McCoy Back On The Field

October 19th, 2011

The Bucs didn’t seem to miss a beat without Gerald McCoy and his injured ankle against the Saints. The defensive line was stout against the run and at least Drew Brees had a little heat on him at times.

But McCoy has returned to the practice field today in London, so reports esteemed beat writer Woody Cummings of The Tampa Tribune via Twitter. But some of McCoy’s teammates aren’t as healthy.

@TBO_Buccaneers: Missing practice for the Bucs today: C Jeff Faine (biceps pull), DE Michael Bennett and RB LeGarrette Blount (knee)

Joe’s not surprised about Blount or Faine. Hopefully whatever ails Bennett is nothing serious. The Bears have allowed 19 sacks, third most in the NFL. It would be shame to be without Bennett on Sunday.

Update: 12:30 p.m. – Per Raheem Morris at his news conference, Bennett is battling a lingering groin issue. Also, Mason Foster skipped practice with a minor problem with his other ankle (as in other than the one that was hurt last week). Sammie Stroughter was back on the field, as well.

17 Responses to “McCoy Back On The Field”

  1. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Please don’t screw our d line up by playing this guy solely because you are grossly over-paying him. You are 3-1 when he misses games and your only loss was in OT. 3 of the 4 best defensive games in 2 years came when he was out. Don’t do it.

  2. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The only time our DT’s consistently get pressure on the QB is when McCoy is in the game. Otherwise, we have to rely mostly on our DE’s to get the pressure. McCoy is on a higher level when it comes to getting into the backfield this year. Play him if he’s healthy and the d-line is all the better for it.

  3. flmike Says:

    Thomas you still don’t get it. With GMC we get pressure & sacks without we don’t, granted we won Sunday without sacking or really pressuring Breesus, but that is because the Saints aren’t as good as they or the rest of the league think they are, we have had their number for the last 4 years. Back to my main point, pressure kills QBs, GMC brings pressure right up the middle into the QBs face allowing Bennett, Price & Clayborn to close in from underneath and the ends, it’s the classic pincher move. Surround and squeeze.

  4. RustyRhino Says:

    So when can we finally dump Faine? The overpriced often injured bicep center we have…..
    Can someone give me the amount of games missed due to his injuries?
    I know injuries happen in the NFL, but every season same damn injury? It’s no wonder he didn’t want to participate in offseason activities this season, maybe he would have injured his bicep….

  5. RustyRhino Says:

    I wonder if it the same bicep that he carries that grossly over paid paycheck with?

  6. upthegut Says:

    Faine out with vaginitis?

  7. McBuc Says:

    Thomas, I would argue that the best showing by the defense this year was the ATL game. McCoy was playing in that one as well. You really show your ignorance with your blind hatred of this kid.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    It’s almost nothing but haters on here today. Good grief.
    Do I want McCoy back facing a porous Bears OL? Hell yes. Rush him back, no, not if he’s not ready.
    We’ll draft a Center in the draft, I feel it. Safety too. One more ding on TJax and his career is over – you can’t rely on that. Grimm isn’t the answer.

  9. Dave Says:

    Why is Thomas such an ignorant person when it comes to football knowledge.

    Watch every game and tell who the most consistent, disruptive, D-Lineman is on the Bucs. It is WITHOUT QUESTION MCCOY.

    Everyone else has flashed and shown moments of greatness but McCoy has been there game after game.

    THOMAS you do realize that Suh gets shut down right? You understand that Revis gets burned deep? Do you understand that Brady and Manning throw INTs? You get that Calvin Johnson and Fitzgerald have dropped balls before?

    McCoy is not their category, I am just pointing out that even damn good players are blocked and make mistakes. Most of the great defensive players are blocked more often than not.

    Is your beef with McCoy simply because he was a high draft pick? Seriously, what is it? Because if he was drafted anywhere after pick 20 there would be talk of him being the steal of that years draft already.

    Pretty soon we are going to suspect it is a man crush and he won’t return your calls.

  10. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Dave One could make a strong argument for Bennett in the best DL so far this year as well. That is an awesome argument to be able to have. Been missing for so long.

    With Bennett and McCoy on our team we have one of the strongest run defenses and some extremely solid pass rushing. Those two are complete players right now. There isn’t really any part of their game that is lacking. And to think this is only Bennetts first year as a starter and McCoys second year. We are set for a decade on the DL.

    I wish Price and Clayborn were at least a little bit good this year in run D. Price gets pushed out of the way a lot and Clayborn is so focused on the pass rush that the RBs run right by him.

    At least Clayborn has been a beast in the pass rushing department. Clearly the best on the team. I can’t say the same for Price. I’m sure it is just his bum leg/hip though.

  11. Greg Says:

    @ Joe, is Micheal Bennett an UFA after this season?

  12. Joe Says:


    @ Joe, is Micheal Bennett an UFA after this season?

    Restricted free agent in 2012.

  13. Steendahl Says:

    bucfanjeff, another alternative would be drafting a guard and inserting zuttah at center, he just needs to work on his snap. if there is a stud guard available over a center, then id rather have the guard 😀

  14. flmike Says:

    @Mauha Deeb Price is doing just fine and doing what is required of him and more as the NT in this D. His job is to absorb double teams and occupy offensive linemen, which he does very well, he’s also a lot quicker than anyone thought, watch him on obvious passing downs, he will actually beat GMC into the backfield sometimes, he has a great ability to split the center and guard with quick penetration for a man his size, as well as the ability to just occupy their time, which gives Clayborn one-on-ones with whatever LT he is up against.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Where are your stats to back this information up? Every game you are so quick to bring up McCoy’s stats, but you fail to mention the lack of stats from the DT’s against the Saints. Nice contradiction. And yes, they did play well, but so has McCoy. But you are so obsessed with him, you will never admit it. Again, I have never seen one man have such an obsession with another, except when there are “special”‘feelings involved.

  16. Buc N' A Says:

    @ Hawaiian Buc “except when there are special ‘feelings’ involved” BRILLIANT – it must be that, there is no other logical explanation. I cannot wait for McCoy to get his first Pro Bowl. Although I can already hear thomas2.douche’s response. It was a down year for D lineman. He only got in becasue …”insert nonsensical stupid comment here.” Go Bucs! Enjoy London, but not too much. There’s work to be done.

  17. Motorcyclist Says:

    I read Bennett was suffering some kind of muscle injury in the groin area on the “psoas” muscle (sp?) and if so, it’s not easy to heal. The typical hernia injury is painful but easier to correct long term with surgery and stitching, if true.