Raheem Reacts To Game Film

November 14th, 2011

Defensive coordinator/head coach Raheem Morris faced the media this afternoon and Joe’s got your need-to-know.

Raheem didn’t use the “quit” word but explained that “we had some issues with effort” on the two big plays allowed for Texans touchdowns. He then called them “uncharacteristic loafs.” He also said the Bucs were not physical “as far as competing for the football.”

Raheem promised a week of practice as physical as he can make it and emphasized that his wide receiving corps, especially, needs that kind of work.

The head coach said Jeff Faine, Kellen Winslow and Ronde Barber came to speak to him 1-on-1 after the game re-pledge their allegiance. “They didn’t like the fact that I tried to take [the blame] on myself,” Raheem said.

On the upside, Raheem said Albert Haynesworth “played well” in his “47 snaps” and was communicative about his on-field mistakes. Raheem also praised Michael Bennett and Geno Hayes.

Joe agrees with Raheem’s take on the Packers being the best possible next opponent for the Bucs.

There are no moral victories, but if the Bucs can’t at least play decent football against the Packers, regardless of the result, than the season hanging by a thread is completely shot.

52 Responses to “Raheem Reacts To Game Film”

  1. K2theSoldier Says:

    We actually match up far better against the Packers than we do against the Texans. The Packers defense has been pretty bad this year and they really don’t have much of a running game. But Rodgers is playing at a super human level that I haven’t seen in my life time. It’s a tough game and they’re a better squad than Houston, but in terms of pure match ups it could be worse.

  2. MTD Says:

    Completely disagree. If the Bucs play Bucs football then they’ll be trailing by 2 touchdowns at halftime, which means they have absolutely no shot against the Packers. The “good” matchup is only on paper. The weather forecast isn’t pretty either.

  3. K2theSoldier Says:

    Do you know what a matchup is? Of course it’s on paper…that’s what a freaking MATCHUP is bud. Our biggest weakness is defending the run, the Packers don’t run the ball; that’s a match up.

  4. J-Dub Says:

    Not that we really have a shot at beating the Packers, but you never know. With that said, if we get humiliated, to the point where the leagues contemplates ending the game early, the Glazers will likely warm up the coaching search. Their first move, ask Bill Cowher who he would select with the second overall draft pick.

  5. justin Says:

    how come no one in the papers or any website calls out the glazers they have not spend money on this team for 10 years we have the cheapest head coach in the nfl and he is our d -cordinator 2 jobs for the price of one we never sign any vetrans and when we lose we say its cause we are young ya you are young because you choose to be THIS TEAM WILL SUCK UNTILL THE GLAZERS ARE GONE PLAIN AND SIMPLE

  6. kappa08 Says:

    I gave Raheem and Dominick the benefit of the doubt and was actually looking forward to watching something grow…Unfortunately Dominick and Raheem are CLUELESS…

    IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHY PEOPLE AREN’T GOING…. It’s because our dollar can no longer be taken for granted. Sorry Glazers but you’re friggan pigs and deserve NOTHING more from this community

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    Asante needs to play, he’s hungry. TJax has no football legs so it doesn’t matter how good he is if he can’t run and react. Williams needs to play a backup roll, too many drops. Stocker needs to be in the game as on one of Freeman’s sacks, Winslow was the primary, yet failed to chip the end, whom ultimately got Freeman before Winslow finished the route.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    ^^My point above is send a mesage to the players. Short leash this week with the starters, very very short leash.

  9. Tye Says:


  10. Sporty Doug Says:

    So I don’t get it. If Raheem is such a great motivator and all the players love him so much (as I hear several local pundits say), why don’t they play hard for him? This is yet another game where we have to hear about “effort issues.” Either they love their HC and play hard for him or they don’t. I’m personally a fan of Raheem, but we’ve seen some embarrassing football this season.

  11. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Listened to Rah Rah’s presser:

    Again, nothing but cliches. One of the beat writers asked for an explanation as to why this team has regressed so far: Rah called it a bad question because he would have to make excuses. The reporter said I am not asking for an excuse I am looking for reasons.

    This is exactly what I am speaking of, and have been for nearly 3 years. Rah doesn’t know how to give reasons because he has no clue what the problem is – so he is relegated to uttering “youngry” “no excuses” “back to the basics” insert cliche here ” —–“.

    You cant fix the problem if you cant identify the problem. Saying I accept responsibility does no good if you don’t know what you are accepting responsibility for. Sad, really sad. We have a little league level coach leading our billion dollar NFL franchise.

  12. Garv Says:

    The fault of yesterday’s embarrassing, disappointing and disgusting “performance” belongs squarely on the shoulders of the Buccaneers.

    The players, the coaches, the FO, the owners…….the TEAM.

    We pay good money, show up and see this?


    The Buccaneers have seven games to get it done, to show they even give a damn, to win a few games. They don’t and they’ll have to start over……again. And just to bring another losing team to freaking LONDON too.

  13. Meh Says:

    Sporty Doug, effort issues have not been a problem for this team until yesterday. Players HAVE loved playing for Raheem, and have played hard for him. The problem is when things start to unravel that’s the first thing to go. I think he is losing this team at this point, and that neutralizes the one facet of Raheem’s coaching that was excellent – player motivation.

  14. Nick Says:

    Not for nothing but the previous regime never had two great seasons back to back

  15. gotbbucs Says:

    the problem is that when things start to turn bad there’s nobody on that sidelind to look to. morris and olson both look completely lost and the players can see that. the monkeys are running the zoo right now.

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Do you ever get tired of bashing Raheem? Doesn’t it get old after a while? By the way, when are you going to let me know what radio show you heard that Quincy Black and Raheem Morris are close friends? Funny how you ignored that question, almost as if you made it up and don’t want to get caught lying. But nah, I’m sure that has never happened.

  17. Buc Neckid Says:

    Without question,
    the main thing that this game proved is that this team will DEFINITELY have new coaches next year.
    A new Offensive Coordinator AND a new Defensive Coordinator.
    Rah will still be here, as Head Coach, but he will be forced to relent his everyday Defensive Coordinator duties.
    Olsen – sorry but somebody has to change and it won’t be the Head Coach.
    And your offense has not done anything to warrant another chance. Too many three and outs, not enough originality in play calling or scheme.
    Somebody has to go.

  18. the_Buc_Realist Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc

    All you have to do is go out in Tampa, You can see for yourself who Coaches hang with.

  19. plbuc Says:

    I agree with thomas 2.2. Raheem’s press conference today was a joke. The default answer to any reasonable question is “to return to fundamental core beliefs” whatever that is. This team’s effort was in question during the exhibition season when the Patriots whipped us and Brady playing into the 3rd quarter while Freeman barely played all preseason. It also revealed the coaches total lack of preparation. No excuses, all the other teams also had no offseason and the only way to be accountable is to be benched and lose your job. After we are down by 3 tds in the first half at G.B. put in Gaitor, Assante, Ahmad Black , Stocker, Watson and start auditioning for next year.

  20. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    After we are down by 3 tds in the first half at G.B. put in Gaitor, Assante, Ahmad Black , Stocker, Watson and start auditioning for next year.

    The Bucs should START those guys. Our starters have shown me absolutely NOTHING. Why give them another game?

  21. JerseyBuc Says:

    @Buc Neckid
    I agree with you 100%. If you look around the league the coaches that have been getting the boot are these”Duel” Coaches. With the exception of Sean Payton (because of Drew Brees) most coaches, specifically coaches that have been both the Head Coach and the Defensive Coordiator have had to step down from the coordinator position and focus on the coaching. It was the case with Lovie Smith after he lost Ron Rivera until he picked up Rod Marrinelli, the same case with Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer (who I think could be a good coach down the road).
    The fact remains that it is hard for any coach to try to coordinate and manage his team properly, let alone to be a young coach whose only NFL exiperience was a secondary coach. I look for the Bucs to make moves at both the Offensive and Defensive Coordiantor positons.

  22. Eric Says:

    “The guy that has stood out in my mind right now is Quincy Black,” Morris said. “He’s been one of the guys that has been in the building every day and he’s been a positive influence. He’s been making plays on the football field. He’s been a real force. His teammates can attest to that as well.”

    “We went a little more under front because of a guy like Quincy Black,” Morris said. “I don’t know if we ever had a linebacker with Quincy Black’s physique, rush ability, how big he is, how strong he is, how physical he is and also fast. We were able to take advantage of some of his strengths.”

    Maybe they arent friends, but they sure aren’t enemies! Best Buc LB ever!

  23. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    andf why is it that the Defense is coming out defending Rah, and taking ownership of the problem, but you dont hear word one from the offense. IF Freeman is a leader, he would point to himself.

  24. Dave Says:

    They can win every single game left except GB. After that, Dallas is probably the toughest opponent.

    They COULD get to 9 or even 10 wins.

    That said: I do not get the people on here and the radio calling for the coaches head and some players.

    What do people not understand about REBUILDING?

    I thought they should have a shot at the division this year.
    I was wrong.
    The WRs and the DBs are not what I thought and the defensive front needs time to grow and needs a couple new LBs.
    They also need someone to provide some speed on offense (WR and/or RB)

    But, I was under no illusion as to what they are: A very young team and young coaching staff growing together and building something.

    No one is going anywhere except some players who look like they aren’t giving the effort.

    I still firmly believe they have the building blocks on offense and defense in position:
    Freeman, Blount, Williams, Benn, Stocker
    McCoy, Clayborn, Foster, Price

    Like I said a DB, WR/RB, and a couple LBs away …. along with some more experience (which they are getting plenty of this year).

    On the bright side, maybe this season wakes them up and makes the offense get off their collective ass in the first half.

  25. Dave Says:

    THE BIGGEST problem this year, though, has been penalties.

    Hard to run Blount when the team is in 2nd and 20 or 3rd and 14 CONSTANTLY in the first half of every game.
    Granted, they left the run a little early sometimes, but the penalties have got to be addresses and cleaned up.

    Then by the second half the team is down and playing catch up.

    This has been killer on the defense as well.

    The coaches need to look in the mirror also.
    The offense HAS to start better and the defense has to start better.

    It seems every game the offense can’t do anything on the opening drive or 2 and the defense gives up a TD wtihin the first 2 drives.

    MUCH of it is execution and penalties, but alot needs to be placed on the coaches.

  26. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:


    It is not that they are losing…it is HOW they are losing.

  27. Dave Says:


    Don’t nitpick. They saw a physical speciman with college production. A guy who has shown flashes of being able to be real good.

    Looks like, at this point, they swung and missed with him. It happens. Not a big deal as long as they cut their losses with him after the year or make him a backup, regardless of what they paid him.

    I will admit I was on board with Black because I thought he could be great, but whatever…. I’ll admit when I am wrong because I have nothing invested in an individual player, I just want what is best for the team.

    Not every player is going to be a hit.

    The way this year is going, they are finding out some of the players who are going to be gone within 1-2 years.
    They are rebuilding and developing the core.

  28. macabee Says:

    Thomas, I don’t post very often, but when I do it’s usually in support of an unpopular player or position. That’s in my DNA to fight for the underdog and look for the best outcome when all hope seemingly is lost. What you say about Rah Rah as you call him is true. He is seemingly in over his head and is losing badly. It is one thing to point that out and make constructive comments about what should be done to improve the team even if it meant replacing him. But you seem to relish in his failure and only blame him when by your own admission he has little power or resume to change anything and you know full well how he got here. You should have empathy as one who has been reviled and demonized on this website repeatedly and sometimes unfairly. Go ahead and bask in the sunshine of a dark moment in the development of this team. But remember when things change, and they will change, that the universe is believed to be circular and all things will eventually come around. I don’t think for one minute my words will change your unyielding disdain for this man, but I wouldn’t think much of myself if I hadn’t said it!

  29. Eric Says:

    I hope Macabee doesn’t have a shrunken Thomas 2.2 head and a supply of sharp needles.

  30. upthegut Says:

    To BucNeckid:
    I don’t see them getting a quality DC and OC and retaining Raheem as HC. His tenure will be in doubt and those coaches will not leave a positive situation to join what might be a sinking pirate ship.

  31. Oahubuc Says:

    Agree with Scotty. We are in extended preseason at this point. Bench the bums and start giving some new guys snaps to see what they’ve got. They’re doing it with Blount/Lumpkin, so why not bench the female Winslow, the suddenly terrible Talib, the snakebit Freeman, Mike Clayton, etc.

    Also, fire Olson now. What reason is there not to? An assistant can’t call bad plays?

  32. CC Says:

    I’m sick of the excuses. Just heard Rah on the radio saying how we have great talent on this team. Where? I don’t see it. IF THE TALENT IS GREAT AND WE ARE GETTING THE SH** beat out of us week in and week out. The only explanation why we are loosing is coaching. If he can’t motivate these guys, or hold them accountable then he has to go. Its really starting to look like he is clueless. We might end up with the worst defense in the history of the NFL. And we have not scored a first quarter touchdown in 15 straight games. WTF Rah. As a season ticket holder I am pissed off with this organization from the Glasers all the way down to the friggin water boy. The Glasers need to spend some fuc***g $$$ and get a real qualified head coach who will not except players playing soft and taking plays off. Also need to spend some $$ ON FREE AGENCY. We have any no depth.I don’t give a crap who we bench. If there not trying to whip the opponents ass bench em. Put somebody else in whos gonna give it his all. Then if we lose . At least we can say we lost fighting. This is the softest team in the NFL. Raheem’s gotta go.

  33. McBuc Says:

    Yesterday I was ready to fire everyone…after calming down I want to see how the year pans out.

  34. Mr. Lucky Says:

    The defensive seconday QUIT in the 3rd quarter. TJax looked like he had smoked a blount in the lockerroom. Talib looked like practive squad material

    Two words


  35. BucNcraZy Says:

    I hate to agree but either Morris hires a DC,or he’s gone.Morris needs to take control of Olsen and Follow through with his cliche’s”Nasty and Physical”.Run the ball down Green Bays throat, the only way we win is keeping Rogers on the sideline. Olsen has never been a success (why he didnt get the OC job to begin with).I would feel better about Pat Morris running the Offense.I hate for Free to learn a new system (jason campbell 6 systems),We need to make changes to suit Freeman’s Strengths!(bootlegs,roll outs and occasional runs)
    Draft:LT Jonathan Martin from Stanford,best CB on the board in the second rd.
    Go after a fast WR in free agency or trade.(Desean Jackson maybe)

  36. AtlBucsFan Says:

    This is the time for leaders to come to the forefront. I’m surprised Freeman isn’t addressing the poor play and making commitments for the entire offense. Where’s the leader on defense? Where are the players that the team needs to represent them to the public and demand excellence from each other? Apparently the coaching influence has waned so now the leaders on the field have to get upset and demand better performance from everyone! I remember when Sapp made it known publicly that poor play was not going to be acceptable. With this season slipping away, I expected leaders to emerge. I guess no one on the team is ready for that level of effort either.

  37. passthebuc Says:

    I would like to say it was lack of preparation. I would like to say they got bad brakes. I would like to say there is zero talent on this team, but I can’t. The fact is that the coaching staff is inadequate. I have been a Morris supporter but finally admit he is woefully over matched. No one likes to admit they made a mistake but if the Glazers are sincere about having a team in this market place there is no better time than now to make the change. The season is lost and it would give a new coach the rest of the year time to evaluate who stays and who goes. There are people that can be traded now for draft picks and i would consider cleaning house.

  38. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree with passthebuc, the season is lost, why wait ?
    Besides, Miami, Jacksonville and Philadelphia will all want a new head coach.
    Let’s wrap up Jeff Fisher, while we can ?
    He wants to coach again.

    Former Titans coach Jeff Fisher, who coached the Titans from 1994 through 2010, plans to take the year off. Completely.

    In 2012, however, he plans to return.

    “When I wake up in the morning, I’m happy,” Fisher told Peter King of Sports Illustrated. “It was not an easy decision [to stop coaching], but it was the right decision. My hope is to get back into coaching next year. For now, it’ll be fun to see parts of the year coaches never get to see because we’re always coaching. I’m going to take some time off, play some golf and watch my son play at Auburn.”

    It has been presumed for the past few years that Fisher will have a long line of suitors if and when he becomes available. He became available too late in the 2011 hiring cycle to test that theory. Come next year, it’ll be very interesting to see whether he’s at the top of the “A” list.

  39. Pete Dutcher Says:

    The season isn’t lost even if we lose the next 2-3 games…or all of the remaining games. Because our youg team is getting experience they need.

    Come on, people! Did you REALLY think a defensive line with two rookies and a rookie MLB would make our defense great in its first year??? Are you daft?

    Fire Morris! Hah!!!!

    Rome isn’t built in a day. Jeff Fisher would be a bad move. morris should stay at least another year. Olson most certainly should stay one more year.

    Whether you people like it or not, this is a young, growing team.

    Fine, if Morris is replaced, I’d live with it and support the next guy, but beforehand I’m stating for the record that it would be a mistake at this juncture.

    You think a strong hand is needed? Didn’t work for Gruden, did it? Unless we can get a staff of teaching coaches, the guys we have are fine.

    The ONLY adjustment I would recommend is a defensive coordinator…and just have Morris be a regular head coach.

    Think about it…we get a new head coach, anything can happen. What if he comes in and says “we’re going 3-4”? Or what if he doesn’t get along with our QB and Freeman wants out like Williams did?

    This team is still rebuilding. Period.

    It takes a good 3 years to do it right. Sure, point at other teams that seem to do it in one year…we were that team last yer, remember? A rebuild means being able to be consistant and we’re not there yet.

    Look at it this way…we have had some great picks. Mike Williams and Benn are good picks. They are having a bad year…but its their second year…the year in which a lot of quality WRs have had bad years.

    Even GMC, on IR for the second time in two years, was a good pick. He’s not injury prone…he just had bad luck…twice. And he WAS solidifying the line. Developing well. Not doing bad for his second year.

    And Freeman…you should thank the lord he’s having trying times right now. Better get them out of the way now, while the whole team is learning, then when a championship is on the line (Romo).

    One thing you can say about Josh…he recognizes his issues and he confronts them head on.

    The rest of the team just needs to develop that aspect…and they will. Given a little time.

    So, even if we lose the rest of the season, we:
    1) develop our youngsters
    2) we get high picks with which to plug the last of the holes on the team (RB anyone? CB anyone?)

    Disagree with me or not, doesn’t matter. Maybe Morris WILL get fired. I thinks it’s a mistake but I’d roll with it if it happened. But the problem is, all of you would expect the new coach to take this “talented” team and do something with it right away.

    However, the simple truth is this: Is ain’t gonna happen. A new coach would even take time to get this team ready to be a contender. He would face the same challenges Morris is…and maybe handle them worse.

    What we need is a good DC so that Morris can focus on overall player development, not defensive schemes.

  40. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Sheesh..I think I wrote my 4th book there!

  41. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Dave Says:

    November 14th, 2011 at 5:50 pm
    THE BIGGEST problem this year, though, has been penalties.

    Hard to run Blount when the team is in 2nd and 20 or 3rd and 14 CONSTANTLY in the first half of every game.
    Granted, they left the run a little early sometimes, but the penalties have got to be addresses and cleaned up.

    Then by the second half the team is down and playing catch up.

    This has been killer on the defense as well.

    The coaches need to look in the mirror also.
    The offense HAS to start better and the defense has to start better.

    It seems every game the offense can’t do anything on the opening drive or 2 and the defense gives up a TD wtihin the first 2 drives.

    MUCH of it is execution and penalties, but alot needs to be placed on the coaches.

    A well-expressed opinion.

    Another thing…this defense is getting baptised in fire. I personally think they’re develop fast because of it.

    Imagine if the offense starts doing well…how would that affect the Bucs defense right now? They would be fresher, faster and they would have time between possessions to actually be coached up.

    I believe completely in this team…but the turth is, most of the penalties and mistakes are on offense. If they fix those and stay on the field longer, this team may well compete.

  42. Plbuc Says:

    Let’s fantasize. The Glazerhouse boys make a call to Fisher and start negotiating now for next year to allow him to gather his staff. After game 16 Bucs interview a couple of coaches to satisfy the Rooney Rule. Trade/release K2,Hayes,Williams,Faine and Miller. Talib will be gone anyway.QBlack an expensive backup. Get an experienced QB backup to Freeman.FA for RB,LBs and DB. Bucs would have an extra minicamp and play your players in the preseason. Get some vets that won’t tolerate quitting. Give the fans a reason for hope. Oh, I just snapped out of it and remembered the Glazer dweebs own the Bucs.

  43. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Oh, btw, I am not counting Morris’s first year against him. He had zero control that year. All decision making ability was taken because of his inexperience. And the guys hired were complete duds.

  44. MrGone Says:

    I generally don’t read your posts, Pete Dutcher. Way too long.

  45. SteveK Says:

    Give Morris a shot, atleast next year.

    The owners need to get either DeSean Jackson or Dwayne Bowe in FA, and some Defensive talent in FA.

    1. Vontaze Burfict
    2. Best Player available
    3. Best OL/DB available
    4. F the eagles
    5. RB
    6. OL
    7. Most freakish athlete remaining

  46. BigMacAttack Says:

    Jeff Fisher sucks and that is not an upgrade. He was the Titans’ Coach when they were still the Oilers. He has a big fat goose egg when it comes to Championships. Not to mention he went from D Backs Coach to DC to HC in about the same time Raheem did. Fisher also knows every excuse in the book, which Raheem refuses to throw out there, and he gets crucified by the Child here. Raheem is leader and a good one at that. His men love him and in time his Army will conquer. Raheem and Dominick are not stupid. They make changes when things don’t work out and they will make more to right the ship. It hurts but patience and tolerance are what is most needed now. Nobody likes losing so why would this regime or the Glazers be any different? Some things work out and some things don’t, but trying to somewhat pattern yourself after the Steelers and Packers is not a bad thing. It is going to take some tweaking and not every team can win a superbowl. Look at all those that still haven’t won it, with great teams and players. We got one and I’m still somewhat content with it, but I do want another. It just isn’t going to happen as soon as I hoped, but I believe it will happen. I agree with Joe about a consultant or someone to help mentor them, but the truth is they already have that. Raheem and Tomlin are buddies, Joe Madden, etc. Raheem has many good minds to help him that aren’t on the payroll. Wake up people.

  47. Eric Says:

    Jeff Fisher sucks? Rah is great?

    Obvious need for some medication and follow up treatment.

  48. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    @BigCrackAttack – Jeff Fisher Sucks ?
    Really ?
    He was the 3rd most winning active coach in the NFL.
    You can read all about Jeff Fisher here http://www.titansonline.com/team/coaches/Fisher_Jeff/baac4b91-f07d-4641-a181-2d7474f11033

  49. Patrick Says:


    “It hurts but patience and tolerance are what is most needed now.”

    So you think we don’t have patience? This team is about to miss the playoffs for the 3RD STRAIGHT YEAR! That is unacceptable. And I hate to be a pessimist, but this team is NOT making the playoffs this year. There’s no way we’re beating the Packers on Sunday. They’re 100 times better on both sides of the ball right now. We’ll be 4-6 and well out of the wild card hunt. This team could be much better right now if the Glazers and Dominick had improved this team where it was needed and spent some money on real talent, not retain all the mediocre/below average trash like Black, Hayes, Miller, and cheap Kregg Lumpkin.

    There’s no excuse. Look at how the 49ers, Bills, Bengals, and Lions have gone from the leagues worst to contenders. The Lions were 0-16 three years ago, and were in a MUCH bigger mess than we were after the 2008 season! They clean house, start over, and three years later they’re 6-3 and looking like a serious playoff contender, while we’re still just trying to be average. Just shows you that they have a superior staff in place that knew what to do. Superior coach, superior players, etc. Sure they suffered through a 2-14 season in ’09 and a 6-10 season in ’10, but now in 2011, it’s shown that they’re the real deal. And they’re not like the 2010 Bucs. They’re beating good teams, not benefiting from an easy ass schedule. Hate to say it, but it sure seems like our team last year was a fluke by looking at how bad we are now.

    The lockout is not an excuse either. Other teams overcame it, why can’t we? It didn’t affect rookie QB Cam Newton did it? Doesn’t seem like it affected Andy Dalton either. Oh, but why is Freeman struggling?

  50. Dave Says:

    You guys who think they are firing Raheem and getting another coach because of one bad month are dellusional.

    Unlike most of you and much of the professional sports world, the Glazers (THANKFULLY) do not operate that way. They give coaches time to build something.

    This is year 2 with the youngest team out there. They have a couple more years.

  51. Paul Says:

    No Dave, coaches get fired for not making play-offs and beyond, and not filling seats. I think Raheem fits the bill.

  52. Paul Says:

    3 bad years has to be hard to sustain financially for the Glazers. My opinion, I think Raheem is gone this year.