No Underwear Talk For Raheem

July 30th, 2011

Joe has fond memories as a kid playing an aggressive brand of touch football on the streets.

Lesson learned early — don’t run a route that leaves you near a fire hydrant or a late-70’s Grand Prix with one of those massive chrome bumpers.

For those that haven’t been out to Bucs training camp, the Bucs are playing touch football. Nothing more. No pads until sometime next week. So Joe’s not about to sit here and talk about who looks good and who doesn’t.

Outside of grading spirals and receivers proving they have hands, there’s nothing overly telling happening out there.

Raheem Morris is of the same mind. Twice during his news conference today, Raheem referenced that he needs to see his players in pads.

First, it was when he was asked a question about the “battle” between Tyrone McKenzie and Mason Foster at middle linebacker. Then it was after a beat writer asked about Da’Quan Bowers’ play.

“I don’t like to talk about them in their underwear,” Raheem said. 

Raheem also quipped that his offensive linemen are eager to get in pads, so they can counter the young, hungry guys on the other side of the ball, who are learning a more aggressive style.

“I’ve got Da’Quan Bowers, you know, with this log on his shoulder that you guys keep telling me about. And I got Adrian Clayborn on the other side, and he’s just angry for no reason at all,” said Raheem, who also mentioned the aggression and determination of Brian Price, Gerald McCoy and Kyle Moore.

Joe can’t wait for the big boy pads.

12 Responses to “No Underwear Talk For Raheem”

  1. Dan Says:

    next people are going to be putting faces on somebody!

  2. Dew Says:

    Rah is a trip. Soooo funny. You can’t help but pull for him.

    We’re weak at TE. Look at what K2 means to our offense. We lost two TE’s from last years opening day team and are now down to rookies starting. And Luke falling further behind with this injury. Dominik talks about using FA signings for starters. Well I would say Zach Miller is a starter, fits a big need, is only 25, and available. Why not?

  3. Gary Says:

    Our new oline coach used the underwear term also. It’s either from rah or is a real term NFL coaches use. And some of you were criticizing rah.

  4. Dan Says:

    i’m not criticizing haha im just saying its a hilarious term of phrase nothing against him is all

  5. Dew Says:

    And God forbid we lose K2 to injury early in the season. You have to admit, not trying to sign Zach Miller is the same as telling us we will grow thru the draft even if better options are out there in FA. Imagine K2 with Zach, with Benn, and Williams. Wow.

  6. New Era Bucs Says:

    This is going to be a fun ride with Raheem leading these young men. Bringing out something fresh and exciting to keep them motivated. Can’t wait to see them be finally allowed to put on pads next week. Come back strong Stocker!

  7. Gary Says:

    Its cool Dan. My comment wasn’t meant to you. It was for the people trying to paint rah as dumb.

  8. flmike Says:

    This is what I want to hear about our whole defense
    “…and he’s just angry for no reason at all…”
    What a line.

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    Miller would be a great pick. Buuut, no Floor, no sign.
    There is still time to change. Though.

  10. DSZ Says:

    Adrian Clayborn is now my favorite Buc

  11. GenocideD Says:

    yAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAr! Let’s get it on! Bring out the pads. I can’t wait to see this Dline.

  12. Tommy Boy Says:

    Joe, very excellent pic! Stunning. Megan Fox, I love you.