Shaun King And Gerald McCoy Spar

August 19th, 2011

In what Joe found eerily similar to the way former Bucs offensive guard and current WDAE-AM 620 personality Ian Beckles used former Bucs linebacker Barrett Ruud as his cause célèbre, lashing out at him virtually each day, former Bucs quarterback quarterback Shaun King unleashed an angry sermon at Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy today on WQYK-AM 1010.

King skinned GMC for a variety of things, and Joe will detail these comments tomorrow morning.

While Joe would never claim he’s an NFL coach, Joe monitored GMC often last night with Joe’s binoculars and Joe thought GMC did alright, sans a mistackle that was turned in to a 29-yard run. Hell, the fact that GMC was in position to make the damned play in the first place was impressive enough for Joe.

After the game, GMC took full blame for the whiff.

One of the things King lashed out at GMC for was Twittering, which led to King and GMC got into a Twitter spat this afternoon while King was on the air.

@realshaunking: the people that paid their hard earned money to come to support u guys didnt come to hear or see jokes.

This didn’t sit well as one can imagine from GMC.

@geraldini93: Sense of humor people. GET ONE. Stop being so serious all the time. Good day to you.

Joe may have been the first media member that spoke with GMC last night. Joe was talking with Kyle Moore whose locker is right next to GMC’s. No other media members were there and Joe asked GMC if he wanted to chat and GMC obliged. Joe never, ever got the impression that GMC was blowing off how the Bucs got beat down last night. He fessed up that he missed on some plays and that he was rusty and can play better.

Shoot, this was his first taste of battle since he was hurt last year. Did anyone really expect GMC to come out and play like Mean Joe Green against the Patriots of all teams?

67 Responses to “Shaun King And Gerald McCoy Spar”

  1. Dave Says:

    Shuan King is wrong. It is a new medium for sports stars, and other celbrities to interact with the fans. I have no problem with it and think it CAN be a good thing. Of course we all know it can be a bad thing when someone tweets before thinking.

    As long as he is not tweeting on the sidelines, I do not care.

  2. Espo Says:

    “Shoot, this was his first taste of battle since he was hurt last year. Did anyone really expect GMC to come out and play like Mean Joe Green against the Patriots of all teams?”

    I did 🙁

  3. Dew Says:

    I paid my hard earned money for my season tickets and thought McCoy was one of the bright spots last night considering it was his first game back. Shaun couldn’t find other things to complain about that were really horrible, like Penn?

    I think we will improve after this beat down.

  4. Eric Says:

    And Shaun has credibility because…………………….

  5. Traew Says:

    What athletes need to realize about Twitter is that they are suddenly letting people see how they think, what their moods are, how they react, etc. Twitter and social media is inviting people into your life.

    And so, what I think Shaun King’s point is that fans would expect Bucs players today to be pissed off, angry, upset, eager to rebound, etc…. especially fans who paid hunderds of dollars last night to watch a horrible performance by the team…and instead McCoy and other Bucs joke and act unfazed in their Tweets. And for a passionate fan like Shaun King – and others (like me)…it is annoying.

  6. David Says:

    Hey Shaun, Put some pads on!
    Signed future Warren Sapp

  7. D-Rome Says:

    Years ago I remember an interview Warrick Dunn gave on the Jim Rome show, probably ten years ago, where Dunn questioned Shaun King’s work ethic and preparation. King is probably the last guy who should be commenting on GMC.

  8. jvato24 Says:

    The Bucs win 25-0 its no Big thing … its only pre-season

    The Bucs get beat 31-7 … DOOOOOOOOM

    LOL at everyone … especially SHaun King .. One thing we dont need is a group players young getting uptight trying to be perfect .. Its gonna take time … His joking is fine … He is honest .. Maybe he should have cried

  9. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    And he was going against one of the best guards in the game, Logan Mankins.

    I thought McCoy played so-so. He dominated his one on one battle at times, but it felt like he didn’t know what to do after he beat his guy. I guess to sum it up, I thought his talent came through but so did his inexperience.

  10. Gary Says:

    He is the 3rd overall pick from last years draft and yes I expect more out of him than what I saw last night. $100. To see that crap.

  11. Adam Says:

    *Over reaction alert* Trade McCoy and his OCNN BS…… McCoy has made promise after promise and subsequently excuse after excuse, its laughable. I love the roster but if i had to pick one to go it would be GMC. 2002 bucs had 1 focus that was a Super Bowl ring!!

  12. Hunter Says:

    Hey Joe! Now G-Mac is lashing at you…lol “And the media always wonder why we’re so cautious with them. Look what they turned a joke into. A STORY. Haha good job media. Keep it coming”

  13. JLinc Says:

    Well said Hammock

  14. NashVegas Ryan Says:

    Shaun King is an idiot. They need to can that dumb radio show he is on. He stole money from the Bucs, stole money from ESPN, and now he is stealing money from the radio station. We are all dumber for reading his quotes! Go away Shaun.

  15. Chris FWC :) Says:

    Sapp would have slapped GMC in the mouth for joking around after being humiliated like that… at home no less!

    Now ain’t the time to joke.

  16. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Shaun king is absolutely correct. Do you think that the people in the stands who paid full price to watch that crap were laughing?

    Mccoy was horrible. On a few of the plays where mccoy got some penetration it was clear they were trapping him bc they ran or threw underneath him.

  17. Eric Says:

    Well according to Rah the biggest obstacle is preventing the media thinking the bucs are great from getting into the locker room.

    Mission accomplished!

  18. Chris FWC :) Says:

    LOL @ Eric

  19. Chris FWC :) Says:

    And dare i say I agree with 2.2!??

  20. jvato24 Says:

    For everyone dogging on GMC … Get a LIFE .. Dog on the Bucs Defense as a whole … They all SUCKED .. to single out a guy who played not 2 bad after being on IR with a torn bicep and his first game back is just dumb

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m shocked that 2.2 would criticize GMC. Don’t you get sick of it? He was not horrible. He got penetration on nearly every play. Of course he didn’t play great you moron, it’s his first game back, and it’s the damn preseason. You are so quick to nullify our victory over KC last week (which if you remember I completely agreed with you), but all of a sudden we lose and it shows how terrible we are. I admit we looked awful and I expected more. However, great teams lose in the preseason all the time, and horrible teams win in the preseason all the time (The Raiders are the Preseason champs nearly every year, while the Colts are 0-4 nearly every year). Wait until the real games come on, then we will see.

  22. Nick Says:

    Can someone refresh my memory, who is Shawn King? O this is him below !

    Career 34 24 14-10-0 415 738 56.2 4566 27 3.7 24 3.3 75 6.2 5.5 11.0 134.3 73.4 61 419 5.2 4.5 7.6 18

    Five Years 27 TD and 24 INT’S Completion Rating of 56.2, this SUCKS

    WOW and this clown has the guts to blast GMC

  23. jb Says:

    King’s rarely correct about anything, but I agree with him as far as McCoy keeping his trap shut. Gerald, You want to entertain us? Do it on the freaking Football Field during a a game with some High Octane Defensive play! Not with clowning and joking with the media after the game. I’m extremely disappointed in McCoy’s attitude toward his career as a defensive lineman. Unless of course he decides to give up football and decides to be a stand up comic, in which case I wish him nothing but the best of luck. I just wish he’d make up his mind.

    Did he REALLY tell us to get a sense of humor? Dude, I LOVE to laugh but when I’m sinking thousands of dollars every season for tickets it’s serious freaking business in my book! Go out and start working for a living and perhaps you’ll lose that sense of entitlement you’ve suddenly developed!

  24. jb Says:

    Can someone refresh my memory, who is Shawn King? O this is him below !

    Career 34 24 14-10-0 415 738 56.2 4566 27 3.7 24 3.3 75 6.2 5.5 11.0 134.3 73.4 61 419 5.2 4.5 7.6 18

    Five Years 27 TD and 24 INT’S Completion Rating of 56.2, this SUCKS

    WOW and this clown has the guts to blast GMC

    I couldn’t agree more about Shawn King, but……..he’s RIGHT, this time anyway!

  25. Travis Says:

    Lol GMC is a terrible person because he said Brady shredded the bucs? well he did…. Hes terrible because he said Tyler “Falko” is a bum? he is…. Hes terrible because he said Clayborn and Mason needed to see Tom Brady, because he is the gold standard in the league? he is…

    Wtf am i missing? What was so bad that he said?

  26. Macabee Says:

    jb, you’ve been all over the website since the loss last night and your post have generally been negative, especially towards GMC. Thomas makes no bones about where he’s coming from but you’re different. If you don’t mind I’d like to know more about your true feelings about the Bucs and the strategy they’ve embraced. Did you support the drafting of GMC? Do you think he’s a fraud.? What about Morris? Do you believe he’s the right guy for the job? As a season ticket holder, what do you think you are entitled to for buying a ticket? Tell us generally if you’re supportive or have you lost faith? you have no obligation to respond, but it would help us to put your comments into context. If you don’t respond we will fill in the blanks for you.

  27. jvato24 Says:

    JB Says I’m extremely disappointed in McCoy’s attitude toward his career as a defensive lineman

    He busts his nuts all offseason .. Clearly gets bigger and in better shape and your dissapointed in his career because he had some light hearted comments about the 2nd preseason game of the year.

    Get REAL man .. THis is not even regular season .. It was the sarcastic way of saying “We got our BUTTS Kicked but we are not gonna panic”

    You guys are too uptight

  28. James in Memphis Says:

    Joe you have really low expectations for this guy. It’s time for you and a lot of others to take the training wheels of and put this guy on blast. His play is high schoolish..

  29. MikeBucFan Says:

    you guys are pathetic, relax and stop taking out your anger on GMAC who actually played pretty well considering it’s his first game off of injury. He got penetration all night.

  30. Tampa--->Baaaaaaayyyy Says:

    Okay, so I think Rah is a decent motivator.

    But he still has yet to prove that he can be a defensive coordinator in the NFL.

    Thomas do you agree?

    The real story is how on earth does Rah get blown out of the water in the first half of every game? Its because he is losing the coaching chess match people. Come on… that’s the story.

    Last week against the 32nd team in spending in the NFL we just beat them with raw athletic ability.

    Again, Rah is not really a good DC people… maybe a good motivator, but def not a good DC.

  31. JakeBucsFan Says:

    lol forget Shaun King, what did he have like one good game in his career?


    ITS ONLY P R E S E A S O N !!!!!

  33. Capt.Tim Says:

    Some of you are really idiots. ” this guys need to show intensity ” ” I thought he played poorly”- WAKE UP! Most of you couldn’t identify the under tackle on the field if we dressed him neon Yellow. Intensity?? What do you know about intensity?? From yer high school chess club? From the aggressive style attacking the buffet bar at “GOlden Corral”. PLEASE!!!! The pretension attitude is nauseating. And Frankly, god forbid Sapp is behavior model! Which ever goofballs are hoping for that, obviously never met Sapp

    I think It’s great the amount of Insight McCoy gives us into a pros life! And I thought him and Clayborn talking kids to see “Captain America” was really Cool. I would have loved to hang out with those guys when I was a kid!

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    Shaun king is just trying “the Ian Beckles B,S,” to try and become relevant again. Ian got more publicity for attacking Ruyd than his Carter warranted. I thought Shaun was a better man than that

    Guess not.

  35. nick Says:

    Even though he was hurt and it his first game back, it is mho that gmc is gonna turn out to be a huge bust, just dont see the it factor in him? maybe he’ll catch it but I wouldnt bet on it.

  36. td32 Says:

    “What has Shaun King ever done”. “Shaun King sucked in thE NFL.” While you guys are entitled to your opinions about what kind of player King was, apparently since he wasnt great, he has no ability to form an objective opinion. I’m going to assume all you idiots will no longer comment on Bucs games or have an opinion, because I surmise none of you even sniffs King’s resume.

  37. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Brocktacular & Capt. Tim,

    Thank you for being the voices of reason. Damn, we lose a preseason game and the sky is falling. Some of you need to get a grip! Some of you who loved Raheem and the Bucs yesterday afternoon now want Raheem fired and to break up the team. Unbelievable, and you should be ashamed and emberassed.

  38. lightningbuc Says:

    As Allen Iverson said “Practice? Man, we talkin’ bout practice?” Was King sober or driving drunk when he made his comment?

  39. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree Capt Tim. I like the shawn king show, and have heard a lot of good stuff on the show, as well as some real scoop interviews. It sure beats listening to Jim Rome on WDAE, though normally I am a loyal WDAE listener.
    Shawn don’t need a prop as far as I am concerned. GMC got juked by an NFL Running Back, chit happens, it was his first game back from injury, and ALL of Tampa sucked last night.

  40. td32 Says:

    I’m trying to figure out what King said that was wrong. GMC talks an awful lot of nonsense for a player that has not proven a thing… other then cashing a big check. Rookies and young players are to be seen, not heard….unless they perform. That was King’s overall point.

  41. td32 Says:

    One last thing… and this is for Joe. I believe the timeline is off above. McCoy tweeted the comment about having a sense of humor. King then followed that with his comments.

  42. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Great points Tampa Bay!

    No, the world is not ending. But watch the film again, as I did, and you will see that most of McCoy’s penetration was when they were trapping him. Watch the first pass play. McCoy penetrates well to the guard’s outside shoulder, he gets a little nudge from the guard while the guard outside, Brady utilizes the McCoy vacated inside lane for a clear throwing lane to Welker (I think, maybe Hernandez). You sheep think that was penetration, and it was, but it was trap penetration to open up the hot throwing lane. Similar incidents occurred throughout the first half on running plays.

    McCoy did look quick, but his technique and football acumen are very poor. Rah trying to make excuses for this overall debacle is sad.

    I don’t believe for one second that they didn’t fully plan for the Patriots. If they didn’t, it is a crime because the fans pay full price for these “exhibition” games and to intentionally (which is crap) not prepare your team should be punishable.

    I know they reported 49k there but I saw the stands and if it was 50% full or 33k in attendance I would be shocked. We may be approaching our previous low for fan apathy in this town. So sad that just 4 years ago we were division champs.

  43. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Td32 you are exactly correct.

    The fraud is that the org and GMC have tried to force this guy onto us as if he is an indoctrinated star. He has not done a damn thing. Yet he is trying to tell Clay and Bowers what to do. You have yet to play 1 full season and except for a couple of those games you were horrible.

    Shut up, play hard, produce and earn that leadership role. Cody Grimm has earned much more respect as a leader than GMC for his play.

  44. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Per Pro Football Focus-

    “Speaking of McCoy, he was easily the best player for the Bucs in this game. I didn’t catch it the first time through, but as I was re-watching some plays for specific matchups, I was surprised it had escaped me. Other than a few times when Mankins locked him down, he was consistently disrupting running plays and breaking through on passing plays. His most notable effort was when in beating Dan Connolly right off the line and knocking Brady down to force an incompletion; it was one of the only plays I heard the fans cheer. McCoy will probably always be overshadowed by Ndamukong Suh who was drafted a pick earlier than him, but I think McCoy is every bit the player that Suh is.”

    Per me-

    If you thought McCoy played badly last night you need get your head out of your rectum. McCoy gave maybe the best guard in the league a run for his money last night and mark my words he will be EATING INFERIOR GUARDS FOR BREAKFAST THIS REGULAR SEASON. And by the way folks. McCoy’s so called whiff on woodhead wasn’t a whiff. McCoy did his job on that play. He penetrated and forced the action in the backfield. Someone else needed to clean up after that and they didn’t. Don’t know exactly who to put that one on but it wasn’t McCoy.

  45. Dan Says:

    raheem agrees with you, his giggest mistake was not following through on the 29 yard run play he could have stopped in the backfield, however raheem says the fact it was 29 wasnt solely his fault he missed a tackle that was someone elses responsibility

  46. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    The idiots at pro football focus are statisticians and questionable ones at that. There conclusions are very controversial and not widely accepted.

    The best example is what you cited, they are unable to distinguish a trap (allow penetration so the play can be directed to the vacated area) from a neutral battle. It is easy to distinguish for the trained eye. Typically, if you see McCoy commit immediately to rip (right) or Lou (left) and the Olineman places hands on him and just rides him where he is going and there is no help, you can bet that the play was designed to trap him into overcommitting so that the play can be run right through him.

    Now, if he is penetrating in his gap, it is not his fault if here is a positive play, but to say that he s being disruptive bc he penetrated is foolish. He was trapped into doing what the offense dictated.

    I re-reviewed McCoy, except for his get-off which was above-average, his production was horrible. I had him for 1 tackle, 2 missed tackles, 0 legitimate pressures and he was basically schooled by Mankins.

  47. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Their conclusions. .

  48. Brad Says:

    This was the dudes first game since last year. The only reason idiots like Thomas are piling on is because the two idiots on the radio King and Beckles responded to him making comments after the game. It was obvious we weren’t ready for the Patriots and just about everyone sucked last night. All u naysayers are just hilarious. Let’s see where GMC is at when the season ends.. Then all you experts can give your assessments. Beckles and King love to be negative anything Bucs cause it gets a reaction from dumba**es like Thomas. Then the others spend time defending the team. Look I’m even doing it… Hilarious!!!

  49. MTM Says:

    Shaun King needs to ease up. He went all Joe Thiesman on GMC.

  50. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Okay everyone, we are wrong. The great Thomas reviewed the film, and he said McCoy played awful. We all know he is much more qualified than the rest of us, due to his extensive football expertise. Of course we all know that he was watching the game with no sort of bias against McCoy, and with a decent game McCoy would have drawn rave reviews from the football genius.

  51. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    If Shaun King has no right to criticize athletes, neither do any of us…

  52. digitalone Says:

    I hate to say it but something is telling me GMC is going to be a big disappointment. Its like we all drank the kool aid and its slowly wearing off. The organization and media crafted the hustle of making us believe that not trading up to get Suh was acceptable and GMC was their Guy. How the hell did that happen? Remember when Rah said something like “If Suh was still there we would still have taken GMC..” Hes a GD liar. Give me a freaking break. This is the guy we settled for? Have a sense of humor? Yeah, let me spend 150 on your sorry asses, sit in the heat surrounded by drunken idiots and watch you stink up the joint. I don’t give a sh*t if its his first game back. Did anyone really believe picking up a goof ball for a DT was a good idea? I’m tired of people babying him because hes so nice and the 3rd pick overall. Step your game up, tear someones head off, and fill up those seats. Out

  53. Bobby Says:

    Love digitalones comment, There is no comparison to suh, and anyone who thinks there is insane. GMC, should keep his mouth close and prove us all wrong. He got manhandled all night, and only penterated when the patriots let him. Its amazing to me that most of you guys were telling us after the game in KC how great the team was, but after they get there Butts handed to them , you guys say, oh it was only preseason, crap you guys kill me, you cant have it both ways. GMC was a leftover, we had to take him because we didnt want to give anything up to move up to get suh. You guys stand in line and keep drinking the Koolaide, but im not buying it, there are issues here and if they dont address them, 8-8 might actually look pretty good. But just like RHEEM, all we will get is a bunch of excuses why it went wrong, and you guys will just keep drinking the Koolaide and keep telling yourself its all ok, is that a fire over there, oh we will wait till it burns the house down and then we will address it next year, that RHEEM 101.

  54. tommy Says:

    heres 2 things we know…it was just pre season and we got punked..and its ok ,no game plan and we need to make some adjustments…. we are young and good thing will happin…as for thomas…that fool gets his jollies from us talking about his sorry excuse for a man… i know who he is and what hes about, he gets off on people talking about him…look at the blogs hes on…. for respect for joe i wont list..dude is a loser..GO BUCS, and go joe, for free beer when that fool is off here!!!!

  55. Architek Says:

    Would you people chill out. Damn. We played a senior championship caliber team. One day we will be the big brother and will be scholling some young bunch. Relax already.

  56. Capt.Tim Says:

    LOL! HawaiianBuc, remember a few days ago, I mentioned how these new staunch supporters of the current regime would turn on them if we went 8-8??? Lmao- geez, it didn’t even take that! One irrelevant whipping by the patriots( who played the starters much longer than we did, I thought), and suddenly the bandwagoners are holding hands with Thomas and Eric!

    If we lose to Detroit, it’ll look like the Salem witch trials around here!!!

    Football isn’t a one game event. It’s a 16 game season of growth, momentum, resurgence, and resilience . We lost two key veterans. Both of whom set the formations. Ruud was the QB of the defense, Caddy always set the skilled positions, while Josh set the O-line. I refuse to argue the logic behind those choices anymore- it’s done. But now we have to see if it was the right choice. It will affect the team until someone proves capable of doing this jobs. No one did them correctly During the Pats game. Brady toyed with Blask, and the Defense often was caught while shifting. I had to watch the wretched Boston Feed, and they mentioned it several times, while showing Brady smiling( god, I wish Okam woulda given him the “whopper sack”, and had him sucking fer air for a while!!).

    Replacing gets with Rookies takes adjustment time. Rookies take time. And we got nothing but rookies and young guys. I’m curios myself to see if it can keep momentum! But I’m not gonna freak out over one, or even several, games. Let’s see how the season turns out.

    And freaking out over a preseason game is just dumb- what ate you guys- 12 years old? Take deep breathes and try to stay away from tall bridges! Lol . It’ll be alright!

  57. Niko (The Optimist) Says:

    As I’ve mentioned on, I truly only listen to the King David show ONLY when Shaun King is on there, with only Toby David its ridiculously lame. But this time While I saw King’s point, he should apologize today knowing the Bucs game plan or lack thereof.

  58. MOBucs Says:

    The Bucs and the Eagles will both go 0-16 this year.

  59. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Thomas- yeah the guys at Pro football focus are idiots. Except if they had agreed with your assessment you would be on here bragging about the “experts” agreeing with you. I take what sites like PFF and football outsiders say into account even if it sometimes gives me a dose of reality on a player I like. You trumpet every opinion you hear from media guys and such as long as it completely agrees with you. Of course that almost never happens. Because you have no clue what you are talking about.

  60. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    By the way moron Thomas- That play was not a trap. Woodhead just made a beautiful cut and reversed field from where the play was designed to go. Stop your babbling. Stop pretending like you have any skills to analyze what moves lineman make. You don’t even know the difference between Rod Woodson and Charles Woodson but now you are some freaking d-line coach.

  61. Architek Says:

    Beckles you are right but Thomas is a prankster and he will not respond to you after you expose his ignorance. First of all Thomas what Guard would give a lane to a pass rusher are you crazy? Trap? Son that’s not even a valid description for a passing movement. You are such a dumbie and I wish Joe would exile your posts. GMC will have a very good season and all of this fruitless chatter will be for nothing. I wish you would go to other sites and spew like pewter report and you would immediately be ran out…

  62. simeon Says:

    Again GMC IS A CLOWN, his personality reminds me of shaq’s, big fun guy, except he has done nothing on the field so far in his career.

    Lets put this all into perspective…can you picture a young player on the Pats or the Steelers making a joke about how overwhelmed he and other players were in a game? GMC should take some lessons from #5 on maturity and speaking with the media.

    GMC-STFU for a while now and make us believe you were worth a number 3 pick, because there is a guy in detroit who has been about 10X better than that was 1 pick higher. Hopefully that motivates him at some point.

  63. jb Says:

    1.Did you support the drafting of GMC? 2.Do you think he’s a fraud.? 3.What about Morris? 4.Do you believe he’s the right guy for the job? 5.As a season ticket holder, what do you think you are entitled to for buying a ticket? 6.Tell us generally if you’re supportive or have you lost faith? 7.Did you support the drafting of GMC? Do you think he’s a fraud.? 8.What about Morris? Do you believe he’s the right guy for the job? 9.As a season ticket holder, what do you think you are entitled to for buying a ticket? 10.Tell us generally if you’re supportive or have you lost faith?

    Macabee, First Off, I do realize this was nothing but a preseason game, but after listening to Raheem the last few weeks I expected a very good Buccaneer team this season. He didn’t prepare the the team at all evidently for this game. What was the use of playing If you’re not going to prepare so you can give your new guys a chance to perform well?
    1.Yes I did support the drafting of McCoy, although I’d much rather have us been able to draft Suh.2. No, I don’t think he’s a fraud but he’s not nearly as good as what he’s been advertised as. His comedic demeanor shows me a guy that would rather clown around in the spotlight than put for the effort needed to get to help win a Lombardi Trophy. 3.& 4.Morris is like his team…Very Young and I don’t if I personally am going to have the patience to watch him build this team as witnessed by the colossal mistake he made in not preparing his team last week for the Patriots. I want OUR TEAM to be the one an opposing coach talks about when they came into OUR HOUSE and Plundered & Pillaged everyone and everything in it! Morris & the BUCS looked like sheep during and after the this last game. NOT ACCEPTABLE in my book. If we take a large step back this season (as in more games like this last one) I say jettison the entire plan, Morris included.

    5. As a 35 year season ticket holder I’d say I’m entitled to 100% effort 100% of the time by EVERYONE in the Buccaneers organization. Thursday it looked like we got very little from the players and if he’s not simply blowing more smoke up our keisters as it turns out it was Morris trying some new technique of NOT PREPARING his team and see how they do. I, as a season ticket holder deserve and expect more than what Morris gave us this week. What bothers me, is I thought we had a plan, but to not prepare even for a preseason game is highly questionable in my book. But, I take it for what it was….a preseason game. Problem is, The Glazers are doing virtually everything they can to start selling out this stadium and Raheem gives us THIS???? How many casual fans do you think will be buying tickets this week after this last FIASCO? Now, If anything close to this happens come September 11th I want Raheem out of here as fast as possible. 6. NO, I have not lost faith! I was there for 0-26 and missed maybe 5 home games in the last 35 seasons so I don’t believe my faith is in question here, but if you expect me to idly stand by and keep my mouth shut and sit on my hands while our team that we’ve been getting such raves about in the media performs like this you’re sadly mistaken!

    Macabee, I hope this gives you an idea of my frustration with McCoy, Raheem and “The Plan”. After all they’re nothing more than opinions, everybody’s got one. Mine just happens to be correct.

  64. jb Says:

    RIGHT ON, Simeon!

  65. BigMacAttack Says:

    There may be a silver lining here because GMC needs to get a little more fired up and mad. I think it may help his game. This was tough challenge for the Bucs but I’m not pulling the plug or changing my predictions for them. There were bright spots too.

  66. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    God so much knee jerking and hand wringing over a preseason game with no gameplanning. Its the same thing as with us creaming the Chiefs last week. Anyone really think we are that much better than the Chiefs? Sorry but no. The chiefs did not even let their starting QB attempt a pass. They were trying to accomplish something different in that game than the Bucs. Same thing with the Bucs against the Patriots. Its pretty clear the Patriots gameplanned for us more than we did for them. If it had been a regular season game the result would have been different. The Bucs might still have lost but I highly doubt it would be 28-0 by halftime. I bet its some of the same jerkoffs who were overreacting to last weeks win over the chiefs , thinking we were ready for the Super Bowl, that are now throwing their little tantrums over this loss. MEMO TO KNEEJERK POSTERS AFTER A LOSS- SAVE IT YOU CHUCKLEHEADS!! WE KNOW YOU WILL BE THE SAME ONES READY TO CROWN THE BUCS CHAMPIONS WHEN THEY WIN THE WEEK AFTER. At least dumbass 2.2 is consistent with his chicken little sky is falling b.s.

  67. jb Says:

    After watching the first half of the Saints-Texans game I don’t feel nearly as worried about the BUCS in 2011. The Saints look like they have as much to worry about with their Defense as we do….but that’s just the way it LOOKS in preseason! I along with many others over-reacted to a meaningless preseason game. I still believe GMAC should keep his mouth shut and let his performance do his talking for him but other than that I feel fairly confident Raheem will have our team ready for the Lions on 9/11!