Titans 23, Bucs 17

November 27th, 2011

The Bucs’ historically porous 2011 run defense and more stupid penalties doomed Tampa Bay in Tennessee. The newest version of the “Race to 10” is now history. 

The Bucs have some nice pieces but are a poor, 4-7 team. The worst running attack in the NFL just lit up the Bucs for 200+ yards.

Someone call Domino’s and order a linebacker.

The current streak extends to five losses in a row, and progress for this Bucs team feels like ancient history.  Josh Freeman wasn’t even close on his costly late interception before the final drive was fumbled away. C’mon, the biggest play of the game and you can’t get off a snap?

It was nowhere near enough times for Joe in this game, but LeGarrette Blount was fed the ball 20 times for (whaddyaknow) 103 yards, and Greg Olson finally decided to throw him the ball with excellent results.

Despite all that success, did the Bucs use play-action downfield? Where were the homerun shots?

Stats may be for losers, but the Titans were 7-for-17 on third down and the Bucs were 2-for-10.

There’s your ballgame. (Stick with Joe through the night for so much more on this brutal loss.)

31 Responses to “Titans 23, Bucs 17”

  1. Matt Says:

    How do the Bucs not get a measurement on fourth and inches with the game on the line???

  2. justin Says:

    why did we spike it on that first down on the 30 with 1:30 to go in the game please fire raheem and bench freeman

  3. Meh Says:

    Implosion. The game and the season.

  4. j lynch Says:

    nice defense are we 32nd yet? Morris sucks he looks confused as usual. Dominic not pulling his strings today ???

  5. thomas 2.2 Says:

    If rah’s fanny is not squarely on the hot seat right now Joe, then this org, this blog anx this fan base isnt interested in winning.

    This defense is SO awful that any def coordinator would be fired. How can rah rah with a straight face claim to be the d coordinator after firing Jim Bates whose defense was performing better. Hypocrite.

    I am so sick of this horrible football!

  6. Bobby Says:

    If we don’t sepnd the first two draft picks on LB’s then there is a serious problem. Once a runnder gets to the second level there is NOONE to stop him. Our LB’s are just pathetic….

  7. Rickster Says:

    So aside from the d being horrible, its suddenly apparent that free has no receiving weapons he can trust.

  8. Bobby Says:

    I’m so upset I’m typing dyslectic….

  9. BucfaninMI Says:

    Terrible! Lack of discipline, bad coaching,bad players. Rah should be fired! Today! Bring on Marty or Billick! The longer this season goes the more I agree w/ Thomas2.2. Plain and simple this team sucks!!!

  10. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Tampa Sucks, that was a terrible loss in a game we should have won.
    Winslow cost us this game with his sorry, non blocking ass.
    He chose to hold vs block, and his stupid penalty cost us a game winning and time consuming drive.
    Freeman forces a ball to Winslow, so his close friend could save face after that stupid penalty.
    Then, we have Lumpkin in the game running, and our best Back Blount on the bench at the end.
    Tampa Sucks, this is a joke.
    Goodbye Olsen, Goodbye Raheem, Goodbye Winslow, and Goodbye Lumpkin.

  11. Patrick Says:

    What a joke that we thought this team could possibly win out. I can’t even check Jacksonville as a win now!

  12. Rickster Says:

    On the plus side though, its we’re getting closer and closer to getting rid of Ollie, and Closer top pick for a lb, wr, or cb!!

  13. IMHO... Says:

    despite giving up a ton of rushing yards this loss is solely on tha offense. Tha defense gave up only 1 TD very late in tha game but also scored a TD as well. Freeman screwed up when things mattered most. From that stupid INT, spiking tha ball on 1st down and fumbling tha ball on tha QB sneak.

  14. Patrick Says:

    Really, where is the optimism? Where is the improvement? Where is the confidence in this team and coaching staff going forward? Yes, that’s right. There’s none of that right now! Outside of Blount, our offense is horrible. Worse than Gruden’s offense. Our pass defense was better today, but our rush defense was unbearable to watch as usual.

  15. Matt Says:

    mark dominik has some work to do this offseason…so disappointed right now…oh yeah it was 23-17 joe…way to be optimistic though

  16. BucfaninMI Says:

    They won’t get rid of “Ollie” though, they will blame on youth and keep the coaches.would Glazer put up w/ this from their kickball team?

  17. bucyea Says:

    maybe i’m just really po’d about this game, but it bother me to see this team lose the rest of its game, so we can get on with another coaching regime and move up in the draft…we are going nowhere, and i’m beginning to think Free cannot read defenses at all.

  18. bucyea Says:

    it wouldn’t bother me, i mean

  19. BucfaninMI Says:

    4-12 mark it down! Another month and half of this!

  20. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Nice, we r alteady talking draft. Guys forget it, as long as rah is coach it doesnt matter what rookies we bring in bc they will end up undisciplined and unprepared. Face it: our team is being led by a person with absolutely no clue.

    Listen, this is not personal, rah is a nice, energetic, hardworking young guy – who probably could help teach d backs, and I wish him luck in the future – just please make his next job with a division rival. PLEASE!

    IMO – rah has the rare ability of not just failing to make his players better, but his shallow, cliche-filled, buddy not boss, excuse-riddled approach actually makes the players and team worse.

  21. IMHO... Says:

    Raheem gets his blame in tha loss but lets be real. Only 1 TD was givin up. Raheem didn’t fumble, hold, false start or throw INT’s. It’s only so much a coach can do and 2day he had this team clearly in position 4 tha victory and tha players gave it up. This is one game that I without a doubt can and will blame tha offense and not so much Ollie. Last time I checked points win games not yards

  22. foxworth Says:

    I said befor the game, rah i know u read this site cuz its the best dam site in football, so read carefully. .. just resign and save urself the the embarrassment of being fired this is just ridiculos, you won’t even get a job on a high school staff if you don’t quit while your ahead. Hey glazer boys, rah brags so much about this site your prob reading it too throw money at cower let him build you a winner and bring back the fans oh. And send me a check too what the hell you paid rah dumba@@

  23. thomas 2.2 Says:

    What we are seeing from this team is precisely the reason little leaguers dont coach little leaguers or high school and college teams are not coached by students, and why the nfl doesnt have player coaches or why you parents dont let your kids buddies babysit your kids – chaos, disorganization,immature mistakes will be made.

    Watch the bucs play – they look like your house would after an 11 year old buddy watched your 11 year old for a night.

  24. BucfaninMI Says:

    @ Thomas2.2 you are absolutely dead on!

  25. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Foxworth: imagine the excitement that will engulf this community if Bill Cowher was named head coach. I know its a pipe dream bc the Glazers wont pay him what the Dolphins will.

  26. Teddy Says:

    From the “words we never thought we’d see on this blog” category:

    “Thomas2.2 you are absolutely dead on!”

  27. BucfaninMI Says:

    Is he wrong?

  28. britishBuc Says:

    Raheem was not at fault for this loss. the offense let the team down on this one. The defense was pretty stout and the DBs saved alot of TD’s Biggers had a better game as did Aquib. There was alot of tackles behind the line of scrimage but they also let go some big gains. over all they only had 1 td against them which i think was T-jax fault for not following the receiver the guy was wide open.

  29. britishBuc Says:

    I just feel the offense let the team down today.

  30. gotbbucs Says:

    The scariest part about this season to me is the way Freeman looks. After last year I would have sworn up and down that we had a franchise QB. Call me crazy, say I’m overreacting if you want, say whatever you want, but Freeman has completely turned a 180 from last year and if this how he’s going to play then he is no franchise QB. Obviously we need some more time to find out what he really is, but as of now he looks like the spitting image of Daunte Culpepper. The similarities are frightening to me.

    That INT that was intended for Winslow was one of the worst decisions you will ever see a QB make. That is a guy that has made his mind up pre-snap where that ball was going come hell or high water. He locks on to his first read and will not come off of him until he is all the way out of his break, and by that time it’s too late to make another read. Pre-snap reads should tell him which routes are going to be open for the most part, but it’s not registering for him. I don’t know if it’s poor coaching or if he just doesn’t have the capacity, but it’s very concerning when this is our supposed “franchise” QB.

  31. thomas 2.2 Says:

    The Titans average 77 yards per game rushing – dead last in the league. Yet the Titans rush for 202 yards against us and you guys want to celebrate the defense.

    The Titans have a horribly inept offense, yet looked decent against our defense.

    The defense gave up that decisive td drive at the end. This was hardly an impressive defensive performance.