The Ugly Fourth Quarter

November 28th, 2011

After a promising game against the Super Bowl champs last week, the Bucs have reverted to their ugly habit this season of playing a bad fourth quarter.

The Bucs couldn’t keep their heads on straight when they seemed to be in the middle of a potential game-winning drive, nor could the Bucs stop the Titans.

Veteran sports columnist Gary Shelton of the St. Petersburg Times breaks down just how miserable the fourth quarter was for the Bucs Sunday.

Time was, these were the situation that defined Freeman. He was the king of the fourth quarter, and he seemed to have a knack for snatching away a game from the other team in the final seconds. In the final 21/2 minutes Sunday, however, Freeman had two chances to rescue his team, and he failed both times.

No, no quarterback pulls his team out in the fourth quarter every time. But Freeman has had four shots at a comeback this year, and he has succeeded once. It’s another instance where this team has not improved on last year’s performance.

Yeah, yeah. You could blame this on turnovers if you want, because the Bucs had five. On the other hand, the Titans had four. You could blame it on an official who wouldn’t measure before a fourth-and-1 play at the end. On the other hand, the Bucs couldn’t even handle the center snap on the ensuing play.

The team is in a tailspin. It is not tackling well. It fancies the pass over using one of the NFL’s better running backs behind a bruising run-blocking offensive line. It makes mind-numbing mental errors week after week depsite the head coach’s weekly insistence it is a priority to stop it.

Right now the Bucs have too many issues to try to solve in scant weeks. There are only five games left. A playoff berth now is akin to Santa Claus coming down the chimney.

In Joe’s eyes, the next five weeks should be used to figure out who remains on this team for 2012 and who should be jettisoned and what positions should be focused on for next year’s draft.

If certain people continue to make the same mistakes game in and game out that the head coach rails about weekly, maybe said players should be making these same mistakes next season wearing a different color uniform in another city?

18 Responses to “The Ugly Fourth Quarter”

  1. Meh Says:

    A playoff berth is not happening, even with Santa’s help. This season is over. The only things left to be decided are draft position and which coaches manage to keep their jobs.

  2. jb Says:

    Meh Says:
    November 28th, 2011 at 9:09 am

    A playoff berth is not happening, even with Santa’s help. This season is over. The only things left to be decided are draft position and which coaches manage to keep their jobs.

    I know of two that will be lucky to make it to year’s end! Take a guess……

  3. Bucnjim Says:

    Keep an eye on the Carolina games! If for any reason they are able to win one or both of those games; then the Glazers have no other choice than to make wholesale changes. Seems like the Panther’s are playing hard and have a plan in place. I’m still not sure exactly what our plan is!

  4. Mt Says:

    What coaches stay is a great question!
    Lb coach- should be gone
    Wr coach- should be gone
    Qb coach – should be gone
    Te coach should be gone
    Rb coach- don’t use rb
    Dl coach – get rid of one
    Secondary coach – should be gone
    Offensive coordinator- should go
    Defensive coordinator – need a change
    Head coach – yea, I understand why you would keep him??? Didn’t he build this staff and isn’t he the d coordinator

  5. Blubber Price Says:

    All we need to do is cut Quincy Black and replace Olsen with a 1920’s style coordinator who will run every play. As long as we make sure to ignore free agency again , not only will we make the playoffs but we will be a lock for the superbowl.

    Just ask Joe.

  6. mikeck Says:

    We need to dump kellen winslow. I think, in the end, he has cost us more yardage in penalties than he has given us in plays.

  7. Meh Says:

    Something like half of Freeman’s picks were thrown to Winslow too. I’m not sure we should get rid of him though since that’s just one more hole to fill. This team has a lot of needs.

  8. mjmoody Says:

    You read my mind Joe. The remaining weeks are for self scouting and evaluation for the teams current personnel. If this lethargic & hesitant offense shows up with the horribly undisciplined defense for the sold out Saturday night Cowboys game…well, I hope they get a Glaizer in the broadcast booth during the 3rd quarter for the National viewing audience to see the tap dance. The Bucs’ put up like 17 yards of offense during the 3rd yesterday, not like there’s much else to watch.

  9. Dave Says:

    I always try to be the forever optimist just because so many BUC fans overreact so quickly …. but…. it is getting harder.

    I am NOT ready to call for Raheem’s job, but at this point they need to get a D-Coordinator in there next year. Force him to give that up. Let him focus on HC and help with secondary stuff.

    As far as the rest of the coaches…. no. It is called execution. They have some real good coaches on the defensive side of the ball.

    Maybe they need a new WR coach though. Josh has not been good this year and much of it ahs to do with the WR, but alot of it is him as well.

    DRAFT (in no particular order)
    WR w/speed
    RB w/speed

    CUT LUMPKIN – he is horrible

  10. CC Says:

    Our QB in now one of the worst in the league. Our defense is the worst in the league. Our offense is at the bottom of the league. Our “team” is one of the worst in the league. There is nothing other than running the ball with Blount that we do well. These guys are not going to turn things around. 1 more win this year at best. Why should this coaching staff get another shot next year? There is nothing to be optimistic about.

  11. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    This offense played better last year with practically the same exact starting line up. Any weakening lies on the offensive coaching and playcalling.

    The defense looks just like it did last year with upgrades to two DE spots and MLB. Any stagnancy or weakening lies on the defensive coaching and playing calling.

    Some positions are playing better while some are playing the same or worse. Playing better is OL and DL. Playing worse is DB and WR. Playing the same is RB, QB and LB.(Problem is that our LB corp is in no position to be staying flat. If they played like the 49ers LB corp, then stagnancy would be acceptable) But they do not.

    Draft LB, CB, WR, S, and a decent back up for if Blount an when Graham inevitably goes down. Take a close look at LB coaches, DB coaches, and WR coaches. Highly consider a DC. Highly consider an OC.

  12. kappa08 Says:

    You know what wasn’t “ugly”…the absolutely beautiful Sunday weather in Tampa Bay….I’m sorry but if you wasted it on THAT… you’re not a die hard Bucs’re sad…just sayin…

  13. McBuc Says:

    TheProsUseAdvoCare…I have to agree with you on your post. I have been a supporter of the coaches since the begininng, and I will always support the Bucs no matter what, but they seem to beat themselves too much.

    Also, the Advocare line are some of the best supplements I have ever taken.

  14. Patrick Says:

    [Patrick: Had to delete this because it was so irresponsible. If you can’t watch five minutes of a team that is on national TV virtually every weekend, at least do a quick Google search. And if you are going to source such nonsense, at least come up with a specific name other than “someone said.” — Joe]

  15. stimpy Says:

    Man, what a let down. I havent felt this bad or negative about the team in a long time. Since the 3-13 days actually. But at least we new we were bad. This team does have talent, but for whatever reason they are not living up to it.

    I dont have a problem with coach Raheem, or maybe even Olsen. I do think we have problem with the WR, LB’s, and Safetys. I think they need better coaching. How can you drop that many passes?

    Also, the tackling is subpar at best. I saw a Titan run parallel to the D lin and counted at least 4 missed tackles.

    We definitely need to take the rest of the season to re-evaluate talent on ALL sides. Bring in some free-agents to help our young team. We dont have to pay Gruden his 4mil next season so we should have plenty to sprinkle around.

  16. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I ama bit confused as to why people want Raheem to stay? What has he done EXACTLY to warrant staying another year or more? Worst Offense, Worst Defense, one of the worst QBs in the league, Special Teams took a HUGE step back yesterday.

    I have to question if his playters are really playing hard for him or is it that they like playing for him as he is soft.

    Don’t get me wrong, Raheem is a GREAT guy, but this team needs a Jeff Fisher/Tom Coughlin type of coach in here to turn it around.

  17. Patrick Says:

    Andy Reid would be my choice if we got a new coach.

  18. BucfaninMI Says:

    Andy Reid ? No thanks!