Cody Grimm Talks Defense

September 11th, 2011

Bucs safety Cody Grimm shared candid takes with Joe for a few minutes after the Bucs-Lions game. Grimm talked about what went wrong, slow starts, his health, and more. Can you offer perspective on what wasn’t working today on defense or what the Lions were doing well?

Cody Grimm: They were just doing a good job, you know, taking what we gave them. Stafford was doing a good job making the short reads and checking the ball down and they were just slowly kind of just chipping away at us on defense. And then when we had the opportunity to make some plays we didn’t make them. We had a couple of missed tackles. We just didn’t execute to tell you the truth.

Joe: Raheem Morris has said starting fast was a key for the Bucs. Was that a major focus coming in today?

Grimm: Definitely. We didn’t start fast in most preseason games either. I’m sure that will be a major point this week. We’ve got to come out of the gates faster.

Joe: Coming off the injury last year, did you feel 100 percent coming in today? Also, you didn’t have your trademark crushing hits and weren’t in the box as much today. Was that just how the game went for you?

Grimm: I felt good out there. I didn’t have very many opportunities to tell you the truth. We were not in the box very much. We were mostly helping out with Calvin [Johnson] and stuff like that. So I felt good, but we didn’t execute when we had to and came out slow.

Joe: How much did helping on Johnson take away from the run defense?

Grimm: It takes away from the run defense a little bit, but I don’t think they ran the ball that very well on us. I don’t know what the yardage was. (Detroit finished with 126 yards on 35 carries, a 3.6 yards per carry average)

10 Responses to “Cody Grimm Talks Defense”

  1. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I would much rather have seen the Bucs take away the short passing game than focus so much on taking away the long stuff. By doing that they would’ve forced the routes to take much longer to develop, giving Clayborn, Bennett & Bowers time to actually pressure Stafford. Teams all preseason were killing us with short stuff in the middle of the field, partly because we focused too much on helping out on the back end. This needs to be corrected ASAP or it will be the downfall this season.

  2. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    And use Blount, dammit!!! Stop trying to be so tricky and keep him out just because teams know he’s coming. So what they know he’s coming! You have to use your best players no matter what! Olson really pisses me off sometimes in trying to be so tricky that he out thinks himself to the detriment of the team. Get it together!

  3. ty Says:

    @ fl boy well they wouldnt know blount was coming if they didnt only put him on the field to give him the ball

  4. ty Says:

    joe, when tjack comes back wich safety do you think comes out grimm or jones or neither cause i think we need him

  5. Dan Says:

    Calvin Johnsons big touchdown that ive seen people blaming on Aquib, was sean jones’s fault. he bit on the pump fake and let as a result was out of position to make a play that he was supposed to have covered over the top

  6. d clark Says:

    Sean Jones sucked today real bad. I cant wait for tanard to come back. Move grimm to ss and let tanrd take his spot and jones can rotate hes not a starter he shouldve had at least 2 picks today that he dropped.

  7. Jorge Says:

    I know Calvin Johnson is a straight up PROBLEM…but to completely wiff on that damn draw almost EVERY time was one of the most frustrating aspects of the game

  8. m.wesley Says:

    I didnt see Grimm at all today,what was his stats

  9. Dan Says:


  10. Dan Says:

    sorry i missed his one tackle. that was his only stat