What Wasn’t Right For Jeremy Trueblood?

July 14th, 2011

Davin Joseph has lobbied publicly for his good pal Jeremy Trueblood to return to the Bucs.

So has Jeff Faine.

Speaking to 1010 AM personality JP Peterson, as archived on TampaBaySportsCentral.com, Faine explained that Trueblood is not only a strong veteran but a new approach with Bucs new offensive line coach Pat Morris will do Trueblood a world of good. Faine made it clear things weren’t rosy for Trueblood in the past.

“With a fresh new outlook with the new offensive line coach, I think that he too will definitely improve under this new system. It’s just one of those things I think, you know, in the NFL sometimes the situation needs to right for you to really excel. And I think that is probably similar to this case with Jeremy Trueblood.”

Faine didn’t specify whether Trueblood was having an off-field conflict with former O-line coach Pete Mangurian or simply was not a fit for the zone blocking scheme the Bucs ran often in 2009 and less so in 2010. Perhaps it was a bit of both.

Faine said free agents Trueblood and Joseph should stay together along with the rest of the tight-knit line that can communicate on the field without speaking. Around the locker room, Faine said, Trueblood and Joseph are known as “brothers from a different mother.”

Faine’s take from the Bucs’ minicamp in late June? He said he enjoyed the cameraderie and was “most impressed with condition level … especially the younger guys…impressed and satisfied with the condition level and the way guys have worked this offseason by themselves and not needing a program.”

Joe’s glad the captain found it valuable to work out with his teammates.

14 Responses to “What Wasn’t Right For Jeremy Trueblood?”

  1. Gary Says:

    The old coach or zone blocking scheme didn’t make him false start, hold, or commit personal fouls. That will always be his problem.

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe, lol- that Faine guy is a funny kinda captain, isn’t he!
    I like TrueBlood and Joseph. I really do. And I believe they both are terrible underachievers, though I beAlieve they both are hard working professionals! If they want to stay here, I think that’s a great thing, on one condition. The best players start- not because of how much they make, or where we drafted them.if a new coach and a new scheme suddenly turns them into productive linemen – great!! Go Bucs!! If ??? and Hardman beat them out- great!! Go Bucs!!

    Just want the best linemen on the field. And based on last years body of awork- it’s not Joseph or Trueblood. And surprisingly, it wasn’t close!
    Trueblood already has lost his starting spot. He was healthy the last two
    games. ??? won that position. Not sure why some are forgetting that. I think
    , if Joseph had been healthy, Hardman would still have started. Time will tell

    But no matter what, I think Pat Morriss will improve all our linemen!.
    Now, special teams, on the other hand. . .

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    What the €£%#^!!! Every time I write the name of our new RT, my post WON’T post. This has happened numerous times . I tried posting the one above this 6 times. It wouldn’t post til I removed “the Name”. I could never post on the articles about his great community work. What’s up with that??

  4. Bucnjim Says:

    Trueblood’s a strong, physical guy with a huge nasty streak. Everything you want especially at the right tackle position. If the new coach can get his head on straight (big if) then Trueblood would be a force on the offensive line. When he’s on his game; he’s really one of those big old plow boys and you don’t want to get in his way.

  5. Kevin Says:

    There’s no excuse for the personal fouls, but the holds and the false starts may be coachable. My understanding is that Trueblood’s weakness is slow feet, which would explain his propensity to hold and/or jump the gun trying to get an edge to overcome his slow first step. If this can be coached up and improved, his penalties may decrease simply to increased confidence. Besides, there is something to say regarding a cohesive O-line. He won’t be an expensive piece, so I’m hoping that he stays here in Tampa.

  6. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Mangurian… consistently portrayed as a zone blocking Oline coach who’s difficult to deal with apparently…

  7. OAR Says:

    Bucnjim, Kevin, and notarocket..
    Ditto, ditto, and ditto!

  8. Dave Says:

    I see most the Bucs free agents coming back at this point. It is getting too late for too many changes. Heck, for that reason, I think most teams sign back most their FAs. Ruud might go because he might b offered more money elsewhere, but other than that, I don’t see many changes and definately no big ones.

  9. Espo Says:

    Capt, love everything you just said. I do think Joseph will step up though and become the beast we need him to be.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hope Faine EXCELS, right out the door. I hope they keep Davin and Trueblood, unless they are beat out by back-ups that push them down even further from the starting rotation.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Espo- I hope you’re right! I really do. I admire the the work ethic and leadership that Davin Joseph brings to the team. It’s just that, on pass plays, he is a liability. He works really hard, so Meybe its a technique problem. He destroys a guy on a run play, then gets shoved around by him on a pass play? Either way, I hope our new O-line coach helps all the lineman

    Keep hearing that the team is impressed with Wil Barker, who is a guy I ussually don’t think about alot. Plus dying to see if Dotson has improved his fundamentals- could be a real war for spots on the line!

  12. Brandon Says:

    I keep trying to post, since yesterday, and nothing is going up…. wonder if this will

  13. Brandon Says:

    I’m not sure if bringing Joseph, Trueblood, or even Faine back for another season is the right way to go.

  14. Brandon Says:

    I’m not sure what conflict the old OL coach had with Trueblood, but I’m sure there was plenty of conflict with Bill Muir when Trueblood was doing his best impression of a turnstyle or matador’s cape in the playoff loss to the Giants. At best, Trueblood is average. there are better options on the roster, there is no longer any upside, and it is time to let him go and develop a young backup that could eventually become a solid starter.