Raheem Fingers “JoeBucsFan”

September 12th, 2011

Joe’s writing this post for two reasons:

To set the record straight for the local media that is bound to come here on a fact-finding mission regarding Raheem Morris’ comments today, and to address the fans ready to label Joe a snitch once again.

Speaking at his news conference today, Raheem was asked about the supposed punishment that might be crashing down upon him from the NFL for allegedly communicating with players during the lockout. Raheem explained a bit of what happened and then chose to point a finger at JoeBucsFan.com. Here is his verbatim quote:

“Yeah, I called Kellen [Winslow] to say, ‘Congratulations on your new baby'” Raheem said. “I haven’t heard any reports about, I heard the rumors about the fine and all that type of stuff, but I haven’t gotten anything from the league.

“Yeah, I called Aqib when he [went] to jail. I called Kellen when he had a baby. Thanks JoeBucsFan for talking about that and getting my phone records checked. I appreciate that.”

Joe encourages fans and media to read the original story here.

The facts are that Raheem talked about speaking to players during the lockout on the Buccaneers’ flagship radio station, WDAE-AM 620, during a heavily promoted live sit down with The Big Dog, Steve Duemig, the top rated sports show in the Tampa Bay market. Communicating with players came out while Raheem addressed a fan calling in.

Now surely the Bucs were listening, as they monitor all of Raheem’s public appearences. Duemig was listening. And Raheem spoke clearly and directly. He surely knew what he was saying. There was no attempt made to clarify the coach’s comments after they were made.  The radio station posted the podcast. And Joe reported the exchange two days later, praising Raheem for likely doing what all head coach’s were doing to get an edge.

Joe understands, in theory, why some fans might think Joe did a misdeed and didn’t protect the Bucs and used poor judgement. Some even think Joe played “gotcha” with Raheem, which is ridiculous since Joe reported it two days later. And Joe knows every beat writer in town would never not listen to the head coach on live radio during a one-hour sit down.

The fact is, Joe simply regurgitated what was heard by about 50,000+ listeners, even more podcast listeners, and effectively approved by the Bucs.

If that’s being a bad fan, well, expect Joe to do it again to serve his readers. Joe follows a simple rule. If it’s Bucs-related, and Joe thinks it’s interesting, then Joe writes about it.

Joe will say that months ago Raheem and Joe had a passionate conversation about the original report face to face, like real men, with nobody else around and no recorders running. That conversation will remain private.

78 Responses to “Raheem Fingers “JoeBucsFan””

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, I’m with you buddy, and that was uncharacteristic of Raheem to say that. I believe he should call you and apologize. It surely isn’t your fault. Raheem should focus more on his defensive calls and his (offensive) offensive line play.

    Hey Rah, I’m a fan, but C’mon Man!!!

  2. lightningbuc Says:

    Congrats, Joe. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Rah’s grasping at straws. After yesterday, he might want to spend a bit more time game-planning and a bit less time reading JoeBucsFan.com.

  3. Eric Says:

    So, Rah blabbed about talking to players on a public radio station, then blames Joe for reporting it?

    I think the whole talking to players stuff is totally bogus, but c’mon Rah you might want to look in the mirror for any blame.

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BigMacAttack — There’s no reason for Raheem to apologize. There was nothing malicious or out of line here.

  5. SkookumSmitty Says:

    Yeah, I am wondering what else is on his mind that he singled Joe out over something that was said, widely reported, and settled in person months ago.

    That is…Odd.

    Sounds like deflection…When one cannot address what is REALLY making one angry, but feels the need to ‘deflect’ to another issue. Usually happens because the deflecting party feels whatever is TRULY making them angry knows how petty or wrong it is.

    You married people know what I am talking about.

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    Joe, after reading the headline that you’d been “fingered” by Rah, I was glad to read that it wasn’t of the rubber glove variety. Tho maybe that will be your punishment!

  7. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    Rah knew the rules when the lockout started. In fact, Joe, you even said in March, that Rah, who is known to be close friends with his players would have a problem staying off the phone. I think that when the NFL found out about the phone calls that they did a complete scrub of his NFL provided cell phone with the phone roster of all players and probably found some other interesting bits of info. The NFl said if anyone broke this rule that they would be suspended or worse. This could end up being really bad for Raheem.

  8. Garv Says:

    Type about a NON-ISSUE!!!!

    How’s Brian Price? Any other injuries to be concerned about?
    THAT matters.

  9. Trox Says:


    I’m glad you continue to keep the conversation between yourself and Rah private. It shows a sense of integrity that seems to be lacking in our society today.

  10. Blake Says:

    Silver-lining Joe, congrats on record traffic coming your way I’m sure.

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    He said Price is day to day with a hammy, but it looked bad on the field. Stroughter, minor surgery tomorrow and should be out 3 weeks.

  12. Eric Says:

    “I talk to those guys all the time”

    Could have meant before the lock out.

    They really got the man’s phone records? Thats rediculous. The NFL ought to be damn happy they resolved the lock out and folks are coming out to pay huge bundles to watch, and stop worrying about witch hunts on phone calls.

  13. Joe Says:


    It is very simple. The conversation between Joe and Rah in a parking lot was absolutely off the record. What Rah said on WDAE was as public record as it gets.

  14. D-Rome Says:

    I completely agree with you lightningbuc about Raheem grasping at straws. The Bucs were largely unprepared for the Lions yesterday and some internet blog site should be the least of his concerns.

  15. Joe Says:


    Silver-lining Joe, congrats on record traffic coming your way I’m sure.

    VERY doubtful.

  16. Morgan Says:

    Thanks for explaining JBF. I’m concerned that you’ll lose some of your access to the players/coaches and it’ll hurt your site in the long run. Hopefully not. Looks like you’re being played the scapegoat. Good luck w/ all of this…

  17. Macabee Says:

    When the headline reads Rachel Watson instead of JoeBucsFan, then we will have a story. Otherwise, Ho-Hum!

  18. Brisbee Says:

    Good one, Macabee.

    Raheem’s just keeping it real here. Joe is no different at the end of the day from any other media and Raheem drops one-liners about different outlets all the time. Now at least we know what happened. Weird that he only admitted to two call.s

  19. TAC Says:

    Not for long Rah, keep playing a team unprepared week to week, and you will be N.F.L.

    Like said above, seems to be a little deflection.

    Mentality before Reality, Tolerate until you can replace them, youngry?

    Two games now the team was unprepared for the Lions, that is reality, and a strong indicator of a lot of talk mentality, of Joebucs?.

    Pay your fine, and know most of us appreciate you calling a friend/player about a child born, and another young man about a visit to jail. Some times you bend the rules, but if the end justifies, it was a stupid rule to begin with.

  20. FLBoyInDallas Says:


  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    This is definitely George Bush’s fault.

  22. the_buc_realist Says:

    Maybe we will get off, We just need to tell the NFL Head office that Rah is more of an intern then a NFL coach.

    I know for sure that Gruden and Allen would have passed out untraceable Walmart prepaid phones!

  23. MOBucs Says:

    Rah’s in the wrong here. He should have thought twice before opening his mouth on a live radio show.

  24. Eric Says:

    Imagine all the calls to Chuckie Cheese on those records.

  25. Stevek Says:

    Rah needs to keep his mouth shut and stick to pounding the rock. We looked like dookie yday. We looked like the team with the most payroll in the league.

  26. JS Says:

    Hopefully the NFL suspends him and we can get a real football coach up in here.

  27. realbucman Says:

    Not really talking about you here joe because I remember when you first reported what RAH said on the radio and how there were mixed reactions from your readers. I personally don’t think you would shed more light on something that could damage your team for the F’d up reasons that I feel other reporters have, but for the most part Tampa’s media has been hating and ratting on this coach and the players since he took the position. What other teams local media does that to this extent? Maybe New York and Philly but they also have sell out stadiums. I also feel RAH is probably a fan of yours because I’ve seen him bust some reporters before and yours seemed more like a plug for your site.

  28. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    PFT just picked up the story. This is now national. Next JoeBucsFanGate will be the lead on Total Access and Monday Night Football. Great Job Joe. The man is right, no such thing as bad publicity. Snap

  29. Morgan Says:

    Too bad Duemig is slamming you for this whole episode. He’s a POS in my book.

  30. Buddhaboy Says:

    Damn Dude – Duemig just blasted you and I am calling for war

  31. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Joe hasn’t heard it, fellas. @Morgan — I changed your spelling for Duemig. We don’t go there here. Steve is a friend. We don’t have to agree on everything.

  32. lightningbuc Says:

    Duemig has turned into a big Buc shill! He falls all over himself in front of Morris. So let me get this straight – a journalist isn’t supposed to report NEWS that is harmful to a team. As far as I know, Joe ain’t an employee of the Bucs. Keep up the good work Joe. This is where I come for Bucs news, not listening to Duemig or TJ Rives, or whoever blow smoke up the Bucs asses. All those players shows have become a joke – just a bunch of goober smooching.

  33. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    Here is the problem.
    No one else reported it.

    Sure it was said, but no one reported it.

    I ran into a similar dilemma. I wanted to do a story on the URLs of the Video Streaming sites. Surely it would have been a huge hit boom for my website. But It wasn’t the right thing to do. You have to know reporting that is going to hurt. Let someone else bring it up and be the bad guy. While Im sure Raheem blew it off for good sake, having your phone records searched and facing a fine can change the way you feel about things.

    And for the record, Buddahaboy’s report is correct. I choose to stay neutral at this point. After all, my job is OPTIMIST!

  34. Buddhaboy Says:

    no big deal Joe, everyone listens to big dog because he is an institution in Tampa, like him or not. I listen to him just because he was friends with Chris Thomas, who was the real dean of tampa radio, god rest his soul.

  35. lightningbuc Says:


    You are comparing apples to oranges. Video streaming is AGAINST THE LAW! That is why you shouldn’t do a story on that! So if Mark Dominik had been on the air with Duemig during the lockout and mentioned he had been in contact with Barrett Ruud to discuss a contract, no journalist in Tampa Bay should report on it and just hope no one in the NFL heard it so the Bucs wouldn’t be fined? Gimme a break. I’ll go to Buccaneers.com if I want to get the news the Bucs want to give me.

  36. Eric Says:

    Steve would cross the Sahara Desert on foot without water to report something negative about Jon Gruden.

    Please, consider the source. and spare me the sanctimony.

  37. bucsman27 Says:

    im only 15 so im sure my opinion doesnt matter but any way raheem should be busy ripping the team a new one for that god awful perfrmance yesterday instead of bashing joe for some thing that is raheems fault in the first place for saying the comments on the radio any backlash is raheems doing not joes keep up the good work joe!!! go bucs

  38. jdog Says:

    Snitches get left in ditches

  39. Mauha Deeb Says:

    lol Ridiculous. I will never understand those who attack the messenger and not the message. Joe, you are do everything a reporter is meant to do. You report, regardless. Thank you for being honest.

    I am really upset at Raheem now. The bad football game, him taking over the offensive play calling in games, and now bashing the only media outlet that reports any and everything, as media is supposed to.

    I really don’t want to jump on the anti-Raheem bandwagon, but things like this aren’t helping. I hope he gets a good talking to by the GM and owners.

  40. Posey99 Says:

    It sounded like total sarcasm in raheems voice to me…along with a big smile. That was nice of raheem to give you a shout out and boost your traffic. non issue in my eyes

  41. George C. Costanza Says:

    You need to decide if you’re a fan or a reporter. Maybe you’re both? Ok, that’s possible. But if you’re a fan, you shouldn’t write anything to get the coach in trouble. That might affect the team, and therefore the record…. If you’re a reporter, by all means, report what you know, hear and see. Consequences be damned. But maybe you should rename the site JoeBucsReporter. Or JoeBucsFan&Reporter. The way the site is named now, you’re a fan who wrote something that makes the coach look sort of bad (but not that bad really, although it could cost him some $) … So what are you Joe? A fan AND a reporter? Or a fan who keeps a blog. …. As for the mainstream media, I’m sure they heard Coach Morris’ admission on the radio, but they didn’t write about it…Maybe they ignored cause they didn’t want to suffer the blowback from the team/coach/TeamGlazer. If that’s the case, they’re fans and not reporters. Hollatchya, Joe.

  42. raphael Says:

    Coach Raheem…just get the damn team ready to play and don’t embarrass us again with the performance on the field….

  43. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Costanza Maybe Raheem should say that stuff right out in public if he didn’t want the public to hear it. He didn’t care not to say it so why should Joe care not to post it? Don’t make Joe the bad guy when Raheem is the one who said it.
    You even ripped your own idea up with the “They’re fans not reporters”. So what you are saying is Joe isn’t a fan, and the Newspapers and TV sports media aren’t reporters….. Way to think it through before posting your anserine comment.

  44. jlynch Says:

    Why is he mad a joe bucs fan he said it on 620 I talk to those guys all the time… he is a baffoon!!!

  45. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Perfect illustration of why people hate the media.

    Joe, you sell advertising. You do so by reporting on the Bucs. You took one response to one call and made it a story — FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT. That is why you write stories. You write them to sell ads to, in turn, put money in Joe’s pocket.

    In this instance, your desire to put money in your pocket harmed someone else. Sure its on Morris because he said it, but you highlighted it and you did so for money so you should at least own it, don’t run from it. Again, that is why people hate the media.

    Funnier even is that you actually benefit coming and going. You have now run Morris’s press conference comment as another article and a tweet, all to your benefit. Again, nothing wrong with that as long as you own it. JBF is not a charitable institution so dont say you post articles solely because you find the subject “interesting” You do so to drive traffic. Morris gave you a chance to drive a litlle more and you took it. Dolman Law Group and all your others sponsors thank you, Morris does not.

  46. Lucas Jackson Says:

    How about this Joe:

    “I picked up on something in the interview that most wouldnt. I though it would be a good basis for an article tweaking the NFL about a policy that most people believe makes no sense. Problem is I cant just accuse coaches of breaking the rule so I now have theopportunity to write the story on Morris’s back. What the worst that can happen? Morris gets hit with a fine and complains about it? Heck, I will writer an article about that too!!

    Doesn’t make me a bad guy . . . just a guy who makes a living selling advertising”

    That’s a little more honest Joe. Try that out.

  47. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Lucas Jackson — uhh, Joe’s not running from anything. So not sure where/why you’re getting that.

    Of course, Joe is a business. And you’re not accurate, Joe only posts what he finds interesting. There is no other formula. There’s plenty Joe could write about to drive traffic, if Joe so chose. Hell, Joe could hire a free intern to write about all kinds of boring stuff. Hell, readers give Joe crap about not writing about certain things — iPad playbooks for example.

    As for your second comment, it’s a head -cratcher.

  48. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Joe, “interesting” means that will drive advertising. Like I said, the reason many hate the media is because you put on the “holier than thou” when you are actually no different than any other biz trying to make money. You face moral dilemmas (such as hurting Morris’s wallet) and you make your choice, but then you say silly stuff like “Joe just writes what he finds ‘interesting'” Sure. . . . so you can drive traffic and get those ad dollars. Simple. Transparent.

    Joe’s response below

  49. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, Joe? Joe has the power of the pen and the proverbial last word, so its used to silence critics. Money is money. JBF runs on money. Morris makes a living. Joe’s living intersected with Morris’s living and, shocking, Joe chose his living over Morris’s. Again, many can probably understand that even if they don’t agree. What most don’t understand is the “I just write what is interesting” defense.

  50. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Lucas This is not why people hate the media. People hate the media for keeping things from them and being dishonest. Joe didn’t keep anything and was honest. You are mad at a guy for telling you something you wish you never heard. It still happened whether you heard it or not. Your comments = bad jokes.

  51. Lucas Jackson Says:

    LOL. That’s funny. I could actually care less about the substance, its the response. You seem to accept it Mr. Herbert. I am happy for you.

  52. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Accept what? Truth? You’re right. I’ll take that every time. I’m not the one running away and neither is Joe.
    You don’t care about the substance, but wish to it wasn’t so as to avoid it completely…. Isn’t that running away? At the very least it is lying to yourself.

  53. Mauha Deeb Says:

    *but wish it wasn’t*

  54. BigMacAttack Says:

    One thing is for damn sure Joe, you are relevant. I bet a few years ago you wondered if and when that day would come. Good job bro, and Niko(the optimist) has an awesome site too. All you guys should check it out as well. No better place for Buc videos.

  55. Architek Says:

    Well I guess we all are facing week one turmoil. If we win next week all is well and Joe can return to the pre-Joe mode. If we lose more drama will leak and somehow Joe will be the escape-goat for no sacks and 50 yards rushing.

  56. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @LucasJackson — You are way, way off base and inaccurate. Here’s what you don’t understand: Joe began this site writing daily for zero readers and making no money. Joe began with a philosophy to write/report what he thought was interesting about the Bucs and give his third-person take. Nothing has changed on this website. It looks the same. It sounds the same, outside Joe scaling back persistent use of nicknames.

    Joe has not deviated the plan for money, etc. Joe didn’t write the post about Raheem’s radio interview with any specific desire to make a splash or play it out big or make money. The post ran on a Friday for goodness sake in the offseason, which is Joe’s worst day for traffic and the worst day for Joe to make the radio rounds off a story. It started on top and ran down the page like any other post.

    Joe’s not going to get all philosophical on you, but Joe’s approaches life and this site with passion and principle. It’s wonderful that Joe makes a few bucks of profit for his time, but “the Joes” barely make minimum wage for their time and don’t support themselves off this site.

    You can continue telling yourself you know everything. Feel free. In addition, Joe loves his readers, but really doesn’t care what they think about any particular post, or whether a post will turn them on or turn them off. Joe would go insane worried about such things for many tens of thousands of readers per week. Joe writes to entertain/inform himself. That’s the standard, and it’s really never changed.

  57. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    As soon as you start filtering the news to protect the organization from from information made available for public consumption, or not appropriately insulated from the public, your blog ceases to be relevant in my eyes.

    I am sure that maintaining a balance between journalist and fan is difficult. However, the team and its’ employees are public entertainment figures who get huge community benefits I.e. money from our local governments both directly and indirectly.

    If we do not have the appropriate people in place to make this team as good as it can be year in and year out, I believe that you are doing your job as a fan by reporting it or commenting about it.

    My fear about this “build through the draft only business” ” the hiring of rah” “the lowest payroll in he NFL since 2005” recent history is: If ownership is wrong going this way or if the motivations aren’t true or if they miss on some of these early picks – we can easily go a decade or more without a post-season, if we miss this year we will be 40% now, if we wait through 2013′ 60 % there, I do not want to or believe we should have to wait that long.

    No fan should.

    Good job Joe. Rah needs to figure out how to be mindful of what he says publicly.

  58. 2 Buc Bill Says:

    lucas actually killed it. this site has become a banner-filled mess, tmz style with very little substance…unfortunately, there are few alternatives in the bay now

  59. Rich Says:

    So… It looks like if someone doesn’t agree, JBF replies to your message. Raheem felt wronged and commented about JBF, so of course JBF replied back. Is there a trend here?
    The fact that JBF has to mention Duemig is the top rated sports show in the Tampa Bay market is sad. I can’t listen to his show anymore. Blames fans for not going to watch a bad product. Take away the Buccaneer contract and where will he be then? Go ahead and blame the fans and kiss the Bucs ass and watch his ratings drop.

  60. FlBoy84 Says:

    Rah should spend less time worry about what local blogs are writing and more time on preparing his defensiveless game plans.

  61. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Please…Raheem is always bringing up the stories the media publishes. Especially when they are negative.

    I actually remember the interview…I listened to it live. It was a few weeks after temperary lift of the lockout…and I interpreted it as him saying he communicated with Freeman, Talib and Winslow at that time.

    Now, I don’t know what you and he talked about in private, but in that interview he said nothing about breaking the rules.

    But even if he did…

    …who cares? It’ll hurt his wallet…considering how much he’s getting paid, but other than that, it really doesn’t matter if he gets fined. It won’t be for much.

  62. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Pete I agree with you, but if they try some Bill Bellicheat type removal of draft picks, then it will hurt the team.

    The NFL will find nothing and just tell Morris to be more careful. Who are they going to interview? Kellen? Talib? Morris himself? If there was NFL subject matter contact, why would any of them snitch? They would be emasculated in the locker room for it but they aren’t punks, so it ain’t gonna happen.

    This is an attempt by other teams to get draft picks removed from the up and coming Bucs. It isn’t going to amount to squat but bad PR, which I don’t give a crap about. Its too bad the other MSM swallowing majority fools will.

  63. Nate Says:

    my whole take on the things is i love joe bucsfan and raheem morris.. So its all good..

  64. Joe Says:


    Duemig had the highest rated PM sports show in the market before Clear Channel got the rights to Bucs broadcasts.

  65. Joe Says:


    Duemig had the highest rated PM sports show in the market before Clear Channel got the rights to Bucs broadcasts.

  66. GeorgeCostanza Says:

    Mr. Mauha Deeb, your response to my comments are nonsensical. I suspect Joe considers himself both a fan AND reporter, and my comment that the mainstream media may very well have been acting more like a fan was a jibe directed at them for ignoring the story, which indeed was “newsworthy” in light of the NFL directive. At any rate, don’t worry too much about Joe. So long as they spell your name correctly, right Joe?

    Hollatchya, man!

  67. Tampa2 Says:

    Happened to be in my car yesterday and turned on the radio in the middle of Duemig going off on the website (wondered if it was you or someone else), claiming that the owner of the site ratted on Raheem. Swore that your “business relationship” was over and you were no longer welcome in “his” house (wdae). I actually thought it had to be someone else, because “you” protect Duemig when you shouldn’t. And if he is your friend, then keep him close, because I think you can trust your enemy more! Duemig has a lot of room to talk, doesn’t he! He ranted and raved about Gruden so much I think the Glazers fired Gruden just to shut Duemig up. And Duemig was “very” instramental in getting USF Coach Leavitt fired. Bottom line Joe, you may consider Duemig a friend, but he just threw you under the bus and personally ran you over. That is not being your friend. In this case, Duemig diverted attention away from him by trashing you.

  68. lightningbuc Says:

    Since Rah doesn’t like his PUBLIC comments to be reported on, it’d be funny if no one showed up next week at his press conference! I mean, what’s the point, right?

  69. Mr. Buccaneer Says:

    It sounds like Joe Bucs Fan has an ax to grind with Coach Morris. I guess you thought you were breaking the Watergate story. Who do you think you are, Woodward and Bernstein? Did Joe Bucs Fan really think it was so important to report that the coach made phone calls to players during the lockout? Joe knows this is a NFL violation and wanted to get Coach Morris in trouble. It’s just that simple. There was no need to report this. It just isn’t relevant to the team and the public didn’t need to know about it. Thanks for ratting out our coach. I guess you will be happy when he gets fined or suspended. You call yourself a fan Joe? I think not.

  70. Bob Ross Says:

    When the coach calls you by name and the big radio guy uses you to stir up attention for himself, it means you’re the leading brand in this niche. Keep up the good work.

  71. FloridaGirl Says:

    The onus is on the head coach to follow the rules established by the NFL. WHile he may disagree with them, as the coach he is setting the example for his team, and he’s now demonstrated that he doesn’t feel the NFL rules are applicable to him. A very bad lesson in leadership to the team.

  72. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Mr. Buccaneer — There’s no ax to grind with Raheem at all. That’s just silliness. Watergate? C’mon, the coach talked on local radio before tens of thousands and it was podcast on the team’s flagship radio station website. Read what’s here. It was one story in a sea of 8,500 over 3+ years played no more or less than any others. …Also, there were numerous reports during the lockout that certain types of personal communication with players was acceptable.

  73. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @GeorgeCostanza If you found any of my posts nonsensical, the problem lies within your comprehension of sense.

  74. Karl Says:

    Gruden Lovers hate Duemig because he was right about Gruden and they cant stand the truth.Talk about rose coloured glasses.The Glazers explaian why they fired Gruden everytime I hear them publicily speak but Gruden Lovers still wont listen to the truth and STILL blame Duemig and the Glazers.What a joke!!!
    Dont worry Gruden Lovers,soon Gruden will be coaching in the NFL soon and you wont have to be fake Buc Fans anymore…..since Gruden means more to you than the Bucs.

  75. Karl Says:

    Sorry,hit send before i proof read.Dam it!

  76. Joe Says:


    This issue has nothing to do with “The Big Dog.” Not sure what attention Steve was diverting because Joe didn’t hear this.

    Gruden and Leavitt got themselves fired and Steve will tell anyone that.

  77. joe brown Says:

    I guess you won’t post this, but you will read this. You have no idea
    how to get along with the media and you strive to join them. I laughed
    on how you bit the only hand that feed you. Guess it’s time to do
    major suck up since all you do is copy articles and have zero
    original content. No credentails for hacks.

    Mr. Insider

  78. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @joe brown — The “Joes” here at JoeBucsFan.com have been in the media for nearly 40 years combined, so you’re really not making sense. Won some big awards, too. There’s plenty of original content here every week. Check the archives. Joe’s not concerned about his credentials. They’re not the engine that drives what we do here, merely a nice perk and an avenue to bring readers some more perspective on their favorite team. As for “sucking up,” Joe’s got no clue what or who you’re talking about.