“Distraught” Over Loss Of Barrett Ruud

August 3rd, 2011

This morning, Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak appeared on “The Blitz,” hosted today by popular sports radio personality Adam Schein, heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Munchak began talking about signing former Bucs leading tackler and middle linebacker Barrett Ruud. Not until last Friday did Munchak have any inkling Ruud would be available. He told Shein he was convinced Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik wouldn’t let Ruud slip away.

When Ruud was still dangling come Sunday, Munchak, after speaking with Ruud, made sure the Titans jumped on him.

Later, a Bucs fan called Schein and asked exactly how the Bucs could replace Ruud with what the Bucs currently have on the roster.

Schein, who has made no bones over the fact he is a Ruud fan, then launched into a defense of Ruud and mocked the Bucs for letting him walk.

“I still cannot believe Barrett Ruud is not playing linebacker in Tampa Bay,” Schein said. “That is their leader, their energizer bunny, their rock. I am in disbelief. I am in denial.

“If I was a Bucs fan, I would be distraught.”

Joe isn’t quite distraught only because of his trust in Dominik, but Joe has to confess he is shaking his damned head over how a rookie who was an outside linebacker is going to learn the nuances of both the Bucs defense and opposing NFL offenses in a grand total of five weeks and duplicate Ruud’s play.

Joe, and he assumes many Bucs fans, will be distraught if the not-so-stout Bucs run game last year turns into a Jim Bates Experience-like sieve this year in Ruud’s absence.

31 Responses to ““Distraught” Over Loss Of Barrett Ruud”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I’m not trying to be negative, but don’t expect the ticket situation in Tampa to improve much guys. We just lost two of the biggest names on the Bucs this offseason…….Cadillac and Ruud. Cadillac hurts the most because he was loved by everyone in Tampa Bay.


    “If Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn are the answer, then I don’t know the question.” – Adam Schein last year at this time

  3. JakeBucsFan Says:

    he is their rock, their energizer bunny? are you kidding me? I’m pretty sure a locker room full of professional athletes will be able to motivate themselves and if not someone will step up and be a leader to make sure they do. I think the Bucs would have been better off keeping Ruud but Schein is blowing it out of proportion (as usual)

  4. Nick2 Says:

    Distraught???? Giddy is more like it………..

  5. kh Says:

    I gotta agree with Ian Beckles on this, how many Bucs games has Schein actually watched? and how closely? I bet he is just looking at the stats, no Bucs fans I know are crying into their oatmeal over this.

  6. CalicoJack Says:

    Let’s bust out Ian Beckles’ tape… It don’t lie!

  7. Patrick Says:

    Schein is the biggest phony there is….last summer he completely trashed the Bucs and then a few months later he can’t stop saying how Raheem and Dom were his heros for the great job they did last year

  8. Jrock Says:

    I guess I’ll give up trying to post my comment


    I’m so elated that I’ll never have to hear the P.A. say, “Deangelo Williams 8 yards on the carry, stopped by Barrett Ruud,” followed by a moronic “Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddd,” from the Peanut Gallery.

  10. MTM Says:

    Schein- Is obviously looking at stats not film. Schein is just popping off the usual rhetoric. The same non sense as Brian Billick.

    Hosts like Schein don’t follow the Bucs. They follow the Pats, Jets, Philly etc…
    I am so happy to NOT have to watch Ruud fake linebacker this year. I bet Ruud has great stats with the Titans as well.

  11. HolyBuc Says:

    If your a distraught Bucs fan over losing Rudd you’re a fan who didn’t watch many games last year. The rest of the NFL didn’t think very much of him either. 1 year 4 million enough said.

  12. Travis Says:

    Schein is an idiot, he looks at stats and thinks hes a genius.

  13. Picked_Off Says:

    We’ll see how happy the Titan fans are when they see Ruud lead the team in tackles, but 90% are made 5 yards down field… Good luck Ruud. I’m happy moving on. Let’s see what we got!

  14. New Era Bucs Says:

    I feel a lot more comfortable now with the loss of Ruud after hearing that little dork Schein have is back. Between him and Florio, there might not be a more out of touch national talking head when it comes to the Bucs

  15. Richard Says:

    Foster can duplicate Ruud’s play by back-pedaling away from the line of scrimmage and waiting for the back to come to him.

  16. Steve from Oregon Says:

    My gut is telling me that our starting linebackers will be Black, McKenzie, and Foster.

    I think Foster and McKenzie have more upside than Hayes.

    Should be exciting!

  17. Brain Says:

    Barrett Ruud is anything but a rock. A roll of Charmin is more accurate.

  18. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The only people who are going to be distraught this year are the ones who are hating on Dominik & Morris right now. We win a minimum of 10 games this season and make the playoffs. Mark it down.

    That’s not homerism, either. It’s looking at facts just like Shaun King did a year ago when he predicted the Bucs would have a winning season when everyone else was giving them 3 or 4 wins.

    I was a hater against Gruden his last two years here, and I was a hater against Bates & Jagz. But I can see clearly now…the rain is gone. Times are good for Bucs fans. Too bad some still don’t realize it.

  19. HolyBuc Says:


    Well Said! Well Said!!!

  20. GenocideD Says:

    Ruud was a glorified DB, not a LB. Black, McKenzie, Foster and Hayes are LBs. If (slash that…WHEN) Foster gets the verbiage and reads down he’ll be at least 50% better than Ruud. I think if we start Foster at Mike that Black will help him with the calls for 4 or 5 games until he starts to pick it up on his own. Thanks for filling your spot for a few years until we found Foster, Ruud. Good luck in TN but this guy’s happy we’ve finally moved on.

  21. Eric Says:

    We trust Dom.

    We trust Dom.

    Good chant for the 40K people who attend the home games this year.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    No Comment.

  23. nick Says:

    Good chant for the 40K people who attend the home games this year.


    Eric, whose fault is that?

  24. Dave Says:

    “That is their leader, their energizer bunny”

    A leader yes. An energizer bunny… hardly.

    McCoy, Clayborne, Foster…. these guys provide energy.

    Ruud was good for what he was, but the Bucs obviously wanted to GET MORE PHYSICAL. Everyone knows it, Ruud knew it. It is why Foster, McCoy, Price, Clayborne, Bowers were drafted.

    Can we PLEASE move on from Ruud? The Bucs have

  25. FWIW Says:

    If the guys is such a “rock” how come they only signed him to a Lets wait and see how ya do, 1 year contract??? If he’s so nasty at MLB he would’ve landed a 3yr deal or so..Doesnt say much for them as far as faith at the Titans camp.. The only thing im distraught about as a bucs fan is the blackouts impending. But, I will have to bite the bullet and just go to the game..Wouldnt Pay Per View Bucs (blacked out) games be a great idea for fans and the NFL/owners? It would bank..

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Tiatns also drafted 2 LB’s this year. Just sayin.

  27. Snook Says:

    I’m so sick of people whining about Ruud.

    He got a 1 year deal from the Titans. That’s the best he could do.

    If he was such a great LB, then why did he only get a 1 year deal?

    Just like when Dom cut Brooks, Galloway, Dunn, etc… did those guys go anywhere else and do anything? Nope.

    If no one else in the NFL was willing to give Ruud a long term deal, then why should the Bucs? What would that say about them if they did???

  28. Snook Says:

    Ruud will be out of football by 2013.

  29. McBuc Says:

    Do not count McKenzie out, he seems to be ahead for ML right now. He is also a leader type of guy.

  30. Christopher Says:

    Absolutely, Joe…dismiss McKenzie, who’s been learning the defense for the past year, is exemplary as a leader apparently, was only available because of injury & the Pats having two good young ILBs, & is a good athlete (scholarship athlete out of USF, 3rd round pick). Definitely don’t consider that guy…

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    Snook, 2012′