Blackout Blues To End On Monday Night?

September 23rd, 2011

"You hear those cheers, Jaws. Those are for me."

Could it be?

Might the Tampa Bay community stain of blacked out Bucs games come to an end in 10 days when the Colts come here to face the Bucs on Monday Night Football?

Rick Stroud, of the St. Pete Times, apparently is hearing that good things are on the horizon, so he Twittered this morning.

@NFL Stroud – With a good week of ticket sales, Bucs Oct. 3 Monday Night Football game vs. the Colts will most likely be a sellout and televised locally
As Joe has written, there’s something dreadfully wrong if a “football town” with a good team can’t sell out a Monday Night Football game early in the NFL season. That might happen here, and Joe expects this will come down to 11th-hour sales. But Team Glazer really would be missing the boat if it didn’t do whatever needs to be done to make sure Monday Night Football is available for the many hundreds of thousands of locals who will sit home and watch it.
Joe’s desperately hoping it gets done by any means.

35 Responses to “Blackout Blues To End On Monday Night?”

  1. Steve from Oregon Says:

    I hate to say it, but if Tampa can’t sellout their first Monday Night Football game in years with an exciting team, perhaps it is time to start hearing real conversations about possibly moving the team.

    Im not from Tampa and Ive read on here about the economy, housing….etc….but at some point that begins to become an excuse and not the reality that the area as a whole isnt supporting the team.

    I’d hate to see it happen, but im getting really sick of watching these games and hearing opposing teams fans drown out our own.

  2. JorGhoti Says:

    @ Steve – Well said mon frere!

    I can’t believe they would blackout a primetime Monday Night Football Game anyways. That one is on the league. They should be ashamed.

  3. justin Says:

    i dont blame the economy every state is going thru bad times but we are the only team each week blacked out i still feel a large number of the bucs fan are just anti glazer and will not give them their hard earned money when they have been this cheap for so long

  4. Amar Says:

    Most Bucs fans are just winers and complainers they’ll find anything to bish about and not support there local team. They really don’t know how good they have it with such a nice stadium and football team, its a shame.

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Pleazzze let it be so! To have a Monday night game blacked out would be so humiliating for an Area I love so much. It would just be another embarrassment that BSPN would harp on for days!!

    I’m still in Virginia- but if I was home, I’d buy a seat Between Thomas and Eric if I had to, Just to help the Cause!

    Besides- we are gonna win that game in a runaway, and the Bucs are gonna get that much needed good press from that game. I want them talking about Freeman, Williams,Benn,Blount, McCoy and Clayborn!

    Not all the empty seats!!

  6. BamBamBuc Says:

    The economy isn’t the sole issue by any means. Sure, the economy hits most everyone, but there are still many people that were minimally affected by the economic downturn. No, not your normal “Joe”, but people that had money still seem to have it. Of course, they say the “wealthy” is only about 1% of the population. That said, according to Wikipedia, the population of the greater Tampa area (to include St. Pete, Clearwater, and other communities nearby) is approximated at about 4 million people. About half of that is between the ages of 18 and 54. One percent of that 2 million is 20,000. If any of those “wealthy” people have kids, that could account for about half the stadium, not including Corporate purchased seats. That would only leave about 30,000 seats or less for the remaining 99% (or 1,980,000 people) to pick up. Seriously, that’s less than two percent of the “non-wealthy” needing to buy tickets. Of course, not all the “wealthy” care about the team and won’t all go. But still, even just 3% of the “non-wealthy” buying tickets would more than sell out the stadium. Unemployment may even be at 15% (probably slightly less), which means that 85% are employed and we only need 3% of that 85% to buy tickets. Just pitiful that we can’t get 3% to buy up seats for a promising young team like this. Even with animosity towards the owners, you’d figure that 3% would go anyway.

  7. Matt Says:

    If the Glazers get within about 5,000 tickets unsold, my guess is they’ll buy them up. Otherwise they’re just biting off their nose to spite their face.

    The exposure this team will get from a Monday night matchup could sell another 500-1000 tickets per game for the rest of the season.

  8. higher278 Says:

    Well Steve in Oregon, maybe you should quit worrying about what is going on in Tampa and pay more attention to your own state and quit trying to tell us what we should spend our money on. According to the Tampa Tribune, the Buccaneers are the fourth most profitable team in the league, so they aren’t going anywhere.

    Despite the BS they try to feed us, the Glazers aren’t following the ‘Pittsburg’ or ‘Green Bay’ model. They are following the ‘Cincinnati’ model. They don’t spend money on FAs and try to build a team with nice draft picks only and hope that it works at some point.

    So maybe you should find out what is going on here if you want to comment on the people in Tampa. Maybe we in Tampa aren’t perfect, but at least we don’t spend our time make uninformed comments about the people in Oregon.

  9. OAR Says:

    “and hearing opposing teams fans drown out our own.”
    Add that to the list of reasons! Alot of displaced permanent out-of-towners(other team fans) down here.
    The equation seems to be:
    economy + out-of-towners = blackouts.
    BTW We were soldout between 1998 and 2007. So, I’m not sure where all those “whinning/complaining” fans moved to, do you? I don’t believe they went anywhere. Only two things have changed and occured since then, this $hitty economy and coaches/players.
    I would have thought that the Glazers would buy out(remove blackout) some of the first few away games, in hopes of drumminig up more ticket purchases in the future. Thier confidence in the team might be lacking. In other words, let’s show some of the fans, with doubts, that we can win games and bring in fans.
    Personally, I fall into the economy catergory and can no longer afford my season tickets.

  10. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Higher278 – Is your argument that because I live in Oregon now that I don’t have an educated opinion…..very ignorant.

    The only thing you said that makes sense is that the Glazers run a profitable business; however, if Tampa isnt able to sustain the franchise and put people into the seats, they will find somewhere else that will…..100 year old principal…supply and demand.

    As far as football knowledge, to compare the way this team is being built to Cincy….again…very ignorant

    I’m all for a good debate, but make sure you have the intelligence to keep up; otherwise, you just come off looking like a fool.

  11. Paul W. Says:

    I don’t see why everyone is complaining about lack of fan support. This isn’t socialism, it is a business. Speak of supply and demand… The price of a ticket is simply more than the experience is worth to most of the Tampa Bay market. They need to either lower ticket prices or create more of a demand for their product if they want to succeed in Tampa. Telling people they should care more doesn’t make them care more.

  12. Paul W. Says:

    Well… not to succeed but to “sell out” their stadium. They are clearly running a profitable business.

  13. thomas 2.2 Says:

    This team needs the Gruden presence to sell-out.

    Think about: All or nearly all of the 2009 season tickets were purchased or obligated under Gruden (including my own). So the 2009 non-blackouts had nothing to do with Rah RAh.

    Rah Rah’s regime starting with his first year of a season ticket base: a complete and total 2010 and so far 2011 Blackout. Rah hasn’t been responsible for selling out 1 home game and getting a buc game on TV for our community.

    Now Gru comes back for one night and the blackout is lifted, Gru leaves and it returns. Coincidence? I dont know, but I do know that no coach, in recent history has done less for community excitement and ticket sales than Rah Rah.

    Also, we are going to go Sunday at halftime because our group is convinced that our team won’t be as prepared as the Falcons in the first half and it won’t be until FRee and OLson get togther at halftime that we will be competitive.

  14. bucsfan Says:

    no payton manning = no monday night tv game. face it… he is what would have filled the seats.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas- buddy! Really?? Is it possible that you STILL picture Gruden riding back in here?? Really?? At some point, that’s just beyond desperate, and more like a school girl crush

    I’m glad he came, and won the SuperBowl- Dungy would never have done it with this team. But we should have fired him two years after the SuperBowl. Because as a hired Gun slinger Coach – he was the right man for the job.
    But as a long term coach- he sucked. He couldn’t coach, couldn’t draft, couldnt teach young players. He took a team with deep talent, and 6 allpros- to a team with no allpros, no talent, no depth. It was a bunch of old guys , desperately trying to compete.

    He was like a swarm of locust. He ravaged this team of talent and Draft picks.
    Only in broadcast booths or Nightmares does he ever return to Tampa Stadium!

  16. higher728 Says:

    Steve, I’m not going to argue with you. I just don’t appreciate someone from the other side of the country knocking the fans in Tampa. We have plenty of people already here that are happy to do it.

    If you don’t believe me about the ‘Cincinnati’ model. Just google ‘espn tmq win big by losing’. Basically it says that teams like the Bengals improve their financial statements by slashing costs, which is exactly what the Glazers are doing. They don’t care about the record or the fan base, as long as they are profiting. Sometimes we may get lucky and get into the playoffs, but in general all it creates is a perennial loser.

  17. Morgan Says:

    A those looking to move the Bucs:

    The team is very profitable, even w/ 10-15k open seats (as reported by recent Forbes magazine article on Glazer). There is no need to move the team just because they can’t sell out. The Glazers are still getting their money.

  18. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Gruden led 2 teams to the super bowl (he just opposed one). He got screwed out of another, tuck rule. He wob three division championships here. He sold out every game and they were a blast.

    Rah rah is 14-20, no playoffs, zero zip zilch sold out games under his regime (not Gruden tix sales) perpetual blackouts, the town generally could care less about the team. More and more kids are adopting other cities teams bc 1/2 the buc games arent on tv and they dont play in the post-season. That is the coaches fault. Period.

    Bring in a Cowher and your blackout streak disappears. For the strength of the org, we must have a new coach. People just dont care Tim.

  19. Jimmy Delach Says:

    It should be pointed out that the Raiders had blackouts when Gruden was coaching.

  20. Fritz50 Says:

    I think it bears stating that the Blackouts started the first season after the Gruden led Bucs collapsed for the last four games of the season, needing to win only one to make the playoffs. That collapse, more than anything else, made me more than ready to see Gruden’s rear end run out’a town.Anyone who thinks Gruden’s coming back is living in a fantasy world. Plus, that would be the only sure way to get me to give my tickets up.

  21. marks Says:

    Tom tom that’s the most ridiculous thing I have heard in weeks. Gruden responsible for anything is a joke!

  22. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I don’t know who is hated more in Tampa, Obama or the Glazers. I hate neither, but the Glazers can’t change how the people of Tampa feel about them. Some people in Tampa are still sore about the the taxpayers of Tampa paying for a private business perhaps ?
    Whatever it is, it is sure embarassing for Tampa to see all the empty seats on national television.

  23. Pete 422 Says:

    @ Steve in Oregon… don’t know what you are talking about…..

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Higher 728,

    You need to slow your roll. That’s way out of line. I’ve lived in Tampa and go back every year for the games (as well as have immediate family and friends there), and he is absolutely right. There are a bunch of “fans” that just don’t support the team, for whatever reason (I am not including a huge percentage that simply can’t afford it – I got no beef with them whatsoever). Maybe they are all frustrated little girls like Thomas, maybe they are only going to support when the team starts getting to the playoffs, or maybe they don’t like the coach. Regardless, they don’t support the team, and that’s all he was saying. He wasn’t telling you how to spend your money, just stating a simple fact. I find that the people who get so easily offended are usually the ones guilty of the crime.

  25. patrickbucs Says:

    My 10 year season ticket renewal was due after the 2008 season (10 year PSL note) as did most after the 2008 season. Gruden wasn’t hired in 1998, if you weren’t happy with the team or your tickets it was easier to dump them after any season prior to season 8 to save money. The stadium opened in 1998 not 1999. I still have 2 season tickets, renewed a 3 year PSL for better lower seats gladly. It’s funny to me to hear people say the Glazers “purchased” all of these tickets to avoid blackouts in 2009…

    Bucs hosted 7 home games that year; anyone who has attended home games would know when it’s sold out or not. Duemig and others that say we aren’t supporting our team recently need to have that opinion if they actually attended those games. Dallas, Giants, Jets, Packers were sold out that year maybe they purchased a few “general seats” to avoid blackouts as many team do. The Saints seemed a little light, can’t argue the game by both the winless Panthers and Bucs game wasn’t close to 1. I had never witnessed a crowd like that pre-season or not as well as season finale against Atlanta. Freeman’s first start and win in the throwback game against the Packers was 1 of the best stadium experiences I’ve witnessed since the Bucs beat undefeated Minny in a Monday night game.

    There are so many reasons why tickets aren’t being sold but will highlight a few imo: Cost, good ticket availability, lack of stars, stale in game experience, cheap ownership, etc. I have been on a season ticket waiting list between the lower 20’s since 98. I check back regularly always a no go.

    Where is the marketing by the Glazers? I am in sales and travel Florida regularly for the last 10 years or so. I hardly ever see any marketing (billboards) by the Bucs. I traveled this week to Ocala, Lake Mary, back on 1-4 to Tampa: counted exactly zero advertisements by the Bucs. They never really marketed years ago because they didn’t need to, now.? Seems like to me, lack of marketing experience or most likely it’s not in the budget…

  26. Tampa2 Says:

    Since Malcom Glazers demise his Boys have done nothing but suck the life out of the Bucs. And 2 years ago they crammed way too much down our throats at once by dumping all our favorites and hiring an amateur to be head coach. The majority of fans will not comment on here or other threads, but their actions speak loudly, they simply will not purchase any tickets until the Glazers put money back into the team & put a respected Head Coach in charge. When Indy comes in here on Monday Night Football you will have one coach sitting in the booth making 5mil this year, and one coach making 1mil on the sidelines. And your star running back is making 450G this year. That is why there are black-outs. And if that game does sell out it will probably be because Gruden is in the booth.

  27. jb Says:

    So…..most of you will only support the team when it’s being run the way you believe it should? If us old time season ticket holders had felt that way this team probably wouldn’t even be here!!!!!!! Way to Represent!!!!


  28. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    First off, I still support the team and will be there Sunday pulling for them vocally.

    However, Tampa 2 is right. I think that the Glazer kids altered the business plan so that there is more cash left over, Malcolm wanted to build value at the expense of cash.

    Listen, Rah is a nice, young, energetic and very cheap head coach (who really is really a good d backs coach). His hiring was not deserved and was done SOLELY for financial reasons (meaning that they still had to pay Gru 5 million per and they werent going to replace that with a similar salary). Period, end of story.

    The reason we object to Rah is just that, he should never have bern hired. We know, deal with it he was, we would deal with if he werent 14-20 and no playoffs.

  29. Paul johnson Says:

    If you look on stub hub and look at other nfl teams ticket prices you will see alot cheaper tickets for instance last week yhe viking were offering 7 dollar tickets against the bucs.

  30. jb Says:

    And you call yourself BUC FANS?????????
    Yet you won’t buy tickets because of who the coach is, or who the owners are???

    We have without a doubt the WORST fan base in the NFL!!

  31. fanofkit Says:

    jb… you are a dumb arse.

  32. fanofkit Says:

    Lay off the fans people… Oh how awfull- in an area with almost 20% REAL unployment (including under and discouraged workers) 10,000 fewer people are payig for over priced tickets to sit in broiling heat to watch a team of millionaires owned by billionaires. Boo hoo freaking hoo…. I am a season ticket holder and have been for almost 25 years, but I refuse o look down my nose at people who aren’t in a position to shell out that money. Lets face facts- this franchise has had a much better fan base than they deserved for most of their existence- enough of the fan bashing…

  33. Dan Says:

    just buy a ticket

  34. Marty Says:

    After being a season ticket holder for over 10 years it really hurts to think the NFL is so greedy they wont show us games at a time when our economic is doing so bad we can hardly affored to buy cable tv much less a ticket to a over priced football game.
    So I would like to Thank the NFL for breaking my addiction to football.

  35. lorenzo Says:

    Lived here 2 years now (down from MA). Bought season tix this year for Bucs and Lightning. Have them for Pats back home (sell to a buddy there). Most of those people without disposable income wouldn’t have bought tix for Bucs anyways. I’m sorry but I have to listen to “Fans” at work all the time who just don’t want to go to the games. Pathetic. Just pathetic. I see the same at USF and Arena Football games I attend here. I go because I enjoy football, not because I care who the owners are, how the teams are won, or any other excuse. You have great products for teams down here and the support isn’t there. I support these teams and I’m not even a “homegrown” fan. Get out there folks.