Photos From Saturday Night Practice At The CITS

August 7th, 2011

Joe kept busy during Saturday night’s Bucs practice by snapping photos with his modest SLR camera with, frankly, an insufficient lens for shooting football. Enjoy.

E.J. Biggers is ready to haul in a pass in defensive back drills.

Just like a good receiver would do, E.J. Biggers watched the ball into his hands.

Reporters listen intently to Bryan Glazer's words.

Aqib Talib goes high for a ball during defensive backs drills.

Jeff Carlson makes a point to Bryan Glazer during a panel discussion with, from left, Rock Reilly, Bucs radio analyst Dave Moore, Carlson and Glazer.

Lakeland's Ahmad Black gets acrobatic for a ball in defensive backs drills.

Pass receiving drills.

Bucs wait in the tunnel to take the field before practice.

Cody Grimm skies to reach a pass in defensive backs drills.

James Lee (77) keeps Da'Quan Bowers (91) away from Josh Johnson (11).

Jeff Faine waits in the tunnel to take the field.

Allen Bradford (38) is about to be gang-tackled by Adam Hayward (57), Quincy Black (58) and Corey Lynch. Just out of the frame to the left was Aqib Talib. Hayward splashed Bradford on this play causing a fumble and Talib couldn't quite grab the ball before it went out of bounds.

Ted Larsen gears up.

Wide receivers get ready to take the field as they wait in the tunnel before practice.

A mob of reporters surround Bucs co-chairman Bryan Glazer.

Donald Penn takes a break to watch the quarterback competition on the JumboTron.

The defensive line waits in the tunnel for their names to be announced just before practice.

E.J. Biggers wraps up in a defensive back drill.

Bryan Glazer listens to a question from Rock Reilly during a live TV interview.

Josh Johnson looks downfield while defensive tackle Frank Okam tries to elude a block.

Former Bucs cheerleader and new Bucs video host Tiffany Jimenez smiles for Joe as Joe's good friend Justin Pawlowski seems more impressed with what's happening on the field.

8 Responses to “Photos From Saturday Night Practice At The CITS”

  1. bucnoleguy22 Says:

    joe was the panel with riely,carlson, and glazer on BH? can i find it soemwhere online do u think.

  2. Joe Says:


    Joe’s a DirecTV kinda guy.

  3. Kyle Says:

    @bucnoleguy22 — You didn’t miss anything. Glazer’s good at saying nothing and they tossed him a pile of softballs.

  4. Brad Says:

    All I can say is Tiffany is HOT!!!

  5. Jrock (mobile) Says:

    Tiffany is a hottie. Has she been in front of any other cameras that we should be aware of?

    Anywho, great shots Joe. And thank you kindly for them. Can’t wait to get home (from the HOT keys!) to blow some of these suckers up

  6. Hunter Says:

    Dez looking stylish! lol

  7. Fear The Glo Says:

    “Brad Says: All I can say is Tiffany is HOT!!!”

    Girl (of your dreams) next door kind of hot!

    I sure hope someone at One Buc Palace keeps this lovely lady around to do more video.

    Scott Smith is great and all but if we have to choose…. that cat is out of a job!

  8. Jack Carter Says:

    I finally see why you mentioned Tiffany earlier. Always heard you had an eye for talent.