Bucs Offense Too Complex For Outsider

November 4th, 2011

The dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig of WDAE-AM 620, told his many tens of thousands of listeners yesterday why the Bucs didn’t pursue a veteran running back to replace injured Earnest Graham.

Duemig said he made a direct query to the powers at One Buc Palace and shared that he was told “the offense is not conducive to a quick study,” even for a veteran RB.

Joe wonders whether this complexity in the Bucs offense is a byproduct of using so much of Chucky’s old playbook? Probably.

29 Responses to “Bucs Offense Too Complex For Outsider”

  1. Number 41 Says:

    At the very least, it probably explains why the Bucs are the one of the slowest teams from huddle to line in the NFL.

  2. OAR Says:

    Yet, ex-WR Joey Galloway and ex-TE Alex Smith both said the Patriots offensive playbook was more harder to grasp than Grudens.

  3. Nick2 Says:

    Could too much thinking explain the slow starts of games? Then they get into a groove after halftime. This is definitely a hand me down of Gruden who never saw a receiver in motion he didn’t like.

  4. OAR Says:

    Yet, our offense seems to be better with the no huddle?

  5. Buddhaboy Says:

    r u effing kidding me. Jimminy christmas. Dummy it down and get someone in there. We r screweed at the back position minus blount, who’s knee is balky.

  6. Pierat40 Says:

    wow for a “complex” offense you would think we would see more than just 5 yard routes on almost every pass play and the occasional awesome benn end around.

  7. Where's Waldo Says:

    A thick playbook doesn’t equal deceptive play calling apparently.

  8. Meh Says:

    That sounds like an excuse to me.

  9. Holy Buc Says:

    Is Mike Leach still looking for a job?

  10. HolyBuc Says:

    Is Mike Leach still looking for a job?

  11. Paul Says:

    If that’s true, then what an moronic system for a “Youngry” team full of rookies.

  12. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Gruden’s playbook sucks.

  13. Architek Says:

    LOL, another joke of a statement from a inept front office. All I hear is excuses. Damn that, I pray that Blount does not go down because this team would sink faster than the Titanic. Freeman success is tied directly to the running game so yeah Bucs organization how much do you want to see your young “franchise QB” succeed? Good look with those stadium seats…People aren’t buying it no matter how much Duemig spins it.

  14. jimmy Says:


    Good coaches adapt to the talent they have. If the offense is too complex to add depth to the running back position when injuries begin piling up, that tells me there is a major problem on the coaching staff.

    All the draft picks the Bucs have had on defense the past three years and the changing of assistants and coordinators, yet the team is 29th in the NFL.

    If the Bucs lose Sunday, let’s just say Raheem is running out of scapegoats.

  15. OAR Says:

    Yet, it was just what was needed for our SuperBowl winning team?

  16. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    OAR, it’s been said a thousand times but I’ll say it again: Gruden won with Dungy’s team. He should give his ring to Tony at the earliest opportunity. Gruden had what, six or seven years after the Super Bowl? Plenty of time to prove he could build his own team to compete for a title. But what happened? The Bucs got worse & worse through that time and never got close again. By the time he was fired the Bucs were a mess. Facts of history, pal.

  17. Sensiblebuc Says:

    When I heard that the other day I darn near rolled my eyes out of my head. Rah always talks about his Rosetta Stone of coaching being able to coach people up but the FO doesnt seem to trust him to do it…ever. What a silly excuse

    Also, I’ve wondered where all this “Olson uses Gruden’s playbook” business comes from? He was the QB coach under Gruden for one year. He was influenced more by Scott Linehan than anyone else right? There are obvious similarities btw the two (overreliance on the pass, west coast offense routes, big receivers, pre-snap shifting, etc.) but I’d argue that Olie is his own man and his own play caller (longer throws, more play action, more diverse array of runs).

    Any thoughts?

  18. Joe Says:

    Sensible Buc:

    He was influenced more by Scott Linehan than anyone else right?

    For Olson’s sake, Joe hopes to God you are terribly wrong.

  19. OAR Says:

    I agree. Olsen was OC under Linehan with the Rams and QB coach under Steve Mariucci with Lions until Mariucci’s firing and then was OC under Jauron, as well.

  20. OAR Says:

    Linehan and Olsen did have a rank of 10th in points and 6th in yards in one of thier years in St Louis. You got to remember the Rams’ defenses the last decade have SUCKED!

  21. Bobby Says:

    I always laugh when I read these posts. “Rahs days are running out!” It’s as if the fans really believe THEY are the ones influencing the decisions at 1BUC with these asinine posts. Raheem went 10-6 last year with a team everyone (including most of the one’s posting here) had pegged to go 3-13. He did it with the youngest team in the NFL and a team that started a record # of rookies. Now, he’s 4-3 at the bye and you simpletons think that his job is in jeopardy….how??? Because he may not make it to the playoffs this year? Do you actually think the Glazers thought we would be ready for the playoffs two years into a complete rebuild?? NO. They aren’t as stupid as the Bucs fan base. That’s why they are billionaires and the rest of us have time to post on joebucsfan.com. Just like you don’t make a billion overnight, they realize this is going to take time but they will do it the right way and not the ‘fan’s way’.

  22. K2theSoldier Says:

    PLEASE. LOL Duemig is such a [K2: Joe has a contract with Clear Channel. You can be critical of on-air talent but stooping to such name-calling is off base on this site. Sorry. — Joe], the Bucs offense is complex? Really? You have a bunch of kids out there running an uber complex offense? What a stupid excuse. If our offense is “complex” then Olson is an absolute MORON. Why would you feed a complex system to a bunch of 22 year old kids? I don’t buy it. Don’t buy it at all.

  23. K2theSoldier Says:

    And Bobby you nailed it. Some of the posts about Rah’s job being in jeopardy make me laugh close to tears. 4-3 and you’d think we were winless if you read some of these idiots posts.

  24. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    You dimwits are overstating what the front office said. It’s obvious they wanted a running back who could come in and play from day one, such as Madu, because they already knew the system. They didn’t want to bring in a player who needed at least two to three weeks, minimum, to get familiar with the playbook and his responsibilities. That’s all they meant.

    You morons who twist it into a statement on how “great” or “super complicated” the playbook is, and how that’s just an “excuse” are just too slow to understand. The dickbrained haters will always exaggerate things to support their already existing bias against the Bucs organization. They don’t need an “excuse”, because you fans have no authority that makes them have to answer to you.

  25. RustyRhino Says:

    This is the NFL right? Not Montana State(8-1 btw go bobcats!!)
    So we have a complex Offensive System, with 1-3 year players mostly running this complex offense. How else can the rookies and youngry players ever learn the complexities of a complex offense if they only get to run the watered down simplistic version? Sure it is easier to learn, and might it be easier to defend??

    As for Olson Offense being Gruden’s I agree about the short routes to a point and there is no way you can tell me that Olson’s running plays where ever in Gruden’s playbook.. I don’t ever remember a Opt. T coming around the RT in a run play by Gruden and we have that with Olson and our big Back up T Dotson who is doing a good job and getting game exp every time they run that play.

  26. Architek Says:

    I totally agree and I like the straight up truth. The game at San Fran, that was a coaching clinic, not to mention the Monday night turn around but I think people were more surprised not at the loss but the penalties and poor competition. Aqib and other with the penalties made people lash out at the coaches. I don’t think Harbaugh’s offense is grossly better or they have better personnel but the playcalling was tremendous. It was dynamic the way they loaded up on heavy packages and passed. And then they turned around and spread us out and gutted us. Totally kept us off balance.

    I agree with your statement that anyone can tilt a statement. I think the general consensus is there are other offense that produce and is far more complicated like the Saints that have brought in FA’s off the street due to injury and found ways to use them. You can’t pay me to believe that Olsen’s offense is more complex than Payton’s. That would be an insult to a great offensive mind. But the Bucs have said that they are committed to the draft so what do we do. We live with it. With that being said, the stadium books and seating will not improve, the local and national sediment for this team will remain glass half empty, and realistic fans temper their excitement because with this long term process there is still risks. Just because the Bucs say they are going to build a lasting contender doesn’t promise anything. Look at the following picks:
    – Myron Lewis
    – Ahmad Black
    – Allen Bradford,
    – Daniel Hardy
    – Brent Bowden and more
    With these picks alone we could have traded for a bonified WR or even had a weapon like Reggie Bush via trade but I understand again. I am a even-kill fan so nothing they do will shatter or collapse my opinion of them. All I am saying is that is an excuse because a back like Portis (not specifically him) is a veteran that has seen every defense. He excelled at pass-pro so you dont have to teach him all at once. Teach him the hot calls, audible signals, and install a few packages for him and at least try. I would like to see the franchise try and thats all. I can’t see them honestly saying that we wanna get weapons for number 5 and fielding this unimaginable offense will you ng mistake prone players. Green Bay is the 3rd youngest team and I would say their offense is almost flawless wouldn’t you? I think coaching and preparation has a lot to do with it. Combined with youth and veterans, thats the balance it takes to contend. What is the last youngest team in the league to win a rough division, conference, or championship? FLBoyInDallas, I agree with you about some posters but I am not for excuses. I you want to win and compete follow the Blueprint. It’s a copy cat league.

  27. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Architek…without naming names, I’ll say that my comment wasn’t directed your way. You and I usually agree 90% of the time on Bucs issues. It just riles me sometimes when posters take statements made by Bucs officials and exaggerate or even outright twist them for their own purposes.

    I agree on Portis and made several posts over the past two weeks declaring that. A guy who’s that experienced has seen just about every offense & defense that someone can throw at him, and he would’ve been much better than Lumpkin.

    I’ve said more than once…if there’s a speed bump in “The Plan” then Dominik needs to admit that and be willing to correct it on the fly without always waiting until the next draft. Lumpkin clearly doesn’t cut the mustard and they should be actively looking for an upgrade today, not next April.

  28. Bobby Says:

    You rave about the brilliant offensive mind of Peyton but we have beaten them 3 out of the last four meetings. I guess that means a good defensive mind will beat a good offensive mind? All it really means is it comes down to execution. The Saints looked like the Ain’ts against the Rams but we know that isn’t who they really are when they execute. When we start to execute consistently you will see a team ready to dominate this division. We’re just too young right now. Next year I look for much more consistency. We’re contending with nothing but youth outside of Barber so I don’t agree that it takes a balance of youth and vets to contend. Besides, next year a lot of our players will be in their third year and that’s when I start to look for veteran play and more consistency.

  29. Capt.Tim Says:

    Bobby and K2 pretty much on the mark on this post. You can’t get somebody off the street for immediate help. If they tried that, then I would question the coaching staff. And your right. The team is 4-3. A win this weekend, and we are in first place! And this team is still a year or two away from playing consistently, due to it’s youth. We may or may not make the playoffs this year. Who cares. It’s the big picture that matters. These kids are winning, while still learning on the job. That’s pretty amazing. The Glazers, who are much smarter than most of the reactionary morons, understand that this team is growing into something special. The Pat Morris/ Millard/Stretz hirings look like great additions. Stukes looks like he is all over it. We may need a new LB coach, but I think Raheem couldn’t have been more impressive with what he is. He’s secured his job for quite some time