Bucs Will “Fall Back”

October 17th, 2011

SI.com NFL guru Mark Perloff explains that he’s no believer in team Tampa Bay. His comrade in this video is somewhat warm on the Bucs but more down on the Saints.

14 Responses to “Bucs Will “Fall Back””

  1. mikeck Says:

    What kind of idiotic line is “Playoff teams dont lose 48-3 to the 49ers”. Really?…first off, those 49ers just beat everyone’s darling Detroit lions on the road. Second, there are plenty of teams that lose a regular season game big and then go on to the playoffs. This ding-dong just decided that he doesnt like the bucs and no illogical argument is beyond being used to reinforce that.

  2. Dan Says:

    @ Joe, the names are :andrew perloff, and mark mravic

  3. McBuc Says:

    mikeck is right! Didn’t the 2002 bucs get railed by the Oakland Raiders in the reg season…I think it was around 45 – 0. Also, I think a Dungy play-off team was beaten bad against the 49ers as well. I am all for these yahoos bashing the Bucs, who cares what the national media thinks. The Bucs seem to be at their best when they are the under dog.

  4. Rickster Says:

    There are so many buc haters in the media world. Even when we do well and beat a elite team, they say the saints are slipping. Its never occured to anyone that the bucs beat a superbowl caliber team without ou two best players on both sides of the ball. buc haters….

  5. McBuc Says:

    Oops, I think the Raider beatdown was in 1999, but the Bucs went to the NFC Championship that year.

  6. Bucworld Says:

    Give me a break. We beat a 4-1 team period. No one’s doubting the media darling Lions.

  7. Yossarian Says:

    It’s all part of the Giant Anti-Bucs Media Conspiracy.

  8. champkind Says:

    andrew perloff (who I hope joe does not bother to correct the name, since he doesn’t deserve it) is one of the losers on Dan Patrick’s show. Last year he said the Bucs were quote “by far the worst team in the NFL.” going into the season. His opinion means nothing, and if you’ve ever listened to that show, he doesn’t even know the names of more than two or three players on ANY team in the league. It is nothing short of a miracle (for him) that he has a job at a major media outlet, or any job in sports at all for that matter..

  9. mikeck Says:

    Yossarian, We are not really claiming a conspiracy against the Bucs…just a refusal for people to admit that their darling teams are beaten by one that isnt sexy. They want to love Pittsburg, Green Bay, Dallas, NE, NO, etc….and when one of those teams becomes good and they get an opportunity to promote them, they dont like to see them lose. They dont want teams like the Bucs, Jaguars, Chiefs, Seahawks, etc to win because they are not Sexy….they are not the Redsox or Yankees so-to-speak.

    So, instead of saying “man, these bucs are pretty good”, its “Well, NO didnt play well” or “well NO wasnt trying” or “Well, Matt Ryan is having a tough year anyway”…that type of thing.

  10. Bobby Says:

    This guy is truly no NFL ‘guru’. Besides, this time last year the Packers certainly weren’t considered an ‘elite playoff caliber team’ at 3-3 with losses to the Bears, Dolphins, & Redskins and nearly losing to Detroit. What a moron.

  11. Mikenice Says:

    I don’t mind all this negative chatter about the Bucs..I just turn the other cheek and smile because I know we are a good team with playoff potential. And within a few years we will have another Super Bowl and then everyone will jump back on the bandwagon like it’s 2002!

  12. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    lol its always funny to get a sports opinion from a guy that looks like he wears a pocket protector and plays world of warcraft all day. I’m going to go ahead and not take him seriously.

  13. Anthony Says:

    Mr. Perloff needs to stick to getting Dan Patrick his lattes.

  14. Tristan Berry Says:

    I thought it was telling that as Perloff was saying “the Bucs will fall back” as if he could make it so by simply saying it, Mark Mravic was shaking his head looking like he was trying not to laugh in his face. I’d be willing to bet that while Perloff is doing his best to impersonate an actual sports writer no one else in the industry takes him seriously. I smell nepotism.