Ronde Seeing Mistakes In Practice

August 10th, 2011

Nobody in the world should be surprised that young guys Mason Foster and Tyrone McKenzie have a learning curve at middle linebacker when compared to Barrett Ruud.

It’s a given that rockstar general manager new that was coming but felt it was worth sending Ruud packing. 

However, it’s still unsettling to hear Ronde Barber talking about growing pains in the middle, as he did yesterday on WDAE-AM 620. The station documented his chilling words on its website.

Barber expressed concerns about the Bucs’ young linebackers like Mason Foster and Tyrone McKenzie in their ability to pick up schemes as quickly as the veteran Ruud, who signed with the Titans.

“And we’re seeing it now. Things he did seamlessly, mindlessly that made him a really really good mike linebacker…. we’ve had some incidents in practice so far in camp where our mike linebacker’s missing stuff (Ruud) just did. Barrett will be missed. It’s hard to replace that guy.”

If you missed it earlier, you can read Warren Sapp’s comments today about the importance of experience at mike linebacker in the Bucs’ system.

Joe’s hardly surprised to hear about Foster and McKenzie learning on the job and, as Joe will have more later, it seems that for now Foster will play on first and second down and Quincy Black will stay on the field as the “mike” linebacker in coverage during obvious passing downs, as Raheem Morris told the media.

The Bucs clearly are looking for Foster to be a major upgrade from Ruud against the run. It’ll be hard not to be.

34 Responses to “Ronde Seeing Mistakes In Practice”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Buc’s defense is going to give up lots of big plays due to broken coverages and miscalled plays. But let’s face it how else are the new kids gonna learn and grow except OTJ training.

    Could the Bucs have given Barrett Ruud a 1 year 2.5 million deal so that the Bucs would have two new DE’s and MIKE LB doing OTJ training? Of course they COULD have but it’s more fun to just let everyone on defense learn together.

    The offense BETTER be good in order to make up for all the points the Bucs Defense is gonna give up.

  2. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    This d will suck. Reports today were that foster will only play in base 4-3 situations, I.e. First down or second/ third and short. Jane will play mike in nickel and lobo 3-3-5 (dekoda Watson playing strong). This is telling that they are concerned.

    Joe, it is absurd to say that it will be hard not to be a major upgrade from Ruud against the run. Sometimes I wonder about you.

  3. chrisfwc :) Says:

    Two class act players. Ruud will be missed. It’s time to move onward and upward. Can’t wait for FRIDAY!!!

  4. Architek Says:

    Fellow Bucs fans I implore you to treat this imposter Thomas as he deserves. I have seen this young man repeatedly belittle and tear down this young team on this forum. It’s ok because he can but as a fan, this guy says things like he wish we had Josh McDaniel and Ruud is good and now our wdefense will suck. I surely hate to see what will happen once the light bulb comes on for the young players. Thomas I want you to debate me one on one and not avoid direct debate because I notice how you make statements but then run from your statements or not respond.

    I’m calling you out here and now. Your Bucs card is about to be revoked because you are a fraud and a politician (liar). Provide subtantial evidence that our defense will suck any worse than last year. The board is waiting. I am personally coming after you because you will not alienate my team anymore and feel comfortable around here. I got pride in my team like a Cowboys, Steelers, or Packers fan.

  5. m.wesley Says:

    We know Thomas Ruud was a one of a kind athlete that no one can replace;let alone three different player.weve got rookies starting at quarterback on offense and you guys crying about a linebacker as if it is unheard of.Put him in now so when the team is ready next year he wont be unproven.he was not the future so why keep him?If he would have been picked up the first day of free agency you guys would have fuel to burn, but he was given a one year deal,late in free agency .

  6. The D Says:

    Notice how Thomas is pro Ruud AFTER he leaves. Not a single peep about him when he was on the team (good or bad). Also it looks like Q Black is his newest “most hated player”….

  7. Eric Says:

    If you dont know where your supposed to be it could be hard to be an upgrade against the run.

    If your d-line doesnt play well and fill the gaps, it could be hard to be an upgrade against the run.

    And, it could be hard to be nearly as good against the pass as Ruud and to be the leader of the defense.

    But hey, what the heck does Ronde barber know anyhow? Were talking about a decision from the living legend Mark Dominik.

  8. m.wesley Says:

    Keep your doors open Eric if fosters a better run stopper its because the d-line got better.

  9. gotbbucs Says:

    Ronde needs to get over this Ruud crap and get behind the young guys. This cry baby bull crap with him mentioning Ruud in every interview is getting really old for me. How are these young guys supposed to feel when the one old vet on the team doesn’t have their back.
    I love Ronde and he is one of the great Bucs, but all I ever hear him talk about is how he feels no conection to any of the young guys on this team and stays away from them once practice is done. If all of what he says is true, then I think he may have stuck around one year too many.

  10. Sambizle Says:

    You are telling the truth I tried to debate with Thomas 0.0 and he said one thing back and then left the building….he’s a total loser (hater) no doubt!!!

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe says he’ll allow any Buc fan to post on his site. Problem is Tdumbass and Erica aren’t Buc fans. Two personalities, one person.

  12. tommy Says:

    i can sum this up….thomas is an idiot…..never played a sport, always picked last in kickball, and his venom towards anyone that plays shows, i feel a little sorry for the LOSER, stop by one a few of the real buc fans on heres tailgates before a game and run your mouth…THOMAS, till you do that, your just that loser we all know you are!!!! again, dont over cook my fries, dork

  13. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    bwahahahahahahhaha Thomas 2.2 inches fails to satisfy once again

  14. Dan Says:

    dang. never seen anyone get so pissy over someone having an opinion before. agree, disagree, point counterpoint or not… but dang talk about demonizing a person who you (and i tend to) disagree with.

    i will say this he offers a valid dissenting view that if anything should offer the opportunity consider (and dismiss if you want) alternate thought processes.

    this implying that a dissenting( and prevailingly pessimistic) outlook implies a lack of loyalty and somehow further a lack of manhood or success is the same logic by which weak minded people have cowed dissenting views throughout history (the church during the renaissance, scientists about global warming, bush about taking away our freedoms “the whole if you oppose the patriot act the terrorists win type attitude”) (For the record I am to this day a member of two out of the three of those groups mentioned so I mean no disrespect towards scientists christians or Republicans, just bullies)

    Men, (and ladies sorry gender is not apparent all the time with these handles) we should expect, and show more respect than this. We are here looking for bucs news. We love the bucs, and even THomas’s most inflamatory remarks arent just said out of disrespect, but because he has higher standards for where the team should be, from what he percieves on sundays. Not to be merely disrespectful. no reason to hate just because you disagree. thats what children do who dont understand how to articulate thier feelings which boil down to :
    “you make a point that i disagree with, ergo you are a poopy head”

  15. Dan Says:

    oh yeah, and it sounds like the rossetta stone may need to jump into overdrive… hope the lack of padded practices does not affect its effectiveness

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    In theory, I agree with everything you just said. The problem with this clown is that he goes out of his way to complain on issues that are irrelevant or totally bogus. I don’t know if he does it because he really hates this team, the coach, or just to piss people off, but it really doesn’t matter. He says he heaps praise on certain players, well someone please show me one post in the history of this low life where he has heaped praise on anyone besides himself and his dwindling supply of groupies on this site. Just one!!! Every single post from this guy has a negative tone to it, and he always finds a way to criticize the same people, even when the article has absolutely nothing to do with them. I have never seen someone who invokes so much hate to “his team”. So no, I do not feel bad about anything I, or anyone else on this site, says to him. It should really tell you something when Joe himself brings up this arse clown on some articles.

  17. Dan Says:

    i guess im wired a little differently im not going to let someone elses poor behavior or immaturity dictate me stooping lower and atttacking him, why should i care if he speaks badly about a team even if it is just to piss people off… why would i let it piss me off? why would i get upset at him and call him names for expressing his opinion pessimistically? lol i dont get it.

    at the same time i guess i shouldnt let yall gettin upset at him bother me either… but it seems like such a waste of time.

    the only way to kill a troll is to stop feeding it. every Thomas attacker is just troll bait inviting more of it. (if his motives are truly as devious as you suppose)

  18. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Architek – why must YOU hate on Thomas 2.2? His post about the defense will probably prove to be true. The Bucs plan on starting 4 (four) rookies this year:

    Price, Bowers, Clayborn & Foster.

    In addition there will be two (2) sophomore players: GMC & Grimm

    So over half of the defense has 2 years or less NFL experience!

    Rhonde Barbar sees mistakes being made and calls those people out. Please tell me how many teams who started 4 rookies on defense made the playoffs in the past 10 years?

  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    It is pretty obvious that losing Ruud is gonna hurt the Defense this year. Anyone who still thinks they know more than Ronde Barber is an absolute idiot . Most of you are just bitching because you FINALLY realize you we stupid to blindly follow Ian Beckles, who’s only real concern is his ratings.

    I’ve supported the team and management more than most, to the point of being a Labeled( incorrectly) a homer. But on this issue, Mark Dominick made a mistake that will cost the team games. And yes, I believe his decision was swayed by Public opinion. Every NFL PROFFESIONAL agrees with Ronde- losing Ruud- without an established replacement- was a costly mistake. It will cost this young team in the Lise column this year.

    Those of you still celebrating Barrett’s departure won’t be doing so for long

    I also believe the CB position will be a problem this year, as I’ve said for Months

    Again- if you think you know more than Warren Sapp or Ronde Barber- you are a fool. They both know how badly we will miss him. The rest of you will see soon enough.

  20. Architek Says:

    Trust me I have personally tried to debate or disagree with Thomas and he has repeatedly went out of his way to slam our team. He’s supposedly a Buc fan but EVERY move the Bucs make he downs our team publicly. So you cannot go to any formidable team site and talk trash about their team. Why should we not defend our turf?

    Mr. Lucky
    I understand Barber’s comments and I am sure he is right but the Bucs aren’t the only franchise to start a young MLB in history. He will make mistakes but I believe that if Raheem manage the strengths and weaknesses properly we will get better. We had to make a change to get better in the long run.

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    All valid points Capt. Tim, and I hope (as I’m sure you do too) that you are wrong. One point I would make is that Barber, Sapp, and everyone else have never been a coach or a GM. I do feel very confident that our coach and GM both believe we will not be hurt by losing Ruud (I’m pretty sure we could have matched the contract he got in Tennessee). With the way they have been drafting and getting unrestricted players, they have my faith we will survive. A year ago, nobody in the world would have believed a team that started 10 rookies could win 10 games. Besides, I still say Ruud is decent at best. No decent player in football, the ultimate team sport, is THAT important. I’m sure there will be mistakes made by the new MLB, but I also think they will make plays that Ruud simply couldn’t/didn’t make. If we have an unsuccessful season, losing Ruud will not be the reason.

  22. Architek Says:

    Trust me I have personally tried to debate or disagree with Thomas and he has repeatedly went out of his way to slam our team. He’s supposedly a Buc fan but EVERY move the Bucs make he downs our team publicly. So you cannot go to any formidable team site and talk trash about their team. Why should we not defend our turf?

    Mr. Lucky
    I understand Barber’s comments and I am sure he is right but the Bucs aren’t the only franchise to start a young MLB in history. He will make mistakes but I believe that if Raheem manage the strengths and weaknesses properly we will get better. We had to make a change to get better in the long run.

    I don’t have a problem with your opinion but I will say that Sapp said as long as they stick together they will be fine. He also said no one should say “i got this” so its about the team getting behind Foster and supporting him because they are a unit. The secondary will be fine.

  23. m.wesley Says:

    Capt.Tim did Ronde not say that Talib was the best cb that he has played with he also said he is a great guy,you dont agree, so does that make you an idiot?No one in their right mind follows Ian but when your right your right.Everyones knows Ians Take is always the safe route for instance, Freeman is not ready he cant grow with rookie wideouts,d-line is too young,they look like a high school team,wheres the product all these rookies wheres the veteran help?So why do you think him and thirty two teams that pays him agree, dont listen to us idiots look at the other Gm.s!Why would Ian go from the safe route he always take to pick on Ruud?The players and coaches love him,everyone he meets love him he is a great guy and they cut him should be enough to let you know that if there was any way he was as good as you claim he would be here.I dont know what else to say.

  24. m.wesley Says:

    I remember Barber being the rookie and making the mistake.I remember him in the game with the Rams and the fans blamed him for the Ricky Proel catch,and look what he became so rookies make mistakes thats new to all of us.Great insight,but does that mean the season is over?

  25. Joe Says:

    I remember Barber being the rookie and making the mistake.I remember him in the game with the Rams and the fans blamed him for the Ricky Proel catch,and look what he became so rookies make mistakes thats new to all of us.Great insight,but does that mean the season is over?

    Barber wasn’t covering Ricky Proel on that play.

  26. thomas 2.2 Says:

    The list of people on record disapproving of not retaining Ruud:

    Ronde Barber, Warren Sapp, Rah Rah, Derrick Brooks (I think) Captain Tim, myself, Eric etc.

    I would say that we are in some credible company. Now as for why the defense will be worse, very easy.

    Three (4 if you count GMC) of your front 7 players are rookies, the other 3 or 4 are totally unproven vets (Jane is probably your most validated player and many think that he is below average), I like Talib and Ronde as nickel – I think that Biggers is a mediocre athlete (hence his 7th round selection) but he is a worker and fairly tough. Cody Grimm has a ton of heart and hits bigger than his size but he is not healthy, Lynch will start and is really a special teamer, Sean Jones is a solid tackler but both safeties are a liability in Pass D (which is required bc they must be run-support players due to the team’s inability to be even average against the run without a safety in the box).

    So, for 2011, the defense will slightly regress, and probably improve slightly in 2012 when McCoy arrives and Bowers and Clay gain experience. Miller is just a neutralizer, he is not an asset at all, not much of a liability but he is a dime a dozen player (fine if you have 4 or 5 other studs up front, but not when you are the bucs).

    Example, arguably are best Defense was when you had Sapp, Rice, Culpepper and Spires (2 penetrators and 2 neutralizers) and Brooks, Quarles and Singleton (2 pursuit backers and a solid establish the point backer) = 4 playmakers (Sapp, Rice, Brooks, Quarles) and 3 (solid assignment players), and of course Lynch and Ronde providing excellent run support from the secondary.

    Today, we don’t know what type of players these guys will be. I actually think that Bowers is a more natural right end (like a Simeon) but Clayborn can’t play the left side because of his medical condition. Teams like to have their biggest, baddest (often slowest) tackle on the left side to protect the Right Handed qb’s blind side which allowed Simeon and presumably Bowers to beat them with a speed rush. Clay isn’t a speed rusher but he is physical. I think that Hayes is a pursuit-style (sideline to sideline) tackler but he has no discipline and is weak at the point, Black should be an animal but he just isnt, Foster- who knows? (I did like his film at Wash. He looks slow but has a nose for the football and is tough).

  27. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Come on M. Wesley:

    Every real buc fan remebers that being Brian Kelly who got beat and Lynch closed but got there a smidge late. Now I know why your opinons are what they are. You are a newbie. No problem, I respect that. You just jumped on the wagon, well there is plenty of room with a 38k season ticket base since rah rah took over.

  28. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hawaiian and Mike- listen, I WANT to be wrong on this one. You guys know I love this team, and defend them tooth and Nail. I love my wife, and defend her tooth and nail, also. But she ain’t perfect, neither is the team. I think they Mark Dominick made a mistake. I think it’s gonna cost us. That defense is SO young, it needed a veteran play caller to keep it poised. Having rookies directing rookies will cost us games. And we need Freeman to start getting playoff experience, not wasting more time watching the defense ” rebuild ” again.

    I have always said, I wasn’t a Ruud fan. But I know the defense. I know what his job was, and he did it well. The hatred poured out on the guy was misdirected. I dont like to see anyone crucified unfairly.
    Bit he didn’t make many game changing plays. He wasn’t physical. He brought no “fear factor” to the defense.

    So if they wanted to get rid of him, Ok! But have a replacement trained and’s the lack of plan B that bothers me . A rookie? Really?? He’ll be struggling to learn his job! How’s he gonna know everyone else’s, and direct them to adjust based on his knowledge of offenses he’s never seen??? He never did that in college, but he’s gonna learn on the fly in the Pros?????

    Again- it looks like Dominick made a “fan popular” decission, when he should have listened to his head coach. Brees, Ryan, Manning, Etc can’t wait to head game our young Rookie. And Quincy Black has never produced any big plays, shown leadership, or called the defense before.

    It just seems like a train wreck waiting to happen. I hope I’m wrong

  29. The D Says:

    You were wrong about Talib Tim. Also, if the NFL people thought so much about Ruud then why did he sign a 1 year deal with Tennessee a few days after free agency started? If hes as good as you say he is, then why did he sign a peanuts contract?

  30. Capt.Tim Says:

    How was I wrong about Talib? What? He grew up, and quit getting into stupid trouble?? Yaaaa! I would love to be wrong about that. If stays outta trouble fow a few years, I will buy a Talb jersey, and become his biggest supporter. I’m all about redemption!!

    And Mike Wesley- it’s his off the field problems that I have problems with. Everyone should! We are all grown men here. Adults don’t act like that! It’s called accountability, and I don’t apologize for it at all. Being a good football player doesn’t give give you the excuse to be a total idiot. There are much better football players in this team who act intelligently! Talib doesn’t get a free pass!! But if he learns and grows up- alls forgiven. I hope he does!

  31. McBuc Says:

    I am a littl late to this one, but Capt Tim, Sapp says this is a playoff team.

    Dan, your lecture is basically the same thing the guys were doing. Why does it bother you that they are bothered blah blah blah. Thomas does not have a higher standard. You are right about feeding the Troll though, and that is one hard thing to do.

  32. McBuc Says:

    Our young offense did fine last year, so maybe our young defense will do fine this year. GET OVER RUUD!!!! He is gone, like it or not, get behind your team like a true fan should! I am so sick of the Ruud talk, go talk to the Titans if you want Ruud news. Mistake or not, it just does not matter at this time.

  33. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Like there weren’t a whole ton of mistakes made last year. What did this D rank against the run with Ruud in the middle? That’s not mistake free football.

  34. m.wesley Says:

    A newbie Thomas get real Ive benn with the Bucs since Mckay and what does a newbie has to do with it.