Rick Stroud Goes Off

November 14th, 2011

Longtime St. Pete Times Bucs beat writer Rick Stroud fired a whole lot of darts at the Buccaneers this morning on The Dan Sileo Show on WDAE-AM 620.

Even noted Bucs-basher host Dan Sileo (though he has softened on the Bucs a bit) seemed a bit taken back, saying after Stroud got off the phone that Stroud “dumped on” the Bucs and he had hoped the interview wouldn’t have gone there.

Among Stroud’s highlights/lowlights:

“You got a lot of guys that are happy to be in the NFL that don’t understand that your job is to win.”
“They’re also not real talented.”
“A lot of this goes on Mark Dominik, you know, the free agency situation where they wanted to go young and that means that you have no depth.”
“It’s an organizational failure.”
“The pressure will be ratched up next year because you’ll now be going into Year 4 with no playoff appearances.”
“It’ll be difficult to survive as decision-makers if things don’t turn around quickly.”
“They’re not going to make the playoffs.”
“I saw some efforts yesterday that in a youth football league team you would pull that player out of the game. … I’m talking about effort.”

Don’t get Joe wrong, Joe knows the Bucs are playing heinous football on both sides of the ball, but Joe’s not about to say the Bucs are lacking talent. Young guys and guys in their prime that got it done last year are regressing. That’s not because of a lack of talent.

The Bucs offense is essentially the same as it was last year, when it was ranked about 10th in the league over the second half of the season. The team was good enough to knock off the Saints and Falcons this season without needing any fancy miracles in those games.

For some reason players here have stopped performing, and Joe can’t hang that on talent.

56 Responses to “Rick Stroud Goes Off”

  1. Garv Says:

    I cannot imagine things getting worse than yesterday………it was THAT bad.
    The careers of the entire caching staff and some players hinge on the efforts over the next seven games.

    Thanks goodness there’s an off-season in 2012! Something to follow with interest?

  2. Eric Says:

    At some point even the Iraqi Information Minister had to admit the war was lost.

  3. D-Rome Says:

    What did Stroud say that wasn’t true? I’m not sure why Dan would have hoped the interview wouldn’t have gone there. Why? Is it the radio show host’s responsibility to carry the water for the Bucs? That’s what it sounds like a lot of the time when Duemig talk about Raheem Morris. I can’t wait for 3:00 to hear if Duemig gives this coaching staff the pass again.

  4. BucForce Says:

    The players and the coaching staff need to be ripped, if you are saying the talent is there. If that’s so, then the coaches are not getting it out of them, and in fact, appear to have quit on them. If noted slacker Fat Albert Haynesworth and come in, and appear to be a mentor to young players during the game, what on earth is happening? Ronde was so pissed he got Rah in a locked room for almost an hour, then refused to say anything to the press at that time because of what he might say. This has a good chance to implode in a spectacular manner.

  5. Jake Says:

    The most disturbing part of the interview for me was that Stroud put out there the prospect that the current regime will even be allowed a year 4. Heaven help us if thats the case.

  6. Eric Says:

    Whats perplexing is that Josh Freeman had one of the best seasons for a second year QB in recent memory. Now, the man isnt playing worth a damn.

    Thats the most shocking thing IMO. Pretty much expected Rah’s defense to suck like it has since he took over.

  7. aj Says:

    I don’t even know what to say. The team is too young and has no leadership. Everyone is playing with their heads down and there is no Hardy Nickerson, no Keenan McCardell, no Warren Sapp or Derrick Brooks, no leadership at all. And that’s not a knock on Ronde, he’s never been that vocal guy and you can’t expect him to start now.

    The play callers on offense and defense are really bad, Freeman and Foster. Opponents are changing things up at the line and the Bucs can’t keep up. Opposing coordinators know how to attack the Bucs, and no one has a clue except to call it in.

    There needs to be changes, but there aren’t any backups that can change this dynamic. Josh Johnson is the only one, but put him out against the Packers and you are feeding him to the wolves.

    Parker is the only receiver worth his salt right now. Benn can’t get open, Williams can’t catch, K2 is doubled.

    I hate to say it, but this team dearly misses Barrett Ruud. It’s like a chess game and the other guy is moving your pieces for you. Foster is just so far in over his head it is ridiculous. Same goes for Freeman. How many times this year has he changed the play at the line to take advantage of the defense? Defensive coordinators are running circles around him.

  8. Meh Says:

    I don’t even see how you can tell if the players have talent at this point. The coaching is so atrocious it is overshadowing everything else.

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    This is what happens when things are done on the cheap – i.e. “build through the draft”. I’m still shocked they spent so much on Koenen – but it goes to show that free agents can help your team. Geez, at this point of the season our punter would have to be the MVP.

  10. Eric Says:

    Heaven help us if thats the case is right.

    I can’t survive a fourth year of this. May have to resort to a chemically induced coma till 2013.

  11. Nick Says:

    Right now the whole organization is a joke. From the owners to the beer vendors. I’ll give the coaching staff a pass except Olson

  12. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Joe, with all due respect, what do you mean when you say things are “essentially the same as last year” ?
    Why has there been no criticism for changing Both the O and D Line Coaches from a winning 10 and 6 Tampa Team ?

  13. John Says:


  14. K2theSoldier Says:

    @ Apple Roof, the O line and D line are both playing better than last year, what the hells your point? The lines aren’t our problem, Josh get’s a fair enough time to pass but has crappy footwork and is afraid to leave the pocket this year. He’s regressed in that regard. It’s not the O line’s fault, Penn and Joseph are playing like all pro’s and Faine has been pretty good.

  15. Captain Stagger Says:

    The lack of talent starts at the top down. Do we have the most talented GM/Coach/players in the division, or the worst? I ask you Joe, go position by position in the division and where do we stack up? In my estimation every position, coach included is 3rd or 4th in talent level. Brees, Ryan, Newton, or Freeman? White/Jones, Smith/Nannee, Williams/Benn or any combo in NO. Go through every position and tell me how our talent is superior?????

  16. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @John & Apple — Not sure what you guys are reading.

  17. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    You will not find a more true Buc fan than my wife and I. They lost us yesterday. That game reminded me of the 2008 loss to the Raiders, where defense was torched and we couldnt do anything (after Kiffin sabotaged the team by announcing he was leaving). We will be playing golf on Sundays, not watching bad football. I agree with Gary Shelton this morning, everyone is to blame, but I am at a loss to say what needs to be done. The first thing though is replace Morris and Olsen with a premier and quality coaching staff who can make a team of youngster’s play. I do agree that Mr Haynesworth was the most active player out there, and that says something. This is sad, Tampa Bay. Really sad.

  18. flmike Says:

    IMHO what we are witnessing is what the military calls being promoted to the highest level of your incompetence. Morris has gone as far as he can go as a HC, he just doesn’t have the experience to take a team, especially a team with this much untapped talent any further, it is something he will have to learn elsewhere. In the best interest of the organization and the players I would let Morris finish the season, but then I would SPRINT straight to Jeff Fisher, this team is a perfect fit for him. There’s no hiding the fact with Chucky coming off the books the Glazers have the money to pay a coach and Fisher is that coach.

  19. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    Sean Jones’ effort or lack thereof against Fosters 70 yard TD reception comes to mind. That was piss poor.

  20. Fire Greg Olson! Says:


  21. raphael Says:

    Raheem is friends with the players and the players have no responsibility because Raheem takes the responsibilty……..what a mess…..

  22. Jrock Says:

    So many fair-weather fans here.

    We miss Barret Ruud? We need to put in Josh Johnson? Are you kidding me..?

    I agree that we’re outmatched with on the field audibles, and that is directly linked to the youngest football team with no offseason. Personally, the Bucs are not living up to my expectations this year. So I’m looking forward to what we bring in 2012.

    And Joe, we did have a fancy +4 turnover ratio miracle in our win vs NO. As well as a staggering 30 yards allowed in rushing vs ATL. Those, sir, are miracles that won us the games.

  23. Eric Says:

    Didnt realize Jeff Fisher played on the 1985 bears.

    Damn good coaching record also.

    Works well with Fat Albert.

    No Brainer.

  24. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Anyone notice Raheem Morris had a suit (and not his coaching gear) on during his press conference right after the game? Thinking he was meeting with the Glazers after. Either that or he was going on a date.

  25. macabee Says:

    I’m searching for answers here just like everybody else. For all intent and purposes, this is the same team from last year with the exception of a few new defensive players. This team with this coach went 10-6. What changed? If I were to begin introspection, I would begin at home first putting aside the lockout and strength of schedule. Mark Dominik with some outside consultant should look at the offense to try and understand what changes occurred or didn’t occur that has caused this team to regress and come up with a short-term and long-term corrective action plan. The defensive problems are more related to talent and experience and is much easier to address. But this offense needs an intervention now or this team could implode!

  26. toolman Says:

    I cannot believe what I saw yesterday. Houston looked like it was playing a Division II college team. A youth league team would have given the Bucs a fight. Sloppy on both sides of the ball. Freeman needs to ride the pine. Olson needs to get a pink slip. Morris needs to read a book on “tough love.” Timing was off on most passes. During the bye week the individual players should have been contemplating on running routes and timing instead of playing golf. I feel sorry for the fans…wasting Sunday afternoons watching their team collect a paycheck for just showing up. What else needs to be said!

  27. MTD Says:

    We can only hope the suit was for a job interview at Steak & Shake. You know, get the food out fast, hard, smart and consistent.

  28. Oahubuc Says:

    I’m another life long fan who has completely lost interest. I had to make myself watch the game yesterday, and I can’t remember a football Sunday IN MY LIFE where I didn’t wake up excited for the Bucs game. There is something dark going on with this team and everyone knows it. How can these young guys already have their backs broken?

  29. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Joe Henderson is dead on.


  30. UCF Says:

    Was pretty sad hope we can turn it around

  31. mikeck Says:

    You guys arguing that Freeman should be benched are out of your minds. We have no defense…and thus, no running game. We have good receivers who are not playing well. He has regressed a bit, but to expect him to be able to bear the burden of horrible defense and no running game is unfair…he’s not Tom Brady.

  32. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I’m afraid it comes down almost completely to coaching. With a young, inexperienced team the players look to the coaches for answers to what opponents are doing. They also believe in the coaches for an initial period of time and the preparations that the coaches put them through. That has stopped happening for some reason.

    Up until the Chicago game they were still giving 100%, but something happened in London and ever since that time it’s obvious to me that most of these young players do not fully buy into or trust the coaching staff any longer. They may not verbalize it, but it’s obvious in their play and their body language. This is evidence that their trust has been damaged and they don’t really believe that what the coaching staff prepares them for is enough to compete. In other words, the coaching staff has lost the players in my opinion.

    With such a young team, coaching is paramount. And they are not receiving the coaching they need in order to compete week in and week out. Young players cannot acclimate themselves to the expectations of the NFL on their own…they have to be taught those things. They are NOT being taught properly. The coaching is a failure at this point and I don’t see it getting any better, mainly because Raheem cannot change overnight as he himself is also a young inexperienced guy.

    This team needs new, strong, sound and talented coaching. There is absolutely no other solution. Jeff Fisher fits that bill perfectly. He has a sterling reputation as a teaching coach, a leader, a tactician and a disciplinarian. I sincerely hope the Bucs do not keep Raheem Morris past January of 2012.

  33. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Great points FlboyinDallas:

    Joe that was not that scathing from Stroud. This coahing staff deserves much much worse. The players are just doing what players who aren’t coached up and have no accountability do – joke around and freelance.

    Hence the reason we have offensive and defensive “COORDINATORS.” If the players are coordinated in their actions post-snap – they look like the bucs.

    Those of you who are blasting the offense are not getting it. Yes the results are poor but the problems and solutions are minor compared to the defense. Eliminate the penalties and improve in the red zone and our offense would be the best in franchise history. The team clearly intends to utilize Blount but they get too far behind and are in the two-minute drill starting in the first half trying to extend the game.

    The defense can’t stop anyone. I saw one stat that our defense is on pace to set a NFL record for most yards per play allowed at right at 7.0 yards per play, per play. The 2009 defense was bad at 6.4 yards per play. That is unheard of. Bill Walsh used to say that this statistic is most telling of the ultimate ability of an offense and defense.

    By that measure, we are on pace to have the worst defense in NFL history – yes in history. That happens only in the absence of terrible coaching.

  34. thomas 2.2 Says:


    I meant in the “presence of terrible coaching”

  35. flmike Says:

    We have found common ground, at least as of yesterday, prior to that, not so much.
    It’s not that Morris is a bad coach, it’s he doesn’t have the experience that it is going to take to get this organization and team moving in the right direction again. I believe he (Morris) was headed in the proper direction, but then came the lockout. The lockout has ruined any chance that Morris had to keep this young talented team moving in the right direction. Well, now it’s time to move on, I believe with the same players and proper coaching we have a playoff team, just not with Morris or Olsen, they both have to go. I keep Millard as the D-line coach, I pay Jeff Fisher whatever he wants and allow him to mold this team into the championship team the talent we have says we are. We are deficient in just a few areas, on the defense we need outside LBs, and a new corner to replace Barber, Talib is still fighting that hip injury, watch him run and you can see it, and a safety to pair with TJax. On the offense we need a new RT asap, a change of pace back and a deep threat with speed. All fixable problems, just Morris is not the man to do it. How many times has a state fired all it’s NFL head coaches at one time, don’t be shocked to see it happen come January when Del Rio, Sparano and Morris are all let go.

  36. aj Says:

    That’s funny, never been called a fair weather fan before.

    And yes, when half of the guys are lined up wrong every other play, when offenses audible and your play caller doesn’t know how to react, then yes, you miss having a play caller that knows what he is doing. The defense is being absolutely abused in the chess game, before the physical battles even begin.

    I’m not saying that Foster doesn’t have more upside, just that he is not ready to be a starter in the NFL.

  37. flmike Says:

    Foster is NFL ready, he is a hitter with good technique and with a nose for the ball, he’s just not ready to call the defense.

  38. aj Says:

    Mike, getting the team lined up correctly and making adjustments on the fly is Foster’s most important duty. He is just not ready for that yet. And every team the Bucs face is taking advantage of it. All the opposing team has to do is read the defense, make a change, and rely on the fact that the defense won’t be able to adjust.

    It gives the opposing offense a distinct advantage on every play.

  39. flmike Says:

    I understand, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t ready to play, what I have been trying to figure out why Ronde hasn’t been calling the D this season, he’s on the field for 99.9% of the defensive plays, plays LB a good third of the game and knows the D better than anyone.

  40. Bobby Says:

    This game was terrible but if you go back and rewatch the game you sure can’t blame Freeman. That dude had a defensive player in his grill on every snap. Nobobdy open and when he did hit the open receiver they dropped it. He never had time to set up and throw the ball. The offensive line was just totally inept. Go to NFL.com and watch the game rewind (it’s free) and you’ll see just how harrassed he was. Defensively it was just pathetic from every angle. Our DB’s would have a hard time getting a good angle to tackle a senior citizen in a crosswalk. Some of missed tackles were just mind boggling they were so inept.

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    I liked what Raheem said in his presser today and I’m hanging tough with our Coach. Yeah it was ugly and we got beat up by a really good team. But it showed again, just how far away we are. I still think Raheem can get us there, but he needs some more help. Albert was a move in the right direction, but Dominick has to reformulate his PLAN for next season. Still I’m a Buc Fan, I’m still going to the games, and I’m hopeful for the future with Raheem & Dominick even if we go 4-12. It’s going to be painful but these guys can get it done. They have done it before but they have lost their way. Raheem has to find it in himself and everyone else below him. My biggest complaint has to be with Greg Olson and his lack of confidence in LeGarrette Blount. We need a real OC next year that relies on his own mind and not Chucky’s Plethora of a Playbook that hasn’t worked since it’e inception. I believe they will play better against Greenbay but it is going to take a lot of work and pain. But I’m hangin…. and drinking more on Sundays.

  42. Blubber Price Says:

    We are not talented. We look slower , smaller , and weaker than every team we play , and there’s a reason for it…. WE ARE.

    Last year we played an easy schedule and had a few bounces go our way. That is the only difference.This is why anyone with half a brain knew we needed to go out and make improvements in free agency this offseason if we wanted make the playoffs . Meanwhile the “Joe’s” of the world were buying the bogus company line of “building from withen”, and thinking we already had all we needed. Ha !

    COngrats , fools , but the Emporer has no Clothes ! This team sucks.

  43. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Bigmac: werent you the one who challenged me to “explain to you how this team wont go 13-3” based on its easy schedule? LOL

    I predicted 7-9 or 8-8 and you ripped me as a hater.

    I concede, I was wrong. This coach and team are WAY worse than I thought. BTW- if Houston is really good how did they lose to the mediocre raiders at home a few weeks ago? They also gave up 40 to the Saints and 29 to the Ravens. Houston isnt the 85 Bears lets be realistic, either are the 49ers. What those teams are is coached properly.

  44. McBuc Says:

    I am with you Bigmac…Yesterday I was ready to fire everyone, but I think they will work it out. Gruden had some games like this as well, and some really bad seasons too. And I was and am a fan of Gruden. I think last year raised the bar too early. Remember how bad ATL was in Ryan’s second year.

  45. BigMacAttack Says:

    Okay Thomas, I’ll bite because I’m listening to the Great Adam Hayward on Total Access. So yeah we won’t go 13-3 LOL, but I believe in this team and Coach Raheem. Sure, he may not have all the right pieces in place yet, but I still think they we will get better. It may take some time, and I wanted FA’s just like everyone else. I wanted Nnamdi bad, and we could have used him. I wanted Cadi back and it was a mistake to let him go. Even the 85 Bears weren’t the 85 Bears, but a team of players, some great and some average that came together to be great. I think the Bucs can be that too. Now you also rip this team week in and week out even when they win and play well. See, you would rather be right and lose than win and be wrong like me. Thomas I was at the game yesterday and the Texans are pretty darn good and on an upswing. If I could counter your philosophy about building a team, what has happened to the Eagles? The Eagles are exactly what most fans clamor for and look what has happened to them. Andy Reid is a good coach, ask any of his players and look at his playoff record. Mike Ditka also had his share of problems and don’t forget that Buddy Ryan was his DC. Mike Ditka would not have won that season if not for Buddy Ryan and the 64 defense. I still enjoy it even when we lose, because I wait all year for it and I go all in. But I do that with everything as I learned in the Marine Corps, and that is why I am thankful for my success and count my blessings every day. You should try the “Glass Half Full” strategy, it might help you become a better person and become successful too.

  46. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Bask in your new found Glory Thomas 2.2, you were right all along. Tampa was never as good as many of us (including me) thought we were going to be.

    I hope we see Jeff Fisher real soon.
    Jeff Fisher can probably be had for very little, and he is still young.
    I think it will be cool to see him and Albert Haynesworth together again.

  47. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Mcbuc: Ryan went 9-7 in his second year. He had a qb rating of 81, threw just short of 3,000 yards and had 22td and 14 int while missing 2 games – hardly “bad.”

    Kudos to you for being optimistic – but after 3 years of patience it is time to make the playoffs. Nobody in this era hires a coach in 2009 so they can be competitive in 2013, nobody. No fan should expect to pay money under that circumstance.

    If you remember Rah and the Glazers wouldnt admit this rebuild plan until after 2009 and 3-13 bc they knew nobody would buy tickets. Now we just accept this rebuild theory and keeping extending how long it should take bc we/you dont want to admit utter failure.

    How many players from our 3 dafts can you definitively say are worthy of their draft position ? Many would argue – ZERO. I believe in Freeman but that is it. Surely all 24 werent poor picks by Dom, maybe they arent being developed.

  48. BigMacAttack Says:

    Failure is just another word for opportunity. It is better to venture out, dive in head first and fail, than to never to take a chance and never taste the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. And you talk about sheep, you cowards that only sit back and criticize, never having taken a single risk in your complacent little lives. Well bask your misery and sorrow while the lions raise their swords and drink each others blood.

  49. Richard Says:

    Talent may or not be there, hard to tell with such a total lack of effort. Team seems to have checked out for whatever reason. All fingers point to the coaching staff and management (Glazer and Dominik). When you are counting your pennies is the score kept on the scoreborad or on the balance sheet?

  50. passthebuc Says:

    sorry Joe but i think your delusional.

  51. passthebuc Says:

    I could go with Jeff Fisher.

  52. CC Says:

    Joe if you can’t hang it on talent, ya gotta blame on coaching. Soft, undisciplined,unaccountable, no effort,clueless,selfish,heartless,disinterested,unprepared,lazy I can go on. But these are some of the things being said about our team by ex players,analyst, local media, national media etc.. Everybody can’t be wrong. Sorry Rah ya gotta go!

  53. McBuc Says:

    Thomas, my bad…I should have looked that one up…My memory is not so good.

  54. Dave Says:

    A few bad games on a team rebuilding from scratch with a TON of young guys, some who won’t be here in 2 years and you guys want to scratch the whole thing and start over…………

    A sign of what is wrong with today’s America

    Way to stay patient my friends.

    I predict the building blocks are HERE now and a few more peices on both sides of the ball and this team contends SERIOUSLY for a SB in 2 years and for a few years after that as well.

  55. Patrick Says:

    Joe, you’re wrong. This team is not that talented! Name one star player we have on our team. Name one pro bowler we have on our team besides Barber (5 times), Penn (who made it as a substitute barely), and Joseph (once). This team has none of those! Our offense has no Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson. We have no speedster running back. We have no player that people outside Tampa can look at and say “I know who that guy is.”

    We want the defense we had when Kiffin was around. You know….. a unit that doesn’t have players getting knocked on their a$$es and trucked over by everyone. Roy Miller is the perfect example of that. A defense that knows how to tackle, gives effort, and actually wants to win. And we need some veterans!! You know……like we had with Derrick Brooks, Sapp, Lynch, Jeff Garcia, Cadillac, and Galloway? We’ll never be a super bowl contender, much less, a serious playoff contender if we always have rookies and 2nd year players starting!

  56. Blubber Price Says:

    “passthebuc Says:
    November 14th, 2011 at 9:00 pm
    sorry Joe but i think your delusional.”

    I agree. This is the same guy who said signing a free agent corner like Jonathan Joseph would have been stupid because our secondary was so talented and deep. …. HA!

    It’s not a suprise he’d still think the team is brimming with talent , and simply replacing Quincy Black would have us 10-0. The problems run deeper than that I’m afraid.