“I’m Too Emotional Right Now.”

October 23rd, 2011

Joe has been rough on Bucs linebacker Quincy Black the past couple of seasons because Joe believes he’s a ghost. If you don’t see him in uniform on the field, a Bucs fan would never know he’s on the field, short of a floating interception once every year and a half.

But Joe cannot suggest Black doesn’t have a heart or doesn’t care. Being interviewed on the Bucs radio network after the debacle of a loss to the Bears about why the defense was getting gutted by Matt Forte until the final minutes of the game, Black struggled to talk and finally confessed, “I’m too emotional right now.”

The Bears “were the better team today,” Black said. “Obviously, they came out to win. it was like we were fighting, scratching, clawing all the time. We didn’t make enough plays to win. I know they are cliches but it’s the truth.

“Why were they able to run on us? I have to go back and watch the film. I’m too emotional right now. I am sure there were some assignment faults. I know there were some things we didn’t do assignment-wise.

“We have two weeks to clean this up. This is a team game. We did everything we could do as a team. We can do more.

“It always seems like there is someone hurt at the bye. But injuries are part of the game. Next guy up better be ready to play.”

9 Responses to ““I’m Too Emotional Right Now.””

  1. KD Says:

    I get emotional when I see our starting linebacker get pancaked by tight ends :/

  2. aldo Says:

    “We have two weeks to clean this up. This is a team game. We did everything we could do as a team. We can do more.”

    so where is the “more” you can do?? first of all, strat playing like a pro.

    second, emotional?? cmon show me the “emotions” on the field playing ur lazy ass all downs!!!!

    im not buying it, and he has to go, no matter the new contract!!! time to move on

  3. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Capt. Tim is right. Q.Black experiment has failed. Hayes is a bit better but not much. Mason Foster is looking like our new HArdy Nickerson. Shame he got reinjured early. But now we need our new Will and Sam. Maybe Dekoda is the answer at SAM. Maybe not. But I know we aren’t getting high level play out of our outside backers. Lance Briggs showed us elite Will play today. The next Derrick Brooks might not come along for a LONG time but we can at least get an upgrade from 5th rounder Geno Hayes in the next draft.

  4. KD Says:


  5. Dean Says:

    Watson needs to play more!

  6. TJ Says:

    Makes alot of money not to do anything

  7. Steendahl Says:

    @ KD – i know thats sarcasm, but to anyone who actually believes that, ask him to define talent

  8. Big Marlon B Says:

    the play of the OLBs is clearly a weakness on this team. i think Hayward looked really good this week tho, and looked pretty solid last week as well. if/when Foster gets back to full health, I’d like to see Watson get some time at Sam and Hayward get some time at Will. i think we can get some production out of them if they are in there with Foster in the middle. just an idea.

  9. SkookumSmitty Says:

    “This is a team game. We did everything we could do as a team. We can do more.”

    Those last two sentences…They are OPPOSITES. Either you did everything you could do, or you didn’t.