Mark Dominik Talks Running Backs

September 8th, 2011

In this ProFootballTalk video, Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik talks about the Bucs rushing attack and in doing so, decides to scare opposing defensive coordinators by throwing out Kregg Lumpkin’s name.

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14 Responses to “Mark Dominik Talks Running Backs”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Perhaps Mark Dominick should be more concerned with changing the offensive line coach of a 10 win team with a 1000 yard rusher ? So far, our running game has been non existent.
    Tampa can not win w/o a running game. As far as Mark liking Lumpkin, perhaps he has film of him showing what he can do ? So far, he has not shown that talent in Tampa. In fact, Madu really impressed me vs the Redskins. I know it is only preseason …..

  2. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Apple I’m not sure how much worse the Bucs OL can play compared to last year. They would have to try to be even worse than that.

  3. IMHO... Says:

    we will be a physical running team. We have 2 power backs that weigh 240+ and run 4.5 40’s which is pretty quick 4 RB’s with that much size. If anything Olsen should be calling more play-action and open up tha passing game 2 setup tha run with our big boys finally putting on their pads and putting faces on people

  4. Oahubuc Says:

    Can’t wait to see some of this bottled-up Lumpkin magic that we’ve been hiding so well. How brilliant to have him suck out loud against backups only to unleash him on the unsuspecting this season!

  5. Architek Says:

    This is nonsense! It’s pissing me off. Lumpkin has been around the NFL for a while and he has no reputation for being an productive player. It bothers me that he keeps trying to sell us on this average player and we aren’t buying it. He has being throwing this player name around since last year and frankly someone is going to have to answer for this mess if our ground game suffers if Blount gets hurt. (Not wishing that) Also I the biggest supporter of the front but I’m not feeling Lumpkin.

  6. MikeBucFan Says:

    Yeah you won’t see me say too many negative things about the coaching, because frankly there aren’t many tangible negatives to say. But they are making a mistake here. Caddy should have been kept on the team. There was absolutely no point in letting him go. Everybody on the team liked him, he had solid hands out of the backfield, could block and could still run the ball with limited carries. He is 100% better in every aspect compared to Lumpkin (god that name is insanely stupid sounding) and Bradford. Earnest is good I suppose, but he doesn’t really do anything better than Caddy.
    If Blount goes down I really fear for this offense.

  7. MikeBucFan Says:

    and @ OahuBuc, lol

  8. Architek Says:

    As a matter of fact I’m not done here. You mean to tell me that our front office preaches that don’t overpay for other team castoff’s but what the hell is Lumpkin!! You mean to tell me Ronnie Brown or any other RB FA with a good resume could not earn a decent salary to come and help us? BS and I hope Lumpkin proves me wrong but he looked like poo in preseason. Slow and inexperienced. I don’t care if my name isn’t Brian Billick or Peter King, I know when someone is garbage and Dominik is gambling with our season.

  9. Dan Says:

    not gonna lie, i hope he ends up laughing in all our faces.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    While I agree with the general sentiment here, there is one thing I try to remember. As long as this team continued to win and improve, then Dominick is the genius we all want him to be! He’s been right so often, that I’m gonna trust him on this one. Buuut, that only holds true if we we keep winning and proving. I wanted to see some imported talent around here- it didn’t happen. But if Mark can keep winning- then I’ll admit that hes a genius, and will stop second guessing the guy.

    But personally, I sure question some of the decisions made this year. Hopefully he’s stillaling the right ones!

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mauha Deeb- agree. The line that ended last year did really goodbotj Caddy and Blount averaging over 5 yds, Freeman’s QB rating really high.!

    But the line that started the first 8 games was Bad. The backs averaging 2.3 yds per carry, Freeman scrambling all the time. .

    Hope Pat Morris can get the starters to play better

  12. Bobby Says:

    I had to turn it off, could not listen to more of the same crap, Lumpkin is not the answer, anyone with have a brain can see that Graham is a better option, hits the hole hard, runs his tail off and all you do is try to stuff this crap down our throat. Say what you want, this is why Tampa continues to not trust you and this regime.

  13. RastaMon Says:

    put the money where your mouth is GM…
    the only running threat is Blount…based on recent history…hit the WAY BACK film library….and Mr.GM how much are you paying this workhorse…I don’t want to throw up in my mouth…I am saving that for the Prez speech tonight….listen up !…
    everybody but the locals understand Exactly how much the BUC’s have budgeted towards a running game which is comparable to what the 2 Don’s did in the late 70’s and early 80’s…Miami and San Diego….lots of fluff and nothing for the shelf
    Football has Always been about running the football and stopping the opponent from running the football….all else is Fantasy Football…
    the Bucs running game cannot take us to the Promised Land

  14. Patrick Says:

    “decides to scare opposing defensive coordinators by throwing out Kregg Lumpkin’s name.”

    This is really becoming a joke! If we’re not even going to use Graham over Lumpkin, why the hell didn’t we just cut him instead of Caddy?!?! He was a pretty damn good running back a few years ago when he got the carries. But now I just think he’s a waste of a roster spot the way they don’t use him for what he’s best at.