WTSP Obtains Bucs Preseason TV Rights

July 15th, 2011

For the past eight seasons, WFLA Channel 8 has been the flagship of Bucs preseason television broadcasts.

That will change this summer, provided there is a preseason.

Joe has learned through three independent Tampa Bay television industry sources that the Bucs and WTSP Channel 10 have reached an agreement whereby the Gannett-owned TV station will broadcast non-network Bucs preseason games for the next two seasons.

The contract awaits approval from the NFL to be finalized. The delay, per Joe’s sources, stems from the asinine lockout, not from any indecision by the Bucs or Gannett.

One element of the deal will be very good for Bucs fans despite initial pitfalls.

If a Bucs home preseason game is blacked out, WTSP will broadcast the blacked out Bucs game on a tape delayed basis three times. In the past with WFLA, blacked out games were broadcast twice, once shortly after the game ended and a second time the following day.

Combined with the NFL Network typically broadcasting each Bucs preseason game on a tape delayed basis, this will allow Bucs fans four opportunities to watch a blacked out preseason game.

This season, if the Bucs cannot sell out their home preseason games, WTSP will only broadcast one Bucs preseason game live, that being the Bucs road game at Washington Sept. 1 to end the preseason. The Bucs first preseason game Aug. 12 at Kansas City will be nationally broadcast by FOX.

The Bucs preseason broadcast duo of Chris Myers and John Lynch is employed by the Bucs, not the team’s broadcast partner. Joe could not confirm whether the two will return this summer but Joe did confirm no WTSP staffer will serve as a play-by-play man or game analyst.

7 Responses to “WTSP Obtains Bucs Preseason TV Rights”

  1. bob ross Says:

    You think Media General was outbid by super-cheap Gannett? I’m guessing the price went down from last time.

  2. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    “From the play by play of Al Keck, spare us O Lord”

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here

    @BobRoss — Actually, Bob, Bucs games are a money maker for these TV stations. The cheapness, if you will, goes out the window — or plays a role — when it’s about winning a contract. Safe to say they were an aggressive bidder.

    @Apple Roof Cleaning — Al Keck is long gone from Ch. 10

  4. CalicoJack Says:

    Keck is gone? Who knew?

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I wish regular season games would re-air 3 times if blacked out.

  6. Vic Says:


  7. Joe Says:


    I wish regular season games would re-air 3 times if blacked out.

    They already do.

    Regular season games that are blacked out air as much as you want, if:

    * You DVR the game on NFL Short Cuts.

    * You take advantage of Game Rewind.