Graham’s A Caddy “Clone” At Running Back

August 3rd, 2011

Count former Bucs quarterback Shaun King among those not crying over the apparent departure of Cadillac Williams.

Speaking as co-host on The King David Show today on 1010 AM, King said Earnest Graham can do everything Cadillac can at the running back position.

“I think they’re the same guy. I dont feel like there’s a lot of separation between Earnest and Cadillac,” King said. “Earnest is almost a clone. Both understand the offense, both are serviceable. If you need one to start at tailback for a couple of games you’re going to be fine. They both understand the pass protections.”

But King is nervous about LeGarrette Blount and Kregg Lumpkin trying to fill that role, especially in big games.

“When you get in that huddle on third down, it’s loud, it’s wordy,” King said before barking a 3rd-down call that made Joe’s head spin and stop transcribing.

“The running back has to read mike to sam, then the play is changed. That stuff is confusing. The ability to process that is difficult for guys who don’t even understand the fundamentals of what’s going on.”

With Blount and Lumpkin not on the team for the 2010 offseason and at home during the asinine lockout, King says neither has had sufficient time with his position coach to be reliable under pressure. And it’s safe to say Allen Bradford is in the same boat.

Joe has no doubt Graham can fill Cadillac’s role as well, or better, than Cadillac. However, for Joe, that’s not the point when measuring the loss of Caddy.

The point is the Bucs potentially are asking a lot of 27-year-old Lumpkin, who has no track record, and running a huge risk if Graham gets hurt, which he often does.

27 Responses to “Graham’s A Caddy “Clone” At Running Back”

  1. Dave Says:

    It is a very young group as far as playing here with this offense. If Graham gets injured, they do not have a reliable blocking back…. yet.

    I kind of think Bradford is going to become that guy. Not sure why the hype or where it comes from for Lumpkin

    I think wth the entire line returning and Freeman having another year under his belt that should help as well. The line will be a little better and Freeman should be processing everything just a split second faster.

  2. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I still think we should be on the lookout for Armando Allen…..

    Might just be a practice squad guy this year, but this is a role that he could fill

  3. jvato24 Says:

    If Lumpkin doesnt have a good game in KC week 1 of preseason … Fans will want his Helmet

  4. Eric Says:

    If we get 2007 Graham then its a big upgrade. Never liked him playing fullback.

    But alas. it is 2011.

  5. Kryq Says:

    I think I would let Graham be the third down back until Bradford knows the book and learns to block. Then let Lorig and Taylor get reps at fullback. Taylor looks huge.

  6. tommy Says:

    king speaks as is he was some superstar…wake up dude

  7. Kryq Says:

    the guy is big.



    Shaun King was a bad ass athlete. To go undefeated in college is no small feat. To play in an NFC Championship as a Rookie is no small feat.

    I think King has a very good point. What makes me even more nervous is expecting Graham to play FB on first and second down and THEN stepping into the 3rd down role. Is that what they are planning, JOE?

    If so, then there is a situation where passing on Darren Sproles was definitely a mistake. We should’ve paid Sproles to return punts and play 3rd downs. Hell, he can even lineup at wideout and draw the defense. Bubble screen, with Rejus cracking down on skulls, anyone?? Now we’re gonna be chasing his ass around twice next year.

  9. Oahubuc Says:

    @jvato: Yep. Pretty sure Lumpkin will be the goat if he’s even average. I’m getting my silver platter ready. I’m really bummed today.

  10. K2theSoldier Says:

    I’ve noticed that some of you guys are wildley overrating Darren Sproles. Sproles is a very very poor mans Reggie Bush. He is NOT a 3rd down back. Pretending that he’d make this offense dynamic is ridiculous, I’d rather have Caddy/Earnest than Sproles any day.
    If Sproles was so special then San Diego would have kept him.

  11. Dew Says:

    Graham will be better than Caddy IMO.

    The defensive line looked very good today in practice. Especially Clayborne. Can’t wait till the KC game.

    Free and Williams are like robots playing pitch and catch, connecting all over the field. And Williams hasn’t dropped a pass yet in camp that I’ve seen. We could score in bunches this year.

  12. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    By that logic, if the Saints thought Reggie Bush was that great they would have kept him instead of signing Sproles. Look at their stats, they’re very comparable. Bush has had a lot more work than Sproles, but Sproles numbers keep pace with Bush’s.

  13. Jbone Says:

    Owlets be serious. Graham has been on the team for years and we knownwhat he is. A nice fill in here and there but to call him the now 3rd down back Is laughable and another sign of the bread and water budget in Tampa. Forget sproles, how about trading for bush? Too much? Ok how about 1m for Ronnie brown? That’s not an upgrade over caddy or Graham? Also whatever happened to kareem huggins? I guess his knee is shredded
    This is going to be a train wreck this year but hey we are saving money until the glazers have to spend in 2013 which is when they will promptly put the Bucs up for sale. We have an about to be suspended cb and a hof in barber who is going to show his age any day now. Cb was loaded this year and we don’t even make a phone call let alone an offer? Now they want us to think that we have a team ready to contend? There was a little luck in finding briscoe and bloundt last year so don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back. Where would we have been last year without blount? I hope Freeman survives this season.

  14. K2theSoldier Says:

    Signing Sproles was likely much less expensive than paying Reggie Bush.
    They’re not very comparable at all if you ask me. Bush’s only problem is staying healthy, but if he is he’s leagues more effective than Sproles.

    The point is, this teams going with a heavy does of power running with Blount and Bradford. Bringing in Sproles wouldn’t fit.

  15. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Fans of this team seem awful worried about who the freaking “pass protection” running back is going to be. I’m more worried about some guys on this offensive line stepping up and pass protecting worth a crap so that our third down back can be more of an offensive weapon and less of a “blocking icon”

  16. 1BUCFAN Says:

    @JBONE How many practices have you been to this year? What was your observations? I say probably zero to both. By your mindset, the only way to win is spend more money. Do you even realize that Tampa is in the top 10 of money spent this off season? Oh, I’m sorry, that money was not spent on what YOU perceive as talent for this team. It was spent on what the experts (General Manager, Head Coach, Scouting Department) percieve as talent for this team. Who knows more, you or the experts?

  17. Patrick Says:

    “Forget sproles, how about trading for bush? Too much?”

    Mark Dominick wouldn’t even trade a 5th round pick for Santonio Holmes last year. You think he would’ve considered a trade for Bush? No way.

  18. Mr. Lucky Says:

    TRADE? Why bother???

    Just toss the rookies into the fray – they sign for cheap, especially with the new CBA.

    So what if the team squeaks out a .500 record all that matters to the GLAZERS is this:


  19. K2theSoldier Says:

    Mr. Lucky, CLOWN. We’re in the top 10 in the league with over 100 million dollars commited to free agents. get your facts straight, the Bucs aren’t cheap.

  20. 1BUCFAN Says:

    @K2 Exactly!! Some people have no clue. They just like to biatch. Push button complaint for them “cheap”. But none of them realize the truth. How can you be in the top 10 of money spent this season and still be complained at by “supposed Buc followers and fans” as being cheap? Find another platform to complain about whiners. Your “cheap” platform has been removed.

  21. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Another cost savings move, caddy salary – pumpkin salary = glazer gravy. 1buc and k2: depending on who is reporting, the team is bottom 1-4 in payroll in the league, and even by those who have them 29th, they are very close to 32nd. Enough said.

  22. 1BUCFAN Says:

    @Thomas 2.2 I completely understand the fact that we are 5th in salary cap room within the league. However, we are also rated, by two different forums, as being #1 in the league with talent under the age of 25. Would you not agree, the team should observe Blount, Williams, Freeman and others for a few games at the beginning of the season and if they show the promising talent that they have to this point, resign them to extended long term contracts? If this is the teams approach, as they have stated several times, then the team’s cap space will be needed to make those contracts. Would you not want a team loaded with young talent and under contract for long term deals as opposed to some aging veterans that won’t be worth the back end of their contract next year? Exactly who was out there that you feel was worth keeping our young players away from the game experience for and worth the price? Your only allowed 53 and a practice squad. Bringing in an aging vet for the short term means cutting loose a promising young player for the long term.

  23. McBuc Says:

    All you guys wondering why the Bucs did not go after Bush, simple answer…The Saints said they would not trade him to a team in the NFC South…Come on, give it a rest.

  24. K2theSoldier Says:

    @1Buc, Thomas could never give you a legit answer to your question. He completely ignored the fact that I put out there because he had no answer. He hates just to do it.

  25. tommy Says:

    wipe your mouth hire greg, dude was a 2nd string QB at best! sorry man, but he is as bad as ian at pileing on form a non superstar point of view, i agree with 9 out of ten of your posts, come on man!!

  26. OAR Says:

    King was bad ass???? Yeah, I guess his bad ass 2700yds, 18tds to 13 ints, was reason we made it to that NFC Championship? Please, give the credit where it is due…to that BAD ASS defense!
    BTW Bad ass QBs usually start in more than 22 games in thier career’s!

  27. Eric Says:

    The bucs are spending more than anyone else?

    Must be a congressman.