Bucs Got Hosed Against Lions (Again)

September 12th, 2011

There was a play where the Lions should have had a defensive interference call on the goal line that would have given the Bucs a first-and-goal Sunday.

Joe was furious, not only because of the no-call, but because it reminded Joe last year how the Bucs had a touchdown pulled off the scoreboard because Kellen Winslow was whistled for offensive interference. It was such a horrible call that the NFL apologized (the play cost the Bucs the playoffs).

Well, the zebras were at it again yesterday and to Joe’s knowledge, few if anyone noticed this and it turned out to be huge.

For some reason, the embed codes on a FoxSports.com video are not working. So Joe strongly suggests you click on this link and let former NFL Vice President of Officiating and current Fox Sports analyst Mike Mike Pereira explain how a blown call in the Lions-Bucs game could have meant a 14-point swing in favor of the Bucs.

39 Responses to “Bucs Got Hosed Against Lions (Again)”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’m confused, the play Pereira explains is NOT a defensive pass interference call.

    I think you’re referring to the mugging later in the game, while Pereira is explaining a non-call for showboating.

  2. jvato24 Says:

    Yeah .. Lame Call .. How about an article saying

    “4th and 1, 6’6 QB 255 LBS .. And we go Shotgun .. then run a draw??” Really ??? Does Olson not remember when Freeman went Christian Okoye on some team last year near the Goal .. WTF man ?!

    Why not let Blount show he can do this and make a statement to himself and his team that he can run short yardage .. LGB is the lightning rod for the stadium and this team .. and he gets 5 touches .. Guess MD wasnt kidding

  3. mpmalloy Says:

    It’s like the league want sto show that if they hate a particular city
    then they can break all of the ‘rules’ on a whim if they feel like it.

    Yeah…..there seems to be an epidemic of bad calls against the Bucs.
    I think it’s part of a larger premeditated conspiracy.

    Flame away, ladies…

  4. buc40 Says:

    Need to stop with the excuses. Poor play calling and poor execution, thats it plain and simple. Stop blaming the refs, sure they didnt help but they are not the reason today.

  5. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @buc40 How is pointing out a fault by the refs an excuse? It isn’t an excuse, it’s an observation. No one is blaming the refs for the loos.

  6. buc40 Says:

    @mauha deeb… You can look at it both ways

  7. stevek Says:

    We looked Turrible out there. Fans should write a letter thanking the NFL for the blackout because that was just awful.

    The only thing worth seeing was Mike Williams disgusting TD Grab, WOW!

  8. Mauha Deeb Says:

    buc40 Nothing in the article attributes Yesterday’s loss to the refs. Nothing at all. You are making things up in your own head and projecting them onto the article.

  9. mike Says:

    we got hosed?????? We should have lost by 3 touchdowns! We were dominated!

  10. Dan Says:

    meh the pass interference call that wasnt thrown, we still got three from it, we lost by 7… how, Joe, is that why we lost?

  11. Dan Says:

    unless your suggesting we would have gone for 2 on our last touchdown, requiring only a feild goal on our last drive

  12. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Dan, there is a reason he wrote “Click on this link”. Until you have, you don’t know what you are commenting on as you do not understand what the post is about.
    Next time read the entire article before commenting blindly.

  13. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Stop the excuses, its sad. After 3 quarters the bucs were outgained 400 yards to 100 yards, and the td was a fluke gift from stafford.

  14. Alex Says:


    Did you even watch this video before you posted it? It would have given the Lions the ball at the 10 versus the 20…how does that get you to the 14 point swing?

  15. Joe Says:


    Pereria himself said had the flag been thrown for taunting, it would have been offsetting penalties. Instead, the Lions got the ball and scored on an 80-yard drive.

    Eh, who knows what happens if the Bucs score on that drive the way Stafford carved up the Bucs secondary?

  16. jb Says:

    Why is NO ONE talking about the Horrid play of our $80 million offensive line?
    Just curious, Do they get a free pass simply because they’re so incredibly overpaid or what?

  17. Joe Says:


    You mean the same offensive line that nullified Ndamukong Suh? Joe will have a post about that later.

  18. Dan Says:

    @Mauha, thanks for the clarifcation

    well then there were 11 points that the refs took from us not just the four i saw

  19. jb Says:

    Joe, what about all those 3rd & ones where they couldn’t gain a foot or the 4th and 1 where they got stuffed? Were there 4 D lineman named Suh playing for the Lions Sunday? C’mon! I KNEW people were going to make excuses for them! They were one of the big reasons we had the defense out there most of the game! Talk about a waste of $80 million!

  20. Joke Says:

    “14-point swing” seems like a pretty heavy exaggeration. The no-call wsa the difference between us having the ball 1st & 10 at the Det 47 vs. Detroit having the ball 1st&10 at the Det 20.

    Maybe that cost us points — maybe we would’ve driven and gotten a FG or TD. But if we did score, there’s no reason to think Det wouldn’t have gone 80 yards and gotten their TD after we kicked off.

  21. Joe Says:


    Joe, what about all those 3rd & ones where they couldn’t gain a foot or the 4th and 1 where they got stuffed? Were there 4 D lineman named Suh playing for the Lions Sunday?

    Joe thought Allen Bradford was drafted specifically for those situations. Yet he was inactive yesterday. Odd.

  22. Joe Says:

    Agreed Joke. Lot of connecting the dots there. Who knows what would have happened? Fun debate though! 🙂

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, I was at the game and every Buc fan in the stadium was booing that no-call by the incompetent refs. There was another play later on that the Lion’s CB ran our receiver out of bounds while the pass was in the air. The oficial was right on top of it (same one that didn’t call PI earlier) and still no call, not even illegal contact. We have started off the season with the same old $h!t and the guy should be fired. The Bucs still played like crap but it would have made the game more interesting and at least FAIR.

  24. flmike Says:

    No excuses, but we can all see who the “League’s” team is this year. I personally counted 10 uncalled blatant holding penalties on the Lions Oline in the first half alone, I quit counting after the first two uncalled ones in the 3rd.

  25. Jimmie D Says:

    At least we are still tied for first!

  26. Jimmie D Says:

    …in the division!

  27. Traew Says:


    This is just a completely wrong analysis.

    After the interception, the play is over and possession has changed. Anything that happens after the ball is dead impacts Detroits new field position – which in this case is 1st and 10 at the 20.

    So this taunting would simply be a half the distance to the goal penalty, and Detroit would have taken over 1st and 10 at its own 10.

    This idea that it would be offsetting penalties is ridiculously wrong. That would only occur if the Detroit foul happened while the play was still live.

    I mean – using this logic….. You could have the same interception – Detroit takes over on its 20, we go to commercial break, we come back, and before Detroit can snap the ball Coach Morris calls the refs an offensive name and we have unsportsmanlike conduct. Does that mean its off-setting penalties from the previous play and we go back to giving Tampa the ball??

    Of course not. It is a dead ball.

  28. Traew Says:

    Sorry, that should read “the Detroit coach calls the refs an offensive name and we have unsportsmanlike conduct”

  29. KenBelk Says:

    I think that Traew is correct here. I have a hard time disagreeing with Mike Pereira but if I’m not mistaken dead ball fouls are penalized after the result of the play.

    Taunting may be different as a form of a harsher penalty though.

    I intend on looking this up further later. Unless someone has more insight on it.

  30. jb Says:

    Joe, So the $80 Million offensive line had NOTHING to do with our not being able to convert ANY short yardage situations? You just keep making excuses for them while we KEEP LOSING because they couldn’t block Mary Poppins from what I saw yesterday!

  31. Matt Says:

    The offensive line did a decent job in pass protection, but they did an absolutely horrible job in creating running lanes.

  32. jb Says:

    Matt, Is decent pass protection going to win us more than 6 games? When they DID pass protect Josh was right on but they didn’t do it all that often and like you said that was one of the worst exhibitions of run blocking I’ve seen recently. But for some reason Joe won’t explore this. I’d like to know why.

  33. Espo Says:

    It was a terrible call and pissed me off. It reminded me of last year also. It also didn’t lose the game for us. We were beaten at every aspect of the game, asides from special teams. It would be another story if it were a game changer like it was last year.

    Zebras hate pirates.

  34. RastaMon Says:

    Jerry Markbriet…chuckling in his Lazy Boy

  35. Patrick Says:

    F**K the refs!! F*** them!!

    I wish Mike Periera was officiating our games!!

  36. nc0gnet0 Says:

    Oh pul-lease. All this no-call, bad ref’s. everyone is out to get us is the sign of a bunch of B$. What if this and What if that etc etc. The bucs were totally and utterly dominated. And shame on you Joe for dredging up the bad calls and failing to mention the no-calls on Mike Williams for pushing off on the defender to create seperation. It was shown on two seperate occasions on TV. YOu can’t have it both ways.

    And all this talk about Suh getting handled……how is he supposed to get a sack when he is sitting on the bench eating popcorn watching Matt Stafford playing catch with his recievers for 25 minutes in the first half?

  37. Johnnie Says:

    As to the O line issues mentioned above. I have to agree…pass blocking A-, run blocking F. Anyone remember how the run game started off last year? Everyone started talking smack about Caddy’s inability to run or “find a hole”. Then all of a sudden everyone who carried the ball started hitting holes including Caddy. There were NO holes at the begining and there were no holes on sunday. Seems like Caddy may have not been the problem early on last season.

    Things that make you go hmmmmm.

  38. Johnnie Says:

    **There were NO holes at the begining of last season…

  39. KenBelk Says:

    In a tweet response to me, Pereira said the exact opposite of what he says in the video. I called him on it, to no avail yet.


    “The INT counts, but team is penalized 15 yards. RT @kenboehlke: @MikePereira In NFL, if an INT occurs and then a player is flagged for Taunting/Unsportsmanlike Celebration, is the INT nullified?