Playcalling Perplexes Dave Moore

October 7th, 2011

"Hey son, there's no dirt here and I can't find my clipboard. I need your shirt."

The man who chased down freshly defrocked Jim Bates at a local fast food joint, Rock Riley, (that move should have earned him an Emmy) has a pretty nifty 11 p.m. show on Bright House Sports Network.

Of course, Joe only watches snippets of the show at, as Joe doesn’t subscribe to the network that denies men the Man Channel, NFL Network, a gift dropped from heaven years ago.

As he does weekly, Riley sat down with former Bucs tight end Dave Moore to talk all things Bucs, and Moore took a few moments to disagree with Chucky’s assessment of what ails the Bucs offense and share his uncertainty as to why Josh Freeman isn’t throwing deep.

“We saw Josh Freeman last year take a number of big shots down the field. He hit Mike Williams a number of times. He hit Benn remember on a couple of touchdowns deep on double moves down the field. Most of them came through play-action. But still, he was able to throw the ball up and let his receivers go get it. These guys were covered, and he had a enough faith in these guys, same guys that are there now, to throw it up and let it rip. So I’m not sure why they’re calling the game the way they are, not taking the shots down the field,” Moore said. 

“It looks like Freeman’s trying to be a little more patient when he’s reading the defense, especially early in games. I think he’s trying maybe too much to make the right decision and make the perfect throw. … Freeman’s trying to throw to the open guy rather than throw a jump ball down the sideline like he did in a lot of situations.”

Perhaps it’s the double coverages rolled to Mike Williams? Maybe Arrelious Benn’s isn’t 100 percent when it comes to takng on a jump ball? Isn’t Dezmon Briscoe a giant with a massive vertical leap?

Joe, too, can’t put a finger on why the Bucs aren’t ripping off homerun balls downfield. But Joe also knows it won’t matter if LeGarrette Blount keeps chewing up yards and Freeman executes the safer throws.

17 Responses to “Playcalling Perplexes Dave Moore”

  1. Bucs4life Says:

    There is nothing in Dave’s quote that would suggest he’s “perplexed,” and there was nothing mentioned directly about Greg Olson or overall play calling, yet you include his Olson’s picture to stir the pot on a hot button topic. Moore’s observation could be just as much of an indictment on Freeman as it is on Olson. In fact, it seems more as though Dave is more concerned with Josh trying to make the “perfect pass” and not taking the risks he took last season. Ultimately, our receivers continue to run deep routes regularly, so it’s on the quarterback to make the throws/WRs to get open.

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Bucs4life — You might want to re-read Moore’s quote and you are welcome to click through to watch the video for more perspective. Perhaps you don’t know what “perplexed” means. … And since when is the Bucs not throwing deep balls a “hot button” topic. The Bucs fans Joe interacts with hardly have that on the top of their minds.

  3. stimpy Says:

    Agreed. Not sure what the diference between this year and last. Maybe the lack of practice?

  4. Jack Says:

    BrightHouse=Pewter Partner=$1 Million+ in Buc Revenue

    Don’t hate…

  5. Sean McD Says:

    Moore makes some good points. But there’s alot of other things the bucs should be doing also. Can I get a mike Williams slant or some LB27 screens. Anyone remember that screen pass he caught in the preseason. I think it was like 37 or 47 yard gain. Olsen please get this manbeast in space more often!!

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    i’m starting to get the feeling that it’s not so much a confidence issue with josh, but rather with the young recievers. williams looks to me like the added attention is getting to him and benn appears to have no confidence at all.

  7. Bucs4life Says:

    @ Joe – you condescending, prick. here’s a simple definition of perplexed for you and your readers…PERPLEXED: (of something complicated or unaccountable) Cause (someone) to feel completely baffled…Yes, you’re right, Dave Moore sounded utterly confused by this season’s play calling and it’s ineffectiveness (3-1 record and most offensive yards in a home game). No, he was simply addressing a certain area of the offense that hasn’t clicked and NO WHERE in his observation does he question the play calling or Greg Olson. You lack journalistic integrity and this kind of post puts you right up there with BSPN.

    Here’s some honest feedback for you, Joey Boy…This blog is only worth reading for the grunt work that you’re happy to do (transcribing interviews) Your editorial comments are without question THE WORST in the Bucs blog community. BucStats, Bucsnation, and even amateur websites like BucsCentral make you look like a complete and utter moron. Your incorrect usage of bolsheviks, asinine, and the constant mention of the MAN channel is pathetic.

    This is funny stuff. A definition of “Perplexed” also is “puzzled”. Like many words, there are multiple meanings and nuances. Second, “playcalling” doesn’t have to refer to the entire season and every single play. Why you made that leap is unclear. Clearly, Joe outlined here that we’re only talking about one aspect of playcalling: throwing deep. Third, Greg Olson calls the plays. That’s hardly a leap. Fourth, you won’t find anyone with a clue who will tell you that there is a lack of “jounalistic integrity” in this post. Lastly, it’s odd how you feel so insulted by Joe when Joe made a legitimate assertion that you might not know what a word means. … There are lots of words all of us don’t know. It’s really not an insult. That’s why they print dictionaries. –Joe

  8. bucsalltheway Says:

    I have a feeling there saving the deep plays for the playoffs they want people to think they can’t take it there but they can its all a part of schemes. You all will see our offense is struggling at all. Lol@ a. Benn with no confidence did u see the touchdown Monday that got called back that had confidence and swagger written all over it. Time will quiet the doubters…last year we shown the league too much with the calls we made.

  9. Kelso Says:

    Ignore the haters Joe. This post is very simple and straight. Ooooh, a picture of Greg Olson. How dare you?

  10. TBSwarm Says:

    Ignore the haters Joe. This post is very simple and straight. Ooooh, a picture of Greg Olson. How dare you?

    And the kid is wearing #24 🙁

  11. Dave Says:

    I think it is alot of things:
    Freeman being careful
    Williams and K2 being doubled
    Benn hitting stride
    The running game not being there the first 2 games
    maybe some playcalling

    It will come as long as Blount keeps rolling

  12. Bucfan66 Says:

    I have no problem with Freeman’s new approach. Last year it seemed like he just chucked way too many balls downfield and to be honest, he got lucky because our WRs made some incredible catches.

    He needs to improve his accuracy and I love that they are focusing on this this year. The deep shots will come. We just need to be a little more patient with our young QB.

  13. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I still think some of what we are seeing is a result of the short off season, and lack of practice reps. It will come, you condescending prick! 😉

  14. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Wow. Someone get bucs4life a new tampon because he is acting like his “Aunt Flo” is in town. Calm it, brother.
    I wouldn’t mind if the BUcs ran Blount 3 times in a row and punted on their first 2 drives. Soften up their DL and LBs early.

  15. RustyRhino Says:

    Mauha Deeb lol

    I totally agree about running Blount 3 times in a row, and attack the D go out and “hit” your guy. And focus that attack to our advantage, LB CB DL have injury issues too like OL TE WR RB do. Exploit that as you can. Run till they force you to pass I say, then run a bit more.

    Our Offense is doing well to me, are we hitting the deep pass? No but we are winning and running the ball effectively. Our D is looking better every game. I do agree with not enough reps… If we can run and keep that going we will be hitting the deep pass. Play action will only work if you are worried that “oh S#it” 27 has the ball again and here he comes. Liked what I saw from Lumpkin run / pass and blocking.

  16. Dave Moore Says:

    Joe- I never said anything about play calling.. Don’t mind if you quote anything I say. Just please use it in Context.. People can take this one the wrong way. THX, Dave

  17. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Dave (Joe will play along but it’s doubtful it’s you in Frisco using a Tampa IP address)

    1) You said “I’m not sure they’re calling the game the way they are” … If that’s not talking about playcalling then what is?

    2) There’s nothing in this post that can be taken the wrong way. Like a lot of other commentators and fans, you’ve asked yourself why they’re not taking as many deep shots. Nothing sinister or confusing here.

    3) There’s nothing here out of context. The context is spelled out very clearly through the post, including a link back to the video on BHSN.