Barber Leads Strong Day For Secondary

November 27th, 2011

It’s a damn shame the Bucs had the junior varsity playing in front of the secondary today.

As a group the Bucs’ secondary¬†hit. They tackled (with¬†some ugly exceptions). They stripped balls, and didn’t get burned or flagged. They picked and scored a touchdown.¬†It was almost a throwback day for the defensive backs.

Of course, it was led by the active throwback himself, Ronde Barber, whose pure-hustle strip from behind late in the first half was picked up by Tanard Jackson. And the Bucs’ offense marched into the end zone from 31 yards out to close the half and tie the game at 10.

Joe liked the halftime¬†reaction of FOX-TV studio analyst Michael Strahan when told¬†Barber’s play was “a veteran move.” Strahan fired back saying it was a rookie/fundamental move, something taught at the lowest level of football — chase and look to strip. How true.

Aqib Talib’s Pick-6 was a thing of beauty covering Nate Washington, the Titans top receiver.

Dare Joe say the essence of the “yungry” term Raheem Morris has used incessantly was on display from the veteran core of the Bucs’ defense today.

So sad that the effort was wasted.

6 Responses to “Barber Leads Strong Day For Secondary”

  1. CRRaysHead90 Says:

    No one can convince me otherwise that the Bucs weren’t robbed of a first down there at the end. Had they gotten that rightful first down, we win.

  2. Bucnnole Says:

    What an ignorant post by you Joe. Shame on you. Sean Jones is the worst safety in the league. Tandard Jackson misses more tackles than any safety in the league. EJ Biggers was burned again all day with the except of a lucky pass defended that should have been PI. Thank goodness Myron Lewis didn’t play. Talib played average. But because Ronde got lucky and poked a wet ball put in a rain storm they played well?? Chris Johnson had 190 yards mostly juking out Cbs and safeties. Check yourself Joe. 32nd D in the league.

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Bucnole — Appreciate your anger, dude. But when you watch the game again you’ll see the Bucs’ secondary had a good day. Biggers had several good plays, not luck.

  4. Tom Says:

    Two words… mental errors

  5. biggers sux Says:

    Joe, why are you so in love with Biggers? He is terrible. He sucks!

  6. Patrick Says:

    It’s one good game….big deal. They’ll need to play like this many more times this season for me to be convinced.