Freeman Still Struggling — For Freeman

September 25th, 2011

Three games into the season it’s clear Josh Freeman isn’t the same near-perfect quarterback he was last year.

Maybe it was too much too expect of Freeman to repeat the six-interception season he turned in for 2010, but Freeman’s now sitting with four interceptions and some poor decision-making over the first three games of 2011. Freeman’s opening-drive pick today was horribly ugly, thrown too low and too short into traffic in the back of the end zone. For Joe, his penalty for near the endzone for throwing beyond the line of scrimmage was indicative of his head just not being as sharp as Bucs have come to expect.

“That’s what the quarterback did today. He found a way to win without playing great football,” Raheem Morris said after the game. Freeman finished 22-for-32 for 180 yards and two interceptions.

Don’t get Joe wrong. Freeman is a great player, and there’s no reason not to expect greatness from the guy. Frankly, Joe’s impressed that the Bucs beat down the Falcons without heroics from No. 5.

Whatever it is with Freeman, Joe’s still confident he’ll shrug it off and get back to his 2010 form.

7 Responses to “Freeman Still Struggling — For Freeman”

  1. SRQBucFan Says:

    Freeman is a star bottom line. The only thing i can think that is happening are a combination of things. 1. He is playing against A LOT better defenses then he did last year. 2. There is no more surprise element to him or the receivers. After a break out year last year. EVERYONE is doing there homework to try and stop him. 3 I think maybe he is a little OVER confident. He is taking way more chances did he did last year. Which like any other gamble, can turn out HUGE or really bad. I see him hold on to the ball a bit longer then he should on a good number of plays, trying to force a big play instead of doing a quick pass for a couple yards. Once he gets his groove back he will be fine. Right now he is testing his talent around him to see what he can get away with and what he can’t.

  2. SRQBucFan Says:

    Also what ever changes they have done with Williams i think is back firing. Just like Blount. Williams is a GAME CHANGER and needs to see the ball a bit more. I would like to see him on more Slant and dig routes. Allow him to catch the ball and make something happen after the catch.

    It’s like we have it back words from what was working last year. Get Williams on Quick passes and let Benn stretch the field. He was making some great sideline catches ad seems more up to it. As Williams like to make people miss with his quickness. I also think we need to get Stroughter back or see more Briscoe. I like Parker alot, but he drops alot of passes too.

  3. BonesMahoney Says:

    @ SRQBucFan

    Seems to me Freeman isn’t taking enough chances. There are way too many checkdowns to Graham and receivers running shallow crossing routes. So many times he will have a guy open deeper but he checks down. His decision making has been real poor so far this year. I know he will turn around though, I just hope it is soon…

  4. tj Says:

    Agree I am worried he should have around 8 ints . And mike Williams is not bring as productive maybe the lockout hurt them don’t know

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    At Kansas, They said Freeman was a workaholic. Two offseasons ago, Josh was a constant fixture at One Buc Place. This off season, they locked him out, and his game is off. I think Josh builds his confidence based on research and hard work. It’s becoming very apparent that the asinine lockout has affected Josh More than most. Meybe he’ll spend our off week in the film room, and regain his edge. .

  6. stimpy Says:

    @Capt Tim

    Agreed. last two years Freeman was in OBP studying and throwing to his receivers. That didnt happen this years and it seems to be showing.

    OTOH. He still played plays with his legs.

    That helmet to helmet hit on him really pissed me off though.

  7. Patrick Says:

    It happens Brady had 4 ints in 1 game this week