Inside Adrian Clayborn

August 14th, 2011

Before Joe heads to Bucs practice today, Joe enjoyed a warm yet sad feature on Adrian Clayborn in the St. Pete Times.

Rick Stroud did a nice job sharing thoughts from Clayborn about his brother’s murder and more. Here’s one excerpt quoting Raheem Morris sharing a take from Donald Penn on Clayborn’s alleged Erb’s Palsy limitations. 

“Penn asked me the other day, ‘Which one of those arms don’t work again?’ ” Morris said. “He said, ‘He just punched me with both of them and they both hurt.’

“He’s a different guy with hand usage with technique. He has different things about him, his inside move, his outside move, his speed rush, his lean, his anger; it’s awesome.”

Joe suggests you click through above and read the story. Joe hasn’t watched Friday’s Bucs-Chiefs game a second time yet, but Joe was glad to see Clayborn get loads of snaps. Joe’s guessing it was at least 25.

8 Responses to “Inside Adrian Clayborn”

  1. TopDoggie Says:

    In a couple of years Quarterbacks are going to stay awake all night afraid of facing Tampa’s defense.

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    This guy is a beast. I think he will provide much entertainment for years to come.

  3. So. Ill. Bucs Says:

    Sure, it’s only been one preseason game, so I might sound like a homer, but I don’t care; it looks likes offenses are going to have to run to the right this year if they want to get anywhere. Clayborn has that left side on lockdown!

    Really looking forward to this guy having a long career in pewter and red.

  4. Sambizle Says:


  5. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    The difference in d-line play from last year was IMMEDIATELY obvious. Guys were indeed penetrating gaps and getting into the backfield to cause disruption. I noticed Clayborn flash into the backfield quickly on several occasions including a very nice tackle on a run play. Clayborn’s run defense should pay immediate dividends. He was still a beast run defender his senior season despite slump in sacks and he pretty much became the best run stopper on the Bucs the moment his name was announced at the draft.

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    you will never see clayborn not hustling. even if a play gets down field, i guarantee he will be in hot pursuit. the sacks may not come in huge bunches for him but i bet he averages 6 or 7 tackles a game, 1 or 2 of which will be for a loss.

  7. Four Fingered Fisherman Says:


    Hey, I know this is off topic, but I wanted your input and insight. After watching the replay of the Bucs-Chiefs game, I had some problems trying to decide who we might keep on the D-Line. Pencil in Mccoy, Price, Clayborn and Bowers (and probably Miller because of Price’s injury and how the coaches have raved about it all starting up front with him at the NT position). But what really stood out to me was the play of Okam, Wilson and Woods. I’m having trouble cutting any of our DT’s, nevermind cutting them below 5 (Mccoy, Price, Miller, Okam and Woods). Then at the DE position with the play of Moore last night and Bennett being a possible starter if not pass rush specialist, and good play out of Johnson last night as well, I’m having trouble cutting any of these guys as well. Not to mention, what do we do with Mcgee. This might be one of our toughest cuts to make this year as well with the secondary. How many D-Line men do we keep? And who do you think they will be?

    Is this the sign of a disruptive D-line crew this year??? (rhetorical question here)

  8. Dave Says:

    Just read the article: Thank God for his mother’s actions, not just for him being here and being a BUC, but for his life and how it has progressed, as well as his siblings getting degrees.
    God Bless Adrian.


    DT: My best guess is McCoy, Price, Miller (those 3 are definite) and Okam.

    DE: Clayborne, Bennett, Bowers (those 3 are definite) and Crowder & Moore.

    Out of Woods, McGee, Johnson, etc… not sure who is eligible for the practice squad.

    Much of it depends on the health of Price and Bowers going forward.