Theismann Picks Colts To Win

October 2nd, 2011 offers a peek at some of what earned Ronde Barber NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors last week.

In the video linked here, Brian Baldinger and Joe Theismann break down some game film of the Bucs and Colts. 

Joe loves this kind of stuff where you get that “coach’s tape” film unavailable to fans, though routinely viewed by all who watch the Man Channel, NFL Network.

Baldinger takes a great look at Ronde Barber in coverage, and the Bucs’ pass rush. 

Theismann dares to show the world why he things Colts no-name quarterback Curtis Painter has some game. Yes, Theismann picks the Colts to win.

Joe thinks Theismann is out of his mind.

If the Bucs truly have taken a major step with their win against Atlanta, a second-rate quarterback with little experience playing on the road on Monday Night Football should be fresh meat.

16 Responses to “Theismann Picks Colts To Win”

  1. buc40 Says:

    I agree joe ,but the game is not played on paper. No team in the NFL should EVER be taken lightly, and hopefully the coaches will burn that into their skulls come monday night.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    is he still getting paid to listen to himself…?

  3. Captain Stagger Says:

    It’s not Painter I’m concerned with, it’s Freeney and Mathis. Those 2 alone could keep this close. We had better see allot of 3 step drops, slant passes, and screens to our speedy running backs……oh wait, we don’t do any of that…..

  4. jfgobucs Says:

    Run right at feeney..with Blount

  5. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Upon further review McCoy absolutely deserves the half sack on that play. He may have actually reached the Qb a split second before Clayborn. McCoy is developing into a beast and you see it on this play. Suh doesn’t have that kind of get off. McCoy will put it all together and have a few multiple sack games this season and we will be done arguing with the one or two clowns on this board who don’t think McCoy is a bust but continue to pretend so just because they would rather root against their own teams players than admit they are wrong.

  6. Captain Stagger Says:

    Wow Beckles, your post is extremely off topic, I know Joe has given you plenty of opportunities to discuss McCoys current value, but fail to understand it’s relevance in this conversation.

  7. Patrick Says:

    The Colts did almost beat the Steelers last week, so I don’t think his prediction is unreasonable

  8. St Augustine Tom Says:

    @capt’n stagger: LOL! Funny, but true. we BETTER get rid of the ball asap on a consistent basis. that is key – captain stagger is 100% correct on this – this NEEDS to happen!

  9. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I think Theismann was right on his pick ogf the week 6 times last year. Odds favor the opposite of what THeismann says.

  10. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ Stagger

    “Wow Beckles, your post is extremely off topic, I know Joe has given you plenty of opportunities to discuss McCoys current value, but fail to understand it’s relevance in this conversation.”

    Hey smart guy, Beckles is referring to the content in the video Joe place ON THE FIRST LINE OF THIS POST. Baldinger breaks down McCoy and Clayborn’s sack on Ryan last week. Pay attention before you whiff viciously while attempting to blast people.

  11. Captain Stagger Says:

    Thanks Tom, Hoping we learned a lesson in week one when our D-line could even get a finger on Stafford his release was so quick. Wonder what a swing pass to Blount would look like with a little momentum and some blockers out in front. Better than a 3 yard check down to Graham with no YAC I bet.

  12. SteveK Says:

    TheisWOMAN just said that crap to get his name tossed around, and to have some people pay him some mind. What an idiotic statement.

    Bucs are going to bash the Colts on MNF, no doubt what so ever.

  13. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Freeney & Mathis won’t be a huge problem. First, they don’t play nearly as well on the road, on grass, as they do at home in the dome. Second, they thrive on third and long. With Blount running the ball and Freeman moving the chains I don’t see too many of those situations. Third, our tackles are playing better this year than the Steelers tackles. Add all that together and you won’t see more than a sack, two max, and not a huge number of pressures either. This will be a win by a margin of at least ten points, probably more.

  14. d clark Says:

    Hey Theisman lay off that nose candy.

  15. Greg O Says:

    I live in Indy. (unfortunately) and am
    A huge Buc fan. No pedictions. Just
    Hope the Bucs kick their butts in the
    Ground. No warren sapp to taunt them
    During pre game warmups. No P. M.
    Comebacks. Just crush the colts!!

  16. Capt.Tim Says:

    Freeney and Mathis are normally a huge concern for any team. They gave the Steelers fits. But I’m not that worried. Honestly, Penn neutralizes every DE he faces. He may not win every play, but he definitely wins the war.

    The Surprise has been TrueBlood. At the begining of the year, I wwas saying the line was chronic underachievers. But I gotta say, Trueblood is playing really good this year- the best he’s ever played! I’m just thrilled to see how his game has evolved- he’s like a new player! I think it has to be Pat Morris’s doing .
    But I feel great about our two tackles against their DEs! And you guys don’t know how happy I am to write that! Just thrilled to see those two playing some dominate football