Aqib Talib Out Again

September 1st, 2011

OK, this isn’t enough to make Joe run to his favorite watering hole and chug multiple beers in fright over the Bucs season collapsing, but it is a concern of Joe’s and should be a concern of all Bucs fans.

Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib will not play in tonight’s preseason finale at Washington, so types eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune, via the TBO Bucs Twitter feed.

@TBO_Buccaneers: Bucs CB Aqib Talib missed the first 3 preseason games & won’t be playing tonight in DC. Not the way to prepare for Calvin Johnson.

For those keeping score at home, as Kaufman pointed out, that’s the entire preseason that Talib has missed with a nagging hamstring.

This is not good. While Joe remembers quarterback Josh Freeman missing much of last year’s preseason yet having a pretty darn good regular season, the fact Talib is hampered by a hamstring is unsettling.

Hamstrings just don’t go away. If Talib is bothered by it now, enough not to play in any preseason games, this ailment is not going to disappear by next week when the Bucs snap their chin straps to play the Lions.

This very well could be a nagging injury to Talib.

Good thing the Bucs are deep with cornerbacks.

(Is the noun “Megatron” spelled correctly?)

34 Responses to “Aqib Talib Out Again”

  1. Meh Says:

    I thought pretty much all the starters were sitting. I’m not worried about this – yet. Maybe they’re just playing it safe and giving him some extra time. We’ll find out when the Lions come to town.

  2. mikeck Says:

    Meh….He’s got 2 more weeks. If our front 4 can do what they were drafted for, it shouldnt matter. BTW, is Stafford out for the season yet?

  3. Karl Says:

    Not worried at all……

  4. Ash Says:

    Best way to deal with a hammy is rest. No issues at all with this. I’d rather him be healthy than risk doing further damage so he can get ready for megatron.

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Talib and Lewis both gimpy with hamstrings. That’s not comforting. I hope Talib doesn’t get so frustrated that he goes on a cabby slapping spree, or attend another family reunion( BYOB and BYOG).let’s see, that leaves Barber, Biggers, the often burned “skid” Mack, and the untried, 175 pound Gaitor. I hope Ronde stays healthy, and Biggers plays better than “bounce off” coverage of Brandon Marshall.

    Barber and Biggers should be able to hold the fort. If someone gets the Guy a sandwich now and then, sounds like Gaitor could “grow” into a good corner.

    Barber, Biggers, skid Mack, and Gaitor. That’s it right? I’m not missing anybody on that Depth chart, am I? Looks a lil skinny to me.

  6. sunrisejeff Says:

    Gotta agree with most on here Joe. Look at it this way….if Talib tweaks the hammy in question against the Redskins we are a lot worse off than if he rests it for another week and is “slightly” rusty against the Lions. Look the WR known as Megatron is going to get his no matter who he lines up against if Stafford has all day in the pocket. If our Dline can expose that Lions front like I think they can it won’t matter if Rachel Watson is guarding CJ (heard she prefers man press coverage.)

  7. sunrisejeff Says:

    “skid” Mack

    Okay thats pretty damn funny there Cap’n.

  8. Dave Says:

    Capt.Tim is right: Talib & Lewis with bad hammies = not good.

    I REALLY like the kid Gaitor but I was thinking more for 2 years from now.

  9. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @sunrisejeff — Might feel more along those lines if Talib wasn’t coming off injured reserve on top of the hammy. The guy hasn’t been on the football field in a long time.

  10. Matt Says:

    @Joe: “(Is the noun “Megatron” spelled correctly?)”

    How are you unsure of how to spell the leader of the Decepticons?!?

    Psst: CJ is even listed on the Wiki page 😉

  11. Nick2 Says:


  12. Eric Says:

    Who needs a hamstring when you have a perfectly good .38?

  13. bucswin Says:

    Add me to the list of those not worried.

  14. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Same here…not worried a bit.

  15. Leighroy Says:

    Our best defense against Megatron isn’t Talib or any other CB. It’s Blount and Freeman pounding out long drives that keep their offense off the field.

    Do that, and it won’t really matter who’s covering who.

  16. Rican Says:

    Cap your most had me rollin lolol

  17. Rican Says:


  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    SunRiseJeff- thanks. If I can bring a smile to a fellow Buc fans face- I’m happy.
    Eric- lol, but sadly, his aim isn’t quite up to snuff, from all the street accounts.
    Leighroy- agree with you 100%. now, when is that New Offensive line getting here? The way ours has played( for the last four years!!!), Freeman and Blount are gonna be lucky to get out of the Backfield, much Less make plays. That’s another big worry. .

    Add Quincy”jane” Black hiding on running plays, and I’m gonna get grey hair, with one of the most talented young teams in the league!

  19. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Reports are that he yanked his hammy while sprinting after his sister’s boyfriend and shooting at him just after he pistol-whipped him – all the while without ever holding the gun.

    And the reason why he lied to the police about where he went after the incident is because he was in so much pain from the hammy injury that he forgot. Lol

  20. grasshopp427er Says:

    i just hope it’s really just a hammy and not lingering hip problems. I don’t remember hearing about him hurting it. he’s just been laid up all preseason. I just hope there is not more to this story. It does seem like i remember he was practicing at the Camp Freeman…right? or was he just there. i do not like the hush hush situation here.

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    But I’m doing my part! I sent a couple large Pizzas over to One Buc Place, Attention of Anthony Gaitor! Ordered them with the works, triple Cheese.
    Later I’m sending over a gallon of Rocky Road Ice Cream, and a pound of Chocolate peanut butter Brownies. That diet kept me at my playing weight(290#), pretty sure it’ll help young Mr. Gaitor get to 190# pretty quick

  22. Nate Says:

    I think the lions game will be a very hard game we need talib and without practice?? going against if not the best wideout in the game today! this is not looking good!

  23. OAR Says:

    I assume, the best thing for a hamstring is bar-b-que sauce. Atleast, that seems to work best for a pulled pork!

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas- so it’s the old” pistol whipping Hammy pull”. I’ ve pulled my Hammy ,pistol whipping people before, and I’m telling you, it can take a looong time to heal! Its not as bad as the ” kicking a guy in the ribs” hammy pull, but it’s way more painful than the ” cabby slapper bicep tear”

  25. Jrock (mobile) Says:

    Rofl Tim, Eric and even Thomas have some good ones in this topic.

    Skid Mack, got to be my favorite. God i hope he doesn’t make cuts

  26. MikeBucFan Says:

    “Good thing the Bucs are deep with cornerbacks” HAH. The notion that the Bucs corners are good outside of Barber and Talib is insane. All because they played well against Delhomme, Whithurst and Mcnabb. Wow.

  27. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Even Gus Johnson on Madden 12 calls Calvin Johnson, “Megatron”.

  28. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Josh Freeman won’t be playing tonight…uh oh, panic time!

    I think all the starters are sitting this one out except for the ones who insist on playing.

    Talib has been practicing with the team, and the hamstring didn’t seem to bother him then.

  29. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    His hamstring is fine. The Bucs staff is always ultra conservative when it comes to starters’ injuries. He’s been practicing fine. They just want to give him another ten days to make sure it’s 100% for a period of time. He’s a veteran now and has a ton of experience going against top level WR talent. He doesn’t need preseason games as much as many of his teammates. Stop worrying.

  30. Garv Says:

    Yeah, Josh
    Freeman’s not playing tonight either. MUST be that broken thumb from the first pre-season “game”………………………………………LAST YEAR!

    Relax. We have CB depth and the REAL problem is going to be cutting damn good players from the wealth or WO’s, DB’s and the DL positions.

  31. Nick2 Says:

    Ok we are talking about Calvin Johnson here who will eat Talib’s lunch unless he has practiced a day or two in the last 3 weeks. Its not a good thing for a corner to step on the field cold after weeks of inactivity and who knows if his hammy has healed up by 9/11? Talib is good but I have seen him get burned plenty of times when his hamstring was just fine so mark me down as somewhat concerned…..

  32. Real Talk Says:

    Talib will be straight. hes playing with a chip on his shoulder this year and def will make the pro bowl this year. He will make his case as an Elite CB this year if he can stay healthy. He has the skill set to match up with Calvin Johnson cant wait to see #25 in action

  33. Espo Says:

    Our best defense against Megatron will be Clayborn. Talib will be back and he might not be in best form after missing so much football, but hopefully with the pass rush he won’t need to be.

  34. Brian "Blubber" Price Says:

    Am I going to be playing tonight ??? Maybe I better put this cheeseburger down , just in case….