Little Love For Spurlock

July 26th, 2011

Perhaps the famous Gene Deckerhoff scream, “Run, Micheal, Run,” will take on a new meaning this week for Bucs wide receiver/return man Micheal Spurlock.

As in Run, Micheal, Run — out of town.

Per Pat Yasinskas, NFC South blogger for, the Bucs only slapped a right-of-first-refusal tender on Spurlock, as opposed to other restricted free agents that got much higher tenders, meaning the Bucs were far more interested in protecting — and paying — other guys.

Tampa Bay has six restricted free agents. Kicker Connor Barth and tackle James Lee would bring second-round draft picks if they leave. Defensive tackle Frank Okam would bring a fifth-round pick and safety Corey Lynch would bring a sixth-round pick. Cornerback Elbert Mack and receiver Micheal Spurlock come only with the right of first refusal.

Joe’s a bit squeamish about Spurlock not getting the love. The guy made a pile of big catches (17 total for 250 yards), knows all the receiver positions, and is an above average kick and punt returner.

Sure, the Bucs have another quality return option in Sammie Stroughter, and Preston Parker might get there with more work (assuming he makes the roster).

Spurlock could still come back, but Joe is preparing to say goodbye to an historic Bucs figure, the man who finally took a kick return to the house. Joe suspects Rich Bisaccia is working the phones.

22 Responses to “Little Love For Spurlock”

  1. Chris FWC :) Says:

    We need to keep Spurlock or sign a FA ST’s ace.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    a footnote forever in ” Buccanneer Game stats”…the guy gave everything he had as a pro…

  3. Garv Says:

    I would have liked to keep him. Hard worker and always getting better IMO.

    That KO return will always be a part of Buccaneer history. I was there, it was an amazing moment for those who were, believe me.

  4. Pete Dutcher Says:

    This is the only bad thing about this period…we’re going to lose some good players.

    My only thought is that Dominick either thinks we have a suitable returner on the roster or that he is going to bring a younger one in.

    It won’t be the first time Spurlock leaves us.

    Out of those other names, I really hope we keep Lynch. He showed promise.

    Potential signing?
    Johnathan Joseph? Would he be good here as a CB? He is a Pro Bowl calibur young player.

  5. Michael Weber Says:

    One of the greatest moments in Buccaneer history is Run, Michael, Run… He deserves a statue of that moment, right next to Chucky at One Buc Place… in fact, he should one day be in the Ring of Honor for that

  6. Jampersands Says:

    I’m all for keeping Spurlock, and I’m also a little surprised that Elbert Mack got such a low tender. Didn’t he see the field a lot when Talib went out, and in ’09?

    I thought the Bucs thought of him as a solid if not special young corner. Guess not.

  7. Jesse Says:

    I think Joe is right, Bisaccia is almost definitely on the phones right now.

    Also, they just said on NFL Net that Mark Herzlech (Sp?) signed with the giants after recieving considerable interest from the Bucs. Sure is a lot of interest in Linebackers so far eh?



    How is Joseph a pro-bowl caliber corner when he’s never been to the Pro Bowl? You’ve seen him play as much as Captain Tim as seen Asomugha….Zero.

  9. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I wonder if this means they plan on bringing in a free agent Wide Receiver? There are some big names out there:

    1) Sidney Rice – He has an injury history, but he’s only 24 and has had a 1300 yard season. I would love to have him here, and I think he would love to be here.

    2) Braylon Edwards – He’s okay I guess, but I would prefer it not be him

    3) Santonio Holmes – 27 years old. 746 yards and 6 TDs. The thing that intrigues me is that he played with Sanchez. I would be interested in his thoughts of Freeman in comparison to Sanchez after playing here a year.

    4) Steve Smith (NYG one) – 26 years old and had a 1200 yard season 2 years ago. Injury prevented him from repeating that last year. He also had 7 TDs 2 years ago. If he overcomes the injury, he could be a great signing.

    5) Santana Moss – Too old. Dom won’t sign anyone over 28.

    6) Steve Breaston – He’s 27, but has an injury history. If he were younger, it would be more likely he would overcome the injury history issue. As it stands, even though he is fast, I doubt we get him.

    7) Lance Moore – He’s 27. Played in 16 games last year and started one of them. I doubt the Saints let him go…I think he’s a Restricted FA.

    8) Plaxico Burress – Put it to bed. We all know his history. If he were 5 years younger, he might do okay. As it is, at 33 and with his history he’ll be lucky to get a team. At his age, he should be more wise than he was. The fact that he isn’t proves he is a problem player.

    9) Randy Moss – Too old. Washed out.Regardless of his behavior issues, if he were 6 years younger he would be very much worth signing. But he’s not, so no way.

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Forgot one:
    10) T.O. – He’s got a mouth. He’s got attidue. But you know what? At 37 years old…and that’s up there in years, he still almost hit 1,000 yards last year. He produces.

    But he won’t be coming here.

  11. Pete Dutcher Says:


    July 26th, 2011 at 11:31 am

    How is Joseph a pro-bowl caliber corner when he’s never been to the Pro Bowl? You’ve seen him play as much as Captain Tim as seen Asomugha….Zero.

    Read it again. I did not say he was a Pro Bowl player. I said a Pro Bowl calibur player. It’s the common concensus. Stop trying to pick a fight with me 😉

  12. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Still think we need defense.

    LBs? CB? DE help?

  13. Pete Dutcher Says:

    We actually have a LOT of LBs on roster and a few of them are unknowns. I was surprised we didn’t also take an outside LB in the draft. Maybe Morris and Dominick know something we don’t. I hope so.

    There are a few CBs out there. I don’t think we’ll take the biggest name one, but I think Dom will let other teams overspend and find someone good right under their noses.

    At DE I don’t think we need anyone at this point. It’s possible Dom might sign one, but I kind of doubt it (other than undrafted FAs).

  14. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Upon reflection, I wouldn’t mind getting Charles Johnson in here at DE.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    HGo- if you knew knew what I know, and had seen what I’ve seen, you wouldn’t be such a bad attitude, whinnying, redneck kinda guy! You’d be happier- and right once in a while!

    I mean, you were FIRE GREG OLSEN not that long ago, weren’t ya? Try a little optimism once in a while. I was right about Olsen, and Raheem, and Penn, and Clayborn! And Don’t be surprised when you hear Nnamdi is in town later today.

    The Capt Knows !

  16. WeNeedDefense Says:

    ESPN’s rankings of FA LBs.

    91 Tamba Hali—– LB Franchised
    84 Paul Posluszny- LB UFA
    80 Quincy Black— LB UFA
    80 Manny Lawson- LB UFA
    80 Takeo Spikes– LB UFA
    79 Stephen Tulloch- LB UFA
    78 James Anderson- LB UFA
    77 Stewart Bradley- LB UFA
    77 Clint Session—- LB UFA
    76 Kevin Burnett— LB UFA
    76 Ben Leber——- LB UFA
    75 Stephen Cooper- LB UFA
    75 Justin Durant—– LB UFA
    75 Kirk Morrison—- LB UFA
    75 Barrett Ruud—- LB UFA
    74 Antwan Barnes- LB UFA
    74 Rocky McIntosh- LB UFA
    73 Julian Peterson– LB Released
    72 Zac Diles——– LB UFA
    72 Leroy Hill——- LB UFA

  17. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Internet Predictor, Capt Tim.


  18. WeNeedDefense Says:

    80 Manny Lawson- LB UFA (San Fran)
    77 Stewart Bradley- MLB UFA (Eagles)

    And I would be happy.

    Both Singletary and the Eagles know LBs. Plus, these guys would be nice additions/replacements.

  19. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @Dutcher I wouldn’t mind a Jonathon Joseph signing at all. He comes at a fair price with above average coverage skills.

  20. D-Rome Says:

    Spurlock can help the Bucs win. I don’t think he should be let go.

  21. Dan Says:

    im more surprised at elbert mack than spurlock

  22. Dave Says:

    That does surprise me. I figured Stovall was the odd man out.

    On the bright side, it kind of indicates that Benn is pretty darn healthy