Joe’s Postgame Coverage

September 11th, 2011

For those relatively new to (and Joe knows there are loads of you), Joe takes great pride in his postgame coverage.

Joe is sitting with media types at the Bucs-Lions game and will be rapid-firing out commentary, quotes and more after the game and through the night (maybe even during the game if there’s something hot). Joe will will be in the locker room, in addition to monitoring the Buccaneers Radio Network, local mainstream media, Buccaneers news conferences, Detroit media and more.

Joe can promise you won’t find more or faster postgame coverage.

Go Bucs!

2 Responses to “Joe’s Postgame Coverage”

  1. Patrick Says:


    Will you continue your live chats during the football games?

  2. Joe Says:


    Not today. Those are a severe pain in the neck. Maybe later in the year. But there is an open thread for fans to use for the game.