Gameday Tampa Bay

November 20th, 2011
Sorry, but the real Packers cheerleaders didn’t look much better, so Joe went with this bunch.

Week 11
Bucs at Packers:

Kickoff: 1 p.m.
TV: FOX has the broadcast, and their top crew of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will call the game, which will air on local TV and be seen on FOX by nearly half the country.
Radio: Buccaneers Radio Network (in Tampa WFUS-FM, 103.5 and WDAE-AM, 620); Sirius Channel 136.
Weather: Per, kickoff conditions should be sunny and 35 degrees with a 20 percent chance of precipitation. Snow flurries, perhaps? The temperature is not expected to break 36 degrees through the game. … About as good as it gets for a late-November game at Lambeau Field.
Odds: Per, Bucs +14.5.
Outlook: There really isn’t much to say about this matchup, though former Bucs defensive end Steve White has a detailed breakdown of how he thinks the Bucs can get to Aaron Rodgers. Why isn’t there much to say? Well, that’s because most Bucs fans are hoping the Bucs simply show up and tackle, play hard, and revive the solid play they flashed earlier this season. Even if the Bucs can manage that much, they’re still an underdog to the high-flying, undefeated Packers. Rodgers has completed 73 percent of his passes with 28 touchdowns and only three picks. If there wasn’t so much concern that the Bucs would put forth maximum effort, then there’d be all kinds of chatter about how the Bucs don’t play well in cold weather and have an ineffective pass rush that must revive or they’re in huge trouble today. Joe expects the Bucs to get lit up left and right, so Joe’s focus is on the offense. Can Josh Freeman find confidence? Will the Bucs ever truly commit to running the football? Will Greg Olson dig deeper into the playbook and scrap what repeatedly doesn’t work? Joe suspects the Bucs will hang in for a while, and they may have a couple of big plays in the secondary in them, but it would be the stunner of the NFL season if the Bucs walk away with a “W.”

25 Responses to “Gameday Tampa Bay”

  1. BucsBabe Says:

    Love it! Go Bucs

  2. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Is Joe’s outlook, although accurate, one of a team that is where it should be in year 3 under a head coach? Expected to be so thoroughly embarrassed that we just hope that our players try and get a couple of first downs.

    I happen to think that the Pack will come in complacent and take our horrible team for granted which will make it interesting at first, then Rah’s imprint will come out and we lose by 17.

  3. BucForce Says:

    Trap game for the Pack, they play the Lions in Detroit on Thanksgiving. Bucs hang around till the 3rd quarter until they realize their undefeated record is in jeopardy to Raheem Morris, and then score 28 in the second half and win 38-10. Those cheerleaders are awesome, the one on the end looks like Rachel Watson 🙂

  4. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe I’m not sure which cheerleading picture was worse – the above Packers or that group for the Pittsburg Steelers! Either way I can sum it up with one word


  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe there is ONE good thing about today’s game:

    It’s NOT a blackout.

    Plus if the BUCS stink like last week at least the stench will be left in Wisconsin and not Tampa!

  6. SteveK Says:

    I think we got a chance, let’s got Bucs. Anyone say, “Redemption” game?

  7. macabee Says:

    SteveK, your enthusiam and self confidence is admirable! It reminds me of an ant lying on his back on a leaf floating down the intercoastal waterway in an excited state yelling ” open the draw bridge”. lol.

  8. BucfaninMI Says:

    Why isn’t Steve White on the coaching staff?

  9. Jrock (mobile) Says:

    It’s not a blackout because it isn’t at home =\

  10. CC Says:

    I hope I’m wrong, but look for another blowout. The Packers have scored more points in the first half than the Bucs have score all season combined. And again 2 more ex athletes Diaz and Reynolds on Chip Carters tailgate show just blamed Rah for having the worst defense in the league.

  11. Sgt Mike Says:

    More Exposure of the Coaching debacle that defines Tampa Bay!

  12. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Buccaneers Inactives – CB Anthony Gaitor, S Tanard Jackson, LB Dekoda Watson, T Demar Dotson, T Derek Hardman, WR Michael Spurlock, DT Frank Okam

  13. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Any bets that the pack find their running game today?

  14. Patrick Says:

    @ Scotty

    Why the F*** is Tanard inactive?!?!! Now we’re for sure gonna get burned

  15. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Patrick – Vegas just added another 14 points to the betting line

  16. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Where are you watching the game today Patrick?

  17. Patrick Says:

    I’m gonna try to watch it online. But sometimes I go to the Lion and Rose restaurant in Alamo Heights. They have Sunday ticket there. Though I’m way under 21 so I can’t really go there lol!

  18. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Patrick – T-Jax tested his hamstring before the game and they determined he couldn’t go. Bucs radio network explained he was on the field loosening up.

  19. BucForce Says:

    Bring back Sabby for this game LOL

    Rah, the human quote machine with Pam Oliver. “Mentality not the reality”, instead of saying all the criticism is “white noise” he called it “grey matter”…really Rah? Let’s get this game started already.

  20. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Rah’s cliche filled interview with Pam Oliver – I also love how he misuses metaphors.

  21. snook Says:

    Here comes another blowout!

  22. RastaMon Says:


  23. Steendahl Says:

    no game thread?

  24. Steendahl Says:

    nevermind, just had to update the page, go bucs!!

  25. Ray80 Says:

    What’s up with the boards?! This is probably the best they have played all season!