nah nah nah naaaaah,
    Nah nah nah naaaaah,

    Nah nah nah naaaaah,
    Nah nah nah naaaaah,

  3. TJ Says:

    Rah is not a good coach Period. I can talk about the offense or the defense but I am going to say the best thing Rah had going since he being a coach was special teams . And who was probaly the MVP of the special teams Micheal Spurlock but for some reason Raheem the wise benched him for a good slot WR that has not broke anything all year and Now is fumbling. Then on top of that he has Damon Briscoe back there with parker on kick off . If I remeber Spurlock had the game winnig Td verse the Browns last year , a hell of catch to set up game winnig Fg against the Bengals and aved raheem s job with his punt return agaist the saints two years ago But Raheem benched him dumb move !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont be shocked if the Panthers Off cord is the next head coach

  4. Thomas 2.2.. Says:

    The future gets immeasurably brighter the second rah is disassociated with these players. Sadness should be the result of having to watch Rah coach one more game for the Bucs with his clueless expressions while his team gets embarrassed weekly.

  5. jo_mama Says:

    Raheem Morris Fired Jim Bates for having one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

    I wonder how much integrity Raheem has. Will he hold himself to the same standard and fire himself?

  6. Tye Says:

    “1 more season….. Give Morris one more season… He should get one more season!”

    I read post like this from time to time on different Bucs sites and every time it just reminds me of back when you were a kid and those friends or siblings who just couldn’t stand to lose ( or in this case be WRONG) would say when they lost, Best 2 out of 3, best 3 out of 5, best 5 out of 7…… ANYTHING until they felt like they won or in this case they were right.

    In the beginning of all this the media spoke of this as Morris being married to Freeman and after this game they should both pack up and be heading out… Last year was last year… The Bucs stunk 2 years ago and they stink now… I say “cut the chord” and try to redeem the Bucs name and honor by finding a Head coach and QB that can get the job done….. It’s been 45 games by my count and far, far more horrific than has been good…. Now they are actually getting worse…. Far beyond PATHETIC!

  7. Plbuc Says:

    The “once proud franchise” is nothing more than the red headed stepchild of ManU. I used to think the coaches need to be replaced, but this franchise has no hope until there is a change of ownership. We are doomed for a long time as long as there is no guidance and leadership.

  8. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    I assume that since the Packers took the Buc’s place in the Super Bowl based on one bad call, that the Buc’s were supposed to win the Super Bowl. This is further backed by the general nature of teams that win Super Bowls to slump the next season and teams that played well but missed out tend to play better the next season. Exactly what happened to the Bucs and Packers (in the imaginary reality that was supposed to happen).

    Assuming the Bucs should have rings from last year, Raheem gets a free pass for 3-5 seasons.

    The Bucs, with Raheem, will recover next year, and the grinches will forget what they said this year by then and be back on the Raheem bandwagon, when they make the playoffs and Raheem is renewed for 5 years and paid accordingly.

  9. Cleggly Says:

    I like Jeff Fisher.

  10. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    Just throw this season in the forget-me bin. Watch the rest of the games to see which PLAYERS should stay or go, and get ready for an exciting 2012!

  11. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    Jeff Fisher – another coach that just couldn’t win a Super Bowl despite having a great running back and a highly promising QB. Definitely what the Bucs need. Waste Freeman and Blount for their careers, like Vince Young and Chris Johnson.

  12. Tye Says:

    I don’t know if Fisher would be enterested in the challenge of cleaning up this mess but It sure would be AWESOME to see him as HC, standing on the sidelines in the 2012 season in pewter and red!

  13. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    I think not. If the Buc’s owners did wuss out, fire Raheem, and hire another coach, it must be one that can better utilize the pieces that Raheem and Dominik have put in place, just like Gruden did after Dungy.

  14. Cleggly Says:

    Bucsfansince97 is a douche. His comments on other posts gave me the heads up. Douche. Jeff Fisher is an upgrade, you douche.

  15. tnew Says:

    Guys ya’ll are missing the point. If you are building through the draft what better way to improve but to work on your draft position. The last 7 weeks we have kept moving up the draft board so this season has no doubt been an unmitigated success. Let’s just hope we don’t screw it up and win a couple of meaningless games like we have done in the past that rob us of players like Suh and Calvin Johnson. At this point 4-12 might be bad… um good enough for the fourth overall pick.

    Only partially toungue in cheek

  16. gotbbucs Says:

    “Assuming the Bucs should have rings from last year, Raheem gets a free pass for 3-5 seasons.”
    Easily the most ridiculous comment I have ever read on this site, and there have been some bad ones.

  17. Mr Lucky Says:

    The brightest spot in this game was this:

    It allowed all of Tampa Bay, thanks to no blackouts, to see how putrid this Bucs team REALLY is.

    On the bright side the Bucs are tied for #3 in the 2012 draft!

    How much longer will the Glazers allow Morris to twist in the wind? Just fire him now, it will allow REAL NFL Head Coaches to interview for the position.

    Cut the chord, end the misery of the failed Morris experiment. Change for the sake of change isn’t good. Hey Glazers, do the right thing!

  18. tj Says:

    Bucsfan since 97 you must forgot fisher was a tackle away from winning a super bowl verse the rams . Before we think fisher or cowher please know they will want there own gm or be the Gm themselves . Which means domminck will have to go and he just signed a 4 year extension

  19. CC Says:

    J.G. “The future’s so bright you gatta wear shades.”

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    I was supportive for as long as I could stand it, but it’s over for Raheem. There is no coming back from this stretch of awfulness. All it took was one play by the Jag’s special teams punt unit and this team completely shut it down. They are so emotionally weak right now that I think they’re just numb to Morris’ ramblings.

  21. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    Jeff Fisher is an upgrade who won’t win a Super Bowl for the Bucs. He doesn’t have the skills the team needs. Raheem may not either, but unless the Bucs F.O. finds someone who does, who is willing to coach for them, they are not better off by firing Raheem.

    Anyway, I probably am a Douche, but I am not dumb. I can see that what the Bucs need is not a second rate coach that was booted out of the league after a falling out with his QB. Freeman, Raheem, and Blount proved themselves last year. Dominik will finish off the building, and the Bucs will having great seasons in 2013. The future is clear.

    Look at the Cowboys in the 1990s:
    1989 – Draft Troy Aikmen (Bucs 2009 – Freeman)
    1990 – Draft Emmitt Smith (Bucs pick up Blount, who Jeff Fisher cut(Yeah, good call)
    1992 – Win Super Bowl

    That is four seasons. Raheem’s contract is up after four. He may not win the Super Bowl, but he sure will try. If you are a fan to get rings, give Raheem a chance. If you are a playoff-only type of fan, root for the Jets.

  22. eric Says:

    Vince Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cmon man nobody can win with Vince Young, and Fisher never wanted the guy, that was Bud Adams.

    Fisher is a very good coach.

  23. Andrew Says:

    Like the Jags a replacement during the season wouldn’t be bad for the Bucs who are going nowhere. Let them learn a new system now and for god’s sake get someone in there to mentor Josh Freeman.

  24. Andrew Says:

    Can anyone else hear Rob Schneider saying “oh no we suck again”

  25. lj Says:

    He can take that thug Talib with him. His behavior on the sideline shows what kind of leadership this team has. I watched the Tebow game after the debacle and saw Brian Dawkins who was injured and not playing coaching and being involved with his team.Talib dancing and rapping is just a show of why we are so undiciplined.

  26. Mr Lucky Says:

    Bucsfan…. Not only are you a douche but you’re a DUMB douce as well! Raheem Morris can’t coach his way out of a paper bag. The team is floundering and back biting. 7 losses in a row is a distinction that neither Dungy nor Gruden had on their record and each was fired.

    It’s likely that Morris will lead the Bucs to a 4-12 record, actually 1 win better than in his inaugral season of 3-13. Hopefully we’ll get the 3rd overall pick in the 2012 draft – by the new Head Coach

  27. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    No one in the NFL can win with Vince Young, becuase Jeff Fisher wasted him. Tell Mack Brown that no one can win with Vince Young. He has a crystal ball that says differently. It is up to the head coach to develop their new players. Raheem proved he could do that last year with Freeman, Blount, Benn, and Williams, and even this year with Foster, Bowers, and Clayborn.
    Raheem can coach, just the Bucs are a work-in-progress. Give them time and they will win.

  28. james from dunedin Says:

    I feel for Rah, but I put it all on the Glazers. Can we fire them?

  29. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    Gruden and Dungy never had seven losses and then were fired. Gruden won a Super Bowl, but people credit Dungy. Fire Raheem – bring in a new coach next year, the Bucs will do great, because the work Raheem has done the past three years. Owners around the league will give Raheem credit – he will get a cushy job somewhere else and win a Super Bowl with other players (Dungy Style).

    I say keep the talented, young head coach, give him some help with a defensive coordinator and see how it goes. You might like how it is. Jeff Fisher took like 7 years to lose in the Super Bowl, and some are infatuated with him. Gruden was fired and everyone wants him to coach. Dungy was fired, everyone wants him to coach.

    Why don’t we as Buc’s fans give our good coaches a break and let them stay here despite one bad losing streak.

  30. eric Says:

    Mack Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have got to be kidding me. Might as well talk about Andre Ware and whoever coached him at Houston. Or Jamarcus Russell.

    Fisher developed Air Mcnair. One yard from the Super Bowl Championship as I recall. Plus defense is his specialty, from his time with the bears and DC of the eagles.

    Plays a four man front. Perfect for what we need.

    Miles miles miles miles better than Raheem.

  31. Patrick Says:


    Quit drinking the kool aid!!

    This team is not showing any signs of improvement!! Give a f’n freak!!! Getting blown to pieces by the Jaguars?!?!

    What has this team possibly done to give you any confidence?

    Sorry, I want to make the playoffs next year and have fun again as a Bucs fan! That’s not gonna happen with Dominick’s “rookies only” philosophy and Raheem’s chest bumps.

  32. Mr Lucky Says:

    IMorris sucks and is NOT a head coach – PERIOD

  33. Mr Lucky Says:

    I guess those who support Raheem like losing – I don’t and want the Glazers to fire Raheem the sooner the better

  34. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Glazers need to do something. If they are going to fire him, I’d prefer they do it now instead of waiting 3 more games. Get a head start, this team needs it. If they are going to keep him then they need to extend his contract to avoid the lame duck scenario. We need some new coaches, not D line, or O line. I just can’t see waiting to fire someone. If you are going to do it, make it clean and swift, and don’t screw around.

  35. eric Says:

    The sad part is we have been exposed to this boob for almost three full seasons.

  36. Patrick Says:

    If they’re going to fire him, don’t wait till 3 weeks after the season ends like they did with Gruden!

  37. gotbbucs Says:

    bucsfansince1997, this has to be a joke, right? There is no way that somebody can be as blind as what you’re making yourself out to be.
    Morris is a walking dead man. At this point, there’s no way that he can save his job, and if by some miracle he’s brought back next year, you can count me out. His team has been about as far away from competitive as I think you can get. 41 unanswered points to the f^cking Jaguars after being up 14-0. That was a 3 win team with a interm head coach that just did that to our Bucs. How on God’s green earth can you be supportive of that?

  38. bucsfansince1997 Says:


    At first, after the Carolina loss, I, myself, overreacted. It seemed like a winnable game, one that the coaching caused them to lose. But then today, during the Jaguar’s game, I began to realize that no amount of coaching could solve this team’s woes, that the problem is the personnel. Since Raheem was able to win in 2010 with slightly different personnel, I realized that he should get another year, maybe more.

    For anyone to do their job well, they need the proper tools. Raheem is missing players in key positions. Until he gets those, my judgement is withheld and since I am a LOYAL fan, I will continue to support the team and everything they do. When I make an assessment that the head coach is the weakest link, I will grab my pitchfork. Until then, Raheem has my full support.

    It is probably all my fault actually. I missed the first quarter of the game, and then started to watch in the second when it went downhill. So me watching has probably doomed Raheem Morris’s job.

  39. RichinNC Says:

    bucsfansince1997: Troll or Raheem’s new pr person. You decide.

  40. Patrick Says:


  41. bucsfansince1997 Says:


  42. simeon Says:

    I’m all for firing Raheem right now, but who the hell becomes interim head coach? They should just promote one of the beer guys at the stadium. That’s almost like promoting your defensive backs coach to head coach.

  43. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    I am just upset with the lack of loyalty among fans. There will be fat years and there will be lean years, unless after every lean year everyone gets fired, then every year will be lean.

    Fire Raheem, and next year will be worse. Support Raheem, let him get some self-confidence back, and the wins will come.

  44. Brad Says:

    Raheem is getting deservedly blasted but I think his partner in crime deserves equal blame if not more. The ridiculous nickname of Rock Star ( what a freakin joke) needs to be front and center and tell how stupid his plan was to have a bunch of 1st and 2nd year guys playing key positions that are clearly not ready. Dominics ignorance to totally ignore the biggest FA period in the history of the NFL can not be ignored. This team with its available cap space could have set this team up for years to come. Then the rookies could have done what their supposed to do. Sit and learn how to play in the NFL. If Dominic was directed by the Glazers I can only hope they have a coach in waiting and want to allow him to sign his own FA’s. Otherwise they need to fire everyone and spend money on coaches and players or sell the team to someone that will. If they keep Raheem they won’t be able to give tickets away.

  45. 941-Bucs Says:

    I didn’t get to watch the game fully, because i was at work. I left after the first quarter to head to work. At the time we were 14-0. by the half we were 14-28. I go back to work and look at the score at the end.. 14-41 Jags won..

    how in the world do you get 41 unanswered points to a team who is considered worse then you, and you are at the bottom of the barrel. If this game didn’t sign Raheem’s fate with this team. i don’t know what would!

    So much for them playing for the coaches job!

  46. gotbbucs Says:

    bucfan97, you really think our personnel is bad enough to get stomped like this week after week? C’mon. That’s a lame excuse. Don’t pretend like Morris had no say in who his players would be. This is not just a lean year, this is the worst year I have pesonally ever witnessed. I haven’t been around long enough to witness the early years of this franchise, neither are you I take it, but I think even some of the old timers on this site would say the same.
    The 3-13 team of two years ago was much, much more competitive than this team. Maybe you’re right, in fact I know you are, this team is still missing a few key pieces, but that still doesn’t excuse this type of play. Whether it’s all Morris’ fault or not, heads will role, and pay checks still need to be paid, and that will get very tough to do with no season tickets getting renewed.
    Listen, I think Morris seems like a nice guy, but he assembled his coaching staff and it’s blowing up all around him. This has bacome too much of an issue now for ownership to simply ignore. The silence of Mark Dominik and the Glazers is speaking pretty loudly right now. They’re out guaging interest from potential HC candidates right now, I guarantee it.

  47. higher728 Says:

    bucsfansince1997 – dude, please just stop. you have been posting non-stop since the game and you are well into sounding hysterical.

    I can assure you of a few things. The loss had nothing to do with your missing the first quarter. There is no comparison whatsoever of Morris to the Cowboy glory years, and absolutely positively the majority of the blame falls directly on the shoulders of the head coach and defensive coordinator, Mr. Raheem Morris.

  48. bucsfansince1997 Says:

    The only thing I have a problem with and think is killing the team is the playcalling. I think the players have the talent they need to win 12+ games a year, but for some reason plays are not called to the players’ strength.

    Whoever is doing this needs to be held accountable. I am not in the Buc’s organization, so I don’t know enough to verify who it is, but my guess is that the following needs to happen.

    The Bucs need a new offensive coordinator and a new, non-head coach defensive coordinator. With those two people calling better plays, I think the Bucs will have a playoff season next year.

    I think all of the other problems fall back to the play calling. The players seemingly giving up each game happens because they are not allowed to run plays to win games. The lack of discipline comes from not winning.

    I would give Raheem 1 year to get his coordinators in order, and then fire him if he fails. He knows this is a problem, but it is hard to rectify midseason, when it became apparent.

  49. Wienaman Says:


    Joe has explained in the past that the “Rock Star” nickname has pretty much nothing to do with a strong performance, and much more to do with the fact that he was a media darling after the season last year, doing constant interviews, even nationally…

  50. bucsfansince1997 Says:


    You are probably right, but I am okay with that.

    But just because the blame falls on Raheem doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have the opportunity to fix it.

  51. c-spann Says:

    I use to support Rah, but now based off the last couple of games I can no longer do so. I know that it’s the coach’s fault for this mess we are seeing! If John Fox can insert Tebow and go 7-1 after the fact with a old defense and minimal offensive output, surely this team can play with heart like they did last year and win 5 out of the 7 games they had! I don’t mind losing, as long as the team fought during the game. These cats are playing with no heart whatsoever! The coach needs to go, period!

  52. bucsfansince1997 Says:


    By your logic, since the American economy is “broken”(part of the reason the Bucs don’t sell tickets) and it is all our fault, we as Americans should be expatrioted and a new set let in so they can see if they can fix it.

    Give people a second chance.

  53. Rob in Orlando Says:

    1979Bucfan. Please stop being a Raheem apologist. He and his non coaching skills are killing whatever is left of our fanbase. We have to get a proven head coach in here before Raheem and company ruin our young talent and take away any confidence they once had. His coaching and the staff he picked is horendous and totally ineffective

  54. Brad Says:

    @wienaman.. I’ve been on this site for awhile. I know how Dominic got the nickname but thanks and it still doesn’t mean he deserves any less blame for this disaster, no matter how or why he got the name.

  55. bucsfansince1997 Says:


    This season Raheem has shown no reason to keep his job. But I am not sure the Bucs are best served by firing him. Unless they have a plan for more success next year with another coach, Raheem should stay, instead of playing the coach lotto and ending up with some crap college coach or something.

    Raheem has potential, just like the Bucs; he just needs some help.

  56. gotbbucs Says:

    bucfan97, the problem there is that no offensive or defensive coordinator worth a damn is going to come in on a 1 year contract. If you want new coordinators, a new head coach is going to have to come in first. Unless of course they elevate an existing assistant to the job. In which case it would be a puppet position for that poor bastard.

    By the way, a little bit ago it was the GM’s fault because Raheem doesn’t have enough talent to work with and now all of the sudden there’s enough talent to win 12+ games a year if only the play calling was better? Which is it going to be?
    And don’t forget, one of you’re poor play callers is the freaking head coach.

  57. Patrick Says:

    Promoting a DB coach to a head coach is like promoting the busboy to manager in a restaurant.

  58. Rob in Orlando Says:

    !979, Raheem had his chance and imploded. Penalties, poor tackling, poor route running, poor catching. poor blocking, poor coverage, countless play calling head scratchers both offensively and defensively. Tampa should not be a place for on the job training for Raheem. Let him be D coordinator only and demote him from HC (won’t happen). We have some talent but the Glazers are going cheap on coaching and free agents. If they don’t open their checkbook and hire a proven head coach and proven assistants, we are screwed. Raheem is to blame for poor coaching, motivation, and for picking a staff which gets the very least from it’s players. Fire him now. Go for Cowher

  59. patrickbucs Says:

    Guys Rah has to go, we are minus 138 only behind the Rams and Colts. I don’t care what the schedule is we have been blown out now by a 3 win team at home and a 2 win team in total disaray back to back. We have been blown out at least 5 games and made a few respectable late only if you didn’t watch the game and checked the final score on the stat sheet.

    If they don’t fire Rah I am not renewing my tickets, it would prove to me that the “new” Glazers don’t care about winning. It would kill me not to renew for a 15th season but I have to take a stand with the only thing that I can, with my wallet.

  60. gotbbucs Says:

    “Raheem has potential, just like the Bucs; he just needs some help.”

    Head Coaches don’t get help. They are supposed to be the leaders of the Franchise. Players and assistant coaches are supposed to go to them for help, not the other way around.
    The sh!t’s getting really deep now. I can appreciate you trying to stay positive in all of this, but even Raheem claims there should be “no exuses and no explanations”, so by his cliche laidened thought proccess he should be held accountable and sent down the river.
    Again, I think he’s a nice enough guy, but he’s not ready for this yet. Fans live’s and players career’s shouldn’t have to be put on hold while we wait for Raheem to learn how to coach. From the very begining he’s talked about wanting to be a smash mouth physical team, which sounds great, but when it comes down to it I don’t think he has a clue on how to do that. He’s always preaching about situational football, but when imprtant situations come up in games(3rd and 4th & Short, Onside Kicks) he hasn’t got a clue on how to call it. This team has no offensive or defensive phylosophy and it shows through with the play on the field. It’s no wonder the players look so confused and frustrated out there. Every time we have a short yardage opportunity on offense they line up in the shotgun. Find me a smash mouth physical team at any level that would pull that chicken sh!t move. That kind of play call destroys the psychy of the offensive line.
    Anyway, my rants gone on long enough. I’m sick of talking about this sh!t. Morris needs to go before it’s too late. Ownership has a large investment to protect out there and Morris and his staff are a poor insurance plan.

  61. Ares Says:

    Raheem had a flippant attitude from the first time he was introduced to the public, and he continues to prove his arrogance every time I try to give him another chance.

    Look it’s no surprise that a team without character can’t avoid committing penalties in one game and a ton of turnovers in another. No character, no discipline.

    When they came into power Raheem and Dominick fired all the strong veteran leaders a rebuilding team needs, and kept scumbags like Jeramy Stevens and Aqib Talib. If that wasn’t enough they actively sought Albert Haynesworth twice and got him on the second try.

    If you’re the last stop before the toilet, that pretty much makes you = the toilet, doesn’t it?

    The bottom line is that last year only 1 win of their 10 was against a legitimate team, the rest were against losers. This year they have one quality win again, but only 4 total because they don’t have a powderpuff schedule again.

  62. Architek Says:

    The Cowboys are going to all but guarantee that Raheem “for sale” sign is on his lawn after Saturday night. I hope the Glazers are even more embarrassed when a organization and owner that wants to win come to town, sale out like it’s a Cowboys home game, and just slay the cheapest business owners in the NFL. I don’t have any positive spins for this mess and my positive days are gone. I am also confident the Bucs will blow the next off-season with stupid draft picks and no FA’s. Good luck guys but you can have these crappy owners to yourself. I don’t want any parts of it.

  63. patrickbucs Says:

    Also, I really don’t care if it’s some big name coach but at least a seasoned offensive or defensive coordinator that has been groomed under a succesful franchise. Please no more standard West Coast offense, can we get a bit of imagination?

  64. tylund Says:

    i personaly still like the idea of building through draft but raheem has to go

  65. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    There is no coming back from this. Even ‘The Optimist’ is curling. This team has been let down by its coaching.
    The Bucs are now the Lions circa 2008.

    I feel terrible for Joe. The small business guy catching the shaft via outside millionaire sources. This site(even though it has been tearing it up as of late and long) will taste the wrath of such an uneventful team. I certainly wont be back for at least a week because I know all the posts will suck regardless of how tight the writing is.
    Thanks, Bucs. for screwing with fans and then some.

  66. marcus Says:

    Some new players via free agency, a decent draft, and a full offseason and lets see what happens when coach morris has a better cast of players and coaches around him….

  67. Oahubuc Says:

    Yeah, makes me sad too. Raheem has much going for him, except that he’s not a good coach or coordinator. So, maybe we ought to replace him.

  68. Capt.Tim Says:

    I supported Raheem for one reason. The team played hard for him.

    Not anymore. The last 4 weeks, this team has tuned him out. You can’t fix that, change is inevitable.

    Watching the thug Talib today, doing his act, summed up the failures of This regime. Talib got in every players ear. As they left the field after fumbling, or giving up a TD, or committing a penalty. It wasn’t Raheem talking to them, wanting some answer. It was Talib. Mr. No accountability himself, telling them it’s ok! Don’t worry.

    I said in the spring we wouldn’t have a winning record. We let key vets go, with no leadership to replace them. We sat on our hands during Free agency, and ignored huge voids in talent at OLB, The secondary, and RB depth.
    I knew all of that, combined with no off season, would hurt this team.

    But I also said that Talib was the “one bad apple”. His attitude and lack of concern for the team was damning. Even more so was Raheem and Dom’s lack of action on the matter. Because they had no other talent at CB, they let Talib show total disregard for his team and teammates. They did nothing to him, after he time and time again acted like a petulant child.

    The Bad Apple- how do you send price home during the game, when the thug plays on. How can you expect players to work hard, when Quincy and Geno hide from ballcarriers.

    They didn’t enforce rules based on behavior. They did it based on depth at the position. The players have tuned them out. They should

    They both should get fired. They’ve earned it.

  69. Capt.Tim Says:

    And in yet another stupid choice.

    Last week, the only gleam of hope, was the play of Bowers. It was one of the better performances we’ve seen from a DE in years. Bowers played lights out in his first start!

    So this week, we move him to opposite DT.

    Stupid moves like that should get you fired. Bennett hasn’t played bad this year, but Bowers looked explosive! Put Bennett at DT. He’s played there before! Let Bowers build on his great success.


  70. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Capt.Tim hates injured football rappers.

    Or is it ‘injured rapping footballers’?

  71. K2theSoldier Says:

    Really really sucks. What a sad year. I love Raheem Morris as a head coach. But there is simply no defending what he’s been the head of this year. He’s gotta go, and it’s terribly sad. The coaching staff needs to be completely replaced. I don’t know who will be the replacement, I know Cowher and Fisher are popular names around here, but realistically neither of those are happening. We’ll see what happens, but the bright spot out of all this is we’re going to have a very interesting offseason. The Glazers know that if they don’t fix this team there is going to be all out fan revolt and you won’t see another Buc home game on television for years.

    @ Capt. Tim, the fact that you spent half your rant talking about Talib disgusts me. The guy didn’t play a snap today and you’re talking about him. Stop it. Talib is so far down on our list of problems it isn’t even funny.

  72. Oahubuc Says:

    I see folks in various places calling for Dom’s head along with Raheem’s. I think he’s a shrewd guy and is definitely doing the Glazers’ bidding. I don’t know that another GM would be able to do things much differently and keep the job. I’ll bet you Dom could make some wicked free agency moves if he were allowed, and I’ll further bet you that this coaching staff would squander the talent. This corpse is rotten from the head down.

  73. Capt.Tim Says:

    K2- yeah, right. You were one of the guys crying how”elite” he was this spring. You said he was a great player, his behavior didn’t matter, and we were playoff bound.

    Wow, pal, you don’t mind if I don’t pay much attention to your opinions? You’ve been as wrong as is possible! But don’t feel too bad. I didn’t expect a collapse this massive, either. – and I predicted they wounldnt have a winning season. I predicted they would last year.
    And why has team totally collapsed, contrary to your predictions, oh insightful one?

    Let me tell you. total lack of discipline!
    NO TEAM committed for penalties, Fouls, and turnovers than us. No team misses more assignments, drops more passes, and gets out of gap assignment more than us. I have never seen a team tune out its coaches, and play as undisciplined, as this one has the last 5 weeks!

    I deal with “bad apples” every day. I see how often they get otherwise good groups of guys, into deep trouble

    This team plays out of control, and with no fear of acceptability.

    Aqib isn’t part of the Problem?? Did you see his act today, while the team was getting dismantled??

    Talib is the poster child for this teams problems. Let him keep rapping at Blount and Williams. Soon, we’ll have even more problems in the off season.

    You don’t think he’s a problem now, you didn’t think he was a problem last spring.
    But you’ve been wrong about everything you predicted. Everything!!

    But you seem to be fairly intelligent. Do you think Meybe, just Meybe, you are wrong about the “thug factor”??

    Something in all your lil equations doesn’t add up. Think about it.

  74. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @capt tim Why the blood lust for Talib? He wasn’t even playing today yet you have written about him in 6 posts since the game. You are mad when he plays and mad when he doesn’t. You are entering Thomas/McCoy territory.

  75. Andrew Says:

    Hire Joe Maddon to coach. He’s free this time of the year and would do a much better job in a leadership role.

  76. Mr Lucky Says:

    Ok it’s ‘s been announce Miami is going to be canned – what are the Glazers waiting for?d that Tony Soprano in

  77. Mr Lucky Says:

    With Jacksonville and Miami looking for head coaches for 2012 the Glazers better get busy courting Jeff Fisher!

  78. jb Says:

    Anyone here besides me, willing to help Morris pack?
    If he’s not fired this week it just shows how little the Glazer boys care about winning. As long as they’re making their $ Millions each season, evidently they won’t care! C’mon Brian, Joel, Ed!!!!!! Show us you at least care enough not to let this stooge keep embarrassing the ENTIRE TAMPA BAY AREA week after week!

  79. s.marco Says:

    Bring back Gruden!

  80. Capt.Tim Says:

    Theprosuse- nope, only two post for me. He was attacked on the” London” post by others. And as for Why? Meybe you were blacked out, and didn’t see his sideshow yesterday.

    Or his fight at the Rookie symposium, his first year, with fellow rookie Cory Bryd. Or his attack on Penn, where he hit Torrie cox in the face, requiring him to get facial surgery. Or his attack of Cabbie, while he was driving, that got him suspended. Or his attempted attack on the referees in the tunnel, at half time. Or his shooting(allegedly)a gun in a residential neighborhood at his Brother in law. Or the stupid personal foul at the end of a game earlier, that cost us valuable time. Or his terrible play the first nine games.

    It’s probably his general lack of respect for his team and teammates. His B.S attitude, coupled with Dom and Raheem’s refusal to adress or correct it, is just the signature issue on a team totally devoid of Discipline and self control. The team is totally out of control. It reflects some of the personalities on this team

    The one bad apple

  81. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    @JB – I will clean his roof for free to help get his home sold, and him out of Tampa faster.
    The problem is, we have the Cowboys coming into Tampa in 3 days, so what do we do for a coach ?
    That is a Nationally Televised Game, and it is sold out.
    It will be interesting if the Glazers allow Raheem to continue to embarrass the City of Tampa, on national TV ?

  82. crazy Says:

    The hole the Bucs have fallen into is probably the most difficult one for any organization to dig its way out of. Many of yesterday’s problems were not due to lack of effort, they were due to trying to hard to do too much. Open gaps, blown coverage, forced passes, waiting for the hole to open wider, erratic playcalling and player substitutions are all typical of a young team with a young coaching staff.

    Bringing in a new management may fix much of what ails this team but it comes at a cost the Glazers may not want to pay. Fans and sportswriters may be focused on this season but the ownership seems focused on long-term profitability with the expiration of old contracts and the new labor agreement. The question is whether the team can right themselves enough to prevent the Bucs from returning to laughingstock status. Otherwise the Glazers will be forced to act sooner than they planned. The question is whether they believe yesterday is the start of a new trend.

  83. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @capt tim rapping with your teamates is bad?

  84. foxworth Says:

    Cant even eat breakfast ,wont stay down, after that wood shed whooping we took yesterday and there’s still a debate over should Rah be fired , are you kidding me?

    Maybe these are the men the glaziers want running the team ,maybe we have not brought up the possibility that the Glazer boys aren’t trying to play Jerry Jones and have been more involved than we think ?

    There has to be a reason change has not been made yet, maybe the koolaid was stronger than we thought …………Capt Tim is right about the bad apple………. and yes that is just one issue i get that but its infectious to the good apples but the big picture here is that Dom needs to stand up to his staff and he’s bosses show some grit to save his own a@@ AND ADDRESS THE FAN BASE or be fired with his staff .

    Apple Roof…you you hit the nail on the head and MR 97 there’s no sex in the champagne room ..I PROMISE !!!

    Dam i need some breakfast .

  85. foxworth Says:

    Cant even eat breakfast ,wont stay down, after that wood shed whooping we took yesterday and there’s still a debate over should Rah be fired , are you kidding me?

    Maybe these are the men the glaziers want running the team ,maybe we have not brought up the possibility that the Glazer boys aren’t trying to play Jerry Jones and have been more involved than we think ?

    There has to be a reason change has not been made yet, maybe the koolaid was stronger than we thought …………Capt Tim is right about the bad apple………. and yes that is just one issue i get that but its infectious to the good apples but the big picture here is that Dom needs to stand up to his staff and he’s bosses show some grit to save his own a@@ AND ADDRESS THE FAN BASE or be fired with his staff .

    Apple Roof…you you hit the nail on the head and MR 97 there’s no sex in the champagne room ..I PROMISE !!!

    Dam i need some breakfast .

    I hope Rahs gone by lunch.

  86. Patrick Says:

    “rapping with your teammates is bad”

    I think the thug/hip hop culture on this team needs to be gettin rid of. Fire Raheem and bring in a real HC who doesn’t play rap at workouts and who isn’t best buds with their players.

    Gruden had his flaws as a coach, but never had a team full of thugs and troublemakers like we do now. We saw heart, leadership, and a winning attitude back then, unlike now.

  87. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ Capt. Tim, it’s pretty clear you’ve never been a part of an organized team. Let me guess, Talib rapping to Blount made him fumble? LOL. Talib rapping to Mike Will made him not get open? PLEASE. You look at the whole situation in a totally unrealistic way. One player with a ghetto attitude doesn’t affect the play of other people. That’s just stupid. I’ve played on teams with idiots my entire life. What has it done? Been annoying? Sure. Affected the way I play? Nah. Enough of the talk about good apples and bad apples. It’s just stupid and an utter myth. Last I checked Talib hasn’t influenced the locker room to go fight people in the streets and shoot guns at others.
    Talib is a very good corner, your putrid hatred for him just makes you look stupid, and blaming the season on him is even more dumb.

    As to your attacks on any sort of “prediction” i made in the Spring, DUH. Nobody, not even Thomas, predicted this kind of collapse and failure of a season. Get a grip Capt. Tim, and don’t be a tool.

  88. Rah Supporter Says:

    I don’t think it’s any secret Rah was hired as head coach because he was cheap , but he is also a good football coach. We learned that when he left for K state and the Bucs defensive backfield suffered. He was really slated to be the defensive coordinator but was also being courted by another teams at the time for a head coaching position. The Glazers said hey we are hurting , why not? The Glazers knew his first season was going to be a bust and a learning experience. They were ok with losing if it helped the rebuilding plan and they saved money, but they thought the fans would still show up. They were wrong. Raheem really worked magic last year because he is a good coach who is learning with young players. What the Glazers failed to do this year is make the team stronger with some veteren help. Because of a 16 game season, everything is highlighted and things can change dramatically in a few games. Tebow can’t win, The Eagles just beat the Cowgirls, they will win the division. Fitzgerald is the one to bring the Bills thier first Superbowl extend him NOWll See how these young players react the next three games. See If Josh Freeman can get the magic back. He has been pathetic during this losing streak and Breath Buc Fan!