Davin Joseph On Randy Moss

July 15th, 2011

Count Joe among those that would love to see the Bucs add another weapon or two for Josh Freeman.

Joe still has concerns about Arrelious Benn’s health and Joe wouldn’t mind seeing a real lightning-quick dude in the backfield.

However, Joe’s not for welcoming an ancient head case type ala Randy Moss or Terrell Owens — even if he can still play and sell tickets. During an interview on PrimeTime on WHBO-AM 1040 yesterday, Davin Joseph answered a Randy Moss hypothetical from host Tom Krasniqi. It was a great illustration of how confident the Bucs are in each other.

“That’s a tough one. The thing about it is, when [Moss]comes in he wants to be a No. 1 guy. Right? We have a hell of a No. 1. The we have a hell of a No. 2. And we have a couple of No. 3s that I can think about. So where he does fit in is with depth and experience,” Joseph said. “He wouldn’t be given anything if he comes there. So I don’t know if this is exactly what he’s looking for because he’s not going to get a lot of balls thrown to him. He’s not going to be our first option or second option. Then we have Kellen Winslow also, who’s going to get his touches. We can use him experience and depthwise, but I’m not sure we could use him in the fashion he would want to be used, featured.

“… You see guys busting their ass on tape all the time. That’s where the confidence comes from. …The effort, the attitude, the speed, all of that’s within our play. We’re just waiting for the opportunities to fall before us and we’re going to take them next time.”

The across-the-board confidence from Buccaneers astounding — a real testament to Raheem Morris. It further reinforces Joe’s belief that the Bucs won’t make any cannonball dive into free agency via Nnamdi Asomugha or anyone else, unless they’re forced to if their homegrown, big-money free agents leave town and they must stretch to reach a new salary floor.

The post-Haynesworth plan is firmly in place. It works. And the Bucs won’t mess with it.

42 Responses to “Davin Joseph On Randy Moss”

  1. BOb Says:

    assuming they have to reach that new floor, which i think will be the case, i would love to see them sign Vincent Jackson. and yes i realize it will take more money than signing moss. can you imagine having v jax and mike will to go along with winslow? now thats a recieving core that would equal if not surpass atlanta’s. hell, i would rather see them sign jackson than namdi

    i would be pissed if they signed moss. but i dont have to worry about that cause dom would never do it. not in a million years

  2. Mauha Deeb Says:

    Never gonna happen.

  3. OB Says:

    I think a better subject would be who will be the startiang OL? This one about Moss, Owens, etc., is just flapping lips because none of them bring anything that we could possibly need or use to the table. It is like saying let’s trade Josh Freeman for Drew Brees because Drew has won a Super Bowl. To sit any of our receivers, including any on the team for Moss and his type is insane.

    So Joe, who do you think will be the starting OL?

  4. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I’m with OB. I’ve been wondering about the OL since right after our last game last year.

  5. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    No way to answer the O-line question. Assuming everyone re-signs, you still have competition at center and right tackle to play out.

  6. jvato24 Says:

    Sounds like Joseph basically asumes he will continue to be a Buc

    The Bucs may surprise with a Mid-Level DE or LB Free Agent .. Mathias Kiwanuka is someone I wouldnt be surprised if they brought in …

    Depending on rookies from week 1 with no OTAs is not realistic .. We cant wait till week 10 for that PAss Rush to get Movin’

  7. Gary Says:

    I read a report that there is a tentative agreement on a $120M. 90% of that is $108M. What was our payroll last year?

  8. Chris FWC :) Says:

    I hope Stiffblood is a goner. A new center would be nice too.

  9. Atrain WD40 Says:

    I read were on the books this year right now for about 56-60 million before cuts

  10. Meh Says:

    The salary floor is looking to be WAY over what we’re spending. I wasn’t really thinking we should go after Asomugha but if we end up $45 mil UNDER the floor maybe we should.

  11. BOb Says:

    i expect them to be forced to spend lots and lots of money!!!! thats exciting news. hopefully this was the plan all along and they hit the free agent gates “guns a blazin” a guy can dream cant he?

    vincent jackson and da’ron landry or namdi. and a lb would be nice. resign joseph. thank you very much

    but remember, a lot of these potential free agents heavily depend on the right of first refusal issue that still lingers and the franchise tag so……………

  12. gotbbucs Says:

    the only area i can see them spending some money on a guy from outside the organization is a dangerous 3rd down back/slot reciever or maybe a little depth in the secondary.

  13. MOBucs Says:

    The way it’s looking with the new CBA parameters, this team will need to spend about 50 million to reach the cap floor. The simple fact is that there will have to be at least one big FA signing. Nmamdi, Edwards, Bush, Tulloch are FAs I’d love to see us pursue.

  14. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The salary floor won’t have to be reached prior to the season starting this year. All reports say it won’t be enforced until after the middle of the season. So Joe’s previous post about Florio stating the Bucs will likely extend their own young foundational players toward midseason is probably how it’ll play out. It doesn’t matter if they are $50 million under the floor they still won’t sign Asomugha or make any other Haynesworth-type deals. You can count that out.

  15. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    In other words, all the Madden football armchair GM’s out there are going to be disappointed yet again this year. It simply will not play out anything like it does in their fantasies. Sorry to say.

  16. Chris FWC :) Says:

    I’d like a vet DT too. I still feel our Dline is D-.

  17. Brandon Says:

    I’m a big draft guy, and there was an undersized, superfast guy that went undrafted out of Kentucky named Derrick Locke. He’s about 5’9 190 but runs a legit 4.3. He’s a RB that run for just over 900 yards last season but he’s got good hands, can run routes, and be a return man. He’s the kind of UDFA X-factor RB that could make this team dangerous. Line him up at RB/WR/KR/PR, he would be a matchup nightmare if used correctly. Think Reggie Bush without all of the hype….so basically Jacoby Ford as a RB.

  18. barton1017 Says:

    i agree with Davin, where does he fit in? he has a history of slacking and taking plays off, so why would we let him poison our young players with his “me first” attitude? thats the absolute opposite of what our beloved Bucs need. if we want to add a player lets get a good character guy. just my opinion LETS GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. BOb Says:

    just heard 1st round players are gonna be signed for half of what they were in previous years. that combined with the fact that the bucs are gonna have to spend around 50 mil. just to reach the floor tells me there would seemingly be at least 1 big contract coming.
    how do we know they are just gonna spend enough to reach the floor? maybe they go nuts and get exactly what they want/saved for in this years large free agent pool?
    i understand that they can roll money into current bucs and very well might just do that, but nothing is forcing them to give (enter buccaneers name here) an extension. they could very well sign the coveted free agents they want and give extensions next year or the year after. this could go a number of ways. but one thing is for sure, they have to spend A LOT of money.
    heres to hoping we have some new (and current buccaneers) to help get this team over the hump and in serious contention for years to come. is the time now? we’ll see!!!!

  20. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe, there’s a huge difference between signing a head case( Moss), and signing the best, most Stable CB in football, to REPLACE your headcase. See the difference. Aquire a headcase- no. Replace a headcase with a HUGE upgrade- why, that’s a good thing!

    Bucs will be signing free agents, Exactly like they did last time, exactly like they’ve said they would, exactly like the plan. Great core, fill In gaps with solid, high character and skill guys- Win SuperBowl. Just like last time! Raheem has already stated that in an march interview. I think we’ll see LBs! De, and Meybe a safety

  21. Hunter Says:

    @Brandon: I agree with you on Locke. The approach that I think the Bucs will take when the lockout ends is to sign the best undrafted free agents, while most other teams are in a frenzy for big time free agents…

    Also watch out for: Noel Devine (RB), DeAndre McDaniel (S), Kendric Burney (CB), Deunta Williams (S), Henry Hinoski (FB), DeAndre Brown (WR), Jerrard Tarrant (S), Joe Lefeged (S), Jeff Maehl (WR), Kris O’Dowd (C), Chas Henry (P), Adrian Moten (LB), John Clay (RB), Jeron Johnson (S), Nate Williams (S), Cameron Graham (TE), Armon Binns (WR), Tori Gurley (WR), Jock Sanders (WR).

  22. MOBucs Says:

    FlBoyindallas… I disagree. While I think it’s very likely Freeman may get an extension, Dom is not going to pay all of these young guys like vets. He’d be silly to do so. These guys need more time in the league before shelling out big money to them. I think we re-sign the majority of our own FAs first and foremost. After that I think we make one big splash in FA. I would be surprised if we broke the bank on Nmamdi, but definately see us adding some talent on the defensive side of the ball.

  23. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Genious, the “head case” as soon as next season could be better than the “HUGE” upgrade. Talib is 25 years old and hasn’t even hit is physical peak yet, while sure we’l get a couple quality years of Nnamdi getting worse and worse.

  24. K2theSoldier Says:

    We’re signing Asomugha, deal with it!

  25. Wienaman Says:


    In that article, a VERY VERY interesting line…”While the institution of rookie compensation system is a concession in itself, the players’ side gave a little more in allowing some rules preventing the renegotiation of draft picks’ deals until after three years.” This means no Josh Freeman renegotiate, no Mike Will renegotiate, none of our young players’ contracts can really get renegotiated…so guess what? Florio is wrong, and if we have to reach a cap floor by midseason we are going to be signing some big contracts!

  26. BOb Says:

    you know what i havent heard in a while?

    “if the bucs dont spend money this year, im done with em”

    weird !!

  27. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The Bucs will have no choice but to spend money now. All the phantom cap money in the form of “cap hits” for players no longer on the team goes away with this CBA. The floor will consist of nothing but cold hard cash paid out to the players this season. All the loopholes are being removed.

    The new cap will be between $120-$122 million and the floor will be between $108-$112 million. And every single bit of that last number MUST be cash paid out in that particular season.

    Looks like the Bucs are gonna need to drop in the neighborhood of an extra $50-$60 million pretty quickly (at least by midseason). Even after extending our own guys it looks like at least 2-4 significant FA signings are likely on the books. I love it.

  28. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Just not sure about dropping so much of the cap space on one single guy like Asomugha who’s probably only got 2-3 years left in peak form at best. Not against it…just not sure that’s the absolute wisest move.

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sounds to me like Davin’s agent and Dominick already have an agreement in principle. We haven’t heard Ruud speak like that. I think our boy Barrett is history come next week. Good luck coaching High School in Nebraska.

    I will beat off to the Star Spangled Banner if they sign Nnamdi….. in public….. twice a week…. for the whole season. I would also like to see them re-sign Rachel Watson as a free agent too.

  30. JakeBucsFan Says:

    I think a guy like Reggie Bush makes perfect sense. He’d be a great 3rd down back for us. Plus, we’d have to pay him more than what he’s worth (Derrick Ward anyone?) which is good, you make his contract top heavy and help bridge that gap to the salary cap floor. That’s only if they don’t resign Cadillac however, which I have mixed feelings about. I do know signing both of them makes little sense.

  31. K2theSoldier Says:

    @BigMacAttack, LMAO

  32. Patrick Says:

    Moss would be an upgrade over Stroughter or Spurlock, but I agree, Williams and Benn need to continue to get their playing time.

  33. Patrick Says:

    Once our guys are signed, I think the Bucs should sign a veteran DE to guide Bowers and Clayborn along. They’re going to go into the season with a lockout that has put them at a big disadvantage. After that, we should take a shot at Asomougha and see what price we can sign him for. Then maybe get a linebacker. Keep Black and Hayes, just not as starters. Probably safe to keep Ruud for another year cause I don’t expect a 3rd round Mason Foster to come in and do great things immediately as a starter. Ruud knows the defense, he’s a veteran, so let’s just stick with him for a while.

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    Freemanbomb5- creative new way to spell genius. Anything else they are NOT teaching you in the 6th grade these days.

    The only thing Talib has proven good at is getting in trouble, and getting suspended. He’s an average talent, with a muturity level apropriate for someone your age( 6th grader). He will screw up again, get cut, end up on prison, and turn out to be yet another wasted Gruden pick. You’d know that, except at your age/ maturity level, you think life is just like your game,” Grand Theft Auto.” it’s not, kid, it’s not.

    God, why is it every 12 year old who post here tries to call me out. I miss Eric and Thomas 2.2 inches”. At least they were intelligent, and had some clue what they were talking about. Having banished most of the haters to
    exile, the fields of victory are getting pretty Boring.

    Joe, can you post a horrible, scorching post about either the Glazers or Raheem? We gotta do something to bring the haters back. I need somebody to argue with. I got it! An Anti Chucky article, something that insults his coaching ability horribly. They can’t help themselves but rush to his aid on that one- lol

  35. Wienaman Says:

    Capt. Tim:

    The only thing worse than a spell checker on a message board is a spell checker that can’t spell or recognize grammar…muturity? It is MATURITY. On prison? What are they going to do, lay him out on the roof? It is IN prison. 12 year old=singular; post=plural; should be 12 year old who POSTS here. Why would you capitalize boring in the middle of a sentence? The half word anti does not need capitalized, and it should have a hyphen in the center; anti-Chucky.

    Having said all that, no, I am not normally a grammar nazi, because they annoy the crap out of me. But c’mon, if you are going to be one, at least fix the problems in your own yard first!

  36. Pete Dutcher Says:


    Gotta say you have said nothing here I do not agree with. If the Bucs bring in anyone on offense, it will not be Wide Receiver. It simply is not an area of need at this point. We all read have:

    #1 Mike Williams
    #2 Arrelious Benn
    #3 Sammie Stroughter

    Micheal Spurlock – Backup and kick returner

    Maurice Stovall – Soon to be cut

    Dezmon Briscoe – Potential backup
    Preston Parker – Potential backup

    We actually need to cut a guy (Stovall) to get down to 6 WRs.

    We don’t need Tightends either:

    #1 Kellen Winslow
    #2 John Gilmore
    #3 Erik Lorig (as TE & FB)

    Nathan Overbay – Potential backup
    Ryan Purvis – Potential backup

    Luke Stocker – Drafted
    Daniel Hardy – Drafted Practice Squad candidate

    On oline, I agree with you…too much competition there.

    That leaves RB & FB. The Bucs have:
    #1 LeGarrette Blount
    #2 Carnell Williams

    Kareem Huggins
    Kregg Lumpkin

    #1 Earnest Graham
    #2 Erik Lorig (as TE & FB)
    #3 Allen Bradford (RB acquired in the draft; likely to be a bruising Full back)

    Rendrick Taylor – Potential Backup or Practice Squad)

    The only spots I see for potential change are Caddy and Graham, who are both aging.

    If it seems Bradford plays out, Graham is toast by mid-season.

    There is always the Tiki wildcard…I could actually see them finding a way to make that happen. If he is in shape, we could dump Lumpkin or Huggins to make room. The Bucs can PS Lumpkin and draft another RB next year as well.

    Overall though, this is all a unit I don’t see them messing with when you consider the shortened off season.

    I think the big chages will pot

  37. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “I think the big chages will” potentially be on defense.

  38. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “changes”…sheesh, I suck today…

    Wish we could edit posts (nudge-nudge-wink-wink)

  39. MTM Says:

    No mas !

  40. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    On the list above Briscoe is not a “potential backup” he is a definite #2 or #3 this year. And Bradford is certainly not a “bruising fullback” by any stretch of the imagination. He is a fast, nimble, large running back very similar in ability to Blount. He was drafted so that when Blount is out of the game the running attack doesn’t have to miss a beat. He will be the #2 back by midseason if not before. Caddy is useful on third down only at this point.

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    “changes”…sheesh, I suck today…

    Wish we could edit posts (nudge-nudge-wink-wink)


    Welcoem to ym Wolrd.

    Nice post and actually one of your shorter ones.

  42. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wienaman- ouch. But as you noticed, most issues were a single letter. This is due to the Captains very large fingers, and that I post from my very small I-phone. I intended” 12 year olds ” to be plural, as there is another 12 year old who also LOVES Talib, and has argued with me in the past.

    And yes, you’re right. Spell check Nazis suck.