A Personal Greeting To JoeBucsFan.com Readers

September 22nd, 2011

Joe’s life isn’t so rough. Like recently, for example, when Joe was lucky enough to have Miss January from the 2012 Hooters Calendar deliver a special video thank you to JoeBucsFan.com readers. (Safe for work, though you might not get any more work done today.) Remember to use code JoeBucsFan for 25 percent off your entire order at HootersCalendar.com.

  • HC and JoeBucsFan from Hooters Calendar on Vimeo.

  • 21 Responses to “A Personal Greeting To JoeBucsFan.com Readers”

    1. flmike Says:

      I need a nap.

    2. josh Says:


    3. JohnL Says:

      That made my day.

    4. bucsman27 Says:


    5. Mauha Deeb Says:

      I need a new keyboard now.

    6. Brisbee Says:

      Can’t beleive I watched it 3 times and want to buy a calendar. All of a sudden I feel 19. Nice work Joe.

    7. BucForce Says:

      How much did you have to pay her for that endorsement Joe? Whatever it was it was well worth it…

    8. tony2cents Says:

      lord have mercy…

    9. OAR Says:

      Wow! I didn’t know Carrie Underwood’s doppelganger was a Hooter!

    10. Chris FWC Says:

      In return for being a good JBF reader I want a date. Hooters and a movie?

    11. Vince Says:

      Yep, definitely not feeling the whole work thing right now. Somebody get me a towel

    12. BigMacAttack Says:

      She is smokin hot!!!

    13. Pruritis Ani Says:

      It’s like Christmas in September.. Thank Joe!

    14. woody Says:

      But she is a Dallas fan

    15. Capt.Tim Says:

      Damn Casey, you sure made a Florida Boy stuck in Virginia Homesick!!
      Lord, I miss the the land of big waters, White Beaches, and beautiful girls in Bikinis! God Bless Florida, Hooters, and JoeBucsFan! All 3 make my life happier!

      I’ve noticed all my post are grumpier since I left the Bikini state. I’ve also had a couple of quick trips to the land of fully covered woman- tons of sand, but no Beach! Pure hell!

      So to my fellow posters I’ve been grumpy with, sorry!
      But for a Sea loving, Bikini watching guy like me, I’ve been suffering 🙁

      Thanks Casey, for cheering me up!

    16. Vince Says:

      That smirk on her face alone is enough to make a Bishop kick out a stained glass window.

    17. flmike Says:

      @Capt Tim, are you stationed in Virginia Beach, my daughter & S-I-L are there. I understand the all sand no beach thing, have been there did that 4 times during the 1st Gulf War and subsequently throughout the 90s with the Stealth.

    18. Capt.Tim Says:

      FlMike- sure makes you homesick, don’t it.
      I’m not actually stationed here. I am not active military, although I work with the Military

    19. fridge bob Says:


    20. flmike Says:

      @Capt Tim, I’m home, been on terminal leave since 1999. Contracted after that, now I’m a real silly-vilian with a real job and vices that the DOD frowns upon.

    21. Capt.Tim Says:

      Flmike- lmao, good for you- and as always – Thank you and God Bless for you service!