Bucs at Redskins, Open Thread

September 1st, 2011

Feel free to comment throughout the game as the Redskins host the Bucs in the District.

Caution: Do not post, or try to post the URLs of any pirated Bucs video feeds of the game. Not even using spaces. Any and all persons who violate this rule will be subject to immediate banishment without warning. You may email URLs between yourselves but they are not to be posted on this site. They are illegal feeds and Joe does not need the hassle of getting a knock on his door from FBI agents in the middle of the night.

Thank you.

25 Responses to “Bucs at Redskins, Open Thread”

  1. Brian "Blubber" Price Says:

    It’s an away game…why would we need pirated feeds.

    Speaking of feeds, I’m hungry again. Time to go eat….

  2. Joe Says:


    It’s an away game…why would we need pirated feeds.

    Not all of Joe’s readers live in the Tampa Bay area.

  3. Patrick Says:

    I don’t even search the internet for live streams anymore. Not worth going to some weird website and screwing up your computer with some virus. I try to make it to a restaurant/bar for a Bucs game as many times as I can.

  4. btown bucs fan Says:

    elbert mack with the strong play so far only one mess up i seen

  5. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    John McCargo has looked nice so far. He’s looked better than either Price or Al Woods.

  6. espo Says:

    I’m glad those losers have so many starters in the game. Its good practice for our bench players.

  7. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Im watching all the plays over multiple times with this NFL.com preseason live thing and McCargo has been getting a lot of penetration which is impressive considering the Redskins have started the game with their 1st string o-line. Brian Price on the other hand… does indeed look like a mound of blubber out there. Its become apparent that Price still has a LONG way to go to become effective again. Al Woods is invisible.

  8. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Alex Magee got some reps at 3 technique. Did nothing.

  9. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    Keep McCargo and of course Okam.

  10. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    what a waste of time…..I’m moving to the Wisconsin game

  11. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    The defensive line is actually playing well tonight.

  12. Hector Says:

    The defense is getting killed with the bootlegs!!!!

  13. RealTalk Says:

    simone lawrence is playing like he wants to make this team

  14. espo Says:

    Joe, earlier I laughed when you suggested we keep 2 QBs on the active roster. Now, after watching these guys, I think they’re better fit for bagging groceries.

  15. espo Says:

    I wish Mason Foster was getting these reps.

  16. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    ESPO… agreed. These two QBs tonight should both be axed.

  17. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Do we have a bye bye Preston Parker, hello Ed Gant situation?

  18. buc40 Says:

    Anyone know why josh johnson has not got any reps tonight? I tuned in a bit late but nobody at bar has seen him in

  19. buc40 Says:

    @espo…. they should be bagging groceries but hey, kurt warner used to bag groceries.lol…no such luck here though i would imagine 🙂

  20. RealTalk Says:

    @buc40 josh johnson is probably not playing so teams cant get more film on him and try to sign him this off season when he hits free agency.. i think the bucs don’t want him to ball out and have a team try to pick him up. The bucs are going to try to keep him w

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think they will find a way to keep Gant & Parker both. Gaitor should make the team as well. Myron Lewis may end up on PUP list. Holland looked to have hurt his knee or ankle on the extra point interception tackle. I was most impressed with Crompton in the end. He looked like Matt Cassell out there and the more reps he got the better he played. Some of the young receivers didn’t make plays when they needed to. Still a fun game to watch for the pre-season.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    They say we are keeping 6 receivers: Williams, Benn, Briscoe, Spurlock, Stroughter seem to be locks (I guess Stroughter could be a shock and get cut). From what I saw today, it seems Gant is much more explosive than Parker, but it was against the backups in preseason, so we will see. Lewis appears to be made of glass, which is starting to get a little irritating. It is going to be very interesting to see who’s staying and who’s going.

  23. Jonny Says:

    I will never do the foolish job of giving out urls for illegal streams, since my favorite Bucs blog might be in trouble. But the funny thing is, the stream I watched the skins game, I got the Url from nfl.com gamecenter comments section lol. Hope the FBI are knocking Goodell’s door.

  24. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Hawaiian Buc,

    Notice Spurlock out there at the end of the game?? He would be leaving, not Stroughter. It’ll be either Parker or Spurlock that get let go for Gant if they make that move…

  25. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You could be right, but I don’t see us getting rid of Spurlock (and I really don’t see us getting rid of Stroughter either). He is way too versatile, and he has actually made plays for us when it counted. Not only does he make some pretty big catches, he is also our best punt and kick returner (you know that thing that used to happen before the moved the ball to the 35 and kickers put it in the third row), and even our emergency QB (assuming we get rid of Carpenter, which I think we will). I think it would be dumb to lose all that for a guy that has never caught a TD in the NFL.