Saints 27, Bucs 16

November 6th, 2011

The heinous stench of mediocrity (or worse) now hangs over the 4-4 Bucs, which sit in third place in the NFC South.

Not since 2009 has a Raheem Morris team turned out consecutive clunkers. And that’s what happened today.

It would have been one thing go up to New Orleans and play well and lose, but the Bucs looked inept and lost at times on offense. The painfully dumb penalties continued (nine penalties for 80 yards) and the defensive line was dominated — no pass rush and repeatedly carved up the gut (seven yards per carry). All around the tackling was hardly that of the “yungry” team Raheem talks about.

Adam Hayward apparently starting for Geno Hayes didn’t make a darn difference.

Gerald McCoy got hurt very early in the game. And while some might pile on calling him a bust, Joe thinks that tag, if it’s to be used, is better suited to Roy Miller. The Bucs sure missed Frank Okam, who started the last two times the Bucs beat the Saints.

At least Josh Freeman looked better. Is there so little open downfield? Joe sure can’t figure out the Bucs’ playcalling. So much for LeGarrette Blount on third down.

Stick with Joe through the night for more on this head-shaker of a game.

57 Responses to “Saints 27, Bucs 16”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    The heinous stench of mediocrity (or worse) now hangs over the 4-4 Bucs…
    The heinous stench of mediocrity (or worse) now hangs over the 4-4 Bucs…
    The heinous stench of mediocrity (or worse) now hangs over the 4-4 Bucs…
    The heinous stench of mediocrity (or worse) now hangs over the 4-4 Bucs…
    The heinous stench of mediocrity (or worse) now hangs over the 4-4 Bucs…
    The heinous stench of mediocrity (or worse) now hangs over the 4-4 Bucs…
    The heinous stench of mediocrity (or worse) now hangs over the 4-4 Bucs…

  2. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    Greg Olsen is an awful playcaller, something has to change there.

  3. D Says:






  4. justin Says:

    greg olsen sucks so bad that 4 and 1 hand off to blount with 11 guys in the box whats blount now o for 5 on 4and 1, mccoy biggest bust ever gets hurt every game and when he does play he does nothing mccoy 18 career games with 4 sacks so he gets 1 sack every 4 or 5 games , raheem nfl record 16-21 GO BUCS

  5. Tristan Berry Says:

    I’m thoroughly disgusted with this team.

  6. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    I don’t know why there is a link in my previous post, I certainly didn’t do that sorry guys

  7. Buc Neckid Says:

    New catch Phrase

  8. RastaMon Says:


  9. Rob Says:

    Another hapless effort by the Bucs. I love my team but they make it very difficult since I hate all that I see. Freeman has regressed. No imagination with play calling. Dropped passes, penalties, loads of missed tackles. Unprofessional from top to bottom. Don’t know what else to say. It is all broken and no sign of improvement.

  10. KD Says:

    We’ve just been Olson’d…

  11. tj Says:

    Joe geno Hayes benched and not black Wtf . Black missed too many tackles today

  12. thomas 2.2 Says:

    I hate being right. Sorry guys, I take no pleasure in watching this. We basically play without coaching, our athletes are decent but they are not coordinated to the level of the opponent. Rah means well but he is inept. This team will look the same for a long time until replaced.

    Consecutive clunkers? How about 3 out of 4?

  13. thomas 2.2 Says:

    What do Capt Tim, Hawaiian and the others who were boasting about their expectations for today after the Rams destroyed the Saints?

  14. passthebuc Says:

    Next time you shoot yourself in the foot, please use a bigger gun.

    Play calling, PATHETIC
    Execution, PATHETIC
    Intensity and Desire, PATHETIC


  15. Brad Says:

    They need to fire Olson before they board the plane. This guy is clueless. Bringing in Johnson on a critical 3-4 when we still had a chance was the worse call I’ve ever seen. Slow starts… Worse team in the red zone… All coaching. Raheem is next if this is the best we can do.. And lets not forget Dominic who is ( hopefully was) so full himself that he ignored the biggest free agent period in the history of the nfl. And if the Glazers are tying their hands then the community needs to demand they sell the team..

  16. macabee Says:

    This is more serious than play calling. I saw a young struggling team begin to implode on field and literally start to attack itself. The ownership and management has to be seriously concerned with a season meltdown.

  17. Fish Says:

    Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties.

    The root of all of our problems. Freeman looked pretty good. We’re either terrible at running cover 2 and cover 3 or Brees has just completely mastered how to pick it apart. Our run defense will fix itself once we learn how to get off the field on defense – you can look at the above paragraph to figure out how to do that.

  18. d clark Says:

    miller WAS THE WORST PLAYER IN A UNIFORM TODAY PERIOD…. He was repeatedly getting slamed to the ground thrown around or just plain getting blocked. He is the worst D tackle that weve drafted if I was dominik he’d be cut today. We really missed big okam today.No wonder a 65% price took his spot because anyone is better then miller. Mccoy its like come on man, wtf you keep getting injured for. Our lb’s suck other then foster. Our cbs suck other then barber biggers is getting owned. Hes a dime corner at best. talib maybe is a good 3rd corner. Honestly mack is playing better then both of them (never thought id say that). And our O coordinator is terrible. seriously JJ own 3rd n 3 when we need a touchdown before halftime. You f******g suck. Thats not the only dumb play the benn end around never works stop calling it. Again we only score 3 going into the half. If we can at least score 10 before the half in every game this year we would b 8-1

  19. canadianbuc Says:

    this is horrible to lose the way we did is pathetic to me the turning point was at the beginning of the game our defense stops brees and then they miss a field goal. That was so perfect to beat the saints its not all about the bucs beating them its partially about the saints beating themselves and thats what they did miss a field goal then blount blows through there defense to get us to that 4 and 1 i think if e kicked a field goal this game would have been much different getting stopped on that 4th and 1 just brought our confidence down they stop us we give confidence to them they score 7 then they have us in there pockets.

  20. foxworth Says:

    No pay checks shoiuld be given out this week, time to start looking over ur shoulder rah. .. so sad

  21. thomas 2.2 Says:

    You go Brad! Turn up the heat guys so we improve this product.

  22. Eric Says:

    May have to rebuild the rebuild.

  23. Brad Says:

    Thomas … What’s worse than watching the game is seeing your dumba$$ posts. Go somewhere else and get off Buc fans’ website. If I could see you I’d punch u right in the face..

  24. Fish Says:

    Btw, most of you guys are pathetically pessimistic and shouldn’t call yourselves fans if you’re just going to bitch and moan. There will always be ups and downs, especially with a young team.

  25. louis soscia Says:

    This team is pathetic ., No tackling. Coaching stinks. No discipline. Josh Freeman franchise qb what a laugh. Defensive line where? Losing season ahead. But ;we will gowith the draft and who needs free agents like Sprouls?

  26. Brad Says:

    That was uncalled on my part Thomas.. I should get a penalty like Blount did after is asine penalty. I’m just fired up. My apologizes . I’m so po’d right now.

  27. d clark Says:


    please Thanks

  28. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Fish: the team is in third place in the division, got spanked in 3 of the last 4, the team is getting worse not better. Why should anyone be optimistic right now? Well I guess GMC dressed for a game that is an improvement. Lol lol

  29. thomas 2.2 Says:

    No harm Brad. BTW- I give Rah credit for benching Blount after the stupid penalty. Finally showed some backbone, he needs to do that with Gay2 and Talib also.

  30. RastaMon Says:

    I can accept plays over the course of a game that do not work….but I can not accept plays that are not executed…
    I do not recall many/any if any….quick hitting running plays…nor many/any step and throw timing passing plays…..why is every offensive play a slowly devolving mess….even when freeman has time his passing mechanics are backyard ball lazy !

  31. d clark Says:

    Olson’s play calls are so f****g stupid half the time. He doesn’t kno what hes doing. He needs to stop worrying about how much grease he puts in his hair and learn how to call a game. I swear I call better plays in madden then him. Our offense starts off slow every game. How can we not even muster up 10 points to start a game off of a bye? olson calls more head scratching plays then gruden did.He needs to be fired I actually cant wait for the end of the season because we better b getting a new O coordinator.

  32. canadianbuc Says:

    Next week=must win because well week 11= 2 words Green Bay

  33. Brad Says:

    Louis… I’ll give u everything u said other than the knock against Freeman. There is no doubt he will be the best QB this franchise has seen. Olson is the problem. Nothing more. This guy had no OC experience before this gig and it’s showing. I think he is clueless.

  34. justin Says:

    ya fish fans have a right to be mad and moan this team is so young why because we never sign any free agents because that would cost money something the glazers wont due a head coach with a career record of 16-21 cheapest spending team for 8 years in a row fans should storm one buc place like occupy wall street and demand the glazers who are the 1 percent to spend some damn money on the team or sell it stop ripping off the 99percent of people who actually care about this team

  35. Nor Cal Bucs Fan Says:

    I have no problem with Blount punching somone today…the Saints were coming in with late hits all day on our entire team. I’d the refs air doing nothing about it somone should. Sad it has to come to that.

  36. RastaMon Says:

    If the proverbial blind squirrel had not signed Blount last year…we’d be more than accustomed to todays type of play….Blount caught everyone off guard and pulled off a season record far above the coaching talents abilities…..
    Time for a complete coaching staff overhaul…Dear Santa

  37. Patrick Says:

    Our mediocrity is a direct result of Dominick refusing to improve our team this offseason where it was needed. He didn’t use free agency to upgrade spots that obviously weak such as RB, and Linebacker. They constantly build on the cheap. And now we’re paying for it. Not only that, but the talent our rookies and young guns showed last year all of sudden has turned to crap.

    What a joke Kregg Lumpkin is. Letting Cadillac go for him? lol. Also, signing sissy Quincy Black for the same price that we could’ve had Darren Sproles for. lmao. Constant dumb moves by Dom. Sure he’s a good drafter, but outside of that he sucks

  38. canadianbuc Says:

    cmon how could anyone knock on freeman this guys beast hes being pinned down by greg oltard and our inexperienced receivers. We should have gotten t.j houshmanzata (no idea how to spell his name)

  39. Patrick Says:

    Why is everyone bashing Freeman? Look at his stats. He actually had a pretty good game today.

  40. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Freeman played great today, except for red zone the offense played decent. If rah uses his brain and kicks that early field goal, you dont fall so far behind that you must abandon the run.

  41. Buc Neckid Says:

    And Now McCoy out for the Year

  42. Joe Says:

    Buc Neckid:

    Where did you hear this about GMC?

  43. Buc Neckid Says:

    Rick Stroud Twitter Feed

  44. Mikenice Says:

    We stopped running Blount after the first quarter..and he was doing good! Greg Olsen is a bum. Period.

  45. admin Says:

    Thanks Buc Neckid

  46. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    If this team could get a talented OC and allow Raheem to focus solely on the defense (like Rex Ryan, Lovie Smith or Wade Phillips before he left the Cowboys) this team would be MUCH improved. Where is our Shottenheimer, Garrett or Martz, dammit?!!!!!!!!!!! This is getting real old, real damn fast. I’m sick of it already.

    I give Rah the benefit of the doubt to a degree, at least for another year or so due to so many first & second year players on that side of the ball, but Olson is one of the worse play callers I’ve seen in spite of the young skill position guys. He doesn’t adapt, he shows no ability to think outside the box and he cannot get his offense to do jack sh-t in the first half of games…EVER!

    This guy became the default OC as an emergency move but why is he still here? He has not developed Freeman at all from where he was last year. His plays are predictable and mostly not well drawn up. His offensive skill guys are under-coached and not sharp in their execution. Because Rah is not involved in the offense hardly at all, Olson is basically a co-head coach and has the offense all to himself. He has failed utterly this season!!!

    The same pattern plays out in all our losses: accomplish jack sh-t in the first half while our opponent builds a lead, start a comeback in the second half that falls short, and end up with massive numbers of untimely penalties on offense and sloppy execution.

    Listen…Rah has probably the youngest defense in the league and it cannot be expected to dominate from start to finish as a veteran defense like the Ravens can. This young of a defense ABSOLUTELY NEEDS strong offensive support in order to remain competitive for four quarters. IT WILL BE SEVERAL YEARS BEFORE THIS DEFENSE IS VETERAN ENOUGH TO CARRY THE TEAM TO VICTORY BY ITSELF!!!!!!

    I’m starting the campaign now: FIRE OLSON DAMMIT!!!!!

  47. canadianbuc Says:

    why didnt we go after malcom floyd in the offseason

  48. Eric Says:

    Winning the division might be a little harder than it looks.

    Unfortunately, the sheep arent done wallowing in the stench that is this team, coach, GM and ownership.

    Gonna take a longer horror show for the Glazer boys to feel any heat. Plus, the local hack media will circle the wagons.

    I can hear it now…………”we knew we might take a step back with such a young team” “the lockout really hurt us cause were young””we feel good about where we are cause were young”…………..”did I mention were young?”

    etc. etc. etc.

    On a positive note, more time to fish and golf. And, no need to purchase playoff tickets, like everyobody hated when Jon was here.

  49. RastaMon Says:

    @Patrick….I guess you have not seen him play….he has regressed….I am hugely optimistic about Freemans potential.
    First he must realize that he palys on a young undisiplined team and must take the quickest positive option on every play…not wait for the way the play was ultimately designed to work the week before at practice…that along with his LAZY SLOPPY footwork/mechanics…

  50. Meh Says:

    Blount had 13 carries for 72 yards. That’s right, he was getting 5.5 ypc and he only got THIRTEEN CARRIES. Where are our receivers outside of Parker? Don’t ever run that damn Benn end around again. Olsen needs to go.

    On defense, why weren’t we playing man coverage like our last win? How do you let them run all over us like that without making adjustments? Biggers was terrible. Black was terrible. Miller’s play made me vomit. Outside of Barber and Foster we can’t tackle. At all. We need to hire a real DC.

    And the penalties? My god the stupid penalties at critical points. No excuse for that. None.

    This game indicates major coaching problems and a struggling team turning on itself. We were out coached on both sides of the ball, poorly prepared, poorly disciplined. The coaches should be embarrassed by this game.

  51. d clark Says:

    Gmc out for the year again? Wow thomas 2.2 I guess Imma have to give you credit in some form in saying Mccoy is a bust. Not for his play but for the constant injuries. I think we can agree tho in saying Miller is the worst player on the whole dline tho.

  52. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Hey Thomas ‘micropenis’ 2.2, if McCoy was out so early in the game, shouldn’t we’ve seen an improvement? You’ve said it all along we’re better w/out him. You’re apparently the runt in the herd with wool over his eyes.
    The obvious problem is the Buc’s offense, whether be it the obvious play calling of Olsen, or his lack of use of Blount in the running game.
    Yet, the main culprit is Josh Freeman; kid has become a straight up pu$$y. He’s afraid of contact! Unless he’s willing to use his feet for tough yards, the chains are not going to move in this stagnant offense. In fact, big plays happen most often when the play is broken up, and Freeman creates the opportunity with his legs; even after the balls thrown short of the first down marker, an all too constant. It’s unmistakable he’s either afraid, or he’s being asked not to create yards with his feet. He’s pussyfooted around a couple of blocks today. Plus, I’ve noticed he’s looking a little marshmallow, like a Culpepper in decline. Also, his attitude looks like a 23 year older, which in fairness he is, but pointedly showing he’s not beyond his years.
    As pi$$ poor as the Bucs tackled today, holding the Saints under 30 points should’ve resulted in a victory.

  53. Patrick Says:

    This team is never gonna be great, because we’ll always have rookies and 2nd year guys on the field. Our only acquisitions are draft picks and scrap heap guys.

  54. thomas 2.2 Says:

    I appreciate the acknowledgement d clark. I dont like being right at the expense of someone else getting hurt. I have always liked Gerald’s personality. I wish him the best. I just get irritated when thd Glazers and sheep think that they can fool us about things. Like: the “rebuild and hiring of rah” was not about the $.

    Bkny: okam was inactive today. I have argued for more of okam/price the duo that beat the Saints 3 weeks ago.

  55. Bobby Says:

    No one wants to admit the obvious, But the fact that people like Thomas have been telling you the truth from the beginning, and its taking you guys nine weeks to finally see what we have told you from the beginning, it makes me sick to see an organization tell the fans that you suck because you dont support them, they did nothing to improve the talent on this team, refused to go after guys who would have helped this team, and then tried to blame it on you as fans, glad you guys. There is no discipline on this team, no one knows how to tackle on this team, and looking at a team that at one point was fighting amongst themselves because guys were in the wrong place and are shooting themselves in the foot, at this stage of the season, you have to blame that on coaching, and if i see that Benn endaround again, i might have to go kick the neighbors dog just to feel better, EVERYONE NEEDS TO ADMIT THIS PLAN IS NOT WORKING AND WONT WORK, OLSON NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND RHEEM NEEDS TO BE LOOKING AT THE DOOR, READY TO GO AS WELL IF THIS MESS CONTINUES, DOM, BYE BYE , TAKE YOUR PLAN WITH YOU, AND DONT LOOK BACK

  56. Greg Says:

    The big question now is whether the Big Dog will go off on Raheem and the staff tomorrow, and then confront Raheem on his radio show with the same questions, or just melt away and ask softball questions of Raheem so he can keep his radio show. After listening to Deumig completely bash Jon Gruden for years, it would be refreshing to hear him bash Raheem to his face on the radio to hear Rah’s lame ass responses!

  57. Joe Says:


    Steve Duemig does not host Raheem’s radio show.