Ahmad Black Talks To Joe

August 10th, 2011

Monday evening after practice, Joe had a chance to touch base with Lakeland native and Bucs rookie safety Ahmad Black. Joe discussed a number of things with Black including how training camp has changed and how he is handling his cram session of learning an NFL defense.

JoeBucsFan: Now that you have been in an NFL camp for a little over a week, what is it like for you? Obviously, the wow-factor is past. I’m sure the shock of finally being in an NFL practice has worn off. Do you just treat practices now like you’ve got a regular job and going to work?

Ahmad Black: It’s just play ball now, it’s game week. I treat it like game week. Today was the first week of game week so we are getting the gameplan in and getting ready for Kansas City.

Joe: Since it’s game week, what are you doing different today that you or the team weren’t doing, say, two days ago?

Black: It’s a different attitude towards everything. You could be doing the exact same things but the way you approach things is different.

Joe: The players seem a little more intense than last week, is that one of the things you are saying that is a different approach?

Black: Yeah, this is where you fine tune everything to get ready for Kansas City. It’s game week. That’s what we are all out here to do: play in a game.

Joe: Has anything surprised you thus far in training camp that you didn’t expect?

Black: No, it’s pretty much everything I have expected. This is my job, I come out here to do the best I can.

Joe: Now that you have such a short window to get ready for the regular season as a rookie, there were no OTAs, no minicamps. Joe spoke with some offensive rookies and they told me how much the vets have taken them under their wings and have been really proactive about helping out the rookies to make sure they can help them get over that learning curve and try to make things easier if they can. Is it like that with the defense, are guys coming up to you to help out?

Black: Definitely. That’s exactly what is happening on defense, too. I try to ask the older guys a lot of questions to make sure I have everything down pat. They have been all really helpful.

9 Responses to “Ahmad Black Talks To Joe”

  1. Travis Says:

    Rumor going around we released Trueblood and Benn? CBSsports reported it this morning?

  2. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Black faced Julio Jones of Alabama when he was at Florida. Now he will face him twice a year, since Jones went to Atlanta.

  3. Dave Says:

    Travis: It was a hack job on “rapid reports”

    As far as Black, have not heard much about him but I expect him to be excellent on special teams and to see some playing time. I also expect him to become a starter within 2 years.

  4. Joe Says:


    Rumor going around we released Trueblood and Benn? CBSsports reported it this morning?

    Nothing on CBSSports.com about this and if you think of it, it’s an absurd notion.

    No way the Bucs sign Trueblood and then dump him a week later. With Benn, no way they dump a second round pick who is almost back from a knee injury.

  5. gotbbucs Says:

    travis, that’s pretty much ridiculous to even remotely believe. just goes to show that people will believe almost anything on the internet.

  6. Macabee Says:

    Talk about rumors, I also saw on CBSsports-transactions that the Bucs picked up another TE off waivers from the Jets. Collin Franklin, Iowa State, 6-6, 256. Saw it 8/9, but nobody has reported it yet.

  7. Dave Says:


    I have noticed they have a bunch of TEs.
    1 of 3 things:

    1. They either really do not like the looks of Stocker’s injury
    2. They really do not like the depth behind K2 & Stocker
    3. They just need TEs to fill the squad for the next month because K2 & Stocker are limited. (the one I am going with)

  8. Bruce Davis Says:

    Go Bucs

  9. Bruce Davis Says:

    Ahmad Black is a Real Ball Player From UF & A All-America Too. It’s your time Ahmad Black, Show them you are ready. Go Bucs