At Least Tom Brady Was Sacked

August 19th, 2011

Bucs fans fishing for bright spots out of last night’s game can surely grab hold of defensive end Tim Crowder’s sack of Tom Brady, who doesn’t hit the turf all that often. Crowder talked to Joe about his game and more. How did you play against New England?

Tim Crowder: I think I did ok. I’m still polishing all aspects of my game. As far as pash rushing goes, I feel I’m finally starting to figure it all out from my experience and coaching.

Joe: Didn’t see you on special teams? What was the deal there? You’ve been a big contributor there.

Crowder: They were just giving me a break and other guys looks. I’m sure they’ll take advantage of what I can do on special teams. I like to think I’ve exceled there and I look forward to it.

Joe: Your sack was against rookie left tackle Nate Solder and the rest of New England’s starting offensive line. Tell me about it.

Crowder: Let me say [Solder’s] going to really be a good player. He’s going to be a monster. I got up on him fast with a long arm and got through.

Joe: Are you more comfortable on the left side or right side of the line?

Crowder: Most definitely the right side. I’m left-handed. I can put my natural left hand down and go.

Joe: You were the last of the Bucs unrestricted free agents brought back to Tampa. Was that a tough time for you? Were you visiting other clubs? What was that like?

Crowder: To be honest with you, I really don’t know what was going on. I learned we had a deal, and I felt very blessed to be here and be a part of all this team is.

Joe: What kind of advice have you been able to pass on to Adrian Clayborn.

Crowder: I tell him to do what you do best — ‘Don’t ever forget what got you here.’ He ‘s so aggressive and that’s what it takes. Working with the coaches and learning like he is, I feel he can get it real quick. He’s just got to maintain that aggression.

19 Responses to “At Least Tom Brady Was Sacked”

  1. jb Says:

    crowder looked good from what I saw. He was penetrating well.

    3 Bucs that played well:
    33 Elbert Mack (Made severall pass breakups and obvious the pick)
    93 Gerald McCoy (Was in the backfield a lot)
    41 Corey Lynch (Anyone else notice that he was drilling people)

    3 Bucs that played really bad:
    70 Donald Penn (I thought he looked the worst. Got schooled by andre carter)
    58 Quincy Black (Seemed like he just couldn’t get in the right place @the right time)
    28 Greg Lumpkin (Seems so ineffective funning the ball this preason. Hope Bradford gets more carries)

  2. Chris FWC :) Says:

    Clayborn played like a rook. Heart and passion was there just got neutralized.

    McCoy did very poor at gap assignment. Very poor! One rush he was unblocked, took off straight up the field and fell on his hands and knees.

    Black is exactly the player Gru drafted. I haven’t seen any progression. He is not MLB material nor LB starter material. (Our LBing corps hasn’t improved; might have taken 2 steps back.)

    Lumpkin is terrible.

    #22 played well.

    Not having #51 and #24 is going to hurt.

    Lot of big bodies on this team that can’t ‘dance.’

  3. raphael Says:

    joe..why would I grab a hold of tim crowders sack?

  4. Big Marlon B Says:

    ^^^^ hahahahahahaha dude i didn’t even catch that, i skimmed over it. brilliant.

  5. TBSwarm Says:

    ^^^ Lol, just read that and burst out laughing in my office

  6. Paul Says:

    lol @ the sack comment

    Too bad Crowder isn’t comfortable on the left side. I have a feeling that Da’Quan Adams isn’t going to pan out.

  7. The D Says:

    @ Paul

    So after 2 pre-season games Bowers is going to be a bust. You are an absolute fool

  8. Paul Says:

    The D

    Ha, rage much bro?

    Que the relaxation music, take a deep breath. Its going to be ok, man.

    I’ve seen him at practices and Clayborn is way ahead of him. I’m not saying he’s defiantly going to be a bust, just have a feeling that he is.

  9. Chris FWC :) Says:

    @Paul, Clayborn did nothing last night. Practice??

  10. Paul Says:


    I saw Clayborn driven all the way to the opposite hash mark one time last night on a run. He didn’t do much last night, but showed he has a good motor and did some nice things with 2nd effort.

    I watch Bowers and don’t see the same explosion as Clayborn. Maybe you do though and I’m not going to tell you what to think.

    I just don’t see the same player from Clemson that I saw at TC and it makes me think he doesn’t have his legs back.

  11. Paul Says:

    So after 2 pre-season blah blah blah.

    Better know soon Detroit comes to town in just over 20 days and it’s going to count. Its about putting the best players on the field and I think Crowder is better than Bennett/Bowers. Just saying its a shame that Crowder isn’t comfortable with LDE.

  12. raphael Says:

    get a clue paul…daquan is awesome,slow going with the crouching tiger for now….

  13. SRQBucFan Says:

    I don’t know about anyone else. But i saw Dekota Watson all over the place and doing very well. Would have to put him on the list of player who did well.

  14. SRQBucFan Says:

    Umm @ Paul. Bowers is coming off a surgery and a lock out. Can’t call him a bust just because Clayborn is playing better right now.

    Last year Mike Williams came out of the gate fast. But Benn is just as good if not a better receiver than Williams. Benn is no bust, bye far.

    Let Bowers have a chanceto get healthy, learn the playbook, the NFL game & speed, and his position before making such claims.

    It seems people are so hyped on getting rookies to be stars all of the sudden. Since only a few handfuls of players have actually done so. MOST of the College kids coming into the NFL don’t have such success and need some time to learn the game before being a stud. We’ve been spoiled into having that thought process because of last year.

  15. Thomas 2.2 Says:


    One thing that we agree on is that this kid can play. He is not the talent that Bowers is or the pedigree that Clay is but he makes plays – he produces.

    If this team truly approached positions objectively: BOwers, Crowder, Clay would be in an open battle especially since Crowder can play both sides.

    Okam, Bennett, Price, McCoy, Miller should be in an open competition and I would lean, right now, to starting Bennett and Okam. Miller is probably the worst right now with Gmc not far behind. Rah may be forced to play his best and not the org favorites if they start slow to protect his job – which would be cool.

  16. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Thomas 2.2 — Are you almost showing Bucs-loving soft side here? Wow.
    The thing is Crowder does have the pedigree as a former second-round pick, and he just turned 26. The guy’s a quality football player and there’s no reason to think he won’t improve along with the rest of them under better D-line coaching.. …If Joe’s betting, on opening day we’ll see Bennett, Okam, McCoy and Clayborn starting.

  17. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Joe- Are you going daft buddy? Thomas is a jackass and doesn’t think anything about Tim Crowder except that because he is not a starter right now that he can use it as an excuse to bash Raheem Morris for starting the inferior rookie bust Adrian Clayborn if Clayborn doesn’t have ten sacks by week 3. Are you really so incapable of seeing this mans agenda Joe? He has a hatred for Raheem Morris that has nothing to do with football. Its SO obvious.

  18. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    If Crowder was listed as the starting right end on the depth chart d-line coach Thomas would be talking about how talentless Crowder is. Basically whatever decision Raheem makes is the wrong one. This hater doesn’t actually have an opinion on anything. He just picks the opposite of whatever Raheem does. Its so hilarious.

  19. Paul Says:

    To clarify, Bowers was one of my favorite college players and I wanted him to fall to the Bucs 1st round pick. I had high expectations for him but after seeing 3 draft picks outperform him, I vented a little frustration on the joebucsfan. After I got a tough guy response right after my post, I just held strong.

    I do believe that Crowder has outplayed both rookies which was disappointing, because I’m not sure there’s many teams that Crowder would start for. So for the record, I’d be ecstatic if Bowers became a beast for us.