Josh Freeman Lobbies For Rudy Carpenter

September 1st, 2011

If any Bucs fans stayed up through the fourth quarter of the telecast on WTSP-TV Channel 10, they all but heard Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik pretty much rule out the Bucs keeping three quarterbacks on the active roster.

That didn’t stop Josh Freeman from lobbying for Carpenter to remain with the Bucs.

“First of all, Rudy is a great person,” Freeman said. “In the quarterback room, we all love Rudy. As far as a [being a] quarterback [goes], Rudy is a competitor. These coaches do a great job of bringing in guys that have a passion for winning the games and [who] play well. You saw it last week: Rudy goes out and wins the game. Rudy is a tough guy, a smart guy and we just love having him around.”

Given a chance to pimp himself on the Bucs radio network after the game, Carpenter declined, only speaking of team first.

“I think in games like this you just have to come out and battle and some good things will happen and some bad things will happen and you just hope you put your team in position to win,” Carpenter said.

9 Responses to “Josh Freeman Lobbies For Rudy Carpenter”

  1. CalicoJack Says:

    The ABBA star sang “So Long” ???

  2. Joe Says:


    The ABBA star sang “So Long” ???

    Not sure but your ABBA references are done. 🙂

    (Just about any other musical group would have sufficed but that tripe.)

  3. jlynch Says:

    Why dont they trade that useless josh johnson for a real linebacker or right tackle. He remionds me of jeff garcia every pass play running for his life throwing on the run. Its a different offense with him under center .

  4. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Carpenter looked good again. He seems to be a solid back up. He looks like a typical back up. Carpenter doesn’t look like he will lose games but he doesn’t look like he will be the driving force in a win.
    All in all I’d keep him on the roster. He is safer than Johnson, but if you have the right guy calling the plays, Johnson could blow up. Carpenter will not blow up. Ever.

  5. Rob Holiday Says:

    This was the first time I really watched Carpenter play. I noticed he has a ‘Tebow’ throwing motion. Instead of keeping the ball high at shoulder height, he swings the ball down towards his hips before bringing it up to throw it. Not Good! I noticed his throwing motion was too long and made him a split second late on some passes. I would be surprised if he makes the team again this year.

  6. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    In all seriousness… I can’t remember a Bucs QBing group looking so aweful in preseason. Even Gradkowski, Simms, Griese (sp), et al would light it up in preseason. But Carpenter just can’t seem to do this against 4th stringers. Carpenter IS NOT an NFL caliber QB. Period.

    Its no wonder Josh Freeman wants him to be his career bakup 🙂 the guy is terrible.

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    Crompton looked pretty good and he’s bigger and stronger than Rudy….worth watching.

  8. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @TampaBay Did you watch the game at all? Carpenter played well. WTF were you watching?
    I think you griped about Carpenter last week too. What are you seeing that no one else is?

  9. Karl Says:

    I didnt think Freeman really was pulling for Carpenter,,He was asked his opinion of Carpenter,Im sure Freeman wouldnt mind him staying but personaly I think Crompton could be better in the long run.I would rather see the roster spot used somewhere else on the team because there are more valuable players than Carpenter and one of them will be cut if Carpenter stays.