Stovall Talks Lockout

July 24th, 2011

Joe caught up briefly with Maurice Stovall at a breast cancer charity softball game Friday night. Stovall joined Derrick Brooks and various B- and C-list celebrities who played in the game.

For Stovall’s comments about the asinine lockout — he’s a Bucs player representative — Joe whipped out his Blackberry recorder. Among other comments, Stovall advised Joe not to believe what he hears on TV.

To listen, click below or download here. (Prepare for background noise)

[audio: joeandmostovall.mp3]

One Response to “Stovall Talks Lockout”

  1. BucFan941 Says:

    Blackberry lol..what is this you went old school..joe step your game up…but on this lockout..its done guys..i think the starters need to play more in the pre season to get in shape ..but we are young so we be good to go