By Request, A Brian Price Is Fat Article

October 6th, 2011

Who is Joe to deny Raheem Morris?

The Bucs head coach told reporters yesterday he wants more fat stories about Brian Price to help keep Price angry and motivated. So Joe will oblige.

First, here’s what Raheem had to say Wednesday, while answering a question about how rather mild-mannered guys like Adrian Clayborn and Gerald McCoy transform on gameday:

“The quiet assassin, that Brian Price now, he’s just angry for no reason. You guys gave him a lot of reasons to be upset with all the fat articles. And he’s just playing that way,” Raheem said. “He’s just playing like he’s pissed off at everybody in this room. He actually gave you guys cake last week so he’s starting to warm up to you guys. I want to get some fat articles about him, get him pissed off again.”

Now Raheem wasn’t blowing smoke here. There’s surely some truth to Price being annoyed/offended that his weight gain was a media focus after his hamstrings were ripped from his pelvis and drilled back in. Price struggled to move during his recovery.

But Price did get fat and was at Josh Freeman’s lockout minicamp looking flabby. So in defense of the media it was worth noting. With a blogger’s gut, Joe’s hardly playing high and mighty here, but not everyone who is disabled like Price was balloons up in weight. So what did Price expect in a profession where size matters?

It’s old news, though, and Joe has written numerous times about how Price has nearly reached iconic Cadillac Williams territory when it comes to returning from an injury. The guy’s drive and heart is immeasurable.

Regarding the cake price shared with the media last week, Joe has learned Price didn’t go out of his way to send a message to the beat crew. It turns out his wife baked a pineapple cake that Price, by chance, shared with reporters, a display of generosity, forgiveness — and will power.

Joe hopes this fat article meets Raheem’s expectations. Joe always strives to be his best self.

And if you want to get a look at the old Brian Price, below is his visit with JoeBucsFan TV in June. Price is an excellent interview and a very accommodating guy.

18 Responses to “By Request, A Brian Price Is Fat Article”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol, well, if it motivates him!

    To me, there is no bigger Buc Story than Brice Price playing this year. From the description of the surgery, and the recovery process- I think it’s almost a miracle that he’s out there. Several times I’ve held my breathe, watching him go off the field holding his hamstrings. Yet every time, he reappears a few plays later, back in the trenches.

    Without Price and Bowers, I was worried about D-line depth. The fact that both those guys are playing, and playing well!, turns the D-line into one of our deepest units as far as talent goes. They were able to sit Frank Okam last week, and he has played well!

    The d-line looks great, and the best Is still to come! Especially from Mr. Price!

  2. Chris FWC Says:

    Brian Price, I hope you read this you fat piece of tub a lard!!!

    Bowers in the new Moore.

  3. BucsBabe Says:

    I love Price! he’s everything thats right about football heart, courage, nothing will hold him down and I’m proud to have him as a Buccaneer 😉 Go Bucs!

  4. Meh Says:

    Brian, you fatass!

    Seriously though, I’m loving Price this year. I was so bummed at the injuries he had last year. My mock for last year had us trading down from #3 and taking Price. I wasn’t (at all!) disappointed we stood pat and took McCoy, but when we picked up Price in the second after taking McCoy I was looking for champagne to uncork! I’m loving the dline this year for so many reasons.

  5. SteveK Says:

    Way to go, Brian! Fat or not you can play. Keep up with the intensity and keep on dishing out those swim moves.

  6. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    LOL, Warren Sapp was “fat” and certainly no 2 percent bodyfat guy. Some Men are just big men, that we like to call “Fat”. But if it motivates them, ok.

  7. Architek Says:

    Joe do you know what happened to Brian Monday night?

  8. OAR Says:

    I guess, that’s the Price you pay for being fat?
    Seriously, way to go Price! Keep it up!

  9. pierat40 Says:


    Not 100% sure, but I believe it was just a cramp. He came back into the game later.

  10. Meh Says:

    I think I speak for all of us when I say I gasp every time Price looks even slightly winded now!

  11. flmike Says:

    Good god, the combined weight of our three NTs is somewhere around 990 lbs.
    Brian Price listed at 303 (jaja) lets go with 330
    Big Frank Okam listed at 350
    Roy Miller listed at 310

  12. nick Says:

    Culpepper was the only one who could call Sapp “fat boy”. Who calls Price “fat boy” on the Bucs? Grimm? LOL

  13. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    LOL Nick, I think Culpepper called Sapp a Fat Boy, hoping Sapp would hit him, so he could file a personal injury lawsuit.

  14. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    joe- any way to find out how much price weighs now? i seem to remember his normal playing weight being about 310. im curious how close he has gotten back to his ideal weight.

  15. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BecklesHeartsRuud — No clue what the scale says on Price, but it’s obvious seeing him in the locker room that he’s gotten a lot more fit.

  16. Vince Says:

    Listen up Biggun- Get you bolbous arse to that QB first and I’ll buy you an all you can eat buffet @ Golden Corral.

    Seriously though, damn proud to have him in Pewter and Red

  17. So. Ill. Bucs Says:

    So was that Blubber Brian Price guy really Raheem in disguise?

  18. Diary of a Wimpy Ruud Says:

    Is Blubber Price angry when he’s rolling around on the ground holding his hamstring once a game ??

    If this guy doesn’t get seriously re-injure himself before the season is over it will be a miracle. If you are rolling around on the field in pain every game , you obviously aren’t ready to be out there yet.