Detroit’s Not Buying The Bucs

September 4th, 2011

Sniffing around the Detroit area newspapers, Joe found season predictions from four Lions columnists and beat writers at the Detriot Free Press.

Not a one picks the Bucs to make the playoffs.

Joe’s read a lot of predictions across the country, and it seems the pundits are united on the Bucs being an emerging, exciting young team. But few, if any, are buying that the Bucs are ready to step forward in the wins column. Joe suspects Raheem Morris is elated that the media are non-believers when it comes to the Bucs’ goal of winning the NFC South.

Joe doesn’t care either way, but it’s always interesting to hear what is being said about the team around the country.

For those seeking an uplifiting moment, Lions beat writer Dave Birkett is on record writing that the Bucs will beat the Lions on opening day. And Chucky thinks the Lions will win six or less all season, so he blabbered on BSPN this week.

24 Responses to “Detroit’s Not Buying The Bucs”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    great game to buy tickets to….

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I wonder how many Tampa writers are predicting a Lions win…knowing the media here…probably several.

  3. FlBoy84 Says:

    It’s a pretty evenly matched game, so predicting a winner is going to be tough. Could go either way. Both teams are up and coming and have some dynamic players. Should be a fun game.

  4. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    If not for the home opener lift, I would strongly favor the Lions. Instead, the bucs will likely win by a field-goal or less – assuming the OLine can keep Suh from ending Freemsn’s season. The number 1 goal for the bucs must be: protect Freeman at all costs. A beast is coming for him.

    Now, for the Lie-downs, they should throw it 35plus times (targeting 81 12 times and Pettigrew 8)and they should not be concerned in
    the least about pressure on Stafford –
    especially when GMC is in the game.

    The Lions are terrible on offense in the running game and I expect the bucs to do okay up front in that aspect. But this will not be a true run defense test.

    I think that the bucs will need around 30 to win the game. The way they will lose if they get outslugged in a shootout or Suh takes ove the game.

    Isnt it disappointing how opposing teams are concerned about Suh hitting ball carriers too hard and while we are just dying for GMC to show up on a stat sheet? We have been relegated to thinking of subjective new stats (disruptions, pressures) to make him relevant. Ira Kauffman even said that he is tired of this disruptive-spin, Mccoy needs to produce.

  5. Brandon Says:

    THe Lions are an up-and-coming team. Their weaknesses are on the OLine, RB group, and defensive backfield. I expect them to stay in contention for the playoffs all season. This Lions team is better than the one that we got robbed against last season… but this Bucs team is a lot better. The DL is active and stout, the DBs are healthy and here, the offense would be fine if it were the same. We’ll do enough to win.

    Who cares what sportswriters think? Most were predicting 2 wins for the Bucs last season despite not spening more than two minutes looking over the Bucs roster and improvements made. Sportswriters are lazy and have no foresight when it comes to forecasting.. they stick with the status quo despite logic saying that nothing remains the same. The Bucs have improved again. Super young and talented teams don’t have big dropoffs the following year, they improve and become a better team. I actually prefer that they don’t have big believers in the media or NFL fans. The us-against-the-world mentality worked wonders last season and will only serve as more fuel this season. Some Bucs might wonder (if they care) what they have to do to get respect after their coming out party last season. The answer is simple: Just kick some ass!

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    my prediction, thomas will be betting against the bucs the entire season. there is no possible way that you really consider yourself a fan, do you? get some counseling dude instead of waisting your time here.

  7. Jared Says:


    I’m used to listening to Thomas trash the Bucs, but his post your referring to wasn’t really a blast on them. He was just stating the obvious. The only thing that scares me in Detroit is that D-Line and a healthy Stafford to Johnson combo. If we can protect Free and Talib can stay on Johnson (Which I hope his hammy is good for when the game flys), we should be fine. I expect a good close game

  8. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Apparently gotbucs cant read- I predicted the bucx to win a close high scoring game.

  9. nick Says:

    Tommyboy, Last year- Suh- 2 tackles 1 assist against many of the backup o-lineman

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    2 things here, the Bucs shouldn’t underestimate the Lions, and the Lions shouldn’t discount the Bucs. This should make for a very nasty game on both sides in the trenches. If I had to give an edge, it would be to the Bucs with Ronde Barber. The Bucs D line should get good pressure but I predict Ronde will tear up both Stafford and their running back with vicious hits coming off the edge. This may be Ronde’s best season ever. Just a hunch.

  11. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Little tommy no brains- If you think the vastly overrated Suh, or any other lineman is going to end Freemans season your wrong. Stafford is the QB who gets hurt when you look at him wrong.

    oh and here is more for you to enjoy from pro football focus. Im sure you will discount it only because you are so desperate for McCoy to fail, the Bucs to 0-16 and Morris lose his job.

    The Real McCoy

    If there’s one piece of information we would like all of you to remember, it’s that Ndamukong Suh wasn’t the only defensive tackle drafted in 2010. The Bucs picked up Gerald McCoy with the third overall pick, and although his numbers weren’t as flashy, in some respects he was even more impressive than Suh. McCoy displayed the kind of physical ability that you’d expect to see out of a high draft pick, and while he wasn’t a star against the run, he didn’t display the typical rookie tendencies that you would expect from a first-year player. Furthermore, he had our tenth highest grade of all pass rushing defensive tackles, finishing in the top 20 out of all defensive tackles and 3-4 defensive ends in our pass rushing productivity rating.

  12. Eric Says:

    The “blabberer” is correct, Lions are the same ole lions.

  13. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Hey Becklesheartsruud, next time you address me, use better support. Pro Football Focus was discredited after their subjectively strange analysis methods caused them to rank Tom Brady at qb statistically. Look it up. Since their strange conclusions often reverse good and bad players, thid probably supports the opinion of most experts- gmc has sucked.

  14. Eric Says:

    You know if memory serves me correct the last time the bucs opened the season at home vs Detroit Mr. Leroy Selmon returned a fumble for a touchdown and the bucs won.

    I think that was a saturday night game back when the NFL let the bucs open with a night game to avoid the heat. 79 or 78.

    Might also have been when Doug threw a touchdown from the seated postion.

  15. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    To correct a mistake: the notorious PFF article had Brady ranked as 33rd best player not qb.

  16. loweredexpectations Says:

    wow, thomas is legendary on this board to the point it has gotten very annoying. it’s quite hilarious the attention most of you give to him. you do all know that’s what feeds the beast, correct? i hope most of you DO NOT have children.

    i’ve read through all the posts and find his (thomas) to be the most accurate when discussing this game, while all the rest just seem to bash him and blindly prop up the bucs.

    he’s clearly in your head guys…

  17. fwnegele Says:

    I will be the first to admit that the Lions came in and kicked our butt’s last year bad and in our house no less! I’m glad I watched it in Michigan and not have paid to be able to see it. Man, coming into that game even us cynical fans were starting to drink our own kool-aid and we were looking for that signature win of the season. Nope, Detroit came in and we had a battle of the backups and they beat us back down to earth. That game ignited the core of Detroits team and they guys finished the season strong to feel good going into this season. We went on a two game tear through a pair of playoff teams doing it in dominate fashion in hopes to catch the wild card in a division that already had two playoff teams. You know the last game I went too was Bucs Packers in 2009. Bucs had won 2 games that year and the packers were a young team gettin’ tha swagga chasing a playoff spot. Then we brought them back down to earth. My point is, Lions fans, I know where you are right now! It feels good doesn’t it? Soak it in because you have a winning season in front of you! But for you guys it does not start till week 2 because like the 2010 Packers, we are another young up and coming team that will take the oppurtunity this year to show the nation that the youngry guys down here in the Bay are here to stay for awhile. Bucs nation, its time to UNITE!

  18. gotbbucs Says:

    yep thomas, you predicted a close win, which i know pained you to post. you then spent the remainder of your post slobering all over suh’s knob.

  19. BamBamBuc Says:

    Some people pay no attention to what happens in the NFL and other teams. Stafford can be a decent QB, but nobody knows because he can never stay healthy. Why can’t he stay healthy? Because he has two turnstiles for OTs that constantly get him killed. Funny thing is, that hasn’t changed this year. In fact, it may be worse. Their “top” 3 tackles have all suffered injury. Backus was on the PUP list, Cherilus had micro-fracture surgery, and Fox has been dealing with a foot injury. To say that Stafford has nothing to worry about from our pass rush is ridiculous. I think Gaines Adams (RIP) could put pressure on Stafford against those tackles. Combine that with no run game (and Leshoure in IR, so no help there), and it could get nasty.

    Then turn it around. We all know Freeman has no O-line either. Yet he doesn’t have injury problems, he is extremely talented at escaping the pocket and making something out of nothing. Suh’s worst trait last year was run defense, and we actually have a guy that can run the ball. The Lions did basically nothing to upgrade the DBs (they brought in Eric Wright from the Browns, which actually is probably an upgrade compared the the complete lack of talent they had back there).

    In all, the Lions are really over-rated. Or at least over-hyped. They’re not really “up and coming”, as they’re the oldest team in the NFL (on average). Stafford has done absolutely nothing so far in his career (which is based on two years of significant injury, not just a rookie year and consider him a bust like some around here).

    Also, anyone that considers sack total as the sign of a good defensive team…. of the teams that had 40+ sacks last year (9 of them) the list includes both Super Bowl teams, but also includes many non-playoff teams such as the Chargers, Raiders, Giants, Lions, Rams and Titans. To compare the Lions and Bucs last year, the Bucs allowed a opp QB rating of only 77.6, while the Lions fierce pass rush allowed a QB rating of 89.2.

    I could go on, but don’t believe there should be this much hype over an opponent that has done absolutely nothing, including not having a winning record since the 9-7 Lions of 2000.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    BamBamBuc, as always, you’re on the money. I salute you.

    I also disagree with the post that says the Lions beat down the Bucs. A bad pass interference call that the NFL even admitted was bogus cost the Bucs the game. That is a fact and if not for that single horrendously blown call, the Bucs would have made the playoffs and the Packers would have most likely stayed home. The Bucs had numerous game changing calls go against them last season and another was Grimes’ interception on Freeman at the end of the ATL game when slow motion revealed the ball hit the ground. The Bucs were a better team than the record reflected and I hope they can at least duplicate that effort. The defensive line is clearly better than it has been in years and could very soon be a topic of discussion on the NFl channel.

  21. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Thomas- Pro Football Focus might be discredited in your eyes but not everyone’s whereas you on the other hand discredited yourself to every other poster on here pretty much every single time you post. Face it. GMC could have a pro-bowl year and you will still be on here calling him a bust. The guys at PFF chart what every player does(including of course McCoy) on ever single play of every game. They have no reason to be biased and pump McCoy up. They simply see the obvious talent McCoy has because they actually watch the man play instead of just looking at a stat line. Go ahead and enjoy continuing to hate all of your own teams players just because of your ridiculous Raheem hate.

  22. bucfever4o Says:

    Look, EVERYTIME we play Detroit, especially at home, it’s always a dogfight, they could’ve easily beat us in their 0-16 year, last year we were in it because of Freeman, his pass to Winslow was gorgeous and called back, which I knew would be a dagger, and it was. I think this year we have a much improved defense, and if they step up next week and Freeman plays just as stout, then we have a good chance, but Detroit is TOUGH and not to be underestimated one bit, we either strap on the boots and get after Stafford on D, or it’s going to be a long afternoon. I say the Bucs come to play and win by 3!

  23. Brandon Says:

    The Lions are an up-and-coming team. Though their average age may not be ideal, they have a young nucleus of stars and potential stars that will be the main pieces for years to come. WR Calvin Johnson is one of the best in the NFL. Matt Stafford has loads of talent and ability if he can only stay healthy. They have a young stable of RBs (Best, Leshoure) that have had their own problems staying healthy. Defensively, Suh, Fairley, and Cliff Avril lead a talented, and mostly young, d-line. The LBs aren’t bad either. Deandre Levy and Stephen Tulloch are very good and at safety, Louis Delmas has star potential. Yes, the rest of the team around these players is still not very good, or young, but even the laziest NFL fan has to admit, that their young players are an impressive group. That’s why I think they will be a single digit loss team this season. The Lions will contend for the playoffs until late in the season.

    Luckily for the Bucs, the Lions still have a subpar Oline, CBs, and their RBs still haven’t proven anything the NFL level. Blount ran for 7.3 ypg against the LIons last season with 110 total and a TD while Mike Williams went for 96 and a score. If we can give Free some time, I think our young WRs can exploit the Lion secondary.

  24. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Detroit has not tasted defeat in 8 games. They creamed the Patriots, who creamed us. If our O Line don’t play better then it has for most of the preseason, and we don’t open holes for Blount to run through, it is gonna be a long day for us Tampa fans.