“Prove To The World That It Was A Fluke”

September 8th, 2011

Players and coaches are human, so Joe’s not one to buy into all the common coachspeak that says all games are created equal.

Both Raheem Morris and Lions heat-resistant head coach Jim Schwartz aren’t billing Sunday’s season opener as a rematch, grudge match or anything with some extra kick to it, after the Lions embarrassed the Bucs at home last December in a game referees screwed up and two Bucs said the team took far too lightly.

A Detroit Free Press story today touched on a possible revenge factor for Sunday. It included this gem from Lions receiver Nate Burleson:

“They’re probably saying the opposite of what we’re saying,” Burleson said. “We’ve got to go down there and prove it wasn’t a lucky win. And they’re probably approaching it proving that it was a lucky win. So that’s why I think it’s going to be an explosive game.

“If I was the coach, I’d have them guys hyped up, intense, ready to play, ready to prove to the world that it was a fluke that the Lions beat us. So we’ve got to go out there and do the same.”

Joe hopes the Bucs come out with the extra venom and violence Burleson is referring to. Breaking the Lions’ massive road losing streak last year to a backup quarterback and Maurice Morris running wild was humiliating, especially in a December playoff chase.

If you’re charting a Bucs playoff appearance at home, Sunday is a must-win on many levels.

30 Responses to ““Prove To The World That It Was A Fluke””

  1. IMHO... Says:

    if all players from both teams aren’t hyped then I suggest they pursue another career. We should blitz early, pressure Stafford into throwing early and press cover Megatron along with shadowing a DB to double team and mess with the timing of his routes. It took an injured Talib(and others), NO pass rush, run d, o-line breakdowns along with Freeman running 4 dear life to lose in OT.

  2. raphael Says:

    I think its time the bucs open a can of whoop a$$

  3. Flip Flopper Says:

    The media hype surrounding the Lions is taking on epic proportions. Seven of eight ESPN “experts” picked the Lions to win, on the road, this weekend against the Bucs. Group think is generally pretty powerful, but I must admit the overwhelming positive expectations for the Lions is shocking.

  4. Tommy Boy Says:

    Must win already? Wow, game 1 not even played yet and we are already in the do or die mode.

  5. Brisbee Says:

    Open at Tennessee, that’s not do or die. Home against the Lions, you better believe they need this game if they’re going anywhere.

  6. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    This game is going to be a war, that’s for sure. Detroit has not tasted defeat in 8 games. Their whole city is behind them, they have been selling out Ford Field, unlike us here in Tampa. Quick, tell me the economy in Detroit is a lot better then it is here in Tampa ?
    Detroit expects to win this game, and so do we.

  7. RED MAN Says:


    Colts owner confirmed Peyton will be out for “a while” which likely mean’s he won’t be active against us. With him out of the game they are a completely different team (I’m thinking panthers level)…could be huge for the bucs!

  8. NickinMelb Says:

    Statistically teams that lose their first game have a less than 25 percent chance of making the playoffs. That should be enough incentive for any team.

  9. Bucnjim Says:


    The unemployment between the two cities is very similar. The difference being blue collar union workers make more than a good portion of white collar workers here in Florida. Not to mention that fact that people living in and around Detroit are from that area; not like here in Tampa where NO ONE is from this area. The Northeast in general is in way better shape both with unemployment and median household income.

  10. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    @Bucnjim – Yes, you are correct, the average auto worker in Detroit makes far more money, IF he is working.
    Both Tampa and Detroit are hard hit by this depression. Still, having lived in both places, Detroit is a much better sports town, as far as unified fan support, and knowledge of their teams go.
    Not to take anything away from Tampa, but many people who permanently live here are still supporting their team from back home. I moved here to Tampa in 1971, so Detroit is not “my team”. Still, I am a bit surprised that 7 out of 8 national experts are picking the Lions to beat us. I think the game can go either way, and I hope Tampa wins!

  11. Bucnjim Says:

    “people who permanently live here are still supporting their team from back home” You just hit the nail on the head. There is no other part of the country (except maybe San Diego) who has more transplants than the Tampa Bay Area. In the 70’s when you moved here there were only about 400-500,000 people here in Tampa. Now it’s 1.75 Million all from different parts of the country. Most if not all of these people carry their allegiance to other teams with them. This is a great sports area, but unfortunately we are not united on the teams we support.

  12. Joe Says:


    The unemployment between the two cities is very similar. The difference being blue collar union workers make more than a good portion of white collar workers here in Florida. Not to mention that fact that people living in and around Detroit are from that area; not like here in Tampa where NO ONE is from this area. The Northeast in general is in way better shape both with unemployment and median household income

    Bingo. Also, the Tampa Bay Business Journal recently did a study (that Joe highlighted) that sports fans in the Tampa Bay area, 42 percent have allegiances to teams outside Tampa Bay. That’s nearly half. Then add to that the percentage of senior citizens who live in the area. Those people do not go to games, not even if tickets were $5 a piece.

    Comparing this market to Detroit (or just about any Midwest/Northeast market) is apples and oranges.

    Basically, there are several factors that are involved with lack of ticket sales, including the national trend that more and more people believe the experience at home with the HDTV is preferable to the hassle of going to games.

  13. McBuc Says:

    Throw in an HDTV that is also 3D, and it looks like you can run out and catch a pass. Any word yet on the black out? I have not heard them annoumnce it early like they have in the past.

  14. Adamant Says:

    The other contributing factor to Detroit having more fans in the seats is that they simply have more population to draw from. Detroit is a much larger city with far more people within driving distance to the stadium. I am originally from Michigan, was a big Lions fan, and moved to Tampa in 1984. It took a few years, but I swithced to being a Bucs fan first. You couldn’t help it back then. The media saturation (print, tv and radio) made you follow the local team. These days it is much easier to follow your “old home team” because of easy access (internet, NFL network, ESPN, etc).
    Regardless, I am a season ticket holder and will be there on Sunday. Go Bucs!!!!!!!!

  15. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    I havent seen the flag up at One Buc all week. Rah knows there is a game this week right?

  16. ernie Says:

    Go BUCS!!!!

  17. McBuc Says:

    Don’t forget public transportation. It makes it easier to ride the subway or a train to a game.

  18. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Prove this, prove that. Blah, blah, blah. Less talk, more football.

  19. Bobby Says:

    The lions are an emerging playoff team, while the bucs are going to take a step back this season, for future success!!!!!!!!!!! Deal with it.

  20. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    @Adamant – Maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong here, and God knows I have been wrong plenty of times before, but the Tampa Bay area is huge as far as population goes, and easily exceeds that of the Detroit Metro Area. As a child growing up in Detroit (before the riots), we were proud of our upper mid western city. I remember back in 1968 the world was listening to our music (Motown), and high paying Union jobs were there for the asking! The Motor City was once the Nations 6th largest. But the rust belt as a whole is dying or dead, since our jobs were sent overseas. Florida is the nations 4th largest state in population, and the Tampa Metropolitan Area is full of people. I am not so sure the population base is the problem. I think Joe nailed it on the head.

  21. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Since the media and most fans have formed a consensus that the Bucs are going to “take a step back” this year, that’s the one thing you can count on not happening. A popular consensus is a death sentence for the truth. You can always safely bet against it, because the masses are always wrong.

  22. nick Says:

    My God, look at all the reasons why Detroit sells out and we dont. It wasn’t so long ago this place sold out with the best of them. And there weren’t any issues like transportation or the weather. I’m tired of everyone reaching for excuses. Man up

  23. IMHO... Says:

    @ nick
    Tha owners shoulda at least maned up and purchased tha rest of tha tickets 2 4 this game and avoid tha blackout. Good PR move along with some added fan support would’ve been a win-win for tha owners and fans who can’t afford time or money to buy tickets

  24. safety Says:

    If you’d like to see fan overconfidence, take a look at prideofdetroit.com, where they have written some decent analysis of the Bucs’ offensive and defensive schemes. The fans at that site are grossly overconfident in their team. You can see it in the comments section.
    I am praying for a total smackdown of the Lions.
    Go Bucs!

  25. BamBamBuc Says:

    Detroit sells out because the Lions are just as good (or bad) now as they were 10 years ago. Nothing’s changed, they love their team and are used to high expectations with nothing to show for it. Ok, so we’ll still go out and support them.

    Bucs fans, on the other hand, were treated to a very good team in the late 90’s through our Super Bowl win. Bucs fans are spoiled. Give us Sapp, Alstott, Lynch and perennial playoff appearances or I’m going to stay home. Well, it may take another year or two before Bucs fans get back off the couch and go to the games, they’ll want to be sure they’re contenders a couple years before giving up their big TV and A/C.

  26. McBuc Says:

    Most team fan sites seem crazy with optimism, if you are used to reading most Tampa bay sites. Go read TBO, they have maybe three guys rooting for the Bucs. This site seems to be pretty even leaning a bit more to the half full crowd. Bucs fans are just doom and gloom even after a 10 win season.

    Nick…Transportation is not an excuse. It is a fact. I just went to Chicago to see a Cubs game. That place was rocking, and let me tell you the trains were packed! I never really thought about it until then. They leave the beer flowing one more inning than most parks. The taps are everywhere to boot. Me and my buddies had a few more than we would have if we had to drive from RJ or the trop to Tarpon Springs. This area lacks in public transportation. I think the real reason is the economy and fareweathered fans. All those packer, Jets, Giants, Bears, etc fans running around here were ucs fans when times were good. They need another year to gget back on the wagon I guess.

  27. McBuc Says:

    Oh, Rigley Field is right in the middle of a great party section of town too, so everyone went out in the streets and had a great time. Niether of our sites have that.

    Now, Chicago is a huge market. The new Soldier Field looks awesome too.

  28. McBuc Says:

    Good post BamBam, spot on. Nicer than my fareweather stance too, but kind of the same thing.

  29. adamant Says:

    @apple roof cleaning: City of Tampa population: 335,000. Tampa Metro Area population 2.7 million. City of Detroit population: 714,000. Detroit Metro Area population 4.3 million. So yes, I would say there is a correllation. Plus, as others have pointed out, tradition and history play large roles as well as the transient population. Winning will also bring ’em back. Go Bucs!

  30. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t care who goes to the game and who doesn’t. I know I’ll be there.

    So Coach Rah, we got your back bro, even if it pours rain.