Were The Saints Looking Forward To Bucs?

October 31st, 2011

James Laurinaitis and the Lambs defense had a field day against Drew Brees Sunday.

Yesterday Joe did something he’s never done before, partly because Joe never had much of an opportunity before.

The only time Joe has sat down to watch the Red Zone channel it was way too ADDish for Joe. Because it sure seemed like the producers were pumping in fake crowd noise. When visiting teams made a play you’d hear a loud roar from the crowd.

That turned Joe off the Red Zone channel more than anything.

When Joe watches football games he wants to watch football games, warts and bad announcing and all. So yesterday there were no teams playing that interested Joe and the 1 o’clock slate of games was a steaming pile of ca-ca. So Joe decided to watch the Red Zone channel… and now sees why it is popular.

After seeing the Lambs take a lead on the Saints, Joe flipped to that game and couldn’t believe how the Saints were being manhandled. It was as if their heads were elsewhere.

Pat Yasinskas of ESPN may know where the Saints’ collective heads were, so he wrote last week in an NFC South chat.

Matthew Reycroft (Sarasota, FL)

With Blount coming back by next week, and with the rest of Tampa being somewhat rested, what are Tampa’s chances against the Saints next week? We did quite the job on him in our first encounter.

Pat Yasinskas

Yes, Bucs were excellent in that first meeting. But I’m sure the Saints remember that and will be motivated. Looking forward to covering that game.

That’s it. The Saints were looking past the Lambs, thinking all they had to do was show up.

Joe believes the Saints that pummeled the Dolts for 62 points have a more likely chance of playing the Bucs at the Superdome next week than the Saints that got beat up by the lowly Lambs.

10 Responses to “Were The Saints Looking Forward To Bucs?”

  1. flmike Says:

    I watched the Saint’s against us, the Colts and the Rams, throw out the Colts game, they are beyond terrible, they have no offense or defense, they are garbage, and I would have been surprised if the Saints after having at least three weeks of film on Painter didn’t destroy them. Getting back to the Saints issues, their O-line is horrible, Bushrod is the worst LT in the NFC, and their replacement RTs suck and to tell the truth their starting RT (Straith) isn’t very good either, Bennett owned him last game. The interior of their line is ok, the guards are very good, but the center is new and not very good with his feet, damn near trips over himself every play. Their running game has disappeared again, Thomas has no pop, Ivory has no legs yet, Ingram is hurt, Sproles looks like their only weapon in the backfield. Without the running game their receivers have been playing poorly, Graham is actually their best weapon. Now to the Defense, they have none. Their D-line is slow and not very good against the run, their LBs are the core but they have to make up for all the bad play in front of and behind them, the DBs can barely cover anyone. The Saints are a finess team, come out punch Breesus in the face two or three time and they crumble, they cannot play PHYSICAL football, they look for shootouts because they can win those, but once it gets ugly in the trenches they ball up and stop playing. We went into their house last season and man-handled them and then we did the same thing in our house just 2 weeks ago, I expect nothing less next week. Walk in punch Breesus in the face and beat the snot out of them.

  2. Dave Says:

    I saw the article on T.O. being given a shot… just say no.

    I was wondering if anything is wrong with Tashard Choice or f the Cowboys just cut him outright. He seems to be a possible pickup to make because without Blount, the Bucs have nothing right now.

  3. Bucworld Says:

    Who cares if they can remember the last meeting. The Saints defense simply cannot stop the run and there offense is giving up sacks and QB hurries. It’s simple, if you try to outscore the Saints by throwing the ball you will loose.

    flmike is right, they would prefer not to play physical football.

  4. Buc N' A Says:

    As soon as I saw the score I knew what happened to the Saints. The classic trap game. They had their sights set on our beloved Bucs and they got handled by the overlooked Rams. Brilliant. Now we go to their house, take the season series and take back first place. Granted, all the “experts” will still rank us below the Falcons and Saints, but who cares, the division is all we care about. Take that and we’ll get the respect. GO Bucs! Thank God the bye week is over. It’s like how it would feel if we didn’t have an NFL team. I gotta say it blows.

  5. d clark Says:

    Dear. Mr. Breesus,

    Can’t wait till sunday. Where going to b**&* smack the saints in the face. Breesus if you thought you met chris long alot sunday and thought he was a beast. Id like you to meet mr. clayborn he’s going to destroy that bum bushrod and then he’s going to knock your head off. ( O and my boy gmac is 100% HEALTHY and ready so he’s coming too). That finesse bull**** aint gonna work against us and Id like to see you throw the ball to graham everytime so tjack can level him again and send him packing to the sideline. Blount is coming back to and he’s going to do his best steven jackson impression because your soft dline couldnt handle the rams’s. Our oline might just take their manhood away from them. Thank You ,for overlooking the rams to get to us, all the while gift wrapping the division in the process.

    Bucs Fans Everywhere.

  6. Captain Stagger Says:

    Really?????? We haven’t punched anyone in the face in years. If we win it will be a close low score grinder. This game boils down to two people.

    1) Olsen must commit to the run once we get behind early. Yes we will be behind early. Blount/Madu/Spann must get 25-30 carries. If we abandon the run and try to go tic for tac with Brees we will loose.

    2) Brian Price staying in the field. I have all the faith in Clayborn and Bennett on the outside, but it’s the pressure up the middle we need. Price is our most disruptive force inside and he needs to be in Brees’ face all day.

    On another note….if Rah can’t find a way to get Foster, Hayward, and Watson on the field together i will be upset. Gotta find a way to get your best players on the field….

    Nothing excites me more than the unknown of Madu/Spann. Not sence Huggins or Smith has our offense had some speed or elusiveness in the backfield. Hoping they get some touches.

  7. aj Says:

    Joe, Red Zone really stunk when they first started it, maybe that is when you saw it. It was really unwatchable.

    But they have gotten a lot better with it. If there are several games on, each of which you don’t overly care about, Red Zone works out pretty well.

  8. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Captain Stagger You must have missed the Seahawks game last year and the past two Saints games.

  9. Joe Says:


    Joe, Red Zone really stunk when they first started it, maybe that is when you saw it. It was really unwatchable.

    That may be it. The pumped-in fake crowd noise really turned me off. I didn’t hear any of that yesterday.

  10. flmike Says:

    I can’t do the RZ thing either, when the Bucs aren’t playing I choose the best 3 or 4 games and set my Football Favorites remote list and commence to switching between games. God I love DTV and Sunday Ticket.