Mike Williams Stoked Over Win

October 16th, 2011

There were many fingers pointed at Bucs receiver Mike Williams over the past few weeks for the struggles of the Bucs offense. And no one pointed a bigger finger than Williams himself who described his play this season thus far as “terrible.”

But the Bucs offense woke up from a slumber today, and a big reason was the play of Williams. The second-year receiver had six catches for 59 yards and helped open up the offense.

Williams was quite excited about the win after the game.

“This feels great,” Williams said with an ear-to-ear smile. “It feels great to beat a division opponent and to be in first place and for the team we beat to be the Saints on top of that. It feels great.

“The Saints are a great team. It’s always hard to get a division win but to do it against he Saints, man, it feels great.”

Though the game was blacked out, there were nearly 57,000 in the stadium and at times it sounded as if it were 100,000. This was not lost on Williams who was impressed and motivated by the fans.

“Beating the Saints at home, I hope that gets some more people in the [stands],” Williams said. “To get a home win like that, and a big game like the Saints, the people that were here were our sixth man, our 12th man, whatever you want to call it. They were there for us and it feels good.”

5 Responses to “Mike Williams Stoked Over Win”

  1. 941-Bucs Says:

    I was there. The stadium looked about 2/3 filled. But OMG. Come 2nd half (more importantly the 4th quarter) That Stadium roared.

    The 12th man was defiantly a helped. When walking up i was a little scared of how the fans would react. Seemed like a ton of Saints fans were out. But by the time we left. barely saw the black and gold anywhere.

    It’s good to see this team still has a beating heart in fans to support them. They left everything on the field. I left my voice out there with them.

    It was really nice to see this entire team play so well against a really good team. Even after the horrible loss last week. Most importantly it was a divisional opponents and the Saints.

    But on a side note I don’t feel nearly as bad about that loss. Seeing as they just knocked off the undefeated Lions. So i can say the 49ers i just a good team now like it or not.
    GO Bucs.

  2. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Fans are getting reunited with this team as they are playing better. I hope this win energizes them even more. If we get a win in London on International television, the energy will be through the roof and Raymond James will register on Richter scales.

  3. 941-Bucs Says:

    @Mauha I agree 100%.

    I mean let’s be real. There is a lot of football fans who just don’t want to root for a loosing team.

    The more we continue to look like a winning football team and continue to win games. The more the wayfarer fans will come back .

  4. tj Says:

    Mike Williams drop on 3rs down almost destroyed are win . Seems like he wants pass interfernce then catching the ball. Benn is out playing him bottom line so is parker

  5. McBuc Says:

    TJ, he was interfered with, he should have gotten the call. The defender was all over him. Williams played a good game, as did Parker and Benn. Not to mention almosts don’t count in football.